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Governments Should Be Pro-Life and Promote Veganism, Part 3 of 8, Oct. 4, 2021

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If they have passed the bill, they can use some money to educate people. To put billboards to encourage people to have some schools to teach veganism or to promote veganism. And to have free vegan meals in the schools. Teach the children from a young age already the benefit of the vegan diet and save their lives. (Yes.) Increase their health by the vegan diet. Then, this bill should pass.

Any more questions? (Yes, Master. What does Master think about the debt ceiling?)

That means inflation is already there. That’s why they want to raise the debt ceiling. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, as I told you last time, they have a lot of money to spend for that. (Right.) Many billions.

Every month, they collect a lot of taxes. (Yes, Master.) About 300 billion or something. And then they can spend about… US$44 billion for the debt. So they have a lot of money. (Yes, Master.) They don’t have to raise any more money. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) US$300 billion and they spend US$44 billion. That’s allowed for debt ceiling already. (Yes. You’re right, Master.)

So if they ask more, that means we have inflation. Well, we do. The gas price, the food price, every price is jumping up now. (Yes. That’s right, Master.) The American people will be starving if they raise the debt ceiling more. (Oh, yes.) Take more taxes, spend more money. That’s why they want more taxes. It doesn’t just affect the rich, it will affect everybody. (Yes, Master.) That’s what I read on the news also. That’s what I think also. (Right, Master. Yes. Understand.)

What is the debt ceiling all for, anyway? If you know? (Well, it’s the limit set by Congress on how much money the U.S. government is allowed to borrow to pay its debts. The government spends more than it earns in taxes, so every so often, Congress raises the debt ceiling, so that the government can borrow enough to cover everything.)

What for they want so much? (The money goes to paying the American public ‒ like soldiers’ salaries, Social Security pensions, medical aid, child tax credits, and veterans’ benefits. And also to pay for the government’s past spending decisions. But at the same time, they’re also planning on future spending, like the two new bills.) Yeah. (One of the things they have is for climate change infrastructure, things that would deal with flooding due to climate change for example.) And what else? (And they have social programs for pre-kindergarten,) Oh, OK. (for housing…) Ah! OK, OK. OK. I got it.

It’s all talk. How can any infrastructure prevent the flood? I’m telling you. (Yes. Exactly.) You what? You build the dike all over the country, everywhere? Because God doesn’t tell you where He’s going to flood next. (That’s right.) It is all karma. All the meat-eating diet.

I told you, if people eat vegan, there’s no need to spend any penny. (Yes.) People can keep their money, they don’t have to pay sky-high taxes. (Exactly.) So they can live a little bit comfortable life, not to talk about a rich life even yet. Many people live under the poverty line; many Americans are homeless. It’s a shame for any country, any government, to let their people walk on the street without enough clothing, without enough food. (Yes, Master.)

No matter how many dikes, how many dams you build, the flood never can be stopped if we don’t stop our violent lifestyle, like killing animals, killing all kinds of things to eat, and killing babies as well, up to the birth date. My God! This is evil to the ultimate. (Yes, Master.)

And social, what did you say again? (Social programs.) Ah, for pre-kindergarten! (Yes.) Oh! There will be no more babies left to go to kindergarten if they kill all these babies! And approving abortion and paying. Even paying for the abortions abroad! Then, there will be no babies to go to kindergarten. (Yes, exactly, Master.) No use for that!

And what else they want to say? (For housing.) Housing. How can people afford housing when they could not even have food to eat? (Yes.) There are food shortages and food prices are sky high. People who can afford it, they already have a house. (Yes.) And people who cannot afford it, they don’t need a house even; they can’t pay for it. (Yes.) (Understand. Yes, Master.)

It’s all useless, all nonsense, all excuses to boast, to play big. (Yes.)

"FOX News Interview Reporter (f) Oct.14, 2021: Indiana Congressman Jim Banks, Republican Study Committee Chairman, went after the Democrats’ bill as 'mind-blowingly corrupt.' He listed 42 ways the Committee says the measure will “wreck” the nation."

"FOX News Interview Jim Banks (m) Oct.14, 2021: When you dig into it, you find things like billions of dollars to fix what they call 'racist' roads and bridges. Which is crazy, I don’t even know what that means. Creating a climate police department or a militia to go out and enforce Green New Deal policies at the federal level. Not just giving free college education to illegal immigrants, but giving them child tax credits as well, to those who come here illegally. This bill will shut down your daycare, because daycares will now have to hire college educated employees, so you probably won’t be able to afford the daycare that you go to, or will have to shut down altogether. And then, on top of that, US$700,000 first-time fines for your employer if they don’t abide by the Biden vaccination mandate. So, each and every one of these reasons alone (US$700,000!) are reasons to vote against it, but overall it’s just a dangerous bill."

What for pre-kindergarten? There’re no babies. You can just kill any baby, anytime, anywhere. How can you have any more babies left to go to kindergarten? (Yes, Master.)

Besides all these social things, I read in a newspaper that they will pay it only for those who support them. And they have all the list of the people who support Trump already. (Yes.) Blacklist their names already. (Oh, wow.) So, whoever doesn’t support Biden, will not get a penny. (Wow.)

So, that’s so much for the social stuff, so much for the talk that he said, “I am the President for all Americans.” (Yes, Master.) It sounds very good. But it’s not the reality.

That’s why even the Democrats did not vote for this bill. (Yes.) Because they use money for that, this, and warring with their own people. (Yes.) Killing babies who cannot even defend themselves. (Exactly, Master.)

Oh, my God. Can you imagine how painful it is for the baby inside the womb to have all this poison or all these things that cut them in half or whatever inside there? (Cannot imagine.) Imagine if your mother did that to you, (Oh. Terrible.) or did that to them, Biden, Harris and Pelosi, or whoever supports it? They will all go to hell and be treated like that exactly, and just the pain is even hundreds, thousand times more; it’s raw, I told you. And many, many, more, multi, multi, multiple times. Not just one time like the baby. (Oh… Yes, Master.)

Listen to all this devil talk. Nothing makes sense to me. (Yes.) That’s why many Democrats and Republicans, they didn’t vote for it. What for they would go against the social help and all that? They did. (Yes, Master.) They are there to help their people, they wanted to. That’s why they became Senators or House Representatives, just to help their people. (Yes.) I mean, some are not all that idealistic, but many of them are. (Yes, Master.) That’s the reason they run for government lawmaker jobs, so that they can help their people. So, if the bill is really good for social benefit, then they would have voted for it, even before the bill was born. (Yes, Master.)

For me, any bill can pass, if it’s truly helpful to the social system to help the citizens, to help the poor, the needy, the homeless. (Yes.) And the students who are poor, who cannot afford university. For me, any bill that benefits all these people can pass. (Yes, Master.) And pass quickly. It’s just that they use it for harmful things and for things that are not really logical. (Yes, Master.)

All I tell you is just be vegan, and then the climate will not have to harm us. (Yes, Master.) Will stop, things will change for the better. No need to pay anything and we can save many, many trillions of the climate mitigation cost that we have aired many times already on our TV. (Yes, Master.) Nobody listened, nobody listens.

Anyway, maybe they should still pass the bill, but they have to cut many of the things that we have just talked about. (Yes, Master.) And have to be universal, help anyone, not just the Democrat supporters. (Right, Master.) Because the poor are the poor. (Yes.) And the poor Americans are still Americans. (Yes.) So they must help everybody, not just the Democrat supporters. (Exactly.)

Except they have to cut out the one for abortion, cut out anything for war. (Yes, Master.) And use that to promote vegan. (Oh, yes, that’s a good idea.) (Yes, Master.) And then it will be all peaceful and the weather will be beneficial again. (Yes, Master.)

But the thing is, if they raise the debt ceiling, that will become a precedent, and then later they will raise more and more and more. And the inflation will continue more and it will harm more Americans than help. No matter how much you raise it, you cannot help every poor American if the inflation keeps coming up. (Yes, that’s right.) Spiking up. It’s no good for that.

So there’s no need to pay anything to get more taxes from the people who work very hard for the money they earn. Just support veganism, vegan trend. (Yes.)

Tell people to be vegan. Facilitate them to be vegan. If they have passed the bill, they can use some money to educate people. To put billboards to encourage people to have some schools to teach veganism or to promote veganism. And to have free vegan meals in the schools. Teach the children from a young age already the benefit of the vegan diet and save their lives. (Yes.) Increase their health by the vegan diet. Then, this bill should pass. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

Because US$3.5 trillion is nothing. (Yes.) It’s nothing big to ask for. It should be OK. And every other bill also can, if it benefits people truly. Not partisanly benefit. (Yes, Master.) You have to be a government for the whole United States of America, not just your party members. (That’s right.) Because, US$3.5 trillion, they can do many things for sure. They can repair bridges, they can build more schools, they can build houses for the homeless. (Yes. That’s true.)

In LA, they’re building more houses for the homeless using a ship container type (Oh, yes. That’s right.) and converting it into houses. Looks very comfortable to me. I don’t live in such a beautiful place like that. It’s more beautiful than even my own place. (Yes, they can look very nice.) Comfortable and all furnished. (Yes.) Oh, I would love to. I can’t. Yeah, but never mind.

It’s fine. I’m happy where I am, with what I have. Because I’m too busy, I’m working too much. I don’t have time for anything, even. I wouldn’t know the difference between the floor and the wooden bed or the sofa. (Yes, Master.) I sit on a cushion chair to work. That feels very comfortable already. Before I sat on a stair. You remember? (Yes, Master.) So it’s a promotion now. It’s upgrading to an upholstered office chair. And I’m grateful already. (Yes.) After all, what else? I can only work whatever’s given to me only to use for work.

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