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Governments Should Be Pro-Life and Promote Veganism, Part 4 of 8, Oct. 4, 2021

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If we are violent, then nature will be violent toward us. Heaven will be violent toward us. (Understand. Yes, Master.) Even if not Heaven or anything, it’s the energy, the bad, violent energy will return to us manyfold more (Yes.) when the time comes ripe. It’s like that – as you sow, so shall you reap. You can’t prevent anything. You just have to live according to God’s Law.

So, actually there are US$3.5 trillion. It’s nothing really compared to all the money that they spend in the war everywhere. (Yes.) For example, in the Iraq War, they spent US$2 trillion-plus already. (Wow. Yes.) And in Afghanistan, for 20 years long, they spent like US$14 trillion. (Yes, Master.) (That’s right.) So US$3.5 trillion is really not much. And it will be very beneficial to your people.

I wouldn’t mind to sign it. Minus all these abortion and warring stuff. (Yes, Master.) No matter how many dikes you build, how many bridges you build, how many houses you build, the floods will take it away, the typhoons, the earthquakes and the cyclones. The wildfires (Volcanoes.) and what else? (The heat wave.) (Hurricane. Tornadoes.) The tornadoes will take them all away. (Yes.)

No matter how many you build. God will find a way. The angel of destruction will find a way to destroy them all. You can see that in Japan recently. The tsunami. (Yes.) The flood. You can see it in the recent flood in America, even only the tail of it (the hurricane) destroyed many things in New York. (Yes.) Even though it was far away, the tail came to New York and people are still struggling to rebuild their lives. And (Hurricane) Katrina, whatever not. (Yes, Master)

Like (Hurricane) Katrina, it’s many, many years after; people still suffer. I don’t know if the government really takes the money from the taxpayers and helps their citizens in need. I, myself, at that time donated US$300,000 from my private bank account a long time ago. At that time, I could afford a little bit more than now because we didn’t have SMTV (Supreme Master Television) to spend on.

In a different name, I gave it to the Canadian Red Cross. I was in Canada so I transferred it to the Canadian Red Cross with specification for Katrina disaster victims. But at that time, I just prayed and sent love and sympathy. But I did not believe that this would really help much, the little money that I sent would not have helped much, but maybe would help something. We can only help a fraction in times of disaster and need. Everything else, God decides. (Yes, Master.)

And just now, flood in (South) Sudan, 600,000 people affected. (Yes. So sad.) I didn’t go too detailed into it, I just tell them to send US$30,000 to help a little bit. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) To chip in with the help. Because we are small, small company. Many other people can help more.

And even many disasters in America. Just recently. And the pandemic and all that. If people are sick, or die like that, what for do you build anything? (Yes, Master.) The prevention is always better than the cure. (Yes. That’s right, Master.) Because sometimes cannot cure. (Yes. Definitely.) How many millions of people died already from COVID? Five million died already. (Yes.) So, who is going to live in any house? And many people are sick right now and the long-term sick also. (Yes.) Many side effects. (Yes.) Even a vaccine, there are many side effects also. (Yes.) Booster also, many side effects.

That’s why many people, they’re scared. They don’t want to get vaccinated. (Yes.) Because they’re scared. They’d rather take risks, because they say if they have it, they might die anyway or they might get sick for a long time. (People get the vaccine and die immediately.) And also get long-term effect or side effect. All kinds of things. Some people don’t have it, but many people have. (Yes.) And all this negative information, or even misinformation, is all over on the planet. So scaring people. You cannot blame them if they don’t want the vaccine. (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

So it’s not about the bill. (Yes.) If the bill truly benefits the needy, like poor students and all that, so they don’t have to get a loan. Sometimes they cannot even have a loan if they don’t have enough condition. (Yes.) They cannot reach higher education.

So if money is spent on that or is spent on the poor, or spent on promoting a benevolent way of life, then, there’s no need to spend anymore. No need anymore to spend for prevention of climate change stuff. (Yes.) You cannot prevent that. The climate change problem has to be tackled from the root. (Yes. That’s right, Master.)

If we are violent, then nature will be violent toward us. Heaven will be violent toward us. (Understand. Yes, Master.) Even if not Heaven or anything, it’s the energy, the bad, violent energy will return to us manyfold more (Yes.) when the time comes ripe. It’s like that – as you sow, so shall you reap. You can’t prevent anything. You just have to live according to God’s Law. Thou shalt not kill and even kill babies, oh that’s the last… I’m telling you.

If we do not abide by the law of God, and be compassionate, benevolent and take care of each other on this planet, including protecting humans and animals, then, we can never build anything against God’s power. If you go on killing Hiers creation ‒ humans, babies in the womb or up to the day of birth, and killing animals in billions like that, per week even, then, no matter what we build, no matter how we reinforce with steel, God power can take it all away.

We just have to move away from violence in any case, in any type, in any kind, and return to our original loving nature. Only then, we can keep everything that God granted us and blessed us with.

Until then, we will have to suffer all the time, anytime. And not just we suffer anytime and any type of disasters – personal or collectively. We still need to purge ourself from all this karma of violence, brutality, atrocity in hell, and for a long, long, long, long time. Even if we are reborn, we will be reborn reformed, or we’ll be reborn as helpless animals, and being killed again and again, to redeem our sin until God knows how long.

OK… Are you happy? (Yes, thank You. Thank You, Master for your explanation and Your advice as well.) I am happy to do it. But I would be happier if I don’t have to advise anything like this. (Yes.) If I have time just to teach you about the ancient teachings of the Masters, of the good way to behave yourself on the planet: protective, benevolent, kind, compassionate. If I have time to keep reminding people that, then I’m happy and in my job to do well.

I’m really not happy to advise you in all these terrible things. (Yes.) But I just hope my voice can be resonating in the whole world so people will, somehow, their soul will listen and maybe they’ll be awakened to a better way of handling things for the benefit of all – humans and animals. (Yes, we hope so too, Master. We believe it. It will.) Yes.

The Americans are in deficit. In debt. (Yes.) That’s what I saw in the report. If they hit the debt ceiling, they will be more in debt. (Yes.) More in deficit. And if they use it for bad ways, for violent ways, like killing more animals, killing more babies, or warring more, supporting more war, or paying, footing the bills for war, then, you will get worse and worse and worse. No need to build anything, because there’ll be no more people living there. You cannot stop God’s wrath. You cannot stop the retribution that you saw already. (That’s right, Master.) So it’s all useless.

(Master, with Biden being a bad US President, if he was removed before his term is done, the next in succession for the Presidency is Vice President Harris, and then followed by House Majority Leader Pelosi. Would Harris or Pelosi be better than Biden as a President?)

No. No. Absolutely not. They are the same, they are the same game. They’re the same pack. (Yes, understand.) Maybe even worse. (Wow.) All three of them should go. At least three. There are a couple more within the Democrats who are damaging the Democrats’ reputation. But I cannot name them right now. (Yes, Master.) I have to have evidence, I cannot just… But you can see they didn’t do anything good up to now. (Yes.)

Harris, before, she supported bailing out these arsonists, looters, who used the protest excuse to burn people’s houses and burn people’s businesses, and looting people’s property and all that. She helped bail them all out. (Yes, that’s right.) But they got caught again, anyway. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t know for whom we even have to waste so much money for all this. I mean, protest is OK, but not violent. (Yes.) Not beating up people, not threatening other people, not damaging people’s property and ruining people’s businesses. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) And not burning people’s houses. (Yes.) And threatening the innocent citizens. The co-citizens are not their enemies, no matter what. (Yes.)

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