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If You Give Peace, You Will Have Peace – Whatever We Want, We Have to Plant It, Part 1 of 5, Oct. 17, 2022

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So, all the heads of the countries should be more involved – more responsible, more vocal and more active in saving the world, reducing climate change and saving the lives of all on the planet, including themselves. (Yes, Master.) What will happen to the King if the whole planet is destroyed by climate change? (Yes, indeed.) Will he still be there and will the government even do enough to protect him or protect their people? (No, Master.)

(Hallo, Master.) Hi. Hi, sweethearts. Sugar pie. Heroes of the Age. How are you guys? (We are good, Master. How are You, Master?) I’m good. I’m good. Thank you. As good as it gets. (That’s good.) And I’m very grateful to God and appreciate your guys’ work. I mean all of the in-house and remote workers. (Yes, Master.) And, also those who work indirectly or occasionally for the world through Supreme Master Television. It really works. It does work. It’s just too slow for our liking, but it works.

Tell me, is there anything good to know or to ask? (Yes, we have some topics we would like to ask about with regards to the UK and the new prime minister Liz Truss. She’s made a few decisions that are not very popular with the public. For example, she told King Charles not to attend COP27.) When will that be, then? (It will be in November.) Oh, November. OK. (6th November to be exact.)

Good. So, what is it about? (She advised King Charles not to go. So he won’t be attending the COP. But he seems very passionate about environmental issues, so she perhaps mentioned or hinted that it’s for the government to take care of these affairs rather than the monarchy. What does Master think about that?)

It’s up to the King, of course. But he’s a king, he can decide what he wants also, as long as it doesn’t hurt the country, and it doesn’t impede the government in any way. For decades, as best as he can, as best as he understands and believes, he’s been very vocal about the environment. (Yes.) He even tried to be vegetarian two times a week. (Yes.) And one day of non-dairy products.

For royalty and for rich people or important people, they can eat what they want all the time, and they have all the delicacies. For him to really try to cut down on meat and dairy products – to be vegetarian twice a week already, and even one extra day no milk, no dairy products, that shows that he’s serious – as serious as a person can be, I mean in the outside world. (Yes.) Of course, except you guys, my Association members, my disciples. (Yes.) You know more. Because you learn more and you are more attuned to the “how” and “why” to protect the environment. (Yes, Master.) You’re more concentrated on that.

So, if he’s so passionate about it, as much as he can, then he should go. I mean if I were him, I would go. Whatever I tell you, it’s only you guys and your brother and sister initiates, that really pay attention. I mean, most of you guys, most of the initiates.

So, I don’t know why Prime Minister Truss advised the King not to go. Whatever the King decides, he will decide. (Yes, Master.) The reason I think she said it was because… Do you know the reason why? (No, Master.) As I read it, maybe I remember well that she said that he should not be with the ministers, because most of the attendees are global ministers. She might think that it’s maybe too unbefitting for a king. (Oh.) But it shouldn’t be like that, it’s the modern time, king or not. You have to take care of the world and your country. Environmental, climate change is a very urgent thing. (Yes. That’s right.)

“Media Report from COP27 Sept. 28, 2022 Reporter (f): Most scientists agree that an increase of just 0.4 more degrees will drastically change the world.

J. R. Berry (m): And the world is dealing with record extreme heat…

Reporter (f2): Storms have been causing deadly floods.

Ben Tracy (m): You could have mass melting of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica.

Shepard Smith (m): If we don't act immediately, scientists say the consequences will be catastrophic.

Reporter (m): Three degrees of warming is really disastrous.

Reporter (f3): Dealing with unprecedented heat waves and drought…

Reporter (m2): All day today, the rain falling so heavily and so quickly…

Ben Fajzullin (m): Ten billion dollars, but recovery funds are tight…

Reporter (m3): Rescuers doing everything they can to reach survivors…”

If the king or the president or the prime minister doesn’t take care, then who would take care? (Yes. That’s right. True.) And, of course, if the king or the president is the highest level in the governmental society, if they don’t lend their support, if they don’t voice their opinion, if they don’t use their very powerful influence of their position, then who would? (Yes. Exactly.) We do what we can. Because we don’t know if anybody listens, but I’m still doing it anyway. They do what they can. But, of course, it’s up to the King. He doesn’t have to always listen to the Prime Minister’s advice if he thinks it’s not appropriate to what he’s feeling or thinking himself. (Yes, Master.)

In my opinion, if you ask me, if the King can go out on the street, as we’ve seen many times, even since he was the prince already, he could go out on the street or mingle with anybody, anywhere at some special party or something and shake hands with people on the street – now why shouldn’t he go shake hands or sit with the prime minister? (Yes, exactly. Right.)

In Japan, there was a rule from a long time ago. If I remember well. In Japan, there’s supposed to be a rule – even the king and the queen will not go anywhere, to any gathering, if the king or and the queen would not be the center of attention, not the main focus of that gathering. Thus, when his son got married, they were not present – if I remember well. My God, it’s been a long time already. (Yes, Master.) Because they were not the main focus, the main personage on that occasion. (Yes.)

So, maybe it’s the same in England or many other royal systems. But, if you don’t care about the world or your citizens or what happens on the planet and in the world, then what for you are a king? Tell me. (Right. Yes, Master. Yes. What other reason? Yes.) What do you think? (You would think that you have all good, noble intentions to lead the country and improve the country in all aspects.) So, it’s not like the government wants to do everything and leave the King on one side. (Yes.) (“You stay out of this.” Gosh. “This is for us, not for you.”) “Just stand by.” “If we need you, we will call.”

This is the issue of the whole world, not just England. So, all the heads of the countries should be more involved – more responsible, more vocal and more active in saving the world, reducing climate change and saving the lives of all on the planet, including themselves. (Yes, Master.) What will happen to the King if the whole planet is destroyed by climate change? (Yes, indeed.) Will he still be there and will the government even do enough to protect him or protect their people? (No, Master.) At the moment, it doesn’t seem like they’re doing enough anyway. So, the more opinions, the more support, the better for everybody. (Yes, that’s right.)

Alright. Anything else? (Well, yes, she’s also made a big upheaval – she’s U-turned on the tax reduction for the super wealthy, and has since fired her chancellor and hired a new chancellor. So, her decisions are not very popular and crashed the financial markets in the UK.) Anything else? (Yes, so even now, some of her own people are wanting her to resign.) Oh? So quickly? (Yes!) Man. (At least three of them.)

“Media Report from Sky News – Oct. 20, 2022 Reporter (m): I’m now joined by a Conservative MP. It’s Andrew Bridgen, writer of letters to get rid of Tory prime ministers. Was it the right decision? What should happen next?

Andrew (m): Yes, it was the right decision. Clearly, Liz Truss had lost the confidence, not only of the parliamentary party but the public at large. I think when you get to -70 on personal approvals, you’re basically giving Vladimir Putin a run for his money, aren’t you?”

“Media Report from Times Radio – Oct. 20, 2022 Host (m): Is it time today, Thursday morning, for Liz Truss to resign?

Henry (m): I think we need new leadership. There are huge global challenges in terms of inflation, in terms of pressure on interest rates. Obviously, the energy crisis with Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. In a time of uncertainty, we need solid leadership and I’m afraid, I’m very sorry to say, that has been distinctly lacking from Downing Street in the last several weeks.”

She’s new. If she reversed and improved or repaired the damage then it should be good already. At least she listened, saw the bad effects and changed. It proves that the UK is still a free country. Like you can voice your opinion freely and help the leader to improve, and you do not have to “die mysteriously” for that. (Yes.) But she should have done the opposite. She should take care of the poor, not the super-rich. (Yes. It’s true.) Even though I am not a prime minister, I don’t know much about politics, but this seems like the opposite direction that she’s going.

What else? (Those are the main things that stirred up public disapproval.) OK. But I told you already, Boris is good for England. At least good for England. Not to talk about good for the world. I told you. (Yes.) But who cares? Who cares? Nobody listens to me anyway. I’m just telling you.

(Master, why does she do all this, make all these decisions?) Yeah. People do what they do according to their level of spiritual status. That is the thing. (Ah.) In the old, old, old, old times, and still in many tribal, or in some smaller communities, people select a leader according to their wisdom, according to their virtue – not by how they talk. (Yes, Master.) They check also the aura – that bespeaks your inner spiritual development. (Yes.)

I don’t want to tell you what her level is. (Oh.) People can judge, and you can tell. You cannot just look at the person outside. You have to see what they do. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So, people don’t know about President Trump inside or Boris Johnson inside, so they disregard their contribution to their countries. Only the people who have psychic power, who have the wisdom eye open can see them. Because the outside is sometimes very difficult for people to judge. (Yes, Master.) Also sometimes, even though people know it, they don’t like it, because the truth sometimes hurts people’s ego. If you tell them the truth, they don’t like it. (Yes, that’s true.) Yeah, it’s also like that.

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