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Between Master and Disciples

Governments Should Be Pro-Life and Promote Veganism, Part 5 of 8, Oct. 4, 2021

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(Earlier, Master talked about the vegan promotion in the budget as well. So, can the world ever unite to pass a vegan law?) A good question. Can, they can. All the leaders just have to sit together and sign it. Meat ban, fish ban, all animal products ban. Very simple, they can do it.

So only one policeman killed one Black man. (That’s right. Yes.) And also, he did give the reason. I’m not against Black Lives Matter. For me, I’m all pro-life. (Yes. Understand.) Black babies, white babies, they should not kill. And should not kill any Black people, should not treat them any different than any white people. But the Black citizens, some of them also did something unlawful. (Oh, yes.) Like, for example, in the case of (George) Floyd, he used a US$20 bill, fake, (Oh.) to buy things in the supermarket. (Yes, Master.) I read the report like that. And the supermarket called the police. And that’s already one incident. So when something else outside, the police got angry. (Understand.)

I didn’t say the policeman did things right. But maybe he’s scared because Floyd was a very big, massive man. (Yes.) He’s a gentle giant, perhaps, but the police didn’t know that. And then they’re also already angry with the other incident before. (Yes, Master.) Already has issues, so maybe he was angry. He should not have done that. He should believe when Floyd said that he could not breathe, but the police didn’t know, that this gentle giant Floyd had health issues before. (Yes, Master.) So, to press him down like that, he struggled for breath. The police did not believe just because he used a fake US$20 bill. So the police believed anything Mr. Floyd said is fake. (Yes. Understand.) This kind of prejudice is already in his mind. (Yes.) In the policeman’s mind. But it’s all wrong that the police used so much force like that. Just the situation.

And then, because of that, they use the excuse, they go out looting and stealing, and damaging people’s property, burning many towns. You saw that. (Yes, Master.) Then they burn many people’s houses and businesses and looting everywhere. Looks like the whole America was burning at that time due to these protests. (Yes.)

I don’t say that Mr. Floyd was wrong. Maybe somebody gave him the fake bill. (Yes, Master. Understand.) And he just used it. But many other things, they’re saying that he was on drugs, or something.

But nevertheless, the police shouldn’t have used so much force. (Yes.) And because he already has some health condition, so that made it worse for him. It was a terrible, terrible tragedy. And now the policeman is in jail, anyway. And Mr. Floyd’s family has many millions of dollars in compensation. You could not buy life back with money, of course. (Yes.) But in these kinds of situations, everywhere is like that. The police, they’re trying to do their job. (Correct.) Sometimes too overdoing. (Yes.) Because of prejudice. It could be the color, it could be because of the incident before in the supermarket.

But, nevertheless, the police did not mean to kill him. That is for sure. (Yes. For sure, Master.) Did not mean. He just did not believe that Mr. Floyd cannot breathe, due to his condition, already. The health condition. (Yes.) That is not known to the police. Because the police think he’s a big guy. He’s a big man. So he couldn’t have any problem. (Yes.) Because the policeman was smaller than him, I think. Looks like so in the picture. The policeman was scared. If he let him go, maybe he will be in trouble. Because of his size. (Yes, he’s big.) He didn’t know that he’s just a gentle giant.

And maybe the fake bill is not from him. It could be that somebody else gave it to him from another shop or something. (Yes.) So both sides did not really mean anything wrong. (For sure, Master.) Mr. Floyd did not mean to do anything wrong. The police also did not mean. That’s what I think.

But it’s up to the judge and the court in America and the American people to judge that. (Yes, Master.) Even then, it’s a very, very, very, very tragic incident and I still feel very sad about it. Just like many people in America, we feel very, very sad. (Yes.) Very sad. This life many things are so sad, so sad, so sad. (That’s true.)

So, what I was saying is about Harris, she was helping them use the money of the people who donated, to use it for different things. She should have let the court decide it. (Yes, Master.) Not just using her power to bail out the people who are not yet in the clear picture whether or not they’re innocent. (Yes. OK, Master.) Because that’s concerning the safety of many other citizens. (Yes, Master.)

And then Pelosi, all of them, are supporting these abortions. I wonder if they would like it very much when they were in the womb, their mother would poison them, or kill them in different ways so that they’re flushed out. (No.) I wonder if Biden would like that. (No.) Or Harris would like that, or Pelosi would like that. (No.) (I don’t think so. Unlikely.) Nobody would like that. Then, why do they support other people to kill babies, kill Americans? They are Americans.

Not only the adults are Americans, little children, babies in the womb, they all are Americans already. (Understand, Master.) And they have the constitutional right to be protected, (Yes. Right.) to live in freedom, (Exactly.) and the exact conditions like you want. (Yes.) Like their mother, father, or like everybody else in America. Got that? (Yes, Master.) So there’s no excuse. None of them are good. All of them should be gone yesterday already. I told you already. (Yes.)

And you asked me about Pelosi, whether or not she could be a better President successor than Biden. No, no. She’s the same. They’re all in it together. And even the pope received her. For what reason? What for Pelosi wants to see the pope? You tell me. She’s for abortion. It’s all over on the news. And the pope is supposed to be against abortion. So what does she want to seek from him? Consolidation for her power, position? And the pope received her so that he’s also consolidated in his position?

My goodness. Don’t we have any more ethics, morals, anywhere at all? Beginning even from the biggest church in the world? Dear God, please, holy God, please save us from all this evil. They’re working together to kill Your children, Your unborn children even. Holy God, bless You, my Lord. Bless You. We must be terrible, painful for You. Bless You.

If the Americans are going to get better, Trump would be the best. (Yes. We agree.)

“Trump: Lawmakers in New York cheered with delight upon the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb, moments from birth. These are living, feeling, beautiful babies, who will never get the chance to share their love and their dreams with the world. […] Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life. […] And let us reaffirm a fundamental truth: All children, born and unborn, are made in the holy image of God. […]”

I said to you many times. (Yes.) At least he will not kill your babies. (Yes, Master.) He will not use the tax money just to go out and bomb other people. (No.) OK.

Any other questions, or you’re happy, or you want to ask more about that, any more details? (We’re happy with that answer, Master. Thank You.)

(Earlier, Master talked about the vegan promotion in the budget as well. So, can the world ever unite to pass a vegan law?) A good question. Can, they can. All the leaders just have to sit together and sign it. Meat ban, fish ban, all animal products ban. Very simple, they can do it. (Yes, Master. Yes.)

(Usually, people want their freedom to eat whatever they want, etc. Any kind of ban usually causes a lot of protests. So, how can leaders pass a vegan law to protect animals and for everyone to eat vegan?) Possible that they will protest. But how long will they protest? Cannot protest forever. (Yes.) We have also radio, we have television. We have newspaper. We can explain to people through all these means of communication. We are in the 21st century. (Yes.)

Remember a long, long time ago, many decades ago – 1980-something. During President Reagan, bless him, during his time, many countries, all countries got together, united, to pass the law, in Montreal. They call it the Montreal Protocol, to ban the use of harmful gases globally, like aerosol in hair spray, etc. (Ah, yes.) to reduce the harmful effects of the chemicals that damage our ozone layer, (Oh, yes. That’s right.) which will save millions of lives, save almost half-a-billion skin cancer cases in a short time frame. (Yes.)

And they did sign together and they did ban it and it went into effect. (Yes.) You see, because the ozone layer is the one that protects us from solar radiation. (Yes. The UV radiation.) People will have skin cancer if we don’t have this ozone layer. It is there. God has thought of everything already, (Yes, Master.) to protect us, even before humans even came to appear on Earth. God already thought of everything. (That’s amazing.) It is us who damage our own protection, ruin our lives, and maybe destroy the planet, destroy the world. (Yes.)

So, if that law can be passed, then the other law, like vegan law can be also. Ban meat, ban fish, (Yes.) ban animal products, just the law to ban animal products. Because meat, all the animal products are harmful for us anyway. (Yes. That’s right.) More harmful than even that UV radiation from the Sun. (Yes, Master. Yes, that’s right.) Just the skin cancers and people panic and can sign the bill.

Imagine this is ... the meat destroying lives from inner organs out. And even to want to save them, sometimes you have to spend billions, trillions of dollars for that – for the sickness of people. Or to cure the sickness of people due to meat, due to all animal products. (Yes.)

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