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Governments Should Be Pro-Life and Promote Veganism, Part 6 of 8, Oct. 4, 2021

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Simple, just be vegan and then our world will change. Climate will change, everything will be so beautiful, so smooth, and so comfortable for all the humans and animals on this planet. Things will be in abundance. Water will be pure. Air will be clean. These are the most important things, they don’t take care. They just bicker with each other. Just for power, short-lived power.

Animal products, it’s not just the meat that destroys your body, it’s all the chemicals, all the dirty things that go into the Earth, or go into the water as well. And damage more. (Yes.) And these things cannot be washed away. (Yes.) All the chemicals will stay there, and go into the water day after day, year after year, decades after decades. And then the people’s lives will be worse and worse all the time. Even if they’re not sick. There is no quality in the air, no quality of the water. How do you live? (Yes.)

The water is the one that goes into your food that you eat. (Yes. That’s right.) Many countries already have to use the recycled water. Imagine you drink your own toilet water. (Yuck.) Oh, just everywhere already. Almost everywhere. Even in Singapore. (That’s right. Yes.)

Singapore people will filter the water, they treat the water and then they can use it for washing or things like that. And they say they can put it in the drinking water as well. If they filter further. Even then thinking of you drink your own toilet water. (Ah, yuck.) No matter how long it’s treated. How much it’s filtered. (Yes, Master. Understand.) And not just your toilet, it’s everybody’s toilet. (Oh no. No, thanks.) And some bacteria also, maybe are not responsive to treatment of the water, and maybe you get sick also. (Ah, yes.) Not to talk about the yucky things that you think about. You drink the whole population’s water. And you eat that. (Oh.)

So there’s no quality if we don’t take care of the problem at the root. No quality life. Maybe you live, but how? (Yes.) There’s no quality left. God, oh God.

So the governments have to do it, and explain all this. (Yes, Master.) If the people understand about the gas, or the aerosol that is used in hair spray and other things. (Yes, Master.) If you can understand that, then they can understand the animal products (Yes.) that’re harmful to them. You must explain!

All the money that you can save from war, you can use it to educate people. To put it on billboards, to put it on television, to pay for newspapers to print all that to educate people. And give young children free vegan meals every day, and teach them why. Then the next generation will be pure vegan. (Yes. Ah, yes.) Then our world will be a paradise. (Yes. Wonderful.) It’s easy. It’s doable. (Yes, it is.)

Simple, just be vegan and then our world will change. Climate will change, everything will be so beautiful, so smooth, and so comfortable for all the humans and animals on this planet. Things will be in abundance. Water will be pure. Air will be clean. These are the most important things, they don’t take care. They just bicker with each other. Just for power, short-lived power.

I mean, they are old people already, how long can they hang onto power? Why are they still so greedy, so vicious, and so aggressive? Even if they are not possessed by demons, they should think, how long can they live like this, anyway? How long can they hold on to life anyway? Or why don’t they just spend time to repent, to think of God, to learn something more virtuous and moral and God-like, so that they can prepare for their long journey to Heaven? Or ‒ maybe they choose hell. (Oh.) What to do. Any questions?

(Master, those meat industries are very powerful and they influence the policy a lot. How do governments deal with them to make the vegan law?)

They did not want to deal. If they want to, they can. (Oh.) Many countries already have animal laws to protect animals. (Yes.) In many countries you cannot harm the animals, you cannot starve the animals, you have to give them adequate water, food. You cannot make them scared in any way. You cannot inhibit their natural behavior in any way. You cannot make them live in fear. You cannot oppress them. You cannot hurt them in any way. (Yes.) So, if they kill the animals in the slaughterhouse, what is that then? (Yes.) Is that benevolent? (No, Master.) Is that like treating animals well? No! (No. Not at all.)

They have the law already. They just have to act on it. (Yes.) The law has been for decades already, years already. All that they have to do is just print it all on the newspapers and say, “Now! We begin this law. We have tarried long enough. (That’s true.) So this is the law that we have been doing. We have had since nineteen-something, eighteen-something. (Yes.) So nobody is against it. So now is the time we practice it.” (Yes.)

So very simple. They already have the law. (Yes, understand.) Maybe some countries add on a little bit, a few more clauses or a few more sentences (Yes.) to make it more clear or more comprehensive. Otherwise, it is there already and nobody has ever been against these laws. (Yes.) No, I haven’t seen any protest going on saying, “We’re against the law that we cannot harass animals, we cannot harm animals, we cannot hurt animals.” Nobody has done anything. (That’s right.)

So that means they have been accepting it. (Yes.) So the government has all these excuses. My God! It’s so plain like the hand in front of you. (Yes. That’s right, Master.) They don’t have to begin from ABC again. And now they can explain more. There’s a climate problem. There’s cancer. There’re lung problems. There’re heart problems. There’s disease of all kinds because of animals. So it’s high time to apply all these laws. (Yes.) (Thank You, Master.)

Oh man. I don’t what they’re all doing. They’ve just been eating tax money and don’t do much. (Yes.) It’s doable. (Yes, definitely!) Yes, we can! (Yes, we can! Yes, we can!) Yes, it’s doable. (Definitely. Yes, Master.) You can see that? (Yes, Master. We can see.) The law is already there. They just didn’t do it. (Yes.)

These are hypocritical people. Make the law and do nothing. (Yes.) So now it is the time that they get up and be real gentlemen, real law abiders (That’s right.) and law respecters.

So just show the law to people and explain further like climate change, methane gas is destroying many places in the world and causing a lot of trouble and meat is the cause of most disease on this planet. Very easy, just add a few more explanations. Then people will understand. People will follow.

All you have to do is just change all these slaughterhouses, abattoirs into vegan farms, (Yes.) vegetable farms. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) Organic farms are better. (Yes, Master.) Cost them nothing. Costs the government nothing. Costs tax payers nothing.

If they don’t have meat, then they don’t eat meat. (Yes, Master.) And can ban hunting. (Yes.) That’s it. Ban fishing. Ban hunting. Ban animal raising. (Yes.) That’s it. And change them into vegetable planting products. (Yes, Master.) This is nothing. No big deal, is it? (No, Master.) (Not at all.) They have to use their power that the people entrusted to them to do good for the people.

Alright. Are you happy with my answer? (Yes. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. Anything else?

(Yes, Master, before the Iowa rally, a Trump supporter told a CNN reporter, “I see civil war coming if Trump is not reinstated soon.” I think these are the kind of people who thought that Trump did win the 2020 election.) He did. Yeah. (And they thought it was a fraud that he didn’t win. So this has very strong feelings on both sides. Is there any way to unite people in the US under one president? Like President Trump.)

Oh, yeah, many already realized that Trump is better, if he’s not the best. (Yes.) Better than this administration under Biden. Even long ago, they said 30% of the Democrats believe that Trump’s election was stolen. And some of the newspapers printed that some inspections before say that Trump really won. (Yes.) And then things changed. The first night, he’s winning. He won! (Oh, yes.) Yeah, and… And then suddenly, things changed after midnight. (Yes.) (The tally. Yes.) The tally suddenly changed all to Biden and so quick. It’s spiking up. (Yes.)

Oh man. I know people say politics is dirty, but I didn’t know it could be this dirty. (Yes, it’s terrible.) I wouldn’t want to be in politics, I’m telling you. Because also many things happen, like the one who supports one party, goes and threatens the other party members and all that. (Yes. Understand.) Go threaten personally, even. (Yes.) And if people want to support the other party, then these party members will go all out to smear or to scare them, using fear tactics and all that stuff. (Yes, exactly.) This is truly so dirty. I don’t like it. (Yes. Right.)

Even in some so-called democratic countries, they do all these kinds of things, or smear campaign (Yes, Master.) and fear tactics. And I don’t really like it. That is not democracy. (No, Master. No, it’s not.) And then cheating is the last. (Yes, totally. Exactly.) It’s the last thing you can even think of. So dirty, so very shameful. (Yes.)

And OK. But, right, you cheat, you won, and then you have to do good then! (Oh, yes. That’s right.) Then maybe people forgive. Then they can unite with you and with your party. Everybody likes to have a good life. (Yes, Master.) To have a good government. (Yes.) So, all you have to do is be a good government. Be fair. And make people’s lives better. Then it doesn’t matter which party, people will join you, people will praise you, people will support you. All they want is just a better life, a good government. (Yes, that’s true.) That’s their right to do it. They trust in you. Ah, man. We can talk forever about it.

Talking about the civil war, that’s only one person’s opinion. (Yes.) Might be that he’s planted there. (Oh!) Maybe, sometimes the media planted there, sometimes the other party planted there to voice this kind of opinion. Why does he have to have a civil war? Trump is all for peace. (Ah, OK. Yes, that’s true.) But it could be that people are very angry and they could not hold it. That’s all.

But talking about civil war, why should you worry about it? Because they’re killing babies in millions already. (Yes. That’s true.) Since 1973 up till last year, 62 million, 500-thousand-something. (Oh, my God. Wow.) Already been killed by abortion. (Oh, man. It’s horrendous.)

But this law is the worst, because they can kill up to the day of birth. Imagine. (Wow.) Imagine the baby is just ready to go say “hallo” to the world and they just snuff them dead inside. (Oh no. It’s terrible.) Make it stillborn, or born outside and then kill them. Imagine that? Babies. (Terrible.)

“Jill Stanek(f): (I was a nurse in 1999 at Christ Hospital in Oakland, Illinois, when I discovered the hospital was not only involved in late-term abortions, but sometimes babies survived. And if they survived, they were shelved to die in the soiled utility room. So one night a nursing coworker was taking a little abortion survivor – aborted at 21 weeks with Down's Syndrome, that's why he'd been aborted – to the soiled utility room to die. And I couldn't let him die alone, so I rocked him for the 45 minutes that he lived.”

That is murder. (Yes, Master.) That is the greatest atrocity that you can commit. So, what’s the use of talking about civil war or not. Even any war never has had so many killed like that. And so many babies, innocent babies. (Yes, Master.) Even the police, when they want to catch a criminal, if he’s unarmed, he will not shoot him. The police will not shoot him. (Yes, Master.) There is an agreement, like unarmed, they always say, “Oh, he’s unarmed.” (Yes.) Then they will not kill him. The babies are absolutely unarmed, man. (It’s true.)

What kind of law is that? And not to talk about against the law of God “Thou shalt not kill.” (Yes.) So these are evil, evil I’m telling you, these people in the White House right now, they are evil. They’re worse than evil. Because the devil, the evil devils, they just punish those who are guilty, who are sinful by the degree, (Yes, Master.) by the law of the Universe. They don’t kill the innocent people. They don’t kill the virtuous people. Babies are innocent. (Yes.) So these are worse than devils. Do you hear me? (Yes, Master.) I repeat again. The people in the White House right now who support the worst abortion bill in the history of your country, they are devils. They’re working for the devils. They’re evil. (Yes, Master.)

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