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Between Master and Disciples

Energy Radiating into Our Planet, Part 1 of 4, Feb. 8, 2022

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We don’t all have to do anything. Because the world is like that. What for we are trying hard to improve it? It’s just, I worry not about the world – I worry about the aftermath, (Oh, yes.) when they have to go to hell and suffer no end in there. (Yes, Master.) And at that time, it’s too late to even tell them anything. They won’t hear anything. And nobody will hear their call. (They may not know it now, Master, but all the souls are thanking You for trying.) At least, I try. That’s what it is.

Hi guys. (Hallo, Master. Hi, Master. How are You, Master?) I’m OK, I’m OK. As far as, I’m still alive. (Oh.) Too much going on, too much. Sometimes, I’m dizzy. I just called to ask if all of you guys are warm and comfortable, or not? It’s winter. (Yes, we are, Master. We’re very comfortable.) In your small villa, each one of you must have a heater. You don’t have to turn it on when you don’t need. But when you need, when it turns colder, you can turn it on for a while. Keep the room warm. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

If not, at least you have these warmer bulbs. If you have the warm bulbs in the room, it also keeps the room temperate. (Oh, yes. Yes, Master.) There’s a warm bulb, it’s only seven watts. Actually, it’s very economical. (Yes, Master.) So, it doesn’t matter. And those heaters, there are some low energy usage, only like 400-something watts. (Yes, Master.) Please have it ready in case. (Yes, we will.) Because some days karma comes and then you feel uncomfortable and shivering, then you should have it on for a while, at least. (Yes, Master.)

Tell the girls, also. (Yes, Master. We will.) You have to tell all the people who are around. (Yes, Master. We will, Master.) They all have to have it. (Yes, Master.) Because I heard that some girls don’t like the heater in their room. You don’t have to have it all the time. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Just have it ready, in case. (Yes, Master. In the villas, it’s so small, that it’s usually very warm also.) It’s already very warm? (Yes, because it’s so small, so our computers, kind of, heat it up.) It’s true. It’s true.

Same, same. Same with me. Sometimes it’s too hot. I turn on the fan. Because I have two computers even. I don’t dare turn on both at the same time. One is for a different purpose, and the other one is for working. One is for chasing news. (Yes, Master.) And one is for doing the corresponding and stuff like that, and editing; for me. So, two. And when two are on, whoa, I’d be sweating. I keep it in a very small corner. (Oh.) And also, I cover the curtain in front of my eyes, so the light will shine only on the keyboard. Because my eyes hurt so much. (Oh. Sorry, Master.)

Recently, I cannot bear the light. That’s one of the reasons why I cannot do whatever we did before. (The video conferences?) Yeah, yeah. Because it needs light to see my face. No? (Yes, Master. Yes.) There’s no use if I put up a curtain and turn the camera on. You’d see only black. (Yes.) Or just a curtain. (Right, Master.) The curtain helps to ease my eyes. It comforts them a little bit. I even wear extra glasses that cover the blue light – for the blue light. (Oh, yes.) And the screen already has the blue light protection cover already. (Yes, yes.) You heard, so.

Just getting too many attacks from karma. (Oh. I’m sorry, Master.) Too much karma. (Hope things are better for You.) Oh yeah, it will not. (Yes, we understand that.) Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends. (Yes, Master.) If I have enough time to meditate, it’s much better. If I don’t meditate a lot then there is a loophole leaking. (Yes.) Leakage. And they can attack through the gap. (Oh.) The world’s karma is big. (Oh yes, very. Yes, we understand.) Even one person’s karma can cover the whole sky, not to talk about the whole world. (Oh, my gosh.) Yeah, it’s my problem. I’m the one who is to blame. I didn’t have to do it. I don’t have to do it.

We don’t all have to do anything. Because the world is like that. What for we are trying hard to improve it? It’s just, I worry not about the world – I worry about the aftermath, (Oh, yes.) when they have to go to hell and suffer no end in there. (Yes, Master.) And at that time, it’s too late to even tell them anything. They won’t hear anything. And nobody will hear their call. (They may not know it now, Master, but all the souls are thanking You for trying.) At least, I try. That’s what it is. (Yes, Master.) At least I try. I cannot turn a blind eye and say, “I see nothing.” I cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of humans and animal-people when I think that maybe there’s some I can help. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.) That’s the problem – my heart cannot say no.

You guys must take care. (Yes, Master. We will. We will, Master.) Because the world needs you. (Yes, Master.) Even if I am gone or I’m not well or anything, not able, you guys continue. (Yes, Master.) Even if it’s not as good as when I’m around, it’s better than nothing. (Yes, Master. We’ll try.) But I will be there. (Yes, Master. Please.) As I told you, the wild grass won’t die so easily.

I pretend to be a wild grass. (Yes.) A blade of grass. In one of my poems, I say I’d rather be grass and bushes on the mountain. It’s more relaxing than being a human among humans. It’s so much sorrow. (Oh! Yes, Master.) So much trouble. One of my poems. A long, long time ago. When I was twenty-something. (Oh! Yes, Master.) In Aulacese (Vietnamese).

And you guys have good food for winter? (Oh, we always have good food. Yes.) You prefer to cook for yourself at all? Ever? (No, not really, Master. Not much. We don’t have time.) No time. It’s true, it’s true. I know what it is. That’s why when I’m alone, I cook for myself. I cook very simple. Just one pot. (Yes, Master.) One pot of rice, one pot of whatever. They called it “stew” or whatever. (Yes, Master.) And then just warm it up as much as you want every day. You cook one time and eat for a couple of days, or a few days. Or it depends – sometimes it lasts a week. I learned that when I was a refugee interpreter. (Ah, OK. Oh.) Because I didn’t have a lot of time, so I just cooked a big pot and then left it there, and everyday took out some to warm up and eat. And it’s OK, it works well. (Yes. Yes.) Better than in the Himalayas, I had only chapatti, peanut butter and cucumber.

You live anyway. (Yes, Master.) When you see all these African children, only skin and bones. Oh, dear God! My heart just cannot take it. So, in any case, we are much better off than many people. (Yes. True, Master.) Millions or billions of people. There’s poverty and There’s also homelessness. And there’s hunger, thirst, starvation everywhere. My God, this world. We have everything! Enough to feed everyone, absolutely, on the whole planet. But it’s very bad management. So, some people have too much, some people have nothing. (That’s true. Yes, correct.) Or too little. Too little. And the children… oh, God! That’s why I don’t complain about anything. Whatever I have is fine. If I don’t have – OK, then I say, “You don’t have it.”

I said to myself, “Now you don’t have it. Now you know. You don’t have that!” And it’s fine. (Yes, Master.) Just I’m used to it, running around the world and having all the good food in the whole world. And sometimes I miss it a little bit, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have. (Yes, Master.) I hope you guys don’t miss too much of your favorites from before. (No, we don’t.) (No, we’re fine. Everything is good here already.) Yeah? Wonderful, wonderful. I guess so, I guess so. I’m not there. I’m not eating the same food, so I don’t know. I just hope so. Because I’ve been telling them to make the best for you. (Oh. Thank You, Master.) Often, before. You know that, right? (Yes, Master.) And I still do – trying. Whatever you have, at least it’s enough nutrition. (Yes, Master. Yes, true.) And take supplements that we have there for you also. (Yes.)

Make sure you take care of yourself. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) And if you’re not well, go see the doctor. (Yes. We will.) You don’t have to pay for the medical. We have insurance, number one. Number two, we have money. (Yes, Master.)

Make sure you buy enough clothes. (Yes, Master.) So you look decent and also warm. (Yes, Master.) (Yes, understand.) All this is on the house. (Oh, OK, thank You, Master.) On my house. On your house. Our house. Yeah, it doesn’t matter. As long as you work for the world, you deserve everything you need. Please, don’t hesitate to use public funds. (Thank You, Master.) Our fund. I don’t consider anything is mine – so, it’s our fund. (Yes, Master. We live simple anyway, so…) I know that, but don’t be too ascetic. (Yes, Master.)

You must take care of yourselves so you can work. (Yes, Master.)I don’t care about you actually, I just care about work. No, you are far from home and you should be feeling comfortable, like at home. “Mi casa es su casa (My house is your house),” yeah? (Thank You.) You take care, please. Because I don’t have enough time to take care of each one of you. (Yes, Master.) It pains me though.

I’d really love to cook for you guys, but it gets more and more busy all the time. I don’t know how come. It’s not just the work in corresponding with you, and shows and scripts and all that. No, I have other work – business, in which I don’t write – I need to call by phone and talk personally when there is something needed to take care of. (Oh, yes. Yes.) So, you don’t even know half of the work I’m doing. (Yes.) It’s a lot of work. Sometimes there’s nothing – they just make work. (Oh.) They invent work for me to make me busy.

It’s getting better, but I still have to take care. (Yes, Master. We understand.) It’s not as bad as the beginning, but I still have to continue maintaining the work, and take care and keep an eye on things. And I also need to meditate. You know that, right? (Yes, Master.) If I’m in deficit on that, oh, I suffer more. Every day something. Well, thank God I’m still alive. That’s what I’m grateful for. (So are we. We are too, Master.) So, I continue to work.

So, please give this message to every one of them. They must have a heater, a low energy heater if the room is not warm enough. (Yes, Master. Yes.) They have the dehumidifier which also keeps it warm. (Yes, it does.) But sometimes in the room, or maybe some days, they don’t feel well, and they feel cold, then they should have a heater. (Yes, Master.)

Because, sometimes I use the bottle to put hot water in and to hug. It’s also OK, but it’s inconvenient to take it everywhere. (Yes.) There are also like heat pads, yeah? (Yes.) They can also use, if they don’t like heaters. One girl told me, “I don’t like heaters, I just have these electric blankets.” (Oh, yes.) And they like it very much. And it’s OK, but you cannot just stay in bed all day. Yeah, I wonder.

(Now You found out about them.) I just ask around, sometimes by talking – business talk or dog-people talk, whether the dog-people are OK, and then, by the way, it’s all leaking out all by itself. I’m not spying on you or anybody, they just leak it out by themselves. Or somebody else leaks it for them. (Ah, yes.)

Like, I asked one person, “You have a heater in your room? OK?” “Yes, I have. And I also have an electric blanket. That’s good.” So, I said, “How about the other one, your colleague?” “She doesn’t like heaters.” (Oh.) Then, I know, you see what I’m saying?

Information is just spreading around. (Yes, Master.) I never asked anything much. And said she just likes electric blankets. Yeah, it’s fine for somebody who has time or can afford to lay in bed or wrap up. (Yes.) But some people cannot. (Yes, Master.)

So, if they live in the villa often, for 24 hours a day, then they should have a heater. (Yes, Master.) If they work in the office, maybe they have already an air con heater, then maybe the room is warm. But if somebody has to work in the villa because of quarantine or something, then must have a heater, OK? (Yes, Master.) Because you sit all day. It’s cold. So you need some warmth. (Understand. Yes, Master.)

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