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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Conversation with Maya, Part 1 of 4, July 16, 2022

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God has given us leniency, many times. (That’s right, yes.) Just some epidemics, and then stopped, and then just some pandemic, and then it calmed down. But nobody knows how bad it is, nobody wants to listen. They still continue killing animal-people and vivisect animal-people for experiments in the laboratory, or in the school. And torturing animal-people even before they die. So how can God continue forgiving? (Yes, that’s right.)

Hallo, everybody. (Hallo, Master.) I looked in the TV show that I edited. (Yes.) Sometimes they show some places, truly I don’t know who can live there. Or even in some deserts, people live there! (Right. Yes.) I hardly see any trees, any trees at all. (Yes. Right.) And they still live there. (Yes.) Homes and houses and animal-people herds and all. (Yes. Right, that’s right.) Oh, my God! Poor animal-people, poor human people. And they live. (Yes.) I don’t even know how they get water. Such a dry desert. (Yes.) (Right. Yes.) My God. Oh, man.

So, consider yourself lucky, no matter what. (Yes. Yes, we are lucky.) We have trees and abundant oxygen. (Right.) The air is very good. (Yes, it is. Master.)

When I did not have Supreme Master Television, I had a few pairs of clothes only. And when I became a monk, at first a Tibetan monk, I had only one pair. (Oh.) But Tibet has outfit and infit also. So, when you wash the inside, you wear the outside, and when you wear the outside, you wash the inside. (Ah, I see. Yes.) And that’s all I had, just one pair of those Tibetan nun’s clothes and one handbag. (Wow.) The handbag that you carry on your shoulders. (Yes.) The monk’s handbag – normal size. (Ah. Wow.) That’s all I had – (Oh. Yes.) for passport, for a little bit of money that I had, and toothpaste and toothbrush. (Yes.) And a little bowl and a little plate to make the chapati – a plate, a little deeper plate, like one inch deep. And a normal plate that you eat with salad. (Yes.) That’s it. And I made chapati with that. And the bowl was for drinking. And that’s it. (Ah, yes.) I just drank water and ate chapati. Chapati, peanut butter and cucumber. That’s all I had. (Very simple.) And it was the most happy time of my life. The happiest time that I remember. (Yes.) And the less you have, the happier you become. (Yes.)

I heard that…I saw in the news that Bill Gates wants to give all his fortune away to his own foundation. And he will live just simply. (Oh.) He doesn’t want to be one of the richest men in the world anymore. (Ah.) He will be out of that list. (Oh. Wow.) Congratulations to him, actually. (Yes.) That’s the best thing he has done with his life. And now his wife even left him – oh, my God, it’s even better.

You remember, last time when I talked to you? The woman who was 107 years old, she said, “The secret is not marrying.” (Yes. Right.)

“Media Report from CBS New York - July 31, 2019, Louise (f): I think the secret of 107, I never got married. I think that’s the secret.”

And of course, they live probably also a simple life. When you live alone, you live simply. (Right. That’s right. Yes.) More simply than if you live with other people. (Right. That’s true.) Because you have to consider other people’s needs, likes and moods, and all that. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) And it takes a lot of time and energy. (Yes. Right.)

It’s the best if you live alone. (Right.) When I live alone now, I don’t need to wash my clothes every day, or I don’t need to look good, or put makeup on or anything. (Right. Yes.) I wash my clothes when I have time. Even just to change, take a shower, it takes time. (Yes, exactly.)

So, I only do it when I need, really. Mostly, if you don’t do too much labor work, then you don’t need to shower a lot. (Yes.) Or you don’t have to wash the clothes a lot. But you do what makes you feel happy. (Yes.) You don’t have to do so extreme like me. (Yes.) I’m just too busy. (Understand.)

Imagine, you take care of only one show. Every time, or every 2-3 days to make that show. I have to take care of everything. (Right. That’s right. Yes.) And it’s a lot of pressure. (Yes, it is.) I don’t mind doing it, because I cannot just abandon the world. (Yes.) I just cannot do it. Just like if you love your pet-person, you cannot abandon it, for any reason like that. (That’s right.)

So, I do anything because I just want to help whomever I can, whoever listens to me. But not too many listen, sadly. That’s why they’re dying every day now, more than before. (That’s right.) Because this variant, BA.5, the newest one is the most infectious, and is spreading fast. Before, it was a little bit calmed down already, and people thought they could live normally again, and live with COVID. But it’s too much now. (Right.) People are dying a lot. I saw on the internet. It’s difficult to escape now. (Yes.)

“Media Report from The Weather Channel - July 12, 2022, Danielle Banks (f): Americans want to be done with the pandemic, but the pandemic is not done with us. A new COVID-19 subvariant is taking hold. It's known as BA.5, and it's very elusive. It's more resistant than previous strains to immunity that people may have gained from vaccines or prior infections. It has quickly become the dominant COVID strain in the United States and health experts anticipate a new wave of cases in the fall. But one problem is that it's hard to determine exactly how many people are getting infected. Most people these days are testing for COVID at home or not testing at all. As a result, health professionals are not getting as much data as they have in the past about infection rates. Many people are done with wearing masks and social distancing, so it's unclear how widely new strains will spread. And while vaccine makers hope to have new booster shots aimed at BA.5 in the fall, it's also unclear whether yet another new strain will develop, making the boosters less effective.

“Media Report from CBS New York - July 15, 2022, David (m): And new concerns amid this very transmissible variant of COVID now sweeping the US. In fact, COVID deaths in the US now up 10% in just the last week.

Reporter (m): Tonight, the nation's largest county is on track to return to an indoor mask mandate in two weeks.

Dr Ferrer (f): We're saying there is need to worry. This variant is, as everybody has noted, highly infectious, easily transmitted.

“Media Report from ABC News - July 15, 2022, Reporter (m): LA county, home to 10 million people, now seeing high COVID transmission – hospitalizations up 88% in LA county and doubling across the country since April.

Man: You have to be as prudent and careful as possible.

Reporter (m): This latest wave fueled by that highly transmissible sub-variant BA.5.

Dr Walensky (f): We do know it to be more transmissible and more immune-evading.

Reporter (m): And the number of Americans dying of COVID is once again climbing – up 10% in just the last week, nearly 350 deaths reported every day.”

And God has given us leniency, many times. (That’s right, yes.) Just some epidemics, and then stopped, and then just some pandemic, and then it calmed down. But nobody knows how bad it is, nobody wants to listen. They still continue killing animal-people and vivisect animal-people for experiments in the laboratory, or in the school. And torturing animal-people even before they die. So how can God continue forgiving? (Yes, that’s right.) Because the brutality, the violence is shaking Heavens and Earth. (Understand, yes.)

Even we see a lot of UFOs nowadays also, because they’re concerned. (Yes.) Because they hear all these suffering cries from the animal-people, and from the poor people who are affected by climate change. They don’t have water, they walk many kilometers and get robbed and raped just to get some water. (Yes, Master.)

And then it’s not even available anymore – many big lakes are drying out now, like never before, and even showing skeletons underneath at the bottom, and many other secrets that nobody knew before. (Wow.) Even a sunken World War ship and whatever ships before, it’s all coming up now at the bottom, because the water is all gone.

Italy has very, very bad drought nowadays. (Oh.) And their harvest is also threatened and all kinds of things. (Yes.) And everywhere, not just Italy. Terrible.

“Media Report from The Associated press - June 23, 2022, Meuccio (m): We haven’t seen such a crisis in 70 years. From the beginning of scientific statistical measurement, 70 years ago, we never had such a low level of the river.

Martina (f): It hasn’t rained enough, we did not have enough water from this winter, and recent downpours and rains were not enough at all to fix this winter’s dramatic situation. We believe that there will be a drop in wheat yield by at least 20% or more due to the lack of rain and irrigation.”

And locusts, one place after another. (Yes, Master.) And even big snails are destroying things. And many different kinds of destroying bugs and insects – everywhere. (Yes.) And then New York is in panic and now they want people vaccinated for monkeypox, because the cases are spiking up. (Oh, wow.) And many other diseases that they even don’t know – brain-eating disease, and worms. Some they don’t know how to cure yet. (Yes.) And all kinds of bacteria, listeria, salmonella, and whatnot. (Yes.) They are recalling many meat products. (Oh.) And now they know that processed meat is a cause of cancer too, for example. (Yes.)

“Media Report from EuroNews - July 13, 2022, David (m): The French have decided not everything is good in ham. In a report released this week, ANSES, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety, is formal – there is a link between nitrites, nitrate, and cancer risk. These additives can be found in 75% of commercialized charcuterie which are allowed to prevent the development of bacteria and to lengthen shelf life.”

I really don’t like to look in the internet. It’s all bad things, all the time. And now there’s worse news than ever before. (Yes.) It seems like this to me. It seems more diseases are coming or returned. Monkeypox, I never heard of it before, and now it’s spiking in the United States. (Yes.) I didn’t look in the whole world. Just, even New York City, they have to have a vaccine now. They are panicking. They want a vaccine now for monkeypox.

“Media Report from NBC News - July 14, 2022, Reporter (m): After weeks of long lines, tonight New York City is out of monkeypox vaccine appointments again as cases double here every six days. Local officials sending a letter to the Biden administration urgently asking for more doses.”

I hope it works, I really do, because it looks terrible when you have big bumps all over your body like that. (Yes.) And maybe itchy, painful and then you have problems inside your body as well. (Yes. Right.) Just the look on the outside is terrible already. (Right. Yes.) And black fungus disease also, the skin became black. All kinds. I forgot the names. (Yes. There’s too many.) Because they don’t report the same every day. They report one day this and the other day that. (Yes.) So you don’t feel it’s a lot, but it’s a lot. (Yes, that’s right.)

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