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Tidiness and Cleanliness Make Good Feng Shui, Part 1 of 3, Dec. 13, 2017

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Of course, it’s not good if people live with insects and bacteria for a long time. Those dark corners, due to all the clutter, would generate negative energy. There would be a lack of positive energy. It wouldn’t be good for your and your business. Then you’d blame it on Heaven and say that it’s not fair.

There’re so many women again. Are your husbands busy looking after children at home? Busy doing housework? There’re so many electric fans here. Do you need so many? You will feel cold. Let’s turn it off for a while, OK? The odor may not kill you, but the cold weather will. It’s winter. Turn it off, OK? Are all the doors open? That’s OK. Are there any mosquitoes? Are mosquitoes flying in here? No? Oh! They all come to me? They know that I am here so they come to visit me. They come to kowtow to me.

You are very talented! You’ve made the place so beautiful, and kept the center very orderly. I like it, I like it. Those who are outside can also come in. You can sit by the door, there won’t be any smell. No one is sitting in the middle. Those sitting outside, can you see me? (Yes.) It seems that you were arranged like this. Strange.

I feel that our group is rather special. Most of the so-called enlightened masters whom I have seen do not have so many female followers. Or, is it because they are men. Most of them are men. Only a few are women, and not so well-known. People do know about them. It’s just that few people have followed them. Those who have many followers are mostly men, male renunciates. Is it “renunciates” or “saints”? (Renunciates.) Huh? (Renunciates.) Renunciates is OK? (Renunciates.) Renunciates. OK. Not leftovers? Sorry.

I haven’t spoken so much Chinese or English for a long time. I mean, before I came back to Taiwan (Formosa) from Europe, I rarely spoke. With dog-people, I don’t have to talk. We can communicate very well. For example, when the dog-person wants to express his love, he licks me. Licks here, like that. He stands up and licks here. That means, “I love You.” If he sees me, he runs toward me. They are holding his leash but he still rushes over. Then I hurry. I know what he’s saying, very simple. When he sees food and comes over, I know he’s hungry. It’s very simple.

Their life is so simple. My life with the dog-people is also very simple. There is no need to worry so much. If they eat and drink enough, and sleep well, then it’s alright. They’re simpler than our children, but they’re very clingy. In some ways, dog-people are just like children. One of them likes to sleep by my side. He won’t go to his own room. He has his own place. We’ve made it very warm and comfortable, partitioned by a curtain, but he doesn’t want to go there. He would rather lie on the floor, even though it’s cold. All the dog-people lie around there and sleep. Just like children. They’re like children in this aspect.

I feel very comfortable every time I come to Kaohsiung. Thank you all. Really, I feel at home. Because it has the things I need. Some things are unnecessary, though. For example, there are too many things for me to put on my skin. Just a couple of items are in excess, but still not as many as I have in Hsihu.

Oh! There are many residents there, and they all have their own opinion. “This one is nice. We’ll buy this for Master.” “This one is nice. If I buy it, she’ll surely like it.” And another one would say, “No, no, no! Buy this one.” Oh! My house is full of stuff. I get tired by looking at it. That’s why I prefer living in a cave. The cave is small. No one has any excuse to put so many things there. There’s no space. But when we have dog-people, we need a bigger house for them to sleep in.

It’s quite humid in Miaoli. The dog-people could have joint pain sleeping outdoors. I have to think of everyone. That’s why I came to the south. It’s less humid in the south, right? (Yes.) It’s more comfortable for everybody, right? Especially for the elderly. Old people would feel uncomfortable. Why are you laughing? Do you think you’re young? What are you laughing at? As an older person I understand the situation. She’s young and doesn’t understand. That’s why she laughed. When I said “especially for the elderly,” she laughed. OK.

Anyway, I like Kaohsiung better. First, this place is a few isolated – small hills with no neighbors around, very comfortable. No problem, even if we sing karaoke. It’s not easy to climb up here. The main road is in the front. We already have a gate and fences, so there’s no problem. I like here better. Besides, you’re very tidy and clean, which I like very much. I love tidiness and cleanliness.

Every time I go back to Miaoli, I have to clean up here and there. It’s really annoying. Every time I go back, I have to put things in order. It’s not that I am afraid of work. It’s just very tiring. When I see it, I feel uncomfortable. Every time I go back, I have to tidy things up, then my mood changes. I’m not that happy. And if it rains and is cold, I ask people to come over and lecture them. Really. Now you’re having a good laugh, but I didn’t feel like laughing when I was lecturing them. They make the feng shui there not good.

If in our house…Well, it’s me who bought that land even though it’s not under my name. Regardless, Heaven and Earth know that it’s my land. They all know it very well. Even the dog-people know that. So, good or bad, it’s on me. If the feng shui is not good, it affects me. No need to talk about feng shui. Just seeing it makes me upset and uncomfortable. Is that not so? I still have to go out and serve everyone. Then my mood is really… I have to try very hard to cheer myself up.

The last time I went back, I cleaned up the front area. Another time, I cleaned up the back mountain area. They put heaps of sand, stones, and cement here and there. It was a mess. There were also pieces of metal and wood lying around. The place is beautiful, but it’s was full of debris and stones. They had built something, but the leftover materials were there for don’t know how many years. The grass had grown over it since they never cleaned up. Yet they said there wasn’t enough space to meditate. So they meditated at my place. Because my place is cleaned regularly, and I didn’t leave any trash outside. That’s why it’s comfortable there. Everyone sits there. And they don’t clean up their own place. When I went back, I had to put a lot of things in order.

This time I went back, I cleaned up an area called “the eighteen quarters.” They used to work there. My assistants also lived there. Wow! What a mess! The kitchen, you can’t go anywhere except through the door to go in, because they left things all over the place. All three rooms were a mess. Things were everywhere – empty boxes, empty buckets and rusty things. A microwave oven and a lot of other things were there. It was untidy. Even a grocery store that is supposed to have a lot of goods… A grocery store has the largest selection of things – that’s why people call them “groceries” – but everything is neatly organized. Goods are sorted into categories. I saw it and lost my temper right away. Truly like that. I have a weakness; that is, I love tidiness. I love tidiness and cleanliness. That is my biggest weakness. I can’t bear to see things untidy or unclean. I can’t. I don’t want to live there any longer. I feel like running away. I was away for more than a decade, but it was no use. When I returned, I still had to clean things up.

Actually, I didn’t want to flee from Taiwan (Formosa). It was the enormous disturbance and karmic hindrance that prevented me from coming back. There were problems each time I returned. Even when flight tickets were already booked, a private plane was chartered so that we could travel with the dog-people, still, obstacles arose. Then I lost some money and couldn’t come back. Later I came back alone, but there was still some other issue and I still had to leave. Now perhaps some of the karma has been eliminated, so my return has been smoother. We also have to thank the Godses for protecting and helping me.

That’s why I like Kaohsiung. You’re tidier. You did leave some metal at random, but it was just once. You thought I would not be coming and left it there as a souvenir. You thought even if I came back, I wouldn’t see it. How could I not see it? I’m an expert in spotting garbage. Don’t you know that? I’m a garbage collector, so how could I not see garbage? I dislike untidiness most. Things take up space, block our view, and then our mood is spoiled. It can ruin our relationships.

At home, when you have arguments with your husband or wife, or children, it might be because of bad feng shui. If we have too many things that we don’t need and throw them around, then definitely the feng shui would not be good. Because the air flow is not smooth; the ventilation is poor. What’s it called, when the air circulation is not good? The blocked stagnant air would attract bacteria and things like that. No need to say whether the feng shui is good or not. Germs and dark things like tiny animal-people and insects would come and live there.

Of course, it’s not good if people live with insects and bacteria for a long time. Those dark corners, due to all the clutter, would generate negative energy. There would be a lack of positive energy. It wouldn’t be good for your and your business. Then you’d blame it on Heaven and say that it’s not fair.

How come your neighbor is making money, and you are not?. You do the same business and are next door to each other, yet are losing money and are unlucky in whatever you do. You should check whether you’ve fulfilled your obligation. Of course, it’s easier to run a family. It is not easy for Master, too many people come and go. No one is responsible. They’re used to staying there. They are fed even if they are untidy; no one would say anything. At the most they only get scolded by me when I come back. She’ll sort things out, so let’s wait until She comes back. She’ll put everything in order, because She definitely cannot bear it. She’ll tidy up for us.

So sometimes it’s not good if you live a life that is too secure. You become too dependent, just like that. This is like spoiling your children. Just like spoiled children, you have no sense of responsibility. Your Master is busy.

I truly am very busy. For example, these days I’ve asked your contact person to work with Pingtung. They wrote me a report. I wanted to call them two days ago, but I didn’t even have time to make the call. Then it was very late and they had gone to bed. I didn’t want to disturb them. That’s how busy I am. There were things that I wanted to do but couldn’t. In the end, I still had to wait. I’m anxious to do them. I have to do things by priority. But then, everything is a priority. I also have to take care of my dog-people. I give them some (vegan) snacks and play with him for a while, talk with him a little bit, keep him company.

A dog-person’s happiness does not depend solely on eating. He recognizes you as his caregiver and wants you to love him and keep him company, just like a child. A dog has a child’s heart that stays that way forever. No matter how humans have treated him, if just one person or a few people treat him well, he’d forget all the abuse and torture from humans in the past. He’d love people again, and play with them again, just like a child. He’d be good, feeling at ease and happy again. After getting along with a few people, he’d stop being afraid of people. He’d no longer hate people.

Like my big dog-person, who was once abused and tortured. Perhaps he was…. Some people are too strict with dog-people. Perhaps he was immature when young, so he was a bit defensive. That big dog-person, if he even plays with you a little bit, you could get hurt. He was abandoned because of that. Then he became unhappy. He stopped wanting to play. He stopped smiling. He had no friendly feelings for humans.

After staying with me for a few months, he has now become bold. He follows any who visits. He doesn’t bark. Before, he wouldn’t allow anyone to come near. After I had adopted him for a while, he became too protective. If anyone came near me, he’d stand in the middle and become fierce. He’s not like that anymore. Now he trusts anyone who comes, just like that. He used to be so scared of people. Now it’s those small dogs that are very protective. Oh! So protective!

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