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Governments Should Be Pro-Life and Promote Veganism, Part 7 of 8, Oct. 4, 2021

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It’s not difficult to be government, not difficult. Not at all. All you have to do is just be sincere. (Yes, Master.) Love your people the way you say you do. Then people feel it and do something to help them and people will know it.

The people in the White House right now who support the worst abortion bill in the history of your country, they are devils. They’re working for the devils. They’re evil. (Yes, Master.) Because no one would like to kill babies that way. Oh God, even up to the day of birth. You hear me or not!? (Yes, Master.) It’s on the news, it’s not me who talk. It’s in their abortion law. (Yes.) Protecting murderers, earning money from that. (Terrible.) Even in any war, there cannot be so many deaths like that. In the Iraq War, they had 4,500-something (Yes.) soldiers dead, American soldiers. In Afghanistan, they had 2,400 dead soldiers, even in the war, and in other old wars also. (Yes, Master.) Not innocent people, innocent babies die in millions like this, tens of millions just in a short period of time. And talking about pre-kindergarten, social daycare for whomever. Oh God. It is all devil’s talk. (Yes.) They don’t even know what they’re talking about (Yes.) According to this, they’re just blop, blop. (Yes.) Like somebody has written the text and they just read it. (Yes.) How can you do things opposite to what you say? (Yes.) And worse, and just killing innocents by millions like this. (Yes.)

Alright. I’m out of breath right now. I’m just too pained thinking about this. Oh terrible, terrible! Is there any other question, my love? (That’s all we have, Master.) Any good news for me or just this? I don’t want to talk about all this truly. It makes me sick. Just I cannot turn a blind eye. (Yes, understand.) I cannot just pretend I don’t know. Since decades, I hardly ever talk about anything that any government is doing. (Yes.) I cannot just keep silent while other beings suffer. (Yes, Master.) Just have to say something. I’m not sure if my talk will be any benefit, but I have to. (Yes, Master. It will bring benefit.) You guys or anybody can go ahead and criticize me, saying I’m political or anything. I couldn’t care less. I couldn’t care less as long as it might help some poor innocent lives to be rescued, to be saved. (Yes, Master.) OK, my love.

Looks like this Biden and administration, they are all out for blood. (Oh, wow!) They’re out to destroy your country. They’re out to kill all the… whatever they can, in whatever means they can, (Yes.) up to now. Babies, children are the future of any country. (Yes.) Everyone knows that. And they go ahead just killing them. Just make it so easy and simple. Even pay for it. (Yes.) Many people are hungry. They don’t care. They want to pay for killing! Killing their own citizens. (Yes, Master.) If that is not civil war, then what is it then?

At Trump’s rally, there’s only one person who voiced this opinion. If it’s Trump’s supporter or not, I am not sure. (Yes, Master.) The same like January 6, it’s not Trump’s supporters who instigated that. (Yes.) It was reported like some other group did it. (That’s right.) And could be the opposition party did that (Yes.) so that it would blow it out of proportion. Because if the other party did not have anything to do with it, why Pelosi did not send more security, if she knows already that there is a demonstration nearby? (Oh. True.) And if they think Trump and his people are violent, or whatever, are not peaceful, why didn’t she call for the National Guard or more police or more security forces? (Oh yes. True.) She just let it be. What?! (Yes.) Everybody can ask that question. (Yes, Master.) The opposition is having a big rally, protesting next to their working place, and they did nothing! They don’t even send more police. It’s just normal, just a handful of them. (Yes. That’s right.)

Yeah, they invited trouble, they wanted it to happen. Or they even organized it secretly (Oh, wow.) to blame Trump. So what else then? If they always say, “Trump is this, Trump is that. Trump is bad and incites violence,” then why didn’t they prepare? Why didn’t they have more security for their people who work in there? (Yes, that makes sense.) So that means they invited it. They wanted it to happen, or they organized it. (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

“Fox News Interview July 12, 2021 Byron Donalds: On January 3rd or January 4th, […] President Trump authorized National Guard troops, as many as they needed, to secure the capital of Washington D.C. The day before January 6th, January 5th, there was a rally up on Capitol Hill, President Trump called Director (of Defense Department) Miller and told him, ‘Did you see the crowd? It’s going to be a lot of people out there. Do you have everything you need with the National Guard?’ I don’t know about you, but if you’re fomenting an ‘insurrection,’ why do you make sure that there’s enough law enforcement capacity that’s going to be in the nation’s Capitol on the day in question?”

“Media Report from Fox News Channel July 22, 2021 Tucker Carlson(m): This past January, just two days before the Congress was scheduled to certify Joe Biden as the winner of the Electoral College, the House Sergeant-at-Arms received an urgent message. The message came from the man who at the time ran the Capitol Police Department, Steven Sund. Sund wanted National Guard troops to stand guard around the perimeter of the Capitol complex. Sund knew, as everyone in official Washington knew, that an enormous protest against the Electoral College certification was about to take place. It was coming to Washington. Yet, for reasons that are not clear, the Sergeant-at-Arms refused that request. […] Sund was still begging for reinforcements as protesters breached the doors and roamed the halls of the building, and yet, once again, every single one of Steven Sund’s request for help was rejected. […] Nancy Pelosi knows why it happened. The Sergeant-at-Arms reports directly to Nancy Pelosi, she is the Speaker of the House. And yet repeatedly, Pelosi has worked to stop any inquiry whatsoever into the state of security at the Capitol on January 6th. […] Why is the Justice Department still tonight hiding thousands of hours of surveillance footage from the Capitol that day? […] We know for certain that there were FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) informants in the crowd at the Capitol. How many of them made it inside the Capitol and then encouraged others to break the law?”

And then blame it all on the poor old guy. Oh, man. They are really wicked, these people. That’s why I told you, Pelosi, Harris, Biden, at least three of them must be out before America can become better again. (Yes, Master.) Can become strong again.

Any other questions? (That’s all, Master. Thank You, Master.) Oh, you’re welcome. I don’t have any questions for you. Sorry. I wish I had. It’s just every time I ask you, like, “How are you? Are you OK? You need something more? Anything else I can do for you?” That’s all my questions. (Thank You, Master. We’re good. Thank You, Master.) Then it’s good. Then it’s good. Then, I wish you all well. (We wish You well, too, Master.)

And I pray for America and wish that its fate will change soon. (Yes, Master.) So that they can enjoy the hard labor that they have put into your country and in the world. They can enjoy the fruits of their labor. The American people, they deserve it. They deserve better. (Yes, Master.) They deserve to have at least some of their money returned to them in some form of care. True caring. True help. (Yes.) Not partisan help, not cheating help. Not politically-motivated help. Not just surface help, not just talk help. (Yes, Master.) Just like Harris said, “Oh, will do something,” whatever she said, “for the Afghan women.” She had nothing done. Nothing. (Yes, Master.) Just talk. Just talk, talk, talk, talk.

All these people, they talk. They do bad things, and they blame it on somebody else. Always the same. I haven’t seen anything else that they admit that they’re wrong. (Yes.) They’re wrong all over, and they never have admitted anything. (Yes.) Just blame it, even they’re wrong, they blame it on Trump! (Yes.) Blame Trump on the vaccine, even. (Oh, yes.) People refused the vaccine, they blame it on Trump! (Yes.) Trump was the one who even go out in the rally and said, “You take the vaccine, it’s good.” He said that also. (Yes, that’s right.) And he was the one who pushed, who monitored, who followed up with the developing of the vaccine for his people and for the world. And then blame him for the people who don’t get the vaccine, who don’t want to get vaccinated. (Yes. It’s crazy.) Crazy! And then the border problem, they also blame Trump! They said the migrants come in because Biden said anybody can come. And they’re coming too much, too much from all over and then they blame it on Trump. Can you believe that? (No. I don’t know how they can do that.) I don’t know how they have the face to do that. (Yes.) These people, they are just shameless, moralless, loveless, wicked, evil, I’m telling you. (Yes.) I don’t know if there’s any stronger word I can use. I don’t have.

Oh, I hope the Americans will get better. My God, poor Americans. They work so hard and they’re so generous and kind. (Yes, they are.) They should have never been involved in any war at all because people just use them. Just skin them. And then, oh God, just take all their tax money (Yes.) which should be for them.

Any country with taxes, it’s just to take care of their citizens. (Yes, Master.) So people don’t mind if they pay higher taxes, if really those money are used for the benefit of the citizens. In Sweden, they have high taxes, (Yes.) for example. But people are happy to pay. (Yes.) And they are one of the happiest people in the world. (Yes.) Or Denmark and all that. (Yes.) Because they know that the government is clean. The government is not politically motivated to do anything for them. (Yes.) Maybe they are, but they truly do it for the people. They use it for social benefit. (Yes, Master.) Sweden’s citizens never come out and protest the tax is too high or anything. They’re happy. (Yes.) And all people have jobs. And live in peace. That’s the example that all the countries should follow. Make their citizens happy by truly caring for them. Facilitate their lives. Protecting them from all harms possible. That’s the way it is. (Yes, Master.)

It’s not difficult to be government, not difficult. Not at all. All you have to do is just be sincere. (Yes, Master.) Love your people the way you say you do. Then people feel it and do something to help them and people will know it. (Yes, Master.) No need to spend a lot of money with a lot of slogans and print it all over and buying all the newspapers to write things bad about your opposition and good about you. Spend so much tax money just for that, donation money just for that. Instead, just be a good government. Just truly care for your people. Then even Heaven will care for you. (Yes.)

Alright, my love. Every time you ask me, I talk a lot. It’s just something nice. Because we were talking about why Biden has no scratch (Yes.) from all of this problem, from all of the corruption and all that and I saw on the news that they begin to maybe investigate him (Oh. Right.) together because of the son’s business. (Yes. OK.) And then also other things. And his rating is 38% and then I saw somewhere else that it’s 31%. (Oh. That’s very low.) Yeah, very low. Before it was high and now it’s very low and it’s getting lower all the time. (Yes.) Maybe Heaven will help us. (Yes.) Maybe Heaven heard us. (Yes.) Because this guy will be very harmful for America and of course the world also. (Yes, Master.) And blindsides everybody around. This is terrible…(Yes.)

Alright. That’s good, good. Many other good news also. I saw the news that you gave me. The Church leader somewhere, he said that Biden is very harmful for humans. (Oh, yes.) Yeah, that one. (Yes.) And I’m really happy that even the Church says something. (Yes.) The one in America. So it should be, maybe, getting better. (Yes, let’s hope so.) (Hopefully soon.) Hopefully the positive is stronger than the negative. Because they fight too hard, the negative, they fight too hard. (Yes.) Because they are just… they are the undead, they don’t fear anything. (Yes.) That’s the problem. And the humans, on the contrary, fear. (Yes, Master.)

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