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King Solomon and the Three Brothers, Part 1 of 4, Mar. 25, 2022

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Every day I pray. Every day I’m grateful and pray that I might do my mission well, according to Heaven’s plan – that I will not fall from it, that I will not be led astray by the world’s karma or world’s influence, or whatever that might be. (Yes, Master.) Every day you must pray to keep yourself intact. (Yes, Master.) Because the world might drag you down by the karmic influence all around.

Hallo. (Hi, Master!) Hallo. Are you all still normal? (Yes, Master.) OK. Better keep normal. No ego and no clinging. OK? (Yes, Master.) These two types of people I am allergic to. (Yes, Master.) It will also obstruct my work and your work. (OK, Master.) Every day remind yourself that you are nobody. (Yes, Master.) Because you’re not anybody. (Right.) Even I am every day praying that I will not fall. (Yes, Master.)

Every day I pray. Every day I’m grateful and pray that I might do my mission well, according to Heaven’s plan – that I will not fall from it, that I will not be led astray by the world’s karma or world’s influence, or whatever that might be. (Yes, Master.) Every day you must pray to keep yourself intact. (Yes, Master.) Because the world might drag you down by the karmic influence all around.

But actually, I’m very proud of myself. Because I have two steadfast followers. I know how to keep them now. One needs vegan pancakes and the other one needs just vegan soup and… sandwiches. Keep praying for yourself and for World Vegan, World Peace and maybe then we don’t have to work so hard anymore and maybe can shut down Supreme Master Television, and then you can go and eat as many pancakes as you want, anytime, any day. Or if you’re lucky, if I have a little time and I’m still around, then I might make you some vegan pancakes, and soup and sandwiches – all of that together. (Wow!) Wow! (Yes!)

“Maybe,” I said. If you’re lucky. (Yes, Master.) Well, at least I have two steadfast followers, no? As long as they have the promise of vegan pancakes and soup and sandwiches. Just promising. It doesn’t hurt anybody. It costs nothing to say “maybe.” (Yes, Master.) Dream on, baby. Dream on. One day the world will have vegan together with world peace, and then maybe we don’t have to work on Supreme Master Television anymore – we all can go to the Himalayas. Then instead of soup, you might have a vegan samosa with me. (Right.) Yeah, dream on.

Oh, my God! We have a little story for a change from all this turbulence around the world. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master. Thank You.) Enjoy a little bit, have a break. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Today I did not even search for the news. Not hunting, not chasing news yet, because I’ve been busy. And also, just now I let you wait, sorry, because I needed to fix the phone. (Yes, Master. It’s OK.) That’s why I was late.

And other things. Never mind. I am here now. Are you there? (Yes, Master.) It doesn’t matter, if you want to continue sleeping, then you can go. You can go back to your villa because I disrupted your sleep. (No, Master. No, Master. We are good here, Master.) Are you good? (Yes.) OK, fine. This is called “Bedtime Story.” So, if you’re nodding or snoring, it’s excused. Because you were snoring upstairs where you were meditating. No? Or downstairs, wherever you are. So I thought I’d make your sleep smoother, so I’ll read you a bedtime story. Alright. Here goes.

This is from the Jewish folklore again, and it’s titled “King Solomon and the Three Brothers.” You know who King Solomon was right? We spoke about that before. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Sometimes. Maybe in another story. If you don’t know who he is, you look on the internet. (Yes, Master.) He’s one of the most famous kings of all time ‒ he and King David. And also, because I can’t tell everything in just one story, so maybe you look on the internet or maybe at another time when I read about his story. (Yes. Yes, Master.) I created a jewelry series called “The Wisdom of Solomon.” (Yes. Yes, Master.) You know that. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So, here is a story just to prove it – to prove that he had wisdom.

“A long, long time ago, there were three brothers who went to the capital in order to learn the Torah.” The Torah is the Bible of the Jews. (Yes, Master.) “Learning with King Solomon.” Oh, how lucky! Solomon wasn’t just a king. He was also a Master, because He was wise and had wisdom and was enlightened. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

At that time, probably we didn’t have these printing machines, or they did not discover or invent those printing tablets. Later on, maybe they used the wood to carve the words, and then kept printing it into many books. (Right.) So, in those times, in order to learn something, you had to go to some expert who had a library of his own, or that kind of book, or this kind of book. At those times, to have a book yourself was kind of a fortune. (Yes, Master. Yes.) It was not easy. Like us nowadays, we could even print it from the internet, or read it even online.

“So, the three brothers went all the way from their area to the capital in order to learn the Torah with King Solomon. And they stayed with the king all 13 years. One day, the three of them were sitting together, having a chat. And one said, ‘What are we doing here? By the way, we have left our house, left everything behind in order to come here just to learn the law.’” Well, actually meaning probably the law of the universe, like initiation. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Just like before, when people became a monk or nun in order to stay with the Buddha, or with the elder, senior monks in order to learn what the Buddha taught, and all these universal principles and wisdom. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s not like they went there to become a policeman or something. The “law” is a different law. (Yes, Master. OK, Master.) And most of these principles and orders, rules of the universe, were contained in the Bibles in the old-time, that were left behind by wiser Sages and Saints.

“Now, one of them said, ‘We left everything behind to come here in order to study the law.’” Maybe how to become enlightened. (Yes, Master.) “‘But all the way up to now, already 13 years have passed, we haven’t learned anything really. So, maybe we should say goodbye to this place and then go back home.’ So, they all thought like that.

And then they went in to express their opinion and desire to the King. ‘Your Majesty.’” They didn’t say “Your Majesty” here, but I guess they should. “‘We want to come to say goodbye to you, to Your Majesty, in order to go home.’ Immediately the King asked his treasurer to bring out 300 pieces of gold. And the King said to the three brothers, ‘OK, now you can choose. Either I will teach you three wise pieces of advice, or each of you will get 100 pieces of gold.’ So, the three of them talked together right there, and then they picked the gold.

Typical. (Yes.) You would, I know. That’s why you left your good job, and came here instead. Me too, man, me too. I also left everything. And whatever I earn, it’s all public money. (Yes, Master.) I am very sparesome. I don’t take more than I need. Every day, even when I eat, when I accidentally spill some rice off the table, I pick them up. And I said to Heaven, “I don’t dare to waste anything.”

Because they all are the result of hard work, and the blessing of all the Saints, Sages, and Heavens and Earth. And then every little vegetable, I would pick them up. I only really discard what truly cannot be used. And I keep saying to Heaven the same. I say, “I am grateful for whatever food I have. And I will not dare to waste any.” First, they are precious, and many people are hungry. Second, I don’t want to have more karma, more debt in this physical realm.

And then I pray first. I invite whoever can partake in the essence of the food, and I pray that all the saints and sages, wherever they are, that they may have everything they need. And all the good beings have everything they deserve. And all the bad beings, by God’s Grace, become good beings.

I don’t know why I told you this. Oh, yeah, because of the gold. (Yes.) When I’m in the public, you saw me wearing glittering gold and jewelry. At home, I don’t wear anything. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to, and I don’t need to. I don’t feel any desire for them at all. They’re just my job, you know. Designer and model. (Right. Yes.) All my jewelry is not where I live. (Yes. Yes, Master.) I don’t care, I don’t carry it around. Only if I need. (Right. Right, Master.) Mostly it’s for work, when I need to advertise, that’s all.

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