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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Advice to All Religious Faithful, and the Solution for Our World's Crisis, Part 1 of 7, Jan. 25, 2022

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I sincerely pray that everything is possible with God’s Grace, that he might have turned around and changed his heart to really serve your country faithfully and sincerely. I do hope like that. It’s not good for any country if politicians are not sound in moral standard.

(Hallo, Master!) Hi, hi. (Hi, Master.) Hi again. How are you guys? (We’re good, Master.) You have good food? (Yes, we do, Master.) I mean, is everything OK? Happy? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Well, at least physically.

(How is Master? How are You, Master?) I’m OK, OK. It’s just, sorry, today I’m the one who is late. (It’s OK, Master.) You waited long? (No, not really. No, Master.) You should meditate if I didn’t call yet.

Sometimes I don’t realize that living alone has really also some disadvantages. Every little thing, you have to do yourself. (Yes, Master.) And even every little thing costs some time. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And one little thing leads to another little thing and then the day is gone. (Yes.) And it’s the inner work that is more expensive than the outer work. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Even though I don’t have to pay anything for the inside work, but, you know, karma and stuff. (Right.)

I just rushed, rushed, rushed to be on time. I did not mean to be late. (Oh.) But then I rushed, rushed, and I hurt my hand. (Oh, no.) “Ah,” altogether. Ah. (Ah, Master.) (Are You OK, Master?) Pity, Master, huh? (Did You put a bandage on?) No, no, not bad. I just put a cold towel and I’m still holding the cold towel on it. (Oh. We hope it gets better.)

I was late. I had a little time then to take care of it. Don’t worry. It’s a small thing, small thing. (Oh, Master. Ah.) (Please take care. We don’t mind waiting for You. It’s OK. We weren’t really waiting for that long.) It’s OK, it’s OK.

I also want to make a good example because I always rush you guys, “You’re done yet? You’re done yet?” Today you were rushing me inside then. I just forget, I closed the door on my other hand. (Oh, no.) Luckily, it was not yet completely closed because my hand might get stuck. (Oh, God.) So, it’s probably just bruised after a while but don’t worry. I put a cold towel on it. (Yes.) And I will put some, probably Tiger Balm or something later on. (Oh, no.) Don’t worry. I won’t die, I promise. (We hope it gets better soon, Master.)

In German, they say, “Unkraut verdirbt nicht.” It means, “Wild grass won’t die.” (Yes.) It is like that. Normally, every other thing you plant, like flowers or fruits and vegetables, you have to take care of a lot – give some nutrition or something, so that they grow. (Yes, Master.) But the grass, you don’t ask them, you don’t do anything, they just grow and grow. And you have to always trim them in your garden. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) That’s what they say – meaning, worthless people don’t die. (Oh, right.)

Anyway, today no story. No bedtime story. It’s very late already. (Yes.) Almost 2 o’clock, past midnight. So, no bedtime story. But I know, you have questions. So, go ahead, please.

(Yes, Master, Mitch McConnell used to have a good relationship with Biden when he was vice president. But recently, McConnell has turned on him and criticized Biden, saying, “He is profoundly un-presidential.”)

“Media report from C-SPAN News – Jan. 13, 2022, McConnell: How profoundly, profoundly unpresidential. Look, I’ve known, liked, and personally respected Joe Biden for many years. I did not recognize the man at the podium yesterday.”

(And even said he did not even recognize him anymore. What prompted McConnell to turn on Biden like that?) Are you not happy that your country has a better high official? (Yes, yes.) Well, I hope he is sincere. But he’s truly an adept politician. He bends with the wind, very, very flexibly. (Yes.) He had a very good relationship with Biden, not just when he was vice president. It’s been a while already. (Oh, yes. That’s right.)

Well, of course, it’s more prominent when it’s a vice president, because everybody will notice and report about it. (Yes.) And he has been always with Biden all this time now. (Yes. In the Senate.) Until whenever he made that remark. But I hope he’s sincere, for your own country, for your citizen’s sake. (I hope so.) Because this guy, he changes like you change your shirt. (Oh, yes. That’s right.)

Well, we change the shirt less frequently because we’re lazy. I’m lazy, I have too much work to do. I have to confess. But never mind, nobody’s around. Nobody minds. The walls don’t mind. The roof doesn’t mind and I don’t mind. You don’t mind your own fragrance. (That’s right.)

You see, I hope he’s sincere. Truly. I truly hope for your country’s sake. (Yes, Master.) But I just hope it’s not like he’s just strategically a clever person or worked as his wife advised him. (Yes, Master.)

Reading all these books from China before. I guess it’s like that. That’s why they survived even though the population is big and not all that favorable all the time, and warring all the time – but they survived. And they keep multiplying, even with the government regulation before – only two children per family. (Yes.) But still, they managed to thrive. They have another child and then they give it to another person. And they ask the child to call them “Auntie” or “Uncle” or whatever.

There was a cartoon, I saw it. The cartoon said: “The mother was holding two children already in her arms, and the other was trailing behind her. And she turned back to that little kid and said, “I told you many times, call me Auntie. Yeah?” They would think of a way. (Yes, Master.) Never mind, never mind. It’s just the situation. The government was worried that they would be underfed. Because if they keep having children, then even the whole world’s resources would be dwindled. (Yes, Master.) It’s not from bad intention or anything. The situation in India was similar before, under Prime Minister Gandhi. (Yes.) But then they killed her because of that.

There’s always some individual that don’t like it. As a whole, maybe the public supports it, but as individuals, sometimes some tragedy happens. Then people will not like it. Like, in China before, one soldier went out shooting at everybody at random because his wife died due to the abortion. (Oh.) Yeah. You know, the rule was only one child. So, she went to have an abortion of the second child. (Oh, wow.) And she died because of that. And he was so, so agonized – he went out and lost his mind, and he shot everybody on the street. (My goodness.) And of course, he was dead afterwards. The police killed him. (Wow.)

Many tragedies and conflicts or war sometimes started with an individual. (Yes.) Whatever concerns other people, you don’t think too much about it. Maybe you feel a little sympathy or say something sympathetically, but when it concerns you, when it hits you personally, or persons of concern, your loved ones or family, then at that time it’s a different situation. You would think differently. You feel differently and you act differently. It would be more personal, deeper. More profound. (Yes, Master.) And then you act not in the way you would think that you would have reacted before, if it didn’t concern you. (Understand.)

What was that then? (We were talking about McConnell.) Oh, McConnell, OK. You remember before he kept changing his tone all the time, concerning President Trump. (Yes, he did, Master.) And others, etc., etc. I think he’s very adept at survival. Recently, Biden himself and the White House administration, the Democrats also, have been going down in approval ratings. (Yes, Master.) And quite a few of the Democrats are resigning, or did resign already for different reasons. (Yes, Master.) Either they want to live their private lives, or they don’t agree with Biden but didn’t want to say it due to the party protectiveness, or they’re just getting old and tired and feel frustrated, so resigned. (Yes, Master.)

Thus, many empty seats have been or will be in the Democrat House and Senate. (Yes, Master.) So, Republicans will gain control. (Yes, Master.) The consequence is like that. And then, Trump has been more popular because of Biden’s unpopularity. (Yes, Master.) So, I think he knows it’s the time that the flag will fly in the other direction. (Right. Yes.) So, he begins to criticize. That’s very, very strong of him. Because since he was praising Biden when Biden left, even as vice president, he said, “It has been an honor to work with you,” and so on and so forth. (Yes, Master.) And he has been supporting Biden and his administration all this time. And suddenly he turned. That’s very crispy. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, very crunchy. “How unpresidential.” Blah, blah, blah. That’s a lot for him. (Yes.) I mean, normally he has criticized a little bit here and there. And then suddenly like that. It’s a very strong hammer. (Yes.)

Well, he has been wavering a little bit, I think, for a while now. Since the Democrats have been kind of losing in different states. (Yes, Master. Right.) And people are also fed up with the White House. And a significant number of staff resigned from the White House. Just quit. (Yes, Master.) Democrats who worked for the White House, or worked for Harris, they quit in numbers. (Yes, Master. Wow.) I didn’t count, but I saw some here and there, a few. And they’re significant staff members. And there are many rumors, like they don’t get on well. (Oh.) The White House is a mess and all that.

So, he smells all this. (Yes.) If he doesn’t turn to the other direction, he’ll be doomed. (That’s right.) I don’t know why he cares so much, he’s so old already, he should be gone. But he likes his position. He likes his work because he’s more powerful than the president even. (Yes, Master.) The way he handles things. And also, some of the Republicans warned him, that if he doesn’t support Trump, he doesn’t work for Trump, then nothing will work. He’s not going to be the leader of the Senate again. (Oh, wow. Right.) And they meant it. They meant what they said.

So, he’s kind of shaky a little bit. (Yes, Master.) If the Republicans regain control of the House and the Senate, then, I don’t think they will leave him in peace. (Yes, Master.) Because he has been not very favorable with the Republicans all this time, especially for his president (Trump). (Yes, Master.) Not faithful, loyal and not good. Now you know. (Yes, Master.)

But I sincerely pray that everything is possible with God’s Grace, that he might have turned around and changed his heart to really serve your country faithfully and sincerely. I do hope like that. (Yes, Master. We hope so too, Master.) It’s not good for any country if politicians are not sound in moral standard. (Yes, Master.) That’s obvious, no? (Yes, right. Very obvious.)

Alright. Are you happy with my answer? (Yes, Master, thank You.) I don’t promise anything. I’m just saying I hope everything is possible, if God’s Grace interferes, and that he is really sincere in serving his country with all his honesty and moral fitness. OK? (Yes, Master.)

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