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Wake Up and Be Vegan in This Time of Cleaning, Part 6 of 6, June 26, 2020

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Because this time, cleaning as well. (Yes.) Cleaning the whole planet. (Yes, Master.) All this is just cleaning and warning, but humans, if don’t change, then it’s going down.

So the spider came again on the 14th, apart from the other spiders, I already told you before. (Yes.) This is another one. I’m going backward. 14th, spider said, “Bow to You.” And I was surprised, because he never said such things before. (Understand.) None of the spiders say such things. It sounds like humans. “I bow to You.” Spiders. I said, “What for? Can you even bow?” The spider, how can he bow? Imagine? It’s just the way of saying it, I guess. I was just joking with him. I said, “Can you even bow?” And then I said, “What for?” So he said, “For Your love to all beings.” (Wow.) I said, “How do you know about this?” He didn’t answer. So I said, “OK. Thanks for telling me. Wish you well, spiderchen.”

Oh, spiderchen, that is a mixture between English and German. When something’s small and dear, they say “chen.” Like “Mädchen.” It means “little girl, young girl.” (Yes, Master.) And they just add the word “chen” into something. That means very dear and lovely. (Understand.) So I said, “Spiderchen, wish you well.” “Spider” is English, “chen” is German. The word “chen” doesn’t mean anything really. (Understand.) It’s just if you add to something, and you know that thing is dear and precious and kind of petite. (Yes, Master.) Not a big giant stuff. They also say “Brüderlein.” It means “little brother.” (Yes, Master.)

So, I told him again. I said, “Reminding you to eat only the freshly dead one, the discarded one, or go eat some flowers or something, or fruit. Don’t eat by hunting, so when you die, I will take you Home. I love you too.” That’s what I said to the spider. So anytime I see the spiders, I tell them that. Because they told me they understand now, that they will not hunt anymore. Before, they said they didn’t know, so they ate meat. That’s why they degraded into spider status, (Understand.) even though they still know so much. (Yes, Master.) It’s a wonder. (Yes, Master.) So they say they know all that. Any spider tells me, they know.

Oh. Here, my dog told me that such and such is a very zealous person, “No good for You, don’t keep him.” I mean, keep nearby, not let him work nearby. (Yes, Master.) Nobody’s with me, nobody ever. It’s just meaning “let him go.” (Yes, Master.) It says the name, but I don’t want to tell you. So I told my dog, “Yeah, Heaven told me the same. (Wow.) Shame! Shame!” That’s what I said that day.

“13th, Saturday: Anguished cry again at the utmost cruelty of humans.” Because I saw animals’ clip, the cruelty that’s measured onto them. So, “Ordering all Godses to hunt down all the zealous demons, lock in hell forever.” Because of them, humans became cruel. That’s why I am anguished with the humans, but I’m angry with the zealous demons. So, I ordered all the Godses to hunt down all of the zealous demons, or harmful. Here I only say, “Zealous demons; locked them in hell forever.” (Wow.) (Thank You, Master.)

June, Friday the 12th, spider came again. “Not worry, peace will come.” “How long? Why tell me if it’s such and such long time?” It says how many years, but I don’t want to tell you. But then they said something else, but I am not convenient to tell you. (OK, Master.) “Oh again? All this talk,” I said. “I don’t want to hear anymore. I’m so frustrated and angered at world leaders, secular leaders, or religious leaders even. Today, I am angry at all of them.” Most of them, or some of them at least. “They are not doing any real work, just scratch outside the socks.” (Yes, Master.) That’s what I said to myself that day. I was angry. I told the spider actually, because no one around me, no one wants to listen. Since the spider was there, so I told him, “I am frustrated and angry.”

If you say it’s your choice to eat what you want, then I tell you this: Remember, every time you put any piece of animals’ flesh or blood or bones or whatever, intestines, whatever that yucky things from animals in your mouth, you must remember many, many are dying for it or dead because of that. The animals are suffering torturous deaths because of that morsel of animal product in your mouth. Many people die because of infectious diseases and other diseases related to animal products which you promote or advocate or support or condone. So remember, you are responsible for all these deaths, so think about it.

Apart from that, every time you put a piece of animals’ stuff in your mouth, you destroy a part of the planet. You destroy the future of our next children’s generation. So you will be responsible for all that, even if there’s no one to blame you or no one to accuse you, your conscience will. Plus, your children and great-great-grandchildren will be burned in such an unbearable inferno of heat due to the climate change, because of your meat diet choice.

And if you’re a leader and you don’t lead people in the right direction, then you should abdicate, actually. Pardon my straightforward words. Being a leader, it’s not just to enjoy sitting there with all the privilege and all the luxury afforded to you, and you forget that people, children, animals, are agonizing every day for your piece of meat and whatever you did not do to help to change the climate for the better and to save lives for people and for the animals. So that will be in your conscience. You will not get away with it, because Heaven records everything. You know that. All the scriptures say the same thing. It’s not I who have to even say that. And I don’t apologize for what I’m telling you, because you know it also.

Now comes the OU Protector. OU, you know, right? Original Universe (Yes, Master.) Godses Protector. They said again, “Not Your fault that world not at peace.” So I said, “Thanks for comforting. Still feel so frustrated and sad, and angry.” I think this I read already, I am not sure if I read. Yeah, I was reading before. I was thinking, that day another One said also, “Be happy. Peace You will soon find.” I said, “World Peace or my peace?” And what did They answer? Oh, I have to wear the glasses! No wonder I cannot read very well. Your Master is getting old. See the glasses? I know. But you make me work so hard, (Yes, sorry.) even in retreat. I don’t blame you. (Thank You, Master.) I’m just complaining, but I don’t blame you. How can you work the way I want? Everyone is different. And I’m on a higher level. I’m senior. (Yes, Master.)

So, it says here, something like “Peace You’ll soon find.” Another one. That is the OU (Original Universe) Godses before the OU (Original Universe) Protector. And then both said the same thing. I said, “Thank You, thank You, thank You. How soon?” I always ask that. And They said so much, so much, so much. But let’s see if it comes true and then I can show you here. (Yes, Master. We hope it does.) I cannot show you now. It’s right here. Then I had a vision about something. I was feeling very sorry and forgiveness to some of the persons that you know, but I don’t want to mention. (Yes, Master.) So, then the vision came, and then I didn’t capiche (understand). I said, “What does that mean, this vision that I had?” So They told me, “You love enemies.” That’s the Protector, the OU (Original Universe) Protector. They’re always very straight. (Yes, Master.) They said, “You love Your enemies. Leave them.” What it means is, “Do not be too near to them in Your spirit.” In my heart. Don’t worry about them. Just let it be. And the spider came in again saying, “Your people, Supreme Master TV, love You.”

Oh, I think I read this before. I asked my bird, (Ah, yes.) about how long the peace. They all say similar things. I just want to make sure everybody says the same thing because I want to hear it. Even if I know, it’s nice to hear. (Yes, it is.)

Tenth of June: “I worked hard all day, all night, till next night. So tired!” Nothing good. The spider came again, “Not worry! Your people love You!” meaning Supreme Master TV staff (team), “with universal love.” Wow, wonderful! This is contrary to zealous ghosts. They told different things. That’s why sometimes I told them off, said, “Get lost.” (Yes, Master.) “Conference with Supreme Master TV girls.” I just wrote it down. It’s nothing really. Just to mark it that I had a conference with them that day. That’s all. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, Mirabeau, my bird also said the same thing about peace and vegan stuff. (Wow.) Similar. Sometimes they came because I miss them. Sometimes I miss them and think of them. I just didn’t want to bind them, but I do miss them a lot. I really love to spend my time with animals, sadly, more than humans. (Yes.) But I still love humans. It doesn’t mean I don’t love humans. I just prefer the animals’ company. (Yes, Master.) Because they don’t give me headaches. They don’t have two faces. They don’t play games. (Understand.) They don’t play mind games. Their energy is healthy, wholesome, pure. Their love is unconditional. Many of Earth’s humans lack this. (Yes, Master.) That is a sad thing.

That’s why I prefer animals. But even then, I had to sacrifice them for the humans that I prefer not to be with. Imagine how paradoxical, how illogical. (Yes, Master.) I have to tell you the truth. Sometimes I’m angry with the way it’s arranged, that what you like, you don’t have. And then what you don’t like, it’s forced upon you or you have to do it because it’s a necessity. (Yes. It’s not fair.) They also said, “Be happy and peace will be…” “vegan will be soon.” I said, “How soon? (.....) My God, that’s not soon enough for me.” But never mind, I have to be patient. They spelled out the year and the month, (Wow.) and the day. And I wrote here, maybe a little offensive to you guys or anybody. “Having more peace, all right. Just not to have low energy and clinging love is something of niceness. Thank you for a breath of freedom.” I’m just talking to no one, talking just into the air.

The next one, what’s this here… “Just still need to figure out how to have my dogs here without people having to bring them and thus avoid humans’ dense magnetic field. I’m thinking.” That’s what I said, “Thinking, thinking.” That’s what I wrote. This I think I read already to your sisters. Some other thing I don’t want to tell you. Something not too good. But I said, “Independence and freedom are equal, same, and happy for those who have it.” All right. (Thank You, Master.) So I think we talked a lot already, (Yes, Master.) or not? So I let you off unless you ask me something else, then I can answer you.

(Master, if all the zealous demons are gone, is it easier for people to become vegan now?) I expect so, but you never know. You never know. This world, it surprises me all the time. (Yes, Master.) I hope so. (Yes, Master. We hope.) Because this time, cleaning as well. (Yes.) Cleaning the whole planet. (Yes, Master.) All this is just cleaning and warning, but humans, if don’t change, then it’s going down. You see we have so much fire, never so much. (Yes, Master.) Bushfires, and so many sicknesses at the same time, and then economy collapsing and even people fighting each other. Normal people go out on the street and fight with the police everywhere. A lot. (Yes, Master.) In many countries, not just America. It started from there and then every other country does the same. Even Belgium, England, France. You know, right? Or not? (Yes.) You know they’re protesting outside, right? (Yes, Master.) They’re chaotic, and people die also, and people are also trampled upon, and people are sick and suffering so much.

I just hope that after the zealous ghosts and demons and spirits left, humans will wake up, but it’s not that easy. (Yes, Master.) Just like a drunken person, even though alcohol’s already taken away from him, but he was drinking a lot before already. (Yes, Master.) And he’s still drunk. (Yes, right.) Takes some time to recover, if he does recover. Because alcohol or poison or drugs, sometimes it doesn’t keep people alive. (Yes, Master.) A lot of times, it’s fatal. So similar to humans have been drunk or poisoned too long. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes, some recover, some might not. (Yes, Master.) Some might need another life or another purification to be awakened, to get out of the slumber, get of the unconscious state of mind. (Yes.) Clear, yeah? (Yes, Master.)

Any more questions? (No, Master.) No? Good. (Thank You.) Then you go rest and go work. I’m just worried that you work too hard and sometimes… You’re OK? (We’re OK, Master.) Maybe someday if you’re too bored, I will read some story for you. (Thank You, Master.) You like? (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Maybe next time, or you want it now? No, next time. (Next time, Master. Next time is OK. Thank You, Master.)

It’s long already, I’m also getting a little tired, because I have been reading like sutras. (Yes, Master.) Buddhist sutras and Buddhist stories and other religious stories. (Yes, Master.) A lot. Because in retreat, I should not watch TV or anything. I should not work, but I still need to work for Supreme Master TV. I try my best to do it quick, then I can meditate. And then when I don’t meditate, then I read books, I read sutras and stories. (Understand.) So we have many interesting stories. If we come out or if you want, I can read sometime for you guys to entertain. (Thank You, Master.) To break of routine. (Thank You, Master.) Give you a break, something like that. (Yes, Master.) Today, you had break enough already.

So, take care. (Yes. You take care, Master. Take care, please.) Love you (We love You.) and God bless. (We love you, Master.) See you next time. Be good boys. (Yes. Thank You, Master. We will. We love You.)

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