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Between Master and Disciples

Wake Up and Be Vegan in This Time of Cleaning, Part 3 of 6, June 26, 2020

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Children when they were younger, maybe up to five, seven, eight, they still remember their past life, or they remember Heaven, or they remember God. There was a story I told you already, that the parents overheard the four-year-old ask the two-year-old, “Tell me please what God looks like. I’ve begun to forget already.”

(You have been in retreat Master, and You may have more amazing revelations. Of course, Master, we will be very happy to know.) You can see it in the news also. Like Korea, there was blowing (up) some building in their own country, and now it’s peace again. (Yes, Master.) Just like that. And some other country also. Just a little bit here and there. (Yes.) Otherwise, the countries mostly are peaceful, much more peaceful than before the ’50s, right? (Yes.) Just a moment. Maybe I have something in my diary. (Thank You, Master.) I go look. OK? (Thank You, Master.) Stay. Sit. (Yes.) I will scratch your tum-tum when I come back. There’s some hopeful news also, because they’re testing vaccines already. (Yes, they are.) In England and also in America. (Yes.) So maybe we have hope. A gecko told me, “Be happy, zealous disciple left.” I know who. So that’s what he said. “It was like a yoke has been removed from my shoulder.” (Wow, Master.) Blah blah blah. That one’s some negative stuff. But because the gecko, he reminds me. That was on the 24th, Wednesday, and all troubles came at once. I lost one of the workers and then the dogs’ caretaker had an accident like that, can’t work, and then the other must leave soon. Oh! And other things. I cannot tell you.

I used to do handwriting all the time. (Yes, Master.) I didn’t know how to move the mouse. And now I’m doing it all through the computer. (Wow! Wonderful.) I type everything myself. (Wow!) With one and a half fingers. (Wow!) (Master, is amazing.) I made mistakes but it’s so easy to correct. (Yes, Master. Wonderful.) (That’s great to hear, Master.) Everything’s so very clear. Getting better all the time. (Yes, Master.) Retreat has a good point also. Like, even for me, many things become more clear. Solutions. Or more improvements for Supreme Master TV. (Yes, Master.) In such and such and such a way. If it doesn’t concern you, you would not know. (Understand.) Because I just pass the message to whomever concerned department. (Yes, Master.) So not all of you would know it. (Yes, Master.) But you will see some changes, here and there. (Yes, Master.) Better. For example, I told them the introduction before the joke should be a little bit more relaxed and funny. (Oh right. Yes.) Not always the same. (Yes.) And I wrote maybe about 30-something examples for them. (Yes.) (Wow, Master.) They can pick their favorite and then continue in that direction. (Yes.) Otherwise, it’s too boring, always the same: “Now it’s the time for a joke. Ha! Ha!” Always the same, right? (Yes.) Almost. Now and then, they put one more comma or one more dot in it. Otherwise, it is similar all the time. (Yes.) Similar with the “Tip of the Day.” Did you see it’s different these days? (Yes, Master.) I wrote them. (Wow, Master.) Just five or six of them first, and later I shoved another 30-something. (Yes.) But I told them to put a cool voice on it. They just read just the same, almost like before, oh man! I said, “Have to have the cool voice.” I noted it. I wrote like that. I said, “Must accompany with a cool voice.” (Understand.) Like, for example, if it was me, I would say like one of the introductions, I would say, “People are head over heels in love with me because I’m vegan! Now you try!” Like that. But they say, “People are head over heels in love with me because I’m vegan. Now you try.” Maybe that’s their humor. Maybe they want to…Maybe they did it on purpose, because it’s so funny. Funny not to be funny! You got that? (Yes, Master.) And so, something like that, I wrote like that. And also I wrote like, “Can you tell how old I am? No, you can’t. Because I’m vegan, I’m half of my age only!” Something like that. (Yes.) It has to be more, like, humorous kind of voice. (Yes.) Habits die hard. It’s good that they can read already. It’s better now.

Even though I type slow, but it has no mistake. Because before, when I wrote by hand, sometimes I wrote one “t” too many or one “s” too less. Because I wrote too fast, so sometimes it doesn’t see very well. And then the person who helps me to type didn’t type well. (Yes.) So normally, I have to write by hand and then some courier just came and fetch it and bring it back to the office, and somebody else has to type it. (Yes, Master.) And then they have to bring it back to me to check whether or not they typed correctly. It costs a lot of time! And then if I correct one or two words already, next time they make another mistake, some other words. Like no end. (Yes.) Sometimes I don’t know whether or not I should laugh or cry. Because so tiring. And now I type it myself, even though it’s slow, but it’s sure. Rarely any mistake, not at all. Maybe I push it too long then it becomes two or three “s” but then if I see it, I delete one. But normally nothing, up to now nothing, I see almost none. (Yes, Master.) Almost none. Maybe one “s” too many, but you understand it. For example, I say, “salute.” “I salute you,” with two “s,” then you should know that it cannot be two “s.” “Must be Master typed too fast or too jumpy.” Because the computer, they have minds of their own! I want to write under here, for example, halfway, and I don’t know, I just push a button and it jumps all the way up to the top of the page! Does it happen to you? (Sometimes, yes.) For you, sometimes. For me, it’s a lot of sometimes! I think the computer knows that I am an amateur, so it tries to tease me. But I feel happier now because I can be more independent. I don’t like being dependent. Dependent makes me feel very bad. I mean, it makes everybody feel bad. Because no one does exactly what you wanted to be done. (Yes, Master.) Mostly not. And then that causes frustration. Frustration and headache and bad mood. I’m happier now, even though I work harder and type slower and all that, but I am sure what I write, and I know what it is, and nobody makes mistakes anymore. (Thank You, Master.) (We are happy too, Master.) (Wonderful, Master.) You can see that, if you receive something and you see no mistake, it’s me, your Master! (Thank You, Master.) Very, very professional now, with one and a half fingers! Because the other finger sometimes has to press a button or something, and the other finger, I type.

Or sometimes I have to scan the news and all that for the other group to see, or so that I can read to you, something like that, so that you can be careful and protect yourselves. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) keeps telling people it’s not safe. (Yes.) You have to really protect yourself. Not safe yet. It doesn’t go away; it keeps coming! (Yes, Master.) Before, it’s just over one million (COVID-19 cases) and we feel, “Wow!” And now it’s nine million plus, I think maybe ten already, officially. (Yes, Master.) But unofficially, it’s more than that. (Yes.) Three times, at least, more than that. (Yes, Master.) I didn’t go into detail, but I know much, much more than nine million. (Yes, Master.) (Yes, that’s true.) So, it’s not leaving us yet. (Yes, Master.) I want to tell you this in case you put it on [Supreme Master] TV for our people. (Understand, Master.) Outside people, I don’t hope they listen to me. I hope they do, but I don’t know if they do, because they don’t really know me and I don’t know if they believe an old woman like me saying what. “Who are You to say what?” I say all this for people, so they’ll be more careful. It’s not fun to be sick, especially this type. (Yes, Master.) It terminates you, and tortures you before that. (Yes, Master.) I hope they do listen, the outside-of-our-group people, but I don’t expect. But at least our people, they know. (Yes, thank You, Master.) Because it really is still very urgent. (Yes, Master.)

Many countries they don’t test people, or test less, or test a little only, because they don’t want the quota to be high up. (Yes.) Otherwise, they can’t reopen. (Yes, Master.) But this is not very acceptable actually, because we send children to school! (Yes, Master.) That is not cool. It’s easy for them to get sick when they group together. In the history, it was like that, like with the Spanish flu. The children group have more infection. If they go to school, they will infect each other because the numbers are big. And then they go home, infect other children, infect their family members. (Yes, Master.) That was the experience with the Spanish flu. But the government also cannot do much. If they keep locking down people, they’ll have a revolution even. And they have a lot at hand already at the moment. They have protests going on everywhere, about many things: about the pandemic, about racists, about many statues even, statues that they want to bring down or to bring up. It’s chaotic out there. (Yes, Master.) We are safe in our own niche; we don’t know it. But you can see it in the news, if you read the news. (Yes, Master.) You can, right? You guys are smart. I am the only one that doesn’t know how to catch the news. Some guy put some apps on for me in my iPhone. I have my iPhone two years ago, or two, three years ago, finally. It’s quite convenient for me now. Imagine, your Master’s so smart now! (Yes, Master!) (We’re proud of You, Master!) (Great, Master!) Yeah. Clap, clap! Yeah, yeah. Supportive spirit. (We are, Master.) Makes me keep going, keep going. (Yes, keep going, Master.) More independence is good for me. I’m in a better mood. (Yes, Master.)

You know, that’s why most children, like teenagers, not only because their body is growing too fast for them to handle, it’s also because they are too dependent on the parents or on the adults, on their caretaker or foster parent, parent, whoever. Because they’re too dependent. The children, because they are just new into our world. When they were babies, they still connect with Heavens. And when they’re like teenagers, they still have this lingering subconscious memory of freedom, of Heavens. If they’re not from hell, of course. So, to be born in the body, it feels restricted already. (Yes, Master.) And then you have to ask permission for everything. And almost everything you do is wrong. The adults always point out to you that you do this wrong, you do that wrong, but they don’t tell you, you do that right, you do this correct. Mostly not. (Understand.) So, they feel very, very restricted. (Yes, Master.) And then they have to ask for permission to go out. Even just for (vegan) ice cream, you have to ask for money, if a parent gives or doesn’t give, or want to see this movie, cannot; go see that movie, cannot. Everything they have to ask permission, almost. Even they go out with friends, has to be a certain time, and then you have to come back. (Yes, Master.) Or else you have no monthly allowance or daily allowance, or your computer is taken away, or whatever next. Or grounded in your room. Means, cannot go out. Like lockdown right now. And sometimes the kids don’t do anything wrong, it’s just the situation makes it look like they do wrong. And they don’t know how to express themselves. It happened to me, that’s why I know. (Yes.) You don’t know how to explain yourself. You don’t know how to defend yourself. Then it’s just stuck, and it’s just suffocating and frustrating. That’s why children, when they’re growing up, teenagers, they become difficult. (Understand. Yes, Master.) You can understand why, right? (Yes, Master.)

Not because they’re bad or anything, just something inside them cannot feel free. And feel so limited by many things in this world. Where they came from was different. (Yes, Master.) Children when they were younger, maybe up to five, seven, eight, they still remember their past life, or they remember Heaven, or they remember God. There was a story I told you already, that the parents overheard the four-year-old ask the two-year-old, “Tell me please what God looks like. I’ve begun to forget already.” (Wow.) It’s true, it could be true like that. (Yes, Master.) When I was younger, I heard this inner (Heavenly) vibration, inner (Heavenly) melody, all the time. (Wow!) And I looked up at the stars, I thought that is the sound of the stars. (Wow!) I thought stars, they make music, they make noise, they make sound. That’s what I thought when I was a kid. (Yes.) So, I always looked up at the stars. I wanted to let them know that I heard them. I wanted to say that they’re beautiful, beautiful. And I thought also the Moon and the Sun also make music. Because it’s everywhere. But of course, only when I was awake, I heard it. When I slept, maybe I don’t know that I heard it. When I was awake, I saw the stars, so I thought that is the stars who make these kinds of sounds. And so when I was awake, I saw the Sun, I thought that the Sun made it. (Understand.) Or the Moon made it. Anyway, innocent age is lovely.

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