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Between Master and Disciples

Tim Qo Tu's Love Will Win, Part 3 of 9, June 10, 2020

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“If world vegan, then this COVID-19 will disappear, just like it never has been. (Wow.) Then, if the whole world will go vegan tomorrow, then lo and behold, pandemic gone at once.”

You know, being a leader, you are supposed to lead people into the right direction, if you already know what’s good for them. It’s your duty. But it doesn’t seem like they’re doing much, or not fast enough, because they know for that piece of meat, if people continue to consume it, then the children and the other people, children, women, men, animals on this planet are going to be harmed, hurt or killed or maimed. And the other further generations, their children, their grand, grand great grandchildren, will be burned in such an inferno because of climate change due to meat consumption, meaning the meat industry. So, I don’t know why they hesitated so long, not to talk about Heavens and hells and punishments, rewarding, nothing else. As a human, we have to take care of each other, take care of other humans and animals, the weaker, lesser beings, by doing what is appropriate to protect us and protect them. For God’s sake! I hope they do it quick, soon, otherwise we all go to hell – except the good ones – for harming others, deliberately or not.

Some of these days when I’m so down. When I have to watch Supreme Master Television clips, those violent ones. And I cry my heart out and I feel inconsolable because I feel so much suffering for the animals, the way they die, so brutally killed. Brutally murdered, mercilessly like that. I mean we all die someday. They will all die someday but not that way. (Yes, Master.) Because this is about human beings. If human beings accept this kind of brutal, barbarious way of life, then we are lost. (Yes, Master.) We are doomed. We are no more human. We are loveless beings and that is so sad, so sad. I don’t just cry because of the violent way they treat animals, but I cry for the whole race of humans, that they are so lost. (Yes, Master.) So lost.

The OUP (Original Universe Protector) told me, “Master, all sinners and zealous demons are in hell and being punished.” I said, “OK. Good. Make sure they stay there. Don’t have to punish them but make sure they stay there locked forever.” It’s just that the poison is still lingering in humans’ make-up, in humans’ system, make-up of their beings. “I’m tired, having to clean up. For an old frame, it’s physically and mentally taxing.” Meaning me. I’m old body. For an old frame, it’s too taxing, I said. “Let’s see what more to do to clean this mess of a world.”

I have just remembered that some of my manifestation bodies, some of them are VIPs. (Oh. Wow.) One of them is a famous actor, has many awards. (Wow.) Oscar-winning and all that. (Wow. Fantastic.) Some are big, top leaders in the political world, (Wow.) two of them. OK, never mind. Because we work in the soul level, we don’t think much in the physical contact or connection. (OK. Wow. Yes, Master.)

I’m asking the Godses, “How come some disturbance still rises up around me. You guys didn’t drag all demons to hell? And trouble-causers also? I have ordered 2,500-strong for this, to do it, and You still can’t?” Well, I didn’t write the answer, maybe I was too busy. I don’t remember what They said. Or maybe They answered the other day. Supposed to answer this day but then I forgot to listen. (Yes, Master.) That was on the 9th of May. I didn’t write the answer. That means I did not listen, or I was too busy, or I was too tired. (OK.) So the question’s just left there open. It’s probably similar to the other question that we heard before. (OK, Master.)

I’m reading backwards, now we are on the 8th of May. I noticed that there are stronger strains of COVID-19. It goes more through eyes and it’s very strong and it’s easier to get there. Because most people, they wear the mask but they don’t cover the eyes. And the COVID-19 manifested a stronger strain to go through the eyes. And also the nose. Some people, they cover their mouth but they don’t cover their nose. It’s funny. I saw some of my kitchen staff before, I always have to remind them, “Please, cover your nose also. Otherwise it’s useless.” “And very strong now,” at that time I saw. “Overall, everywhere too,” and they also mutated to harm the children in different strains, different way.

“Not just COVID-19, other catastrophes will ravage Earth and people.” That’s why I told maya, “I knew already, what for you tell me all these things that I knew already?” He just wants to beg me to save his people in disguise, so that they can continue to control the Earth and torture people and animals and other beings. Oh, my God. “Punishment will be more severe.”

I have written here about something that somebody has killed some scientist somehow to try to steal their work, their discovery for helping the COVID-19 pandemic. (Oh!) I just noted it for myself. I said, “Terrible. They should have not done this. It could be so good for the world patients.” (Wow.) This is one of the spies and he is one of the scientific college students. So, of course they know where is what, who is doing what. I said, “Oh. This is terrible. This discovery could be so good for the world, for the pandemic. I hope at least they stole it but they will share.” You know what I’m saying? (Yes.) For whomever in power, they should share, even if they stole it. So that the scientist at least didn’t die for nothing. (Yes, Master.) That was on the 7th of May.

On the 6th of May, “Oh God Almighty, all the suffering animals since time immemorial, let the OU (Original Universe) Godses take them all up, barring none. They suffer enough, they suffer too much, over too much. Let them go to Tim Qo Tu’s New Spiritual Realm.” My prayer. “By Your and all Heavens’ mercy, they will be forgiven. Please, Ihôs Kư Godses, take them all up for me. I forgive them all. In the name of the Most High, they will be brought up in all love, all glory, all dignity and all magnificence. Oh, Most High Almighty, let them know You are Love, You are Benevolence, You are everything that we can imagine and cannot imagine. Let us take them Home. I honor and love You, worship You. Worship Your Name. Amen.” I was too desperate. I just blah blah to myself. (Thank You, Master.) I pray a lot of the time. On Earth even, you do things but you still pray for others. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, never mind this. I was remembering something in the past because I noticed that some countries in which I have been suffering of some kind, or humiliated, or they made trouble of some kind, they also suffer more than other countries in this pandemic. So I said remembering this and that and that’s why. I don’t know if I should tell you all this, it’s negative stuff. I had to suffer even if I went to different countries quietly, in normal clothes, going about my business quietly to try to pray for that country, to lessen their pain. They still treat me not nice. (Wow.) Even though I harm no-one. Some areas, they are suspicious. Not because of them alone. They are coerced, they are pushed by the zealous ghosts and demons. They specialize in doing that. So it makes it worse for me. And in turn makes that country suffer more than it’s supposed to. I am very sorry but… (Yes, Master.) So I was remembering some of these negative and suffering times, in such and such country or countries.

This is very old already, May. Some spiders keep telling me things. (Wow.) Some things are not good, but some things are good, like they said, “OK. Be happy,” this and that, “You will be better off, don’t worry.” And things like that. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes they gossip, they say, “Your people are not working very diligently.” I said, “Oh well, they are just humans, sometimes they are tired. Sometimes their body doesn’t allow them or makes them tired or sometimes something good, they eat too much, so they get tired, they get sleepy.” I said, “We, in the human world, are like that. So, it’s OK, turn a blind eye.” That was on Sunday, May 3rd. Sometimes it’s fun.

“If world vegan, then this COVID-19 will disappear, just like it never has been. (Wow.) Then, if the whole world will go vegan tomorrow, then lo and behold, pandemic gone at once.” I said, “I’m just dreaming.” “Drag some zealous demons to hell.” I said, “Do it now, for peace’s sake.” I said, “Thanks.” I ordered 2,000 plus strong to drag them all out. (Wow.) (Thank You.) You’re welcome. Because if less, then not enough. (Yes, Master.) “Drag them, these bad invisible beings to hell as well. Any harmless invisible beings can stay, I don’t mind. Drag them to hell or any befitting place. This planet is not for you. It’s not for these zealous and bad demons, and ghosts. It’s for the living beings only. All the dead, the bad, the ghosts even, must go. All troublemakers must go, go, go, go, go. Go where, accordingly, not here, except good angels, protectors, saints, sages and all the harmless can stay. But all the harmful beings must also leave within three days.” I said to the Ihôs Kư. That was on May 3rd.

I asked the God of Vaccine on April 30th, “When will the vaccine be ready for COVID-19?” They said, sometime in July. (Wow.) But, I didn’t check. Maybe. And They said, “It will be found in the UK,” “Oxford.” (Oh.)

(According to news reports dated June 25, 2020, 15 days after this conference, the UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD IN THE UNITED KINGDOM has reached the final stages of clinical trials with its vaccine for COVID-19. The ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine will be tested for its safety and effectiveness on a large population in the UK, and is also being trialed in South Africa and Brazil. If the vaccine is proven to work, it will be one of the first COVID-19 vaccines in the world to be approved and used.)

And They said, “Driven for vaccine, kills more than help, till ….” Wow. I said, “How many infected and die till then? Must find better way.” So, the God of Victims told me. He did not make the victims, He just oversees. (Yes, Master.) About how many victims and all that. So, this is the God of Victims, in the Shadow World. He told me. “Beings infected…” Oh, my God, I can’t believe what I have written. Let me check again whether it’s correct. (OK, Master.) It must be millions, cannot be billions. It says, “Infected around billions, around 3 billion plus. And die will be millions, (Wow.) 4.2 plus.” That’s what They told me. “Supreme Master TV workers and M (Master) won’t be included. Taiwan (Formosan) disciples won’t be included. Worldwide disciples won’t be included, up to now, either.” (Thank You, Master, for Your protection.) Saying that doesn’t mean that people or disciples can do whatever they want and then still get away with the pandemic karmic consequences. It’s not like that. You have to really keep yourself in high moral and virtuous way of life. Otherwise, you will just go down like everyone else. If you destroy your own merit, if the merit is too thin and you just make one more, even little immoral act or mistake, then that merit will be destroyed. It will balance out and then you will be uncovered. So, the highpoint is: Always keep yourself in the moral frame of precepts. Always pray for your protection. SM: Not just actions. Even our bad thinking will affect us, first of all, and also affect other people, whomever you directed your bad thinking to. So we have to always keep vigilance, really keep vigilance. Speech, thoughts, and actions, all these three… Actually, there’re only three precepts we should keep. We keep pure in our thoughts, we keep pure in our speech, we keep pure in our actions. That’s only three things to guard. So it’s not difficult, is it? Try, please, for your own sake and for the sake of the world.

“Most deaths will be in China. Thanks Info Godses. Thanks God of Victims.” Because first I have to ask the Info Godses, so I have to thank Info Godses as well. (Yes, Master.) I asked, “Who can I ask about this and that matter?” And He/She will look into Her “computer”, and tell me, “OK, this God is responsible for that.” That God is doing this, that God is doing that. That’s why I thank Info Godses and thank the God of Victims.

“Lord of the Fourth Level refused.” All will go to hell, the dead ones, up-to-date, except the ones that have something to do with me, and do good. (Yes, Master.) So the rest go to hell. “All slaughtered, tortured animals go to Fourth Level Heaven.” I begged for that. And it happened. (Wow. Thank You, Master.) I said, “Oh, Thanks. Love, love. Thanks, thanks. Love, love. XX. Bless You.” (So merciful.) I am writing like kids here. No grammar, no order, no tidiness, it’s all messy. I still can read my own writing, I’m surprised. (Thanks so much for sharing.) You’re welcome.

Oh, when I read the list on television… You gave me sometimes, the list to check of my incarnations, (Oh, yes.) and I wanted to make sure. (Yes, Master.) I worried maybe I saw it wrong. But just to make sure. Just to be honest. (Yes, Master.) So, I asked the Godses of Info, “Whom should I check with?” Because I cannot always go to the Second Level to see the Akashic record. Sometimes too much karma, sometimes I don’t have time. Because to go there is tiring. It’s low level. So, I asked Her, “Whom should I ask?” So, the Godses of Info told me, “Ask the God of Saints.” The God who knows all about the Saints on this planet (Oh! OK. Wow.) and other planets. So, He told me. Here is the God of Saints, colon and then quotation marks: “You are” − means Master. “You are” – me − “truly…” Oh, the word is blurred. I was crying or something. “…truly have been all that in the incarnation list for Supreme Master TV.” End quote. (Wow.) Short answer. So I said, “Thanks.”

I thanked the Lord of Fourth Level and I said, “I promise You that You will forever rule from Earth to Fourth Heaven. All Yours. If You tire of it, can also go to New Realm and retire.” I joked with Him. “I will get someone to replace You. Don’t worry. Only if You wish. Glory to You.” (Wow.) “Hail to You for taking all suffering animals to Your domain, the God of Fourth Level. Love You. Big love. (Wow.) Thank You for also taking in good pets, good animals who have served in the name of love for others as well. Hurrah, Hurrah.” (Yay!) Yeah. I also thank Him, but sometimes I don’t write here. Thank Him for taking in the repentant zealous ghosts and other souls.

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