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Between Master and Disciples

Animals’ Unconditional Love for Supreme Master Ching Hai, Part 2 of 2, Mar. 30, 2020

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I’m really worried for our world. I just hope something might happen. I’m praying for it and meditating, in retreat. (Yes, Master.) World peace was easier. (Wow. Yeah.) It came first. (Yes, Master.) It says World Vegan, World Peace but World Peace comes first. But the thing is if we don’t have World Vegan, then this World Peace is difficult to last. (Yes, Master.) Because the killing karma will beget the killing karma. (Yes.) Even Gods and Heavens are helping, but humans have to decide.

Some things I told you already, so I don’t know which one I should tell you. What is this I wrote? The reason why I cannot see my dogs, so that I can concentrate more on humans. (Yes, Master.) On human issues. Not that I don’t want them. You understand now? (Yes, Master. Understand.) I’ll just read at random. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) When the forest fire burned so much around the world, I was very anguished because so many animals died. I said, “It’s not fair. The animals don’t sin; it’s only humans who sin. Why do the animals have to die like that?” (Yes, Master.) I was lamenting and screaming in my own place. So Heaven said, “No, the animals, they sacrificed voluntarily, (Wow!) and the trees, the forest sacrificed also willingly. Then they will go to Tim Qo Tu New Realm straight.” (Wow!) I’m reading it. (Yes, Master.) “Oh God, thank You.” I am reading it. “Because You requested them…” This is what Heaven told me. (Yes, Master.) But I said, “Why?” They said, “Because You,” meaning me, means your Master. (Yes, Master.) “Because You” - the Master – “requested them to protect humans with their original noble qualities in Your earlier poem in 2009.” “So they will go to New Realm at least. Bless them. All worthy go to New Realm. Amen.” (Amen. Amen, Master.) “If the price is that…” I’m reading another volume, (Yes, Master.) from Original Universe Protector, who told me that, “I’ve got to sacrifice my love for dogs. Then, I can save 14% more lives.” (Wow. Yes, Master.) Humans and animals. Fourteen, one-four (14%) percent of this world. (Yes, Master.) “It’s so hard but I will try. Just be busy then can forget their love for me as well as my Love for them.” Good. Of course, when dogs are around, then I might not concentrate so much on humans’ problems. Understand? (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) That is what dogs are made for, to comfort humans. (Yes, Master.) To make humans, who are their companions, to forget the problems in life. (Yes, Master.) But in my case, I cannot forget. I have to remember (Understand, Master.) so that I can help humans. (Yes, Master.)

There are other things. They told me how long until the world becomes vegan, but I don’t dare to tell you. Last time I told you some years ago, that the world will be vegan in some years, and then it trailed off. So I cannot always tell you everything. (Yes, Master.) I just hope it will be true. But humans, they are always wavering in their action and faith because they have free will. So, it’s very difficult also to predict things. (Yes, Master.) Difficult to predict the future. But I said, “Oh God, why not now? Animals, they suffer so much, so much. Every time I see it, I’m just torn apart.” I’m sure you too, but you just have to watch it. Right? (Yes, Master.) Just to know more why we are motivated to work for World Vegan. You understand, yeah? (Yes, Master.) So, did all of you watch all these new programs, new letters? (Yes, Master.) Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) I feel your support. (Thank You, Master, thank You for taking Your time.) And I write, continue: “But I will take them all to Tim Qo Tu’s New Realm, all of them. I don’t allow any more pain for animals caused by men’s hands.” (Wow.) I asked, I’m still bargaining. I know the answer, but I still asked. Here I read. I’ll read the reason only. (OK. Yes, Master.) I read whatever here. There are many more of course, but it’s too much to read here in one time. I was thinking... “Is there any way…” I bargained, you know, I know it’s not, but I said, “Is there any way I have dogs and then not to pay the price above?” And the one word answer: “No.” I said, “Well, I guess not, I knew it. Thanks for reminding, but I miss them so much.” At least they are well-cared for, and I am monitoring them from afar every couple of days, to have report for all dogs. And they know I love them. (Yes, Master.) If I have birds also, it would be worse. I would lose some more spiritual power and lose some of my saving power for humans. (Yes, Master.) If I have dogs and birds continuously, I will lose 14.1 % of spiritual power and saving power. I said, “Whoa! That’s huge. However painful, have to sacrifice dogs, birds. Please forgive me.” I mean, I talked to the dogs. “You will be in New Land, New Realm with me forever later. Thank you, God loves you, and bless you.”

And here, oh-so-many! So many other things, conversation with Heavens and stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) I told you already, but here is the conversation in my diary. OK, like the zealous ghosts came and told me, “Please be lenient with zealous ghosts.” (Yes, Master.) I said, “OK, then one last time. One last time, any of you repent will go to the Fourth Level. Any against me, go to hell.” (Wow.) And conversation with monkeys. Master: “Why didn’t your folks come to enjoy the food that I prepared outside?” And Do… Do is the name of the chief of the monkeys of that group. His name is Do, D-O. (Do. Yes, Master.) I asked only for his name, but the others, I don’t ask. So I asked them, “OK, why didn’t you folks come to enjoy the food and fruit I prepared for you?” That was on the 16th of March. So, Do said, “Because we sympathy for Your peace disturbed.” They talk like that. “Your peace has been disturbed because You fed us and the zealous ghosts are disturbing You.” The zealous ghosts keep warning me before, that I kicked them out – they’ve been troubling me and warning me, “Don’t feed the monkeys; otherwise, Your peace will be disturbed.” I said, “You don’t tell me what to do.” (Understand, Master.) I do what I do. (Yes, Master.) But they do really disturb my peace in the beginning. When I first came, oh, they made all kind of trouble, noise and threatening or frightening and all kind of stuff. Not just the snake. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) So, I said to the monkey, Do. M: “It’s OK, no big deal. What did they charge you for? What did they do to you?” And Do said, “For stealing Your food, fruit, vegetables, roots from Your farm, Your garden.” M: “You didn’t. I permitted you. Told all of you to know this and you can take anything you want.” So I said to the zealous ghosts, I said, “I told all of you to know and leave the monkeys alone. I wanted them to share what I have.” So Do: “They worry we love You. You love us. Then we won’t love maya.” You know, the devil, (Yes.) the satan. That’s why we are forbidden to come back.” So, I said, “To hell with maya and the stubborn subordinates. You come and eat my present food from God.” (Yes, Master.) That’s what I said to the monkeys. (Yes, Master.)

Other thing is not for you. That’s my thing. Nothing important. It’s just my daily stuff. But there are some guns’ noise, some hunters nearby. It’s illegal, but there are some people who do it. (Oh, God.) There are many other things here I have to do to protect myself also meanwhile, but I cannot tell you. OK? (Yes, Master.) Some secret formula. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) Some secret way to do things, to go against these kinds of ghosts and evil because they are not normal. They are not just normal ghosts. You cannot just use normal, worldly magic power to get rid of them. (Understand. Yes, Master.) I have to do other things. So, I cannot tell you. (Yes, Master.) The jewels I wear sometimes, that is also for some of these purposes. (Ah. Yes, Master.) Not that I’m sissy-sassy or attached to the jewels that I design. But it has some help for my protection. (Yes, Master.) So, I said here I have to wear more jewels, a little bit more effective. Because different jewel produces different effects. For me. My jewel. Not every jewel has this effect. Understand? (Understand.) (Yes, Master.) Even though I wear at the same place, the same location, it still has different effect, if it’s a different jewel. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have a lot of jewels here anyway. It’s just a couple. When I am moving around, I have no time enough to take them off. You know, sometimes when I do group meditation, I wear them. (Yes, Master.) Then I throw them in the bag and they’re still here; that’s all, just a couple, not much. But it has some help. (Yes, Master.)

There’s another thing I cannot tell you because… Other thing I cannot tell you. What is this here? Not for you. OK, not for you, not for you. Something, Heavens warned me about something that I should not do. Someone I should not trust, for example like that. This is not for you. Not for you. Not for you. Not for you. Here comes the stuff. Snake stuff. OK, what else? Check it out. Oh. I was… You think I’m tough? Right? (Yes, Master.) You think I’m hero, I’m not afraid of anything. Is that what you think? (Yes, Master.) I am afraid. But I still do it. Because the mind, it belongs to this world. It has its emotions. It has its love. It has its sometimes vexation. It has fear. And so the next day, the OU (Original Universe) Protection also told me, “Be happy, be free, be safe.” They wished for me. (Yes, Master.) Gave me blessings. “Zealous spirits returned to hell 93%.” I told you already, I guess. (Yes.) So I said, “Thanks. Thank You for all the help. Thank God.” Continue, something… The spider also said the same. They said, “Be happy. Zealous demons are gone.” So, I said, “Thank you.” Before you asked me if I could read some more things in my book. (Yes, Master.) Just now I remembered, so I thought maybe I could read some. So that’s what it is. (Thank You, Master.) They keep telling me, “Be peace, be safe, be free.” It means They’re blessing me that. Understand? (Yes, Master.) So I said, “Amen, thanks.” And They told me, “Don’t return to such and such a place, the snakes will harm You.” Not just that snake that day. (Understand.) After that, I thought I’d return to the other place, have more safety; no holes, more like a real house. Small hut, but more real and it’s safer. So, They said, “No, don’t return there. The snakes will harm You.” I said, “In which way?” They said, “Invisibly it will disturb Your peace, Your freedom, and they will obstruct Your meditation.” Etc. So I said, “Thanks for warning.” They told me to continue to stay where I am. Because then I can contribute more to World Vegan, in this place. (Yes, Master.) That’s what They said, a little bit more peace. But not all that peace, but more than the other place, etc., etc. And then They told me where I can get more peace and all that stuff in different locations. So, I’ve been chasing them. But it’s difficult to keep running around because I have work to do. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Because Supreme Master TV work, I still have to do it, you know that. Normally, (Yes, Master.) during retreats, you don’t do it, but I have to combine. What to do? I can’t just leave you, the children, not completely grown up yet. I still have to check out all the shows. (Yes, Master.) So I cannot go to some places where there’s more peace and more simple. Because a simple place means I don’t have facilities like bathroom, hot water, convenience. (Yes, Master.) Also, no telephone and very difficult to deliver documents for me. This place, one or two people with me can deliver documents, but don’t have to see me. It’s more private. But if I go to other places, there’s no hiding area. (Yes, Master.) So they have to come and see me, and that is taboo. I don’t want to see anyone at the moment. They should not. (Yes, Master. Understand.) So. But that’s why I have to stay in here just for work. It’s more convenient for work. Otherwise, I would go somewhere else, it’s better. So, I said, “OK, whatever is good for the world, I will do it, Sir God.” I said, “Sir God.” Like the name of the God, they have written just a few letters only, not the whole name, and some read it like Jehovah, like God, they cannot speak out loud. So, I said, “Ha! It’s just the Five (Holy) Names in short.” In short, meaning alphabet only. Five (Holy) Names. Because they cannot speak, cannot write it, so, some people would write it just to remind themselves. Just one or two letters. You understand? (Yes, Master.) Like we want to write the first letter in our Holy Names, we just say like W or with a J or Y. (Yes, Master.) To remind us.

And then another one here: “The spiders, only half size of the bigger one, can squeeze into the small holes.” Before, the big spider came and now I blocked the road, so only the smaller ones can come. Half size of that one before. And they said to me too, one of them. That time just one. And then she said to me, “You will have peace, freedom and love.” So I said, “Thanks, but how?” And then the next two days, I feel like it’s more peace, it’s true. And then I saw them, two of them coming, and they said they’re weaving some protection for me around my place. (Wow.) I told you before already, right? (Yes, Master.) I write here, “Some zealous spirits are still hanging around on Earth and make false messages for me. Distance is not a barrier for them. But overall, it’s peace now. Much better now.” Sunday, March 29, I asked them (monkeys) why didn’t they come and eat, finish my fruit I prepared outside when it’s fresh. So he (monkey king) told me, he replied that, “We save it for the other day.” I said, “No, eat them when they’re fresh.” Why don’t you eat them? Finish them when they’re fresh? And another day I will give you more.” So he said to me, Do, the king. The king of the monkeys told me, “Because Your food is precious, so we eat them sparingly.” (Oh. Yes, Master.) And last time I asked them, they also said they save it for tomorrow. So, today they came and ate, oh no, Sunday, they came and ate yesterday. (Yes, Master.) Or is it today? Today is Monday or Sunday? (Today is Monday, Master.) OK. Also, today they ate but I forgot, I wrote it on Sunday, because Sunday was an empty space here. So today, I mean today, Monday, in the morning, they came and ate the fruit. Only two. Two big ones. The king and his wife. So, I said, “Where are the small ones? Why don’t they come and eat there?” I saw one small one, sitting a little far away and not eating, sitting on the tree, not come down to eat on the ground. So, I said, “Why that small one doesn’t eat?” So, the king told me, “Because he’s not allowed.” I said, “Why not? Please, I give a lot. I want you to allow the small ones also to eat with you. Please, let them eat. All of them eat. If you really understood me, if you really hear me, can you let the small monkeys come and eat?” And, normally they don’t. Normally, they eat first to the fill, and then the small ones maybe come sneakily take one or two. But, I just said that and I don’t see any coming. And then ten minutes later, they all came. (Wow!) The younger ones all came and they all ate everything together. (Wow.) That was the first time I see that they all ate together like that and finished. (Wow.) Because they want to train their young ones to be independent. Understand me? (Yes, Master.) And in the wild animal kingdom, the leader has to be satisfied first. (Yes, Master.) And then later, the subordinates might eat. If not, they will shoo them or kind of bite them away, so that they don’t take the food while the king or the leader is still eating. But today, everybody came and ate together. (Wow.) They said that the young ones have to learn to forage. (Yes, Master.) And that’s all. Sometimes they let the young ones eat, but sneakily, not so free. Today, they all came. Truly, the monkeys did hear me and did what I asked. (Yes, Master.) I was very, very, very happy. I said, “Thank you.” And then always whenever all of them eat, or anybody eats there, the king always waits on the tree, waits for me. Everybody gone already, all the monkeys gone; he waited for me on the tree. And I just say, “Why don’t you just go?” I think to myself. I don’t make it like a tradition, so that he always waits for me, I always have to come out. But (if) I don’t come out, he keeps sitting there. I don’t know, maybe it’s their tradition, they have to thank the giver before they left or something. So, OK, OK, I was cleaning my teeth, and then I had to quickly come out and wave my hand, and then he just left. Just like that. (Wow.) He’d been sitting there a long time. Only he alone always waits. (Wow.)

I also wrote something here like… You asked me something, how do I know about zealous ghosts. (Yes, Master.) I told you just because they’re disturbing me. And they tell me lies and stuff like that, so I have to strip them naked and say, “Anyone using the Holy Names to trick me or tell lies to me will be destroyed or go to hell, so you better don’t bug me anymore.” Because I know they trick other people. Because they also try to trick me all the time. You have to know who is who. (Yes.) It’s difficult for normal people to understand whether is it God spoken, Heaven spoken, or is it these kinds of devil’s subordinates or the devil himself. (Yes, Master.) They always try to argue the opposite, so I have to make them transparently, so-called naked, and threaten to send them to hell, if they fake Holy Names or presence to trick me. But I also taught you how to discriminate at initiation time to protect yourself. (Yes, Master.) How to see if it’s a devil, or is a saint, or Master. But to some people who have no Master guidance they will be easily tricked. Just remember what the Buddha said in the Shurangama Sutra, (Yes.) that I have explained to you before? (Yes, Master.) I’m reading it. I’m reading a piece of paper that I wrote. “Very difficult to escape satan’s or devil’s trick, if not pure enough, or if not vigilant enough, if not adhere to the guidance of the Master and the precepts; very difficult to escape. So, it’s dangerous not to have a Master and try to meditate alone, because the road is full of danger, it’s full of tricks by the devils. In India, if you have no Master, people shun you, as in some stories I told you before. OK, that’s enough for now. (Yes, Master, thank You so much.) OK, thank you also. I wish you well, and meditate well. (Thank You.) If any problem, you write to me. OK? (Yes, Master.) (We love You, Master.) (We love You so much, Master.) We are always together. OK? (We are together. Yes, Master.) In the spirit. OK? I always remember you. (Thank You.) All right, so God bless. (We wish You good health, safety, and everything.) God loves you, and I thank you for working for the world. (Thank You, Master. Thank You so very much. Thank You for all Your sacrifice.) Bye, bye. Thank you. Love you. (Thank You, Master. We love You.)

(Master, we were wondering how You are doing.) I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m good. (That’s good to know, Master.) I am just seeing if you guys are doing all right. (Thank You, Master. We are well, Master.) You see, it’s better you cook for yourselves. It’s cleaner. (Yes, of course, Master.) Because nowadays you never know how they cook outside. (Yes, Master.) And also, far away to bring it. (Yes, understand.) (Yes, Master.) And it’s a different energy. (Yes, yes, of course.) You take turns to cook. (Yes, Master.) Whoever cannot cook, can do other things. (Yes, Master.) They can do labor work (Yes.) for food. (Thank You, Master.) OK, good. If you don’t have enough room, you can use the room that they reserved for me. (We have enough room, Master.) It’s better you cook for yourselves. When they bring the bags, you can use the vinegar to spray the bags before you take them in. (Spray the bags, yes.) Even if you can dry your clothes with the dryer, you still need to hang them in the fresh air. (Yes, OK.) Even no sun. The fresh air. (Yes, Master.) Better so it’s well cleaned. But you have to take the clothes before the sun sets. (Yes, OK. Dry the clothing, OK.) Before it’s dark. It’s not bad. It’s just that the insects will come. For cleanliness, yeah? (Yes.) OK, you have air con there? If not, you have to ask people to come and install. If you need more room, just tell them to bring the containers there. (Yes, Master.) Meanwhile, if you are not there, if they have not insulated the trailer, you tell them to do it while you are not there. (OK, yes, Master.) For their safety. Did they insulate the inside or is it just like before, bare? (No, no, it’s insulated. The containers are insulated now.) Then it’s good. Then no need to say anything. But if you really want some more space to spread out, then you can bring the containers there. (OK, Master.) Some private places you can do anything you like. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Private property. (OK, Master.) And is it quiet there? (Yes, very quiet.) OK, Wonderful. I like it when we live like in different corners. (Yes, Master.) Different corners, so we stabilize it. Like a triangle or like a square. Like a connecting point. Different corners. (We understand, Master.) It’s just that everywhere has trouble like that.

Even in Hsihu when it’s summer, I remember there is some chicken smell that even came to my cave before. (Yes, Master.) In the male area I don’t think they have it. It’s just in my cave area. Or downstairs where they meditate, then there are chicken smells, because it’s nearby. Where the males used to stay, there is no smell. I already asked them whether or not it smells there. They say no, nothing. That’s why I thought you can come and be happier there. (Yes.) And you can walk out in the garden with nobody. (Yes.) If it’s unbearable, you write to me, OK? (Yes, Master.) Because I want you to be healthy also. Not just the smell. (Understand. Thank You, Master.) That kind of smell can make people unhealthy. Plus, it will affect the lungs. (Yes, Master.) All right, just for now you stay there. I don’t think you want to move anywhere right now, right? You just came, I don’t think you want to move. So bear it for now. If it’s too bad, you must tell me. (Yes, thank You, Master.) We probably have other places which I forgot. (Yes, Master.) We have many lands. Just everywhere we move, the chickens move with us. The pigs also. You know why? Because the Chinese people, they love eating and their karma follows me everywhere. Especially they love to eat chickens. (Yes.) Even when a mother just gives birth to a child, they immediately make chicken soup for them. (That’s terrible.) I don’t know why. I mean, even in America, they love chickens. (Yes.) They are vegetarian, but they eat chicken. (Right.) There is even a guy who was famous for “Chicken Soup for the ‘Whatever.’” (Yes.) “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” for what, what, what. My God, why does it have to be “Chicken Soup?” It could be “Pumpkin Soup” or anything, right? (Right. Yes.) But they love chicken, poor things. (I know. Yes, Master.) And then so it follows everywhere even though we already practice, but you know the karma is still hanging in there. But it’ll get better, I just hope so. (Yes.) My God, I’m trying so hard. Sometimes I’m punching the table and all that. I say, “stop all this.”

You still can hear me? (Yes, Master. We can hear You, Master.) Anything you want, you just tell them to buy. OK? (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) It’s just you have to cook for yourself for the moment, I think it’s a better solution. (Yes. It’s OK, Master.) Just cook simple, like two or three kinds. Do you have enough utensils to cook? (Yes, we do. We have everything we need.) OK, good. If not, just ask. They’ll buy. (Yes, Master.) Clothing, winter, everything. Good enough to wear? (Yes, Master.) I guess over there it’s warmer, so you don’t have to worry too much. (Yes, Master.) Still you need clothes to be comfortable. You don’t have to wear like name brands or anything. Men are easier, no need makeup, no need fancy clothes, nothing. I saw one guy, he wears just gray but different gray kind of shades, but oh, he looks so good. (Yes.) OK, never mind then. You guys are happy, then I am happy. But tell me if anything’s wrong. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) We can always arrange another place somewhere. (Yes, Master.) Just that it’s already there and they have prepared, repaired everything already, so I thought it’s also warmer. (Yes, Master.) But it’s colder where I am. It’s a cold area and it rains all the time. (Maybe when it’s convenient, Master can come down here.) Sure, sure. I was very tempted to go the other day. But I’m still in retreat, so. (Understand.) Yeah, they prepared that room last year. But I did ask them whether or not it smells of the chicken farm. They said, “No, no.” So it’s a new chicken farm that just mushroomed over there? (I’m not sure but the… It’s right next to the gate.) Oh, no. I never heard of that. I never heard it’s next to your gate. They never told me that. Maybe this is a new chicken farm. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, I wouldn’t have sent you there. God. Living conditions are better, but the smell is bad. My God, if it gets too bad, you guys have to tell me. (Yes, Master.) Because the purifying machine, I don’t know if it takes away the smell or not. (It helps. It does. Yeah, it helps. It’s OK, Master.) The air will be clean enough? (Yes, Master.) It might take away the smell, but does that mean the air is clean? (The air purifier will purify the air, some, Master. It has a carbon filter in there.) OK. Buy those that also take away the odor. (Yes. Yes.) They used to buy me some before. All right, you guys settle down. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Oh, man. Possible that there’s some other place, but it’s not warm sunshine. (Yes.) At least you have that. There’s another place that also has a chicken farm, but far away. At the moment not. Not till summer, depends on the wind also. Maybe I’ll think about that. OK? You guys? (OK, thank You, Master.) I don’t think you’re ready to move anymore for now, right? (Right. We’re pretty settled right now.) Too tired. OK. I’ll think about that when I have time. (Yes, Master.) Remind me; if something’s bad, you must tell me. (Yes, of course, Master.) OK? (Yes, please don’t worry. We’re OK.) All right, Ciao, ciao. (We love You, Master. Thank You, Master. Thank You for calling.)

Are you guys OK over there? (Yes, Master.) Everything is good? (Yes, Master.) Remember whatever you need, you just ask them to buy for you, OK? (Yes, Master.) Don’t be shy. (Thank You, Master.) You want to tell me something or ask me something? I don’t want you to feel like I have forgotten you. It’s not like that. (No, Master. We don’t feel that way.) Just need to do meditation alone. (Yes, Master.) Now and then we can talk. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Did you rehearse or something? Because all of you answer at the same time. “Yes, Master.” I was thinking about you guys. I wonder if it is cold over there and if it’s raining a lot or not. (It’s OK. Not a lot.) It’s raining a lot where I am. Good that you are not here. It rains like England. (Wow.) Non-stop. Is it too cold over there for you guys? (No, Master.) You have enough clothing? (Yes, Master.) “Yes, Master. No, Master.” Together, are you robots? Rehearsal before? Say something, tell me something. (It’s good to hear from Master.) Maybe for a long time I didn’t contact, that’s why. Too much work. Too concentrated on work and then it looks like we are kind of distant or something? (No, Master. We don’t feel distant.) How about the place where you live? Is it too cold inside? Do you have all the equipment you need? (Yes, Master. We are very comfortable.) Really? (Yes, Master.) Good, good. How comfortable? How? (We are very comfortable.) What about other girls? Tell me, are you all right there? (Yes, Master.) You are tough. Tougher than I think. Because even some men, they don’t like it. I don’t know, just not used to it. You’re used to it right away. (Yes, Master.) It’s very nice to hear. Over here it’s raining like almost every day. I thought I’m in England or something. (Wow.) Only England can rain that much. But never mind, because I’m in retreat, so it is not too much of a problem. You must take care of yourselves, OK? (Yes, Master.) If you need some more warm clothes or warm blankets or something, you have to say. (OK, Master.) Big girls already, right? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, there shouldn’t be any problem. I just hope so. (Yes, Master.) I’m staying in a kind of second-hand storeroom. Just that it’s quite spacious and I have to clean a lot. But it’s very quiet here. If I stay somewhere else, it’s more noisy. (Yes.) Noisy, not because of the physical noise. It’s also because people know where it is. (Yeah.) Kind of less quiet. (Yes, Master.) I rely on you girls to save the planet. (OK, Master.) You work very hard and you’re OK? You don’t feel too hard? (It’s OK, Master.) I feel the world should have more women in the leader roles. (Yes.) You want to be leaders also? (No.) What I mean is more in an active role. (Yes, Master.) For doing things. Boys are also good, though. Our boys are good. (Yes, Master.) They’re good. They work very diligently and some of them are quite artistic. (Yes, Master.) We could have more of them. But they’re all caught up already. So, either they work outside or they don’t work at all. I mean for Supreme Master TV. (Yes, Master.)

Funny, you think we are the only SMTV, but it’s not. Because San Marino, a little country (Yes, Master.) in Italy, near Italy, (Yes.) within Italy, they also have a television channel, and they call it SMTV. (Oh!) “San Marino TV.” From the old SMTV, I told them not to say that we are SMTV. We can say it like that when we talk together; it’s OK. (Yes, Master.) But we cannot do it officially, on the screen and all that, because people might mix them up, thinking we are from San Marino. Funny. (Yes.) I did not know their country before. And when I was in Europe, I incidentally saw their TV. (Oh, wow.) It’s not like ours though. Just they have SMTV. It’s their title. So, lucky we say Supreme Master Television. (Yes, Master.) Other TV, they might think we want to compete with them.

I wonder why the monkeys and the spiders, they talk to me more than you guys. And the birds and the trees, even. (Wow.) No, it’s not true. They don’t chat like that. They only tell me something when it’s necessary. We don’t chat a lot. Only when necessary. (Are there other animals who have warned Master before?) There are some more. I just can’t remember right now. Animals, they’re always very protective. (Yes.) Of course, my dogs. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) Sometimes I don’t notice it. They do it quietly. Like last night, if I did not get out of my meditation because it’s kind of cold, I wanted to shut the windows and then I saw the two of them (spiders), like I caught them. I turned on the light and they froze, in two corners. “What are you guys doing here? Is there some more news for me?” And they said, “No. Zero.” I said, “Then why are you here? Is it better inside?” They said, “No.” I said, “Then why are you inside? You’re doing something here?” They said, “Yeah, just weaving some protective net.” I just hope it works. (Wow.) I really am amazed at how a spider can weave a web to help me. (Yeah. Wow.) And I was worried about them. I said, “Don’t do anything for me.” Because I’m worried the zealous spirits might revenge on them. (Yes, Master.) So, I asked the Ihôs Kư protective Godses to please protect the spiders. And if anyone hurts them, I mean those ghosts or spirits, “If any one of you hurt them, you’ll be destroyed.” (Yes, Master.) (Wow.) Just like I told the maya before, “If you touch my dogs, I’m going to destroy you.” (Yes.) Got to have some excuse. (Yes.) It’s good. But the spiders are not afraid. I don’t know why. They just have too much love, so they didn’t think about their risk. (Wow.) My God! Two little spiders. Not little, half the size of the big one. I stuffed the hole so the big one cannot get through, so he sent the little ones. The small one can squeeze in better than the big one. So, after I stuffed the hole, I did not see the big spider again. And I see the small ones come in, (Wow.) one day after another, like that. That’s quite frequent. (Yes.) So, yesterday they came in again and in the middle of the night, about two, three o’clock. So I turned on the light and I saw them. I told the boys already. You did not hear what I was talking about to the boys? (We could hear, Master.) Then I told you, I told them also the birds are also helping me in, not just then but maybe other times. Sometimes they do it quietly like last night. You know, if I did not get up at that time, I wouldn’t have seen (the spiders). And I wouldn’t have known that they are helping or protecting me. Actually, it might help, just like some people, you remember some [Native] Indian tradition or some other ancient race of people, they weave some web-like net. They call that a dream catcher. (Yes, Master.) So, it could be that they learned it from the spiders. (Oh. Wow.) Because they look like spider webs, these dream catchers. (Yes, Master.) They weave it just like a spider’s web, right? (Yes, Master.) So it could be that that’s what they do.

There are some secrets that humans do not know. Birds told me some secrets and the squirrels told me some secrets. (Oh, wow.) Of course, the Godses also tell me sometimes some secret way to protect myself in some special circumstances. (Oh, good.) Recently, many times I’ve had a lot of trouble. Because I do too much. (Yes, Master.) Supreme Master TV stuff. (Yes, Master.) Peace stuff and meditating, retreating and all that, it is too powerful and they cannot bear it. So they all came out, trying to fix me. I am really happy that I went through all that with not much problem. But sometimes they try psychological war. (Oh, wow.) Mental war and not just physical only. And I went through all that and a lot more. (Oh. Master.) Never mind, it’s good. One can only do one’s best, right? (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master. Thank You, Master.) And the rest, it’s up to many factors. (Yes, Master.) Like humans’ karma and humans’ poisoned habits. Just like people, when they take drugs and cigarettes and all that, it’s difficult for them to quit. (Yes, Master.) Because of habit. Habit and became so used to it. I’m just worried because humans, they have already been so habitual with eating animals’ flesh and things and I don’t know if they can even turn around, (Oh.) even if they know. It’s very difficult and I’m worried about that. A few years ago, I told you when the world will become vegan. (Yes, Master.) (I think so.) And after that, the maya, wow, the devils, they tried so hard to make people become more addicted (Oh, God.) to meat. (Yes.) They kept talking to them quietly, during their dreams, during their quiet moments, during their vulnerable times and so the veganism was delayed until now and it gets more difficult. They even talk to these butchers, (Wow.) (Yes.) tell them to put even heroin (Oh, my God.) (Wow.) into the meat to make people more addicted. And some of them found out afterwards. (Wow.) One time they found out, but there are many other places they did not find out. (Wow.) And they put things secretly into the meat, so that people became more addicted. (Wow. Yes, Master.) Typical. Become more and more dependent. Nowadays, even during these difficult times and people try to stock things up because they worry they cannot get out anymore to buy. (Yes.) And so many shelves are empty. (Yes.) Even they know also. Imagine! Imagine that? They didn’t even want to try because they have this kind of preconceived idea about meat taste and they are used to it. Anything else, they don’t want to think about it. Even good things, also the same. Like people who’ve never smoked, even how attractive the cigarette package and how other people say cigarettes are good, they would never be interested to look. Not even look at them. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about trying. So all these things make me feel very frustrated these days. (Yes.)

I’m really worried for our world. I just hope something might happen. I’m praying for it and meditating, in retreat. (Yes, Master.) World peace was easier. (Wow. Yeah.) It came first. (Yes, Master.) It says World Vegan, World Peace but World Peace comes first. But the thing is if we don’t have World Vegan, then this World Peace is difficult to last. (Yes, Master.) Because the killing karma will beget the killing karma. (Yes.) Even Gods and Heavens are helping, but humans have to decide. It’s just like the best English teacher, he/she can teach but the student has to learn. (Yes, Master.) Have to decide whether or not he wants to learn and to really practice English to perfection. Otherwise the teacher is good but the student benefits nothing if he doesn’t learn. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) (Is there anything more we can do, Master, to help people wake up, the ones who are still too addicted to meat? There must be a way to…) I know. Good question. Very caring question. I am not sure because we have done a lot. (Yes, Master.) I even gave some of my own merit and everything. I’m willing to do anything possible. It’s just very difficult to change humans because they have been poisoned for too long already. (Yes, Master.) Life after life, generations after generations. But it could be done. I’m still hoping. (Yes, Master.)

I can’t say anything anymore because there are still many demons around in this world. Not just the zealous demons only. Because they’re full of different kinds of ghosts and demons and all kinds of things that still try to seduce people into the wrong path. (Yes, Master.) Not only they don’t repent, they’re messing up people’s minds and souls. And people are too busy to even care to think about what’s beyond their daily needs and understanding. (Yes, Master.) And then because of survival, because of trying to live, to survive, they will do wrong things again and then the circle will begin and continue forever. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) It’s just like the maya, the devil, they like these kinds of things, so that they can keep the souls in prison forever, under their grip. Inside, in their grip of power. Because if the soul wakes up, understands what’s right, what’s wrong and practices it, puts it into practice, then they will have no more souls to control. (Yes, Master.) They have to tempt people, seduce people with all kinds of ways so that people will do wrong things. And because people do wrong things, they can keep them. They can punish them and keep them and say, “Oh, you did this wrong. You have to come back and redo it, redeem yourself.” And then when people come back, they forget. They don’t know what to do. (Yes, Master.) Even if they remember, it’s very difficult for them to survive in this world, with all kinds of traps and tricks and temptations. So, they fall again. Just like when somebody is poor, they borrow money they cannot pay back. And then they get more and more in debt all the time. Never get out of poverty. And become slaves to be able to have peace. So that people don’t put them in jail. Just like some bad people, they train dogs to fight with each other. (Yes, Master.) Or to fight with other animals until one of them is dead or both of them are dead. And they enjoy that kind of thing. But it’s not the dog’s fault that he/she is biting or fighting with the other dogs or killing them, him or her, or doing vicious things. It’s just they’ve been trained to do it. (Yes, Master.) Becomes a habit, you understand? (Yes, Master.) So it’s not the dog’s fault. That’s why I feel so sorry for humans and all beings here because they have been trained to do that and they have been forced into this kind of situation and they do wrong. And then the more they do wrong, the more they have to stay under the grip of the devils. They rule with controlling and punishment and seduction and temptation and all kinds of stuff. So people can never get out.

I feel very, very sorry for the human race. It’s not their fault if they do wrong. It’s not their fault at all. They’ve just been trapped into this kind of situation, this kind of world and then all kinds of situations, all kinds of distractions or temptations or traps make them do even more wrong. And then the more they do wrong, the more they do wrong and then they could never become clean. (Yes, Master.) So that’s why many Masters have to come down and try to reason with them. And if they really believe in the Master, then the Master can impart the inner knowledge and then they will be free. Otherwise there’s no chance. Just like somebody owed too much debt and then the owner, they can never let them go. They will never be able to pay enough. But if some rich person comes and pays them, like bails them out, (Yes, Master.) buys them and sets them free. But even then, sometimes the owner doesn’t want to sell the slave. He likes that slave or something because that slave is good for him and doing things well, doing a good job, and he’s very rich, so he doesn’t care to sell that slave and set him free. In that case, it’s even more problematic. You see? (Yes, Master.) Just like this world here. Even the Master’s willing to sacrifice or to do anything to free the souls, but the maya takes grip on it, grabs the soul and doesn’t want to let go. Making trouble for the Master and keeping the soul here. Similar situation like that. It’s just slavery. Even in this world, if you do good things, if you don’t have a Master to free you, and you do good things because you have a good heart, then you have to come back to spend that good merit. (Oh, wow.) Then it’s still running inside this circle. (Yes, Master.) Even then, when you’re a good person, you want to do good. But maybe coming back to this life again, you might be tempted to do some other thing wrong. You see? (Yes, Master.) Next life, you’re doomed. You’ll be punished like everybody else, and so on and so forth. Oh, the more I think about it, the more I’m very angry at this world, at the system of this world, at the maya, at the satan, at the devil. I hate it all. (Yes, Master. Yes.) I feel so sorry for these humans and animals. We are all victims. I really could die many times if I can rescue the whole world. (Oh, Master.) I don’t mind to do anything, it’s just that it’s not always so simple. (Yes.) Because the people are already trapped so deeply in here. Sometimes I have very strong convictions; sometimes I feel very frustrated. (Yes, Master.) So maybe I just go Home. But OK, Home I can always go. Here people are in need. So, I try hard to still hang on. (Thank You, Master.) Even rescuing one more person is still better than nothing. That means one soul never suffers again. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) But this is quite hard, it’s quite hard. You can see how many Masters came and went already. (Yes, Master.) And the world is still like that. Due to Their merit and holiness that the world became better. But it doesn’t mean completely free. (Yes.) Any more questions? (No, no more questions, Master. Thank You so much.) OK. It’s time maybe to meditate. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Have another good day. Of course, you’re working hard, but at least you’re carefree, no? (Yes, Master.) All right, then it’s good like that. (Yes.) I thank you and pray God bless you and this poor world. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) All right. God bless you and I’ll talk to you maybe another time. (Yes, Master. Thank You so much.)

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