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Whoever Repents Will Go to Heaven, Part 1 of 3, Apr. 29, 2020

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So, even sinful people or beings, if they repent, they can go to Heaven. At least outside of the Three Worlds, meaning they will not ever be destroyed. Anything in the Three Worlds, including the Three Worlds themselves, will be destroyed one day, because they are not made to last.

(Master, how is Master?) I’m OK. How are you? (I’m OK. I’m good. Thank You, Master.) How about all the girls? (All the girls are good, happy. Any news from Master?) Oh, not much. Not much. It’s just I’m very sad, like last week, because my dog died, and I didn’t have a chance to hug her a last time. But the inside Master came and got her to the New Realm. I was sad, but then I’m not sad. Sad physically but not sad spiritually. OK? (Yes, Master.) She said she wanted to sacrifice for peace. A little of her part. My God. I said, “Never mind. You big heart.”  I wrote in my diary, “You, small dog, big heart.” Etc. She’s the smallest of the group. There’s a smaller one, but she’s not in the same group. The smallest one, I rescued afterward. (Yes, Master.) But this is the smallest from the group of the black and white “herd” of dogs. She doesn’t eat a lot. Normally she never liked to eat a lot. I have to always feed her extra when she comes to my house, and she eats. But has to be tasty, with maybe seaweed or fake squid, stuff like that. Strong flavor, then she eats. And that’s why she’s very skinny. But she’s the most energetic and the most expressive of all dogs. I mean, all the dogs love me and care about me, but she’s the most expressive, because whenever I cough, she always immediately runs from anywhere to come in and check on me, (Wow.) asks if I’m OK. That was a habit from last life. Last life, she was also adopted. One of the dogs named Boyo. He always wanted me to go out in the sun, because at that time I coughed a lot. Later I found out that was not too good, and I had to have an operation. I could not walk properly for two years. A lot of medicine, a lot of care. And I donated hundreds of thousands of dollars for those hospitals, in God’s Name, in God’s Mercy, after I recovered. I was very grateful, because the doctors are the best. (Thank God.) The most dangerous operation, and they did it well. All the staff, all the doctors, even not on duty, came to see me also, (Wow!) before I was operated on, just to thank me for some donation I made before, for their project, (Oh, OK.) for the poor in India and the Red Cross. They all came, just to support me. (Yes, Master.) Oh, this doctor, he’s a genius. So I wanted to donate something for him, but he said, “No. For the hospital.”  Because they never had that before, they made a new account for charity. And that’s good so later maybe other patients, if they want, they can donate to that, because the doctors, the hospital, sometimes, they need new equipment, new research. And also, they can train other students, doctors-to-be, from other countries or other hospitals. (Yes, Master.)

She doesn’t care too much about eating. But she’s so energetic, more than any other dogs. She jumps the highest, she runs the fastest, and she runs the longest. And then, because she was so skinny, I’d always put her on my shoulder and carry her around, dancing together, sing to her, telling her things, and show her the view from on high. I’m not very high. (Yes, Master.) But she likes that, and now I cannot do no more. Not even the last time before she died. (Oh, Master…) She died so quick, thank God for that, at least. (Yes. Oh, bless her.) At least she didn’t suffer long. (Yes, Master.) Bless her noble heart. And she immediately went to New Realm from Tim Qo Tu. (Thank God.) But I do miss her physically: Her eyes and her running around, her jumping, and her settling down on my shoulder, like she would never leave, type of feeling. But otherwise, she’s such a good girl, so loving, so loving, so kind, so loyal, considerate, and so worried about me. That’s why, whenever I cough, I have to run somewhere, in the bathroom, close the door, so she doesn’t have to hear it. I worry that it makes her concerned too much. (Yes, Master.) And now, she sacrificed for peace. (Wow.) It’s a very small part, but it’s her big heart. (Yes, Master.) It’s not about how much you can do. It’s not about how much you offer. It’s about how much you put into it. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, sometimes I wish I had more, multi-multi-billionaire, so I can give more to the world, physically. But I only give what I can. (Yes, Master. It’s already a lot.) Ah, it’s OK, it’s OK.

I’m also thankful for you guys. You have everything you need, but you live a simple life like I do. (Yes, Master.) It’s good. All this time in retreat, I washed my clothes, I cleaned the house, everything; (Oh, wow, OK.) for myself, so that the helper doesn’t have to bring my food every day. (Yes, Master.) If they cook for themselves, they bring to me, some days. But some days I take care of myself or I eat cold, clean leftovers. So they don’t always bring it up every day. They don’t see me. Because they just put it outside, by the gate, and then I go out and get it when they’re gone. And there’s a bell. Just a “you plug in” bell. (Oh, OK.) It works about three hundred meters. And before they come, they ring. After they leave far, two, three hundred meters, then they ring again. (OK.) Then I know food or documents are there. Then I go out and get. (Yes, Master.) Only out of the door, (OK.) in the yard. I don’t go out of the gate, during retreat. (Wow.) And during retreat, I don’t go out of the door even. Absolutely not. So I’m also in lockdown. OK? (Yes.) If that is a comfort to anyone in the world at all, I’m in lockdown many months already. (Yes, Master.) And it continues, if I can. I don’t mind being locked down forever. (Oh, wow.) Yeah, in sympathy with the world and people who are in prisons, wrongly accused; or all the people who are locked down in this world. I mean, we are locked down anyway with the pandemic or not. If we don’t change our way of life, we cannot get out of here and go back Home, even.

All my dogs are good. Even if they don’t die for peace, they are helping me every day, protecting me, telling me things. (Bless them.) If sometime I would like to change a place or something, they say don’t, because of that, because of this. Or even, don’t go out now because workers are there. (Wow, they know that, too.) They know many things; I don’t have time to tell you. Maybe next time. And the snake tried to get another dog, so I moved the dogs somewhere. (OK.) It is so much work to do, small things, but every small thing adds up, and I’m disturbed with all these leftover zealous ghosts. I just sent some away again, because they made trouble for me again. (Oh, my goodness.) Either go to hell, (OK.) or the Fourth Level if they repent sincerely. Because sometimes they didn’t want to do anything harmful to me. For example, one of the demons used to disturb me a lot. And I said, “Why did you do this? You know what I’m doing is good. Good for all beings. I don’t want anything out of it, and you know I don’t harm you demons.” Even the Third Level god, he was jealous. I replaced him already, so, it’s better now. But at that time, he was like in competition with me. He’s worried that I gain so much. I said, “Why’d you do this?” He (demon) works directly with the Third Level god. (Yes.) He said, “We didn’t want to do it, but all the Shadow Worlds are losing souls all the time. And then soon, what would happen to us? We will have no more souls, no more citizens.” I said, “You don’t have to, or you change. You follow me and all the souls will be in Paradise. (Yes.) You can reign forever. I don’t compete with you.” But he said, “Then we don’t have the power over the 93.9 worlds.” Oh, such a greed. (Wow.) “You have the Third World, that’s enough already. (Yeah.) What for you want to reign 93.9 worlds? What’s the use of that? (Yes.) You have more souls, you have less souls; what’s the use? You should be more enlightened by now, by all the Saints that have been teaching in your world as well. You just have to follow me, change your ways, because I work for the benefit of the souls, to stop the suffering that they have to endure all these eons and continues. It’s not fair. They’re innocent and you guys trap them into doing bad then punish them, they recycle forever in this dark domain and hell and suffering. That’s not right. You know it’s not right.” So that rep said, “Oh yeah, we know it’s not right.” I said, “Not we. You. If that god of yours doesn’t change, I will have to replace him.” And I did. I replaced with Ihôs Kư Gods. (Wow!) Yeah. (OK.) But the name is still kept the same, so all souls don’t get confused. I mean the other souls who are not initiated. (Wow. When did Master replace him?) That was last year. (Wow! OK.) I don’t remember what day. If I look into the diary, it’s there. (Amazing!) But you guys still continue to revere that name, because the name is the position. (Yes, Master.) Not the name of that Being, is not private. OK? (OK. Yes.) So nothing changed except the Being changed. It’s easier to work with my own. (Yes. For sure.) Otherwise, it’s very difficult to work with competitive people. I told that being, “You have to change. Otherwise, I have to dethrone you. You have a choice.” He still didn’t want, so I said, “OK, you must go.” (Yeah. Good.) “Go and live with maya. There you get on well with each other.” (Wow.) Same terrible mind, same possessive, competitive mind, same narrow mind. Just go. (I hope they change as well.) Oh, I don’t care if they do change. Caused enough suffering. (Yes.) I have no sympathy for this type of lowly attitude, lowly thinking. I’ve no sympathy. They can stay there forever. Truly. Because they have been wreaking misery and suffering on many worlds already, long, long ever, you cannot even count. (Wow.) They can stay in hell, locked forever. Whoever this time doesn’t repent, then will be locked forever. (Yes, Master.) That is that. It’s done and it’s decided. (OK. Thank You.) They don’t deserve anything. (OK.)

Talking to you about this, my blood rises because I am still feeling that feeling of that time. Because Good Love was very ill and he was crying. By the way, at that time, I regulated all this, together. Not at the same time with maya, but afterward I discovered they were talking nonsense and trying to make trouble for me more. I said, “I had enough with you guys. Either you change or you go.” I gave them a chance. I gave all the demons who are against me a chance. It’s not that I’m not fair. (For sure. Understand. Master’s very fair.) Time to think and take the chance or not. That’s the way we do, this time of life in our world now. It’s not like before, lenient and wait and patience. (Yes, Master.) It’s the order of Heaven right now. Now it’s just black and white. Go to Heaven or you go to hell, accordingly. So, even sinful people or beings, if they repent, they can go to Heaven. At least outside of the Three Worlds, meaning they will not ever be destroyed. Anything in the Three Worlds, including the Three Worlds themselves, will be destroyed one day, because they are not made to last. Even though the Fourth World is also in the Shadow World, they are not to be destroyed. Their construction, the makeup of their level is lasting. Different material, if you can call that material. And the Lord of the Fourth Level. You know His name, I told you already. (Yes, Master.) We are not supposed to speak it out loud. (No.) He’s very gracious to coordinate with me, to work, so whoever repents, I can ask the Ihôs Kư Guardians to bring them to the Fourth Level. So, out of the destructive sphere forever. That I can do for them. That’s the best already. (That is amazing. Hallelujah! Yes.) Not all of them can go to the New Realm, but they go to the Fourth. And then they could go to the Fifth later if they’re diligent and study with other Masters there. OK? (OK. Thank You. Wow.) They are safe forever. So, whoever have courage enough, follow my instruction, follow this offer. Otherwise, they have to go to hell, be locked there forever. (OK.) They can play with each other. Yeah. Make each other suffer; I don’t care a hair, really, because they have been very bad, bad, bad, bad. They don’t deserve even leniency, but that is already a good chance they should take. (For sure.) Some are so scared or some are working directly with the satan, meaning maya, forever already, so they just became like him, so they don’t want to change. They think they’re OK as they are. (Yes, Master.) They just cannot change because they’re too low, too far gone.

I feel better now about the dog, but I can never sleep well. I don’t really feel so good because the world is still suffering. But Godses and many beings, even lowly beings like spiders, they try to comfort me a lot these days. All of them report the same thing about my dog, tell me the same thing about World Peace will be. (Oh yes. Thank God!) But too long for my liking. Too long for my heart. I say, “But meanwhile, they’re suffering so much. We have to do something to hasten it. This is too long, too long.” I don’t want to tell you the time, because I don’t want the leftover of the maya, wreck it wrong again. (Yes, Master.) Have to be more careful because they really are all concentrated on me right now, to trouble me, just to obstruct my work. Be careful what I disclose and what I not. OK? (OK.) The thing I told you is already done so I can tell you. (Understand, OK. Thank You.) Anyway, I want to tell you and the girls and all the boys, our Supreme Master TV team, that all of you are doing your best and I am very proud, I am very pleased. (Thank You. Thank You, Master, for Your love and Your guidance.) Of course, sometimes our mind causes trouble, but we know the goal we want to achieve. We know the direction that we’re going. (Yes. Vegan World.) Every negative thought, out. (Yes, Master.) “No, no. That’s not what I want. Get lost. Go, go, go. I just want to help the world. I just want to work with Master for the good of all.” (Exactly. Thank You. Yes.)  Exactly, for the suffering. Even though we work hard, sometimes we are sleepless and forgo the meal just because of deadline and all that, we are never having so much suffering as other beings, even just to talk about the animals in slaughterhouses, not about any invisible hell or anything else. You can see it’s hell already. Our world is… many are practicing hell, by doing war and torturing animals and humans like that. They are practicing hell. They are influenced by hell. So, we have to do our work. Continue, not waver, not falter. No matter what keeps bugging and telling us otherwise. (Yeah. We ignore that.) Yes. Anything you want, you just ask. (We do, we will. Yes.) Physically, you’re fine. I know that. You have clothes, you have food delivered to you. And you have your private place. Even though it’s simple, but it’s your private place you can retire to and meditate and contemplate.

Be thankful; many people don’t have anything. Truly they don’t have anything, under the scorching sun or freezing snow. And the refugees and the war-ravaged citizens, oh my God, I can never feel good in this world. I just have to push it aside sometimes in order to clear my mind to work. I tell all Heavens and Earth, “You know I can lay down my life any time, many thousand million times if I can help all beings to have peace and happiness and liberation.” I would never, never hesitate, it’s just that that doesn’t work that way. That won’t help. That helps a small amount but not the big picture. So I just have to continue, despite any situation or any heartbreaking feeling for this world and the hell and everything. So you guys are comfortable, no matter what, right? (Yes, we’re comfortable, Master. Thank You.) Boys are also OK. I asked them, they’re OK. (OK.) We are in different places, it’s good, so we have more space from each other. (Yes.) Also, to balance. Like the world has four corners and three directions. You see? So we spread it out like that, different groups. We don’t have to be together. Love can never be separated. So, doesn’t matter where we live. (Yes, Master.) Always together. I told my dogs the same. I say, “I love you forever. More than any treasure in this world. But we don’t have to be together all the time. You are OK where you are.” And I even gave them initiation. (Oh, wow!) “So you think of God, meditate, and I do my job, I meditate also for the suffering of the worlds and beyond.” (Yes, Master.) They’re OK with that and they still continue to protect me from afar. They tell me this and that, (Wow. They’re so good.) because sometimes I don’t have time to think too much or for what. (Yes.) The Godses told me also. Oh, you will be amazed to know what the dogs know! (Oh! Yes. That’s one of the questions that I’ve got to ask.) Oh, I see. Just ask.

(OK. Well, the question about Master’s dogs, do they have anything to say to humanity during these urgent times?) Excuse me. Just one second. OK? (Yes, Master.) Don’t worry. I’m well, OK? (Yes, Master.) Just whenever I think too much about the world, or if we mention about the world, I got… (Oh!) I got some little physical disturbance. But I’m well. I can weather all that. Don’t worry. OK? (OK, Master.) Oh, by the way, I need to give a message. OK? (Yes.) Before you ask questions. This message is important. This is a message to the “N.” I cannot spell it all out because I’m worried the negative leftover will make trouble. So, this is a message for the “N”: Please, pray and give thanks. Not to worry. “He” will be fine. End of message. The people concerned; they will know. They will understand. OK? (Ah! OK.) OK. So, anyway. All right. Concerning the dogs, I never asked the dogs, so let me… I’ll ask them if they want to say anything. OK? (Yes, please. Thank You.) One moment. I have to send them a telepathic question. (OK.) Talk to you soon, OK? (Yes, Master.) This is what they want to say. OK? (Yes.) I just want to ask who was that Representative for all of them. Oh! Oh, the little one. She knows the most. Anyway. She’s very clairvoyant. This is the message of the representative of all my dogs. OK? (OK.) They all agreed. They all know it. Like this: “For the world to have lasting peace, GO VEGAN.” That’s it. (Perfect.) That’s it. OK. (Thank You. Thank you to Master’s beloved dogs.) Thank you, all of you. 

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