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Between Master and Disciples

Whoever Repents Will Go to Heaven, Part 2 of 3, Apr. 29, 2020

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Have to be united and find a cure as quick as possible. Pray also. Even the government or anyone should pray to Heaven for more leniency, so that they can find a cure quick to save lives. And be vegan. Advise everyone to be vegan. That’s the best solution.


(We have some more questions, Master.) Who are “we?” Somebody is with you? (No, no. It’s just me but I say “we” because the questions have come from other staff. I asked them, just in case if Master calls, to send me some questions that they want to ask.) OK. Good, good. How many questions are there? (Maybe about 20 or so…) Maybe? You didn’t count? Oh, 20? Oh God. OK. (Around 20. Yeah.) We try to be brief, OK? (OK.) Go ahead. (Master has said that we don’t need to feed hungry ghosts anymore. Does that mean Master has sent them away or liberated them? And does that include zealous demons?) Yeah. Either they go to Heaven or they go to hell. (OK.) So, no need. OK? (Yes.) For you guys around here. (Ah! OK.) Disciples also, they should not bother. OK? (OK. And that means we don’t need to worry about leaving food untouched for more than nine minutes?) You’d better be safe than sorry. Just eat first and then work. I know I tell you this, but I don’t always do that. But it’s OK. Just recite the Holy God’s Names. (Yes, Master.) Eat. Try to finish before you work again, OK? (Yes, Master.) I know sometimes we cannot because of our Supreme Master Television work deadline and all that. I also cannot. Sometimes I leave it and I forget all about it altogether, and later I can’t eat anymore. I don’t have any more appetite. Maybe some insects or something land on it, (Yes.) so I don’t want to eat anymore. (OK.) Just try if you can. (OK.) A few minutes maybe you can afford it. Just eat it all. Because it’s better to eat all in one go, it’s better for your stomach, (Yes, Master.) better for your health. (OK.) You can just take a small portion on your plate first and eat that. And take another small portion. In case you have to leave it, then you can eat again later. (OK.) Just put them away, cover them, so that no insects will come and spoil it. OK? (Understand.) And if you drink, you just put in a smaller cup and drink it. The rest you can still drink. (Thank You. Yes.) If you don’t have an extra plate or extra cup, you just ask them to buy for you.

(OK. We have some questions regarding the COVID[-19] pandemic.) OK. (Most mainstream media have reported that the COVID-19 virus likely came from the wet market. Why aren’t more people making the connection between the virus outbreak, the wet market and eating meat? Because it seems like a logical conclusion to make. Is their perception somehow being interfered with?) Any interference from other beings? Yeah. This is an energy. This angry energy, this unbenevolent energy in the world, because of the karma that we made. And Heaven also feels very, very furious over our treatment to each other and the lesser beings like animals. (Yes.) The lesser but doesn’t mean they are less. They are more intelligent. In the Bible it says: Ask the animals and they will tell you. (Yes.) Ask the fish, ask the birds and they will teach you. Remember? (Yes, Master.) Animals have a position in the world, in the universe, in the eyes of God. And we treat them like dirt, more than dirt. It’s not just about the killing only. Terminating their life and even torturing! (Yes, Master.) Due to some misbelief, like you have to eat the flesh without the blood. It’s not like that. When it mentioned blood, it means don’t eat anything with blood. (Yes.) Meaning the life, we have life. Just like nowadays we have a saying, “Don’t eat anything that has a face.” Remember? Some people say that. (Yes.) Some vegetarian people advise like that, so that other people will understand. It has a face, that means it has a life, it has a soul in it, it has living in it. (Yes, Master.) So, when the old Masters said don’t eat anything that has blood, because it has life in it. That means it has life, you don’t kill any life. (Yes.) And then people nowadays just cut the throats of the poor innocent animals, let them quailing and spilling blood while they are suffering and trembling, to squeeze out the last blood and then they eat it. That is not it! (No, Master. No.) You understand? I don’t have enough words to say it. (Understand, Master.) Too many misunderstandings in religious writings. Misinterpretation, misunderstanding, and misleading humans all these times. And then they accumulate too much, too much karma. Torturing animals and cutting their throats alive or skinning them alive and all that, this is the work of the devil. Should not be a work of humans! (Yes.) Should be the work in hell, not in the human world. (Yes, Master. For sure.) I’m not afraid if they’re angry with me or do anything. Just I have to tell the truth. (Yes, Master.) I am angry myself. (It’s understandable.) But this is also because of the work of the satan. They push people to write it wrong, to interpret it wrong, just to harm beings, harm humans and harm animals, so that the karma, as you sow so shall you reap, continues forever in a circle. Then they can control all the time, because the beings can never be liberated with all these horrible deeds that they do. Then with war and with the animals… That’s not your question.

Your question is “come from the wet market, from animals,” right? (Yes, why aren’t people making that connection that they should stop eating meat?) They have even proof of that. They have made experiments with some of the pangolins and they saw the strain of COVID-19 in there. It’s the same as the strain in humans in the beginning. So it stemmed from there and I have checked inside that it really stemmed from the animals from there. There’re no other places, other sources, despite all the rumors. It’s not true. The truth is COVID-19 stemmed from the animals, wild animals, from that wet market. (Yes, Master.) Even if it’s from another wet market or from somewhere else, it’s because it stems from wild animals. And they’re carried by humans all over. All over China, all over the world, because there are always tourists. (Yes, Master.) Or exchanges of humans’ resources or humans’ manpower, or humans studying, or humans cooperating. (Yes, Master.) There are always humans running around the world nowadays. So very easy, few hours, you’re in China. A few hours, you’ll be in Europe, etc. So, the carriers bring the strain all over the world, and it stemmed from there. (Yes. So, those rumors, because I saw on the Internet some media outlets were saying that maybe it came from a lab.) No. It didn’t come from any lab. It came from the wild animals from the wet market. And exactly from Wuhan. I checked inside with Heaven and with the gods of epidemic. They oversee many things. I have to check with the exact god. I can’t just talk to any god. (Oh, wow.) Yeah! They have their duty and their intuit and they’re more detailed. Even the Ihôs Kư Gods, not all of Them are in charge of everything. (So there are other gods in charge of different departments.) Yes. And in this world, I have to ask the Shadow (World) gods. Like something, I have to ask the god of war. It’s not like he’s making war, he’s in charge of overseeing what happened in the war and makes a record. So he knows, more than any other. I can’t even ask Ihôs Kư Gods for that particular question that I asked. I cannot tell you, OK? (OK, Master.) I don’t want to tell you; I cannot tell you everything. Just the general. Even we have a saying like, “Heaven’s secrets should not be divulged.” But I revealed too many things. When it’s already happened, I can, but if I reveal it before, while I’m still alive and while I’m still fighting with the negative, then they will know it and then they will make it upside down, inside out, prolong it, delay it, obstruct it.

Did I answer already all of your questions about the animals carrying the virus? (Yes, Master.) Because some people also, run around the world or for some reason, business or whatever, but they don’t look sick. They don’t even have any symptoms because they have this immunity to that particular strain of COVID[-19]. You can say that in scientific terms, but in spiritual domain, we say because he doesn’t have bad karma for that. So he has very good merit in the past life or in this lifetime to protect him or her. Therefore, he can run around, he looks healthy, but he can pass it on to other people while talking to each other, face to face, or eating in the same restaurant, drinking coffee together and talking and then the air carries out their droplets. Or the air they breathe carries out, spreads out the virus. So the mask doesn’t help 100%, but it helps somehow. Actually, this is just physically speaking. You have to really have good merit, benevolent merit in order to protect yourself. But we do what we can in the world, we do what we think is logical, is the best. But still wear the mask, wear the face shield, wear hat, wear gloves, if you absolutely have to go out. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

And so you guys here are safe because you stay together and you don’t have to go out, you just work inside the office in your vicinity and you have oxygen around because of a lot of trees. It also helps your immune system. (We’re grateful for that, thank You.) And we have a lot of sun, (Yes.) where you live, better than where I lived. It was raining, raining all the time, almost every day. Never mind, but I’m also good, immuned. I’m stronger now. I told you already before, I was stronger. Long time ago, I said I feel stronger. (Yes.) Before, I was weaker because at that time, the negative was too strong and the Ihôs Kư had not been mature enough. But after, it’s better and better now, and sometimes I have sickness and even accidents, but I recover very quick. (Thank God for that.) Or just pass it by. (Wow.) Today, I’m thanking all the protecting Godses and Heavens and whoever. I say, I don’t care about my life. I can lay it down anytime, honestly. Everyone, all Heavens and Earth know that. That’s why They’re helping me, (Thank God.) because They know my love for humans and other beings. Every time I ask, “Will we ever have peace?” They say, “Your love will win.” And sometimes They say, “Your love and Our love, You, I, Yours, Love.” Means our group, our disciples (Oh! Wow!) who are like-minded, will win. It just takes too long for my liking. Even one more day is too long already for all the suffering animals. I keep telling them, “I don’t forget you; I won’t forget you; I won’t leave you.” (Thank God. Thank You.) “If you suffer now, please bear it; I will take you up. I will take you back Home. I will not leave one of you coming back here to suffer again.” Promised them, to the animals. That’s the best I can do for them, for the moment. (Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.) I never cry enough, my God. You don’t know. You don’t know how much suffering I bear in my heart because others suffer. (Oh, Master!)

(Master, about the lab in Wuhan, some people blame the Chinese for the outbreak. And the Chinese government, apparently, they’ve lost a lot of money because of this closing of the market. Why would they be blaming the Chinese?) Well, they blame each other anyway. And the Chinese blame the Americans, Americans’ lab. (Yes, Master.) I told you already it came from wild animals in Wuhan, that’s the origin. So, the thing is the Chinese government has done a very big goodwill already, no matter what. They have closed immediately the wet market where the wild animals are being kept and killed fresh there, and other produce as well. They close it, close the wild animals meat business, which costs them, a lot of billions of dollars or it’s seventy plus billions of dollars. That’s a big money for any country to lose. So, regardless of whatever rumors, I think the Chinese government and the Chinese people as a whole have done very, very big steps, big goodwill steps, and done a big favor to the whole world already, to the animals, and to the better karma of the whole planet. So, we can just thank them at least, OK? (OK.) Not keep blaming back and forth, back and forth. You can blame forever, but the problem has to be solved. The problem is the pandemic, and they, the governments and the researchers all over the world should be united together to fight this pandemic, not fight each other. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

(Master, some people or some governments have accused the Chinese of hiding the real figures of the dead and of the infection from the coronavirus. Why would they accuse them like this?) Sometimes they’re accusing each other. But it could be true. I’ll tell you why. Because in the beginning, nobody even knew that it is from coronavirus disease or infection. Nobody would know, even the Chinese wouldn’t know. Even now they just give it a name, but they have no idea of the nature of this virus. That’s why they couldn’t find the cure so easily. Some people with mild symptoms or easy to treat, then they recover, but there is no exact cure and/or vaccine against this virus. So of course, in the beginning it was even worse, nobody knew anything. The people, they just cough, cough, cough, and then they just die. So they probably were diagnosed as pneumonia or flu and died. Only later that they found out that this is infectious and it’s epidemic nature; then they began to do more research. Because the symptoms keep persisting similarly in different people, they begin to notice that. So even China, where it’s originated, they wouldn’t know. They didn’t mean to hide or anything. Maybe some would try or think that it’s better for the economy or for the sake of the nation not to mention. Some maybe have that idea or maybe some did that on purpose, but I don’t think the Chinese as a whole wanted to hide it. They just did not know. Maybe the figure would be more. Just like it is more now still, more than the official announcement of the death and all the infected people. Just that it’s difficult to figure out, especially the beginning. But you can see the Chinese have a goodwill. Very obviously, immediately they quarantined people and they treated their people and they did their best to contain it. And they contained it fast, as much as they could. They’re only human. They did what they could. They didn’t mean to hide to infect other people. What for? They infect also their own people. And immediately they closed the wet market. It cost them US$74 billion dollars. You knew already. (Yes, Master.) Or more even. (Yes. I saw on the Internet, US$74 billion it was valued at.) Yes, so cannot keep blaming the Chinese or blaming each other. Just have to try to work together to find the cure for people. People’s lives are at stake. Many doctors died; many nurses died already. We cannot just let it be for nothing and blame each other, wasting time. Have to be united and find a cure as quick as possible. Pray also. Even the government or anyone should pray to Heaven for more leniency, so that they can find a cure quick to save lives. And be vegan. Advise everyone to be vegan. That’s the best solution. Not blaming each other. (Makes sense, Master.) I think, they’re accusing each other, blaming each other because they’re so worried also. Especially the leaders, they have a big responsibility and facing with this kind of pandemic is like never known before, and don’t know what the future will bring. So, they’re just acting out of worry, anxiety, panic, frustration. They don’t really mean anything bad, I don’t think. (Yes, Master.) Just like sometimes the parents, when the children are ill, and they just worry so much, they’re just talking loud to each other, or arguing or blaming each other, (Yes.) out of worry, because they have a great responsibility for their nations and their people. (Ah, yes.) They just… They don’t know what to do! At the moment, you can see it’s a very desperate situation for them. (It is, yes.) They just say anything, but they don’t mean to blame or accuse anyone. It’s just kind of confusing. (Yes, Master.) It’s human emotion.

They even say it [COVID-19] came from a lab in America. But, nevertheless, these rumors have a good point. (Yes.) That humans should never tamper with these dangerous substances, like biowarfare. (Yes.) Something like they use virus or bacteria to kill enemies. (Yes, Master.) We have no enemies except satan, except devils. Except the devils, we have no enemy. We all have one common enemy, the devil that is trying to separate us. They are trying to ingrain negative thinking or warlike thinking or killing ideas in our head, and harming each other and warring with each other and quarreling with each other. This is the only enemy we have: the devil. (Yes, Master.) Satan, maya, and their subordinates. To talk about that, the pain. I’m telling you, physical pain. (Oh no.) I really hate these guys. I don’t normally hate anybody, but I hate these guys. Oh! I’d never feel sorrow, repentant, or remorse, to send them to hell. They will be OK there. They don’t suffer the way we do! (Oh, really?) No! They have their own world and they just do what they do, what they want. So I’m not like punishing them or anything. I just lock them up so that they don’t harm us or any innocent beings anywhere anymore. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Hell for us is terrible because they keep punishing and torturing souls down there. (Yes.) Because the soul has not shed all the bodies yet, they still have the astral body. And it feels painful just like you have a physical body. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s the Second Level of the body. So, if they put you in hell, you suffer too much just like you suffer here. You feel it. And it feels like forever, of course. But for them, in hell, they don’t punish themselves. (Yes, Master.) They can just stay there and do what silly, stupid, evil things they do to each other or themselves. I don’t care. If they want to punish, torture each other, go ahead. Let them take the medicine, (Yes! OK.) their own medicine. That’s what I say. I’m always angry. Sorry. (Understand.) You think Masters never lose temper, but I do lose temper with these evil beings. (Yes.) Don’t tell me about them anymore because I’d get blood pressure, (OK.) because I’d get mad. I have to confess to you, I get mad. (Understand.) Not always calm and cool and placid and composed, the way you think. (Yes, Master.) Not with them. Not when it comes to suffering of others. So, it’s good to mention that the humans should never tamper with this anymore. Stop! Destroy all these labs! (Yes.) Except when to conduct some experiments to help humans to cure. (OK, Master.) Not for war. (Yes.) If you cannot handle it, then don’t do it because it will harm you and harm outside people if it leaks out, if the bacteria or the virus leaks out. (Yes. It’s dangerous.)

(Why aren’t people making that connection? Because it’s in mainstream media that it came from Wuhan. Most likely it came from Wuhan from a pangolin from…) That is definitely 100%. I checked inside with Heaven. (Yes.) Definitely from Wuhan, from wild animals. (Thank You for checking.) Yeah. (So, why aren’t people in the world changing quickly enough yet? Because they’re not making the connection yet.) They don’t want to, that’s what it is. Any excuse will do to blame anything except their own habitual meat-eating diet. Because they cannot put down that piece of meat and replace it with a piece of vegetable protein, they just say anything. Don’t listen to it; it’s not true. (Yes.) They just don’t want to put down that piece of meat. Either be too ignorant or too attached or too habitually ingrained by the negative, by evil power. And it’s difficult for them to shake it off just yet. I’ll tell you a joke just to make it light. (OK.) Three workers go to work together, and one of them is named maybe John. He says that, “If today I have a cheese sandwich again, I will jump down from this building.” So he opens, and there’s a cheese sandwich. So he jumped. It’s not so funny, but it’s funny in a way. (It is.) And the next worker, before he opened, he said, “Today if it’s potato salad again, then I will jump also.” And he opened, it’s potato salad. So, he jumped. So the third person said, “Today if it’s goulash soup again, then I will jump.” So three of them all jumped. And then at the funeral, the three wives talked together. (Yes.) The third one said, “I don’t know why Thomas did not tell me that he doesn’t like goulash soup. If he did, I would have made something else. Because when I made goulash soup, the first time we met, he said he liked it so much, so much that he could eat it every day. So I made it every day. I’m so sorry about that.” And then the second wife, she said, “If Olivier told me that he didn’t like potato salad, I would not have made it. But the first time we dated, I made it for him, and he said, ‘Oh, this I can eat every day.’ He loved it so much. That’s why I make it every day. Why didn’t he tell me that he had enough, and then I would make something else?” (Yes.) So, the third wife, of the one that first jumped, said, “I don’t understand John, either. If he didn’t like cheese sandwich, then why did he make it every day for himself?” (Oh, no.) So, we make our trouble and we try to blame anything else. We just change it. (Yes.) Don’t eat animals anymore. Then we don’t have this animal transmitted disease at least. It’s so obvious. (Yes, Master. Very obvious, Master.) We have mad cow disease from cows. No? (Yes.) We have pig disease from pigs. No? (Yes.) We have fish-something disease from mercury, from fish that’s undetectable, that’s incurable as well. (Yes, Master.) Or salmonella from eggs. (Yes.) From chicken. We have bird flu from chicken, etc., from other fowl species, etc. So, it’s all from animals up to now. (Yes.) Up to now, all of the terrible diseases and epidemics, pandemics we’ve had are from animals. So it’s obvious! What for blaming any lab? (Exactly.) A lab. Oh, God. (OK. Thank You.) This is so obvious. Look at the history of all these pandemics recently, not to talk about long ago. (Yes.) The Spanish flu also came from animals. (Yes, Master.) It infected 500 million people. I read. The second wave killed the most. (Yes, Master.) Altogether 500 million people infected. Imagine that? Unless we don’t want to live anymore, go ahead, continue. Even the animals being tortured, and hurts my heart so much, I can take them up to Heavens. It is the humans that I’m worried about, (Yes, Master.) wading in this bloody, sinful act and cooperation. (Yes, Master.) By eating it, and supporting it, and condoning this kind of animal torture and killing. (Yes, Master.)

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