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Between Master and Disciples

Animals’ Unconditional Love for Supreme Master Ching Hai, Part 1 of 2, Mar. 30, 2020

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Even the animals see through us. The animals, they observe, they know everything. (Yes, Master.) Just as I told you, the spider, I didn’t know that they observe so clearly like that. They told me because I am so kind so they want to help me.

(Hallo, Master?) (Hallo, Master!) (Hi, Master!) Can you guys hear me? (Yes, Master, hallo!) Thank you. Thank you. The phone is OK? (Yes, Master. It’s OK.) You guys meditate a little bit more these days, if you can, whenever you can. (Yes, Master.) It’s a little bit difficult for our world at this time. (Yes, Master.) Everything OK as usual? (Yes, Master.) I’m kind of busy. (Yes, Master.) (Yes, Master.) If you’re busy, then you know also I’m busy. (Yes, Master.) Because we work together. You know that. (Yes, Master.) (We are so happy and so grateful that You have the time to call and we can share this moment, Master. Thank You so much. We know You are on retreat. And You are working so hard and meditating so hard, Master, and sacrificing everything, even Your…) No, we’re all working hard. (Yes, Master.) Not just I. (Yes.) You guys are also working very hard and I’m grateful to God that you guys are there and that we can work together. (Thank You, Master. We are so happy to work with Master.) Must be your mission. (Yes, Master.) (I’m grateful to You, Master.) OK, then. Anything else you want to tell me? (Yes, Master. We are so touched by all the latest that Master shared in the Urgent Messages to the world, the leaders, the religious people who take care of so many under their wings. And You took Your time to talk to them, Master. And there is so much You have said. And if Master has more information or something new that Master in meditation, maybe discovered, which can be shared with the world, we will cherish it so much. And we will be happy.) Sure, sure. What do you want to know? And then I can tell you.

(Is there anything that You’ve discovered in Your long retreat? Master must have been working really hard on how to fix and uplift this world as quickly as possible. Is there anything new that You have found?) Well, there are and there are not. It depends on humans right now. Because the karma is so big now. It’s accumulated since too long. And not too much sign of repentance. So, I’m still waiting. Of course, if humans change, then everything will become better. And everything will change. (Yes, Master.) 

(With the ongoing coronavirus [COVID-19] that is affecting the entire world like we’ve never seen before, it seems like no one is really recognizing the solution. And if let’s say, the whole world were to go vegan right away, how quickly would the virus go away also?) Very quick. But the humans, they are trying very hard to find solutions without being vegan. (Yes, Master.) They could also find something. Possible. But I don’t want to say anything. (Yes, Master.) Because they will rely on that, and then they will not repent. And then it’ll get back to zero again. And there will be another virus again. You understand? (Understand, Master.) There would be something else later on. 

The most important is that humans have to return to their original loving nature, not just rely on medicine and inventions and stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) These short-lived. (Yes, Master. We also have seen many climate changes, like the crisis is getting worse. Is it like a countdown for all these climate crises?) We must have hope. (Yes, Master.) We must have hope and we must pray. Otherwise, if it goes down, it goes down. (Yes, Master.) And we all go up. It’s just I’m sorry about the humans and others who are still not understanding. For us, it’s no problem. OK? (Yes, Master.) For you, me, no problem. We just change the place, change the clothes, appearance, but nothing else would happen. (Thank You, Master. Yes, Master.) Nothing bad will happen to us. We’ll go back Home. (Thank You, Master.)

(Master, at this time of crisis [COVID-19], people are just locked down in their houses. Does Master have any words to share with the people?) Oh, it’s better they stay inside, just as the government prescribed. (Yes, Master.) And I also told you guys what to do if you have to go out, to protect yourself. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) This is a physical thing, so we have to use the physical means. Yeah, poor people! They feel very scared right now. (Yes.) I don’t remember when they had SARS or bird-flu, I don’t think people were locked down like that. No? (This is the first time.) Yes. I thought it’s the first time that it happened that people have to be locked in. (Yes, Master.) So now, I guess, all the streets are emptied and many buildings look like ghost towns and stuff like that. (Yes, Master, yes, absolutely.) Poor people. What to do? But this is just one of the signs of the warning, but people just don’t listen. I think the governments and religious leaders have to take the more strong, leading role. Have to take more dramatic measure. (Absolutely, Master, yes.) Tell people to just return to their original loving nature. No more meat eating, no more massacring the innocent and the helpless. No more torturing them like that. (Yes, Master.) I mean death is not much of a question. We will die one day or another. It’s just the way that they torture them. (Yes, Master.) And the way they kill them, that is terrible to Heavens and Earth to even witness.

(Master, all these zoonotic diseases are being transmitted from animals to humans because of our actions.) Yeah. (All the SARS, MERS, swine flu, bird flu… and the COVID-19, this coronavirus.) Yeah! This is supposed to be transmitted by some people who ate the wild animals. (Yes, Master.) And then it was transmitted to other animals and then transmitted to men, and then now even some animals, are transmitted too, are also infected.

Fatal Epidemics / Pandemics Originally Transmitted by Eating Animals

HIV / AIDS – transmitted by chimpanzees

Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (Mad Cow Disease) – transmitted by cows

H5N1 Avian (Bird) Flu – transmitted by chickens, geese

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) – transmitted by civets

H1N1 Swine Flu (Pig’s Disease) – transmitted by pigs

MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) – transmitted by camels

Ebola – transmitted by bats

COVID-19 – transmitted from bats to pangolins

All these diseases are transmitted FROM ANIMALS TO HUMANS

And that would be terrible, because if the animals, they’re romping around and transmit to other animals, then I don’t know where we run. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know how we escape. (Yes, Master.) Locked down or not. Recently, there were many animals and trees and forests, they sacrificed to die for humans. That’s why we are still here. (Oh, Master, thank You.) But that’s the difference between voluntary sacrifice. And the forced death with such a brutal, torturing way of killing and massacring. And that is very terrible for humans to do that because they will get the same treatment. It’s just that more for the humans and more multiplied times and multiplied suffering than what we measure to the animals right now. (Yes, Master.)

Recently, many forest fires and billions of animals died. They did that, voluntarily, (Oh, wow.) just to sacrifice for humans. So that we have time, more time to wake up. I have been pleading with them. But I did not think they would sacrifice this way. What I mean is that, don’t revenge on humans. Protect humans because they are erring. They are poisoned by all kinds of habits and the devil’s influence. That’s why I was pleading with the Nature, please be lenient, protect the humans. But I did not think that they would protect humans this way by sacrificing themselves by billions. Trees and animals, they just did that. Otherwise, there will be more numbers of humans who die. So instead of humans dying or destroyed, the animals and the trees and the mountains and all the beings, they sacrifice instead. If they sacrifice, of course it helps, but if we force them to die, or kill them for sacrifice, that’s different, that’s no good. That just makes us more karma, more heavy karma. (Yes, understand, Master.)

(Over the past few weeks, the world has been praying for World Vegan. Could Master please share the constructive effect of these prayers? Thank You, Master.) It has some effect. But not the whole world is praying. And not repenting in their heart and not changing their ways. The numbers are not big enough. (Yes, Master. Understood.) The heart has to be sincere and humble. Not just outward repentance or prostration or whatever. God is not mocked. (Yes, Master.) Even the animals see through us. The animals, they observe, they know everything. (Yes, Master.) Just as I told you, the spider, I didn’t know that they observe so clearly like that. They told me because I am so kind so they want to help me.

Even last night, I got up and saw two small spiders came inside because the big spider cannot come in anymore. I blocked some of the holes, so the big spider I guess cannot squeeze in, so they sent the smaller spiders. Two of them came in. I said, “Hey, what are you doing here? Is there more news or something?” They said, “No. We just want to weave a net of protection for You.” My God! My heart just melted I said, “No, you don’t have to do anything for me. Please, you’re so small, just protect yourselves.” But they just did it. (Yes, Master.)

When I first came to the New Land (Ashram), they have a place for me and these negative ghosts had been there before because there was nobody living there for ten-something years. And so they think we invaded their territory, so they make trouble. So, the birds came. I never saw so many birds who came at one time like that. And sing so loud, so beautiful. They told me they were doing some secret – I can’t tell you – but they were secretly doing some formula to protect me from these demons. And the squirrel came and said they wish me well. They wish me freedom, happiness, safety and peace. And the monkeys, also I asked them, “Why is it that you are so kind? Every time you see me, you say ‘well wish.’” (Yes, Master.) They said, “Woo! Woo!” That means “well wish,” “well wishing.” (Yes, Master.) They said, “I wish You well,” in our language. But their language is shorter, they don’t talk a lot. Except on the inside. (Yes, Master.) The vocabulary, physically, is short, but inside they relate information in perfect English. Their English is better than mine. Considering that they talk so quickly and not having to think or write down or anything. I asked the monkey, “Why are you so good, so kind? Every time you see me, you just bow the head and say, ‘Wish You well.’ Why is that?” And they told me, “Because You are the Worthy One.” I said, “Who told you that?” They said, “We know.” (All the animals know. All the animals know, Master.) Oh, we’re shameful; if we do things wrong, not only Heavens know but the animals, they know everything. (Yes, Master.) So, we have to be careful what we are doing. (Yes, Master.)

And because I feed them, so the zealous demons around the place where I newly stay for retreat, they came and harassed the monkeys. They scolded them and they punished them. (Oh.) That’s why I was so mad, I sent them to hell. (Yes, Master.) I said, “You cannot do that. What’s the reason?” So the monkey told me that the zealous demons accused the monkeys of stealing my food. Digging in my area. I said, “No. I have already announced that whatever I have in my area, you can have them. All the animals can have them. I don’t need. I don’t need any roots, any fruit, anything. And I also give you the fruit.” And I said it, “God gives it to you. Not even I claim the credit. So, you did not steal anything. You just come back and take whatever is there.” But they said they’re afraid that the zealous demons also trouble me because of that. I said, “Don’t worry. I will send them away. They did also, the zealous spirits, they are so bad. And they are very not peaceful. They always try to make trouble because that is their job. If they don’t make trouble in the world, they don’t cause war or trouble between people, between animals, then there will be no trouble, and no fighting. Nobody will die or suffer. Then they’ll have no job. (Yes, Master.)

They came and told me, “Don’t hurry to make peace in the world.” I said, “Why?” They told me, “Because then we have no work and nothing to eat.” I said, “Find some other things to do.” They said “No.” They said that they are assigned to do that. And they can only eat the corpses of people in war or fighting with each other. (Yes, Master.) With violence. I said, “You got to change. You have to follow me. Change your way of life. I will take you up to Heavens. And then there you will live in peace and dignity. You don’t have to do these kinds of ugly and violent things just to survive and just to eat.” Some of them followed. Some of them knelt in front of my door and repented. So they can go. But most of them are afraid of maya. (Yes, Master.) Afraid of the boss, so they don’t dare to follow me and don’t dare anything. Later, some others made trouble for the monkeys. I said, “What are you doing? The monkeys, why do you harass them?” I said, “Why is that? They don’t eat your things; they eat my things. God gave to me to give to them. So, why did you punish them? Make them so scared that they did not come for many days.” So, the zealous ghost told me, “Because maya worries that if You feed the monkeys, the monkeys will love You and don’t love the maya.” I said, “Oh, my God, you cannot force any being to love any others. They love whomever they want. You cannot just force people to love anybody just for any reason at all. Love is free. Love has to be natural.”

But then they still continued to harass the monkeys, so I asked the Godses to send them to hell. I said, “Whoever repents can go up to Heaven.” At least to put them in the Fourth level and waiting. To screen them, clean them up. And the Lord of the Fourth Level gave me that privilege to bring these up. I asked first. Because they cannot go immediately to the New [Spiritual] Realm. So I said [to the monkeys], “You just come and eat whatever I give to you, by God’s gift.” So sometimes, they don’t come. I put it there; they look but, they eat a little bit and then they left. And I asked them, “Why is that? Why don’t you eat when it’s all fresh? Why do you leave some here?” They said, “Save it for tomorrow, in case we cannot find it anywhere else, then we’ll come and have some reserve to eat.” “OK, good, good. Next time I’ll give a lot more so that you don’t have to worry about not enough food. Just eat more.” And then, they did not. So I said, “Why is that?” They told me, “Oh, Your food given is very precious, so we should eat it sparingly.” The monkeys, they understand everything, they know everything. We are really transparent. Scary.

(Master, who are these zealous spirits?) These are the people who sold their souls to the devils. By some circumstances. By being coerced into doing it. Just like in our world sometimes some gangsters, they do some tricks. (Yes, Master.) They force people into doing things with them. Maybe because they are just short of money and they are in a desperate situation, so they have to work with the gangsters. (Yes, Master.) And after a while, they don’t want to work anymore because they never wanted to be a gangster, to begin with, then they cannot get out. Because the gangsters will revenge them, or revenge on their family, and because of that, they have to continue. The same with these zealous entities. They have been like army chiefs or something like that. Something to do with ordering others to go out and fight with others. (Yes, Master.) Fighting with each other or having some bad temper. The people who have a bad temper, sometimes are used by these zealous spirits to make them more aggravated and then go out fighting or killing and then they profit from that. And because of that soul already going on that road, he cannot return. So, they became a subordinate of the devil. Or they just have to agree to do something so that they become more prosperous, and then slowly they just cannot get out anymore. They exchange their better understanding for profit at the cost of other people, for example like that. Or making war, to gain profit. And that’s how they continue to become zealous spirits, and working for maya. And after a long time, they cannot get out anymore. Even if they want to get out, they’re scared.

(Master, how many of these zealous spirits or entities exist in our world?) At the moment, millions of them. (Wow.) That’s why we always have war and conflicts between nations, between people, between family members, between animals, and between men and animals. I have written somewhere how many have been sent away, but I don’t know where it is. Let me see if I can find it in my diary somewhere. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) I’ll go get the diary to see how many already. At the moment, up to today, more than 90% already sent to hell anyway. (Wow! Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) And some of them sent to Heavens, the Fourth Level. Just one moment. I wrote it somewhere, like how many in actual numbers. (Yes, Master.) But I don’t see it.

A few days ago, the spiders came and told me, “Be happy.” I was kind of sad thinking of the world situation, and the people who are sick at the moment. And they came and tell me, “Don’t be sad. Be happy. Be free. Be safe. Zealous spirits returned to hell.” 93%. (Wow.) So I said, “Thanks all help. Thank God.” (Thank You, Master.) That was on Thursday, March 26. (Wow! Thank You, Master.) I had an actual number somewhere of how many of them. They were very, very vicious when I first came because they thought it’s their land and I’m not allowed to stay here. And the spider told me, “The zealous spirits don’t want You to stay here even. You must be vigilant. Be careful!” That was the first time he came, that spider. Other spiders tell me many other things, like, “Don’t stay here,” and something like that. On some other days, other years, other months. (Wow!) Not this spider, other spiders. (Understand, Master.)

The spider made a net right in front of… I have a little bathroom in front of the cave. (Yes, Master.) And I intended to stay there during my short retreat because it’s convenient. There is a little room before the bathroom. (Yes, Master.) Very small, but there are two rooms. One room inside is the shower, outside room is empty. (Yes, Master.) It’s about one square meter, but I thought that’s enough for me. I just need to meditate. And then they came and spun the net in front of my house, I couldn’t get in. I told them, “Why did you do this? I have to go in there.” They said, “No, don’t stay here; not good for You.” (Yes, Master.) Etc., etc.

In the world, we have a total 11,121,341 zealous ghosts. (Wow! Wow!) That was Wednesday, March 11. (Wow.) Till now, 151,326 repented, and went to the Fourth Level. (Wow!) I didn’t check up to now again. The rest were dragged to hell with their boss, to see their boss there, the maya. The ones that are temporarily in the Fourth Level will be cleaned, cleared and then go to the New (Spiritual) Land some time, later on. (Wow! Thank You, Master.) I wrote so many things here but it’s not in your questions, so… All right then, what else is there? Is that satisfying for you? (Yes, Master.) It’s lucky that I found it. I didn’t even know when, where, if I could even find it in my diary because I wrote a lot of stuff. Look, so many (Yes, Master.) every day.

(How did Master discover those zealous spirits?) How did I discover? (Yes.) Because they make trouble. And then they fake the name of God, and of the Ultimate Master, or the Original Protective God, to tell me things. And I thought it’s not right. (Yes, Master.) I just say, “It’s not right what you told me. Who are you? You have to identify yourself.” (Yes, Master.) “I mean the real. What is your title? What is your name? Where do you come from? You’re not Ihôs Kư Protecting God. You are not the Ultimate Master. Who are you? Now you have to swear, have to tell me the truth. If not, you’re going to be destroyed and your existence will be nullified forever!” So, they have to tell me the truth. They say, “We are the zealous ghosts.” (Wow!) I say, “What are you doing here? Why are you doing this?” They say, “We have to disturb You because You’re trying so hard to make peace in the world, and if You do it, we have no job.” I say, “There are many jobs to do. If you follow me, I’ll give you some job better than that, more noble.” But some of them followed, just as I told you, 151,326, who repented. (Yes, Master.) But that is nothing compared to 11 million. You understand? (Yes, Master. Big number.) And how many have been sent to hell, I forgot. I wrote it somewhere. Never mind. You know, up to now 93%. OK? (Yes, Master.)

So there are very little left now. But they still can make trouble for me from afar. It’s not like I send them away from where I live, then they will leave me alone. No. They can work from far. (Yes, Master.) I normally know there are many ghosts and demons and spirits around. (Yes, Master.) But I did not think of these zealous ghosts as war-makers. So now, because the “control machine” has been smashed, so a lot of people have been more awakened. (Yes, Master.) And they came to their original wisdom and understanding. So we have more and more peace now. And of course, now because of that, they come and make trouble for me a lot. Their boss also tells them they have to. (Yes, Master.) And they even send snakes into my house, in my place and all that stuff. And making un-peaceful energy, sending centipedes and all kinds of worms, all kinds of insects in my house, and I have to be busy taking them out every day. It’s getting better now because the spiders, they wove a web around to protect my peace. (Yes, Master.) That’s what they said. (Yes, Master.) I thank them no end. (Yes, Master. We thank them, too.) I gave them food but they did not eat. And after they’re done, they disappeared already. I don’t see them anywhere. I also did not want to do anything with the ghosts. If they leave me alone, I will leave them alone. (Yes, Master.) But if they continue to make trouble for me, especially to cause suffering for the world, (Yes, Master) for humans, and for animals like that, then I cannot relent. I told them you have choices, three choices – either go to hell, be destroyed forever, or go with me. (Yes, Master.) So, only a hundred-something- thousand went with me, as I read to you before. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, have these zealous spirits been on earth for a long time?) They have been here forever. And they have been born also through the energies of people and animals, those who have a penchant for war and violence and stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) But then it’s also in the beginning; it’s just that the maya made people angry, too. (Yes, Master.) They tempted them, they made situations, they tricked them, they trapped them. Understand? (Yes, Master, understand.) And then slowly, slowly, more and more angry people and animals, and more and more zealous ghosts are born out of that. (Wow. Yes, Master.) It’s like a vicious cycle. It’s like that. That’s how it happened. (Wow.) All the souls have been innocent until they fall into this world, by chance.

Just, for example, like the butterflies or the moths, the worms, they’re outside in the garden. (Yes, Master.) But sometimes they happen to go inside the house and they cannot get out. (Yes, Master.) And if I am a bad owner, for example, then I squash them, die. Or make them suffer. But just like in this world, the maya controls. And he’s not benevolent. So, he makes them more and more trouble. Just like the bad owner of the house, they will make trouble for the worms and the butterflies. Understand? (Yes, Master.) But then I am the one who takes them out instead. (Yes, Master.) They struggle a lot. Sometimes I have to talk to them for a long time. I say, “Trust me, go down lower so that I can catch you and bring you out.” And then finally they do. (Yes, Master.) They did.

It’s just similar to souls. They are wandering and fall into this trap. You understand what I’m saying? (Yeah, understand, Master.) Just like some fishermen, they put some net around. And the fish normally are free and having no worries, swimming in the big ocean. But imagine just a small net like that, they fell in! Such a big ocean and still can fall into the small net. (Yes, Master.) And the fishermen net them up and kill them and make them suffer and gasping for air before they die. And chop them into pieces. Similarly, the souls are innocent. They are free; they are roaming around in the whole universe. But it happened that this guy, he created this world. It’s like a trap, it’s like a hole, and then they fall inside a net. And then they begin to struggle, and then because of struggling, they hurt themselves, they die again, and they hurt each other, and then get more and more, like in a circle. Now you understand or not? (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) That’s why I feel very sorry for humans and animals. I want to help them because I know they’re innocent.

There’s nothing here for them at all. They’re just too trusting; they just came in by chance. And this guy, he wants to catch souls just like the fishermen catch fish. (Wow. Yes, Master.) Imagine the whole universe is so vast, but still can fall into here, into this land, into this world. Just like the ocean, how big can that be. Right? (Yes, Master.) The ocean is so vast but still the fish can fall into the small net in just a small corner somewhere. So it’s not the fish’s fault. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Because of falling into the net, so they suffer. For the fish, it’s like a few hours’ suffering, but like bigger worlds, like for the world, human beings suffer many years. Or then reincarnate again and suffer again if they do something wrong. And there are many, many chances that they can do things wrong because the maya, he created all kinds of stuff to make people do wrong. So that he can forever control. Understand? (Yes, Master.) So that they can accuse them of doing wrong and then punish them and make them return again, like so-called redeeming the past mistake. (Yes, Master.) And then again and again, when they come up to the world again, they cannot do right again because they forgot how to do right things. They will be in another trap and tricked again, that they could not get out. That they could not even think of the right thing, that is the thing. And then everybody else is the same, so they learn from each other and they keep doing wrong. (Yes, Master.)

Even not talking about criminals or robbers or murderers outside. No, everyone is doing wrong in different degrees. Even if you don’t murder other people, you murder fish and animals. And then you still get punished, and return again, again, and again to be punished. And then they will make other kinds of wrong doings, because in the world, it’s so easy to do wrong. (Yes, Master.) Not like, OK, you give another chance, you come back as a human, then you can do it right. No! The maya, the devils will make sure that you will not do it right again because there will be other traps, other situations arise that you could not even think of. You just worry about surviving. (Yes, Master.) That’s why the whole world’s doing wrong. Most people are doing wrong things and cannot get out. I’m trying hard to reason with them and show them the logic and reason. Sometimes it’s frustrating. But I don’t blame humans. I don’t blame anybody, even the worst criminals. I know they are just being tricked and being trapped into this kind of net of this world. Just a bigger net than the fish net, that’s all. (Yes, Master.) OK. What else?

(Master, how about the rest of the 7% of these spirits, what is the status with these?) Oh, I don’t know yet. (Are they still creating problems?) I will try to sort it out. OK? (OK, Master. Thank You, Master.) I have so many other things to do. When it comes, then I will make an excuse to reason with them or send them back to hell. And they will stay there forever so everyone will have peace. But I need to have some excuse. OK? (Yes, Master.) Just like they have been bothering me, that’s how I can do it. (Yes, Master. Thank You so much.) You’re welcome. Anything else?

(Master, could You tell us more about the spider?) Oh, the spider. I told you already, no? (Yeah. Who is this spider being?) They are just another being. Another type of being, just like you and me; it’s just a different form. (Yes, Master.) They have souls and they know everything. We all know everything. The animals know more than we know. (Yes, Master.) I mean, more than the average people. Because the average people, they are more equipped with intellect, with survival kind of equipment. (Yes, Master.) Like we have hands and then we can create things. And then when it’s beautiful, maybe the neighbor wants it. And then we don’t want to give and so the fight begins, for example. Or the hatred begins, the envious energy begins, and then there will be born more of this kind of conflict, between neighbors. And then bigger, more and more such energy accumulates in the world, then becomes war. And then killing animals, it’s the number one cause of war and famine and disaster and disease in the world. (Yes, Master.) Because the animals, they also have souls. And when they die, before they die, they’re anguished, they’re lamenting, they’re calling to Heaven. In their own way, in their silent way, and the Heaven cannot just ignore their pleas. (Yes, Master.) Even though humans are the best, but if we don’t behave as the best, then the karma still has to punish us. (Yes, Master.) And then we will be punished by the devils. Not by God, by the devils.

(Master, has there been any effect for the prayer for World Vegan since we started?) Yeah, some effect, of course. Such a short time, no? Just a short time yet. (Yes, Master.) Because the karma is overwhelming. We just prayed for a few days. I don’t dare to ask them even to pray every day because I don’t know if they can do it. Just once a week, half an hour, if they could even make it half an hour. (Yes, Master.) This is just for them, at least to remind them, to be good and to think of others and to pray. At least like that, maybe they will be cleaned and they may be awakened. (Yes, Master.) They can think more. Because otherwise, everyone is too busy; they’re kept busy. So that they cannot even think of anything except food, and drink, and clothing, and work and survival. So this half an hour maybe that makes them have a little bit of time to reflect, to think. (Yes, Master.) It might help. It’s not just the prayers. They have to be awakened and sincerely repent. (Yes, Master.) You ask for miracles. The Buddha said that the beings in this world’s karma, if you can see it even the sky cannot contain it all, cannot contain all the karmas of all the beings in this world. So just a few days of half an hour of prayers, don’t ask for quick result. (Yes, Master.) Even if they do pray or not, I cannot control them. This is just their free will if they want to do it or not, if they do even believe it or not. I’m just trying every way I can. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, You mentioned in Your latest message to the Government and World Leaders that God asked You to write this letter to them to tell them this message. Is there a reason for that? Is this like some sort of ultimatum, last warning for humans?) It’s another time-buying from the Beloved Heavens. OK? (Wow. Thank You, Master, Thank You, Heavens.) Of course, God and Heavens also don’t want to punish humans. (Yes, Master.) Because I told Them, it’s not their fault. Just like it’s not the fault of the fish to fall into the net and then hurting each other in there because of the squeezing space. They’re also hurting each other inside there because of their fins, and their sharp teeth and all that stuff. (Yes, Master.) They’re hurting each other in the net, struggling, and languishing in there together, and hurting each other. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s not the fish’s fault. (Yes, Master.) Just they fall into the trap. Just like us, we fall into this world and then because of this and that, we have conflict with each other because of interests. (Yes.) Because, by the way, we just rub elbows with each other and then hurt each other because… it’s just the situation. You see what I’m saying? (Right, Master. Yes.) That’s why I told the Heavens, “You have to be lenient, have to be patient. You have to do something to help me to awaken them, not just punishing them and destroying them.” (Understand, Master. Thank You so much, to You, Master and to the Heavens for allowing us to have extra time so the world can change. Thank You so much.) It’s not an ultimatum or anything. It’s just Heaven always gives chances. I always ask Heaven, “Please, please stop all this killing, please.” Because I cannot bear. Whenever I see the animals suffer through the video, I scream, I cry, and I was so mad, so mad, and so anguished.

(Right now, people are scared of the virus and then they are staying home listening to their government. Is this beneficial for them to stay home and have they more chance to reflect on their actions and not to… The world economy is halted. Does this have an effect on the world, on the vegan movement?) I don’t really know what people are thinking in their minds. Of course, staying home is better for them physically. (Yes.) They’ll recover if they are mildly affected. And take medicine, number one. Number two, when they’re resting at home, it’s also giving some time to recover. (Yes, Master.) To rest physically and mentally. But that doesn’t benefit the economy at all. You can see. (Yes, Master.) All shops are closed and all the big businesses are not functioning. We’re losing trillions already. And the number of people that die are more than what they say in the Internet or whatever you have seen. Millions. (Wow.)

(Having Supreme Master Television, do we earn a lot of time?) We are earning some time, of course. I have told that before in France already. (Yes.) And it could be ongoing for some more time. (Yes, Master.) You can see that during the time between the old Supreme Master Television until the new Supreme Master Television, during that time, the world was more chaotic. (Yes, Master.) More war and stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) And after we began Supreme Master Television again, there’s more peace. But it’s too slow for my liking. Of course, we are only a small group of people. (Yes.) We do the best we can to balance the bad energy in this world. (Yes, Master.) To help as much as we can. (Yes.) It would have been better if all the world wakes up. (Yes, Master.) It’s just like it’s better if you don’t get sick. When you’re already sick, the doctors try their best to help you. The doctors and nurses, they try their best to help you. But it would have been better if you’re not sick at all. (Yes, Master.) The world is sick and we are trying our best with whatever remedy we have. OK? (Yes, Master.)

Just like, normally, if not too many people are sick, then the hospital can manage. Recently, this COVID-19 makes many hospitals overwhelmed. They keep building extra hospitals. You know that, right? (Yes, Master.) Next to it, just a makeshift hospital so that they can even house these patients because the hospital has no more rooms. And don’t have enough even equipment and manpower. And some doctors even die. (Yes, Master.) Some nurses caught the disease and die also. I feel truly sorry for these medical people, doctors and nurses. They are in the front line to fight this case, and I pray for them. They are the heroes, unsung heroes. (Yes, Master.) Yes. They’re doing their job, of course. But in this time, in this case, it’s very dangerous for them. (Yes, Master.) And also they cannot find enough medicine to tackle this kind of virus. It’s new. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) It’s new and it’s kind of transmuted or something like that. It changes. It changes its pattern. (Mutated.) Yeah, yeah. It mutated and changed its kind of varieties so it’s very difficult for the doctors to figure out what to do. (Yes, Master.) Therefore, many people die. (Yes. Yes, Master.) According some not official news, millions of people died. (Yes, Master. Wow.) Well, you can imagine. It’s not hard to believe. (No, Master.) Because some people in such a remote area also, they die, they don’t even know why. (Yes. Understand, Master.) They have no time to go to the doctor or think. They die quick. Because in these cases, it just takes the air out of your lungs, and then you feel like drowned in the water. You can’t breathe anymore, and you just die like that. There is no time. No time to cure. Only those people with milder symptoms, and beginning, then they may survive. Up to now, there is no cure, right? (No, not yet, Master.) Yeah. That’s what I thought. I feel very, very sad. I feel like, sometimes, my God, how come they don’t listen to their own conscience? But again, I cannot blame humans because they have been poisoned for a long time already. Thousands of years already by the badness of the energy of this world, by the devils’ bad influence; so they just struggle to survive now. It’s very difficult for them to understand the truth. (Yes, Master.) If it hadn’t been for us, Supreme Master Television, and the disciples who have been good and virtuous and praying, meditating, then the energy would have been all dark. (Yes, Master.) Our world would have been doomed long time already. (Yes, Master.) And if it had not been for the sacrifice of the animals voluntarily, and the trees, others, instead of humans’ lives, then more human lives would have been lost. More than what you think right now. More than what’s reported right now. More disasters would befall the human race; more trouble, more deaths. But we see some little light at the end of the tunnel. Like now, many leaders are making peace with each other. You see that? (Yes, Master.) It’s just that we want more peace for the animals, then we will have no problem. (Yes, Master.)

(Through this COVID-19 virus, people are recognizing this virus came from eating wildlife, and the wildlife trade. So, China has already banned eating or trading wildlife. And then also, other countries are recognizing it, and then they will first ban wildlife [consumption], and hopefully they will understand the connection between, not just wildlife, but eating other animals. And young people right now are waking up to it. And, just in the last few years, the [vegan] options have been multiplied. In every country, we report news, people are able to buy vegan items, vegan products, and especially young people are waking up. They’re adopting [the vegan] diet, but also, they know the climate change, the severity of it, so they are taking action. It’s just not fast enough, but they are really waking up. If we just earn some of the time for them to recognize, I think we will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.) But it’s good, even though it’s too slow and too small a number. But it’s good, otherwise we would have been gone. (Yes, Master.) The world would have been gone if these trends of vegans and benevolence had not been rising up, up to now, up to this level. Then the world would have not been balanced enough to continue to exist. (Yes, Master.) We exist still, it’s just that it’s not perfect. That’s why we still have disaster and disease and fires everywhere. You look at the map from the air, from the satellite; it looks like every point in the world has fire somewhere. Because nowadays, with the media and Internet, so many young people or old people know the vegan diet and the world climate change. So, they think about it and they change. (Yes, Master.) But not in enough numbers yet. (Not yet.) I hope this time, they will wake up. The COVID-19 disease will wake them up, more. (Yes. Yes. We hope so, Master.) I hope so, too. (Thank You.)

We’ll pray for that. It’s a sad thing, but sometimes, it takes some dramatic measure to wake people up. So Heaven is just still warning. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know how long They will have patience. Because we still continue to kill animals and torture them, making them suffer so much, everywhere, just to eat. I don’t know if the zealous ghosts are bad, or we humans are also not as good. The zealous ghosts, demons, they are causing war and causing conflicts, so that people will die in war, in conflict, in fighting; so that they can eat the dead corpses of these people. And we are killing animals alive, also just to eat. (Yes, Master.) So sometimes they told me, “Please be lenient with us. Be lenient with the zealous ghosts.” I said, “I don’t want to be harsh or anything to you, but you have to change. I cannot continue to allow you to cause trouble, to cause the humans’ imbalance so that they fight each other, so that you can have profit from their deaths.” I also don’t like to punish them or anybody. Just that it has to be done in some measure. Just to see if the world’s getting better or not without them.

But people have been so programmed, so ingrained with all these kinds of actions or animal flesh-eating, that it’s very difficult for them to change. Very difficult for them to even understand why they have to change. Even so sick already like this, the world is sick and locked down, they even don’t buy vegan. Some of them are just buying all the meat stuff. You can check it out on the Internet, maybe you can see it, see if I tell the truth or not. (Yes, we did see, Master.) Some areas, people choose vegan more and more now. (Yes.) But not big, not quick enough. The thing is, they have to realize that meat, the thing they put in their mouths; is dirty, filthy, germs and antibiotic-laden and wicked-karma-laden also. They have to realize that being human, the crown of the creation, they have to be more compassionate, more loving, more kind. That is the main point. (Yes, Master.) But what to do? I am alone. And we are a small group. And the world is big. It’s just like the hospital now is overwhelmed for all the doctors and the nurses, because of the patients’ numbers. A few days ago, in Italy alone, almost one thousand people died, in just one day! In 24 hours. And in Spain also, seven, eight hundred people died just in one day. Despite the technologically advanced age in our time. And every corner we have a drug store, a pharmacy, and all the inventions of modern medicine. Still cannot save them. And now the world is locked down. And still don’t wake up! I don’t know how many leaders even listened to my letter. And I don’t know how many religious leaders even watch our show. Because they are busy doing other things. And it’s just like business as usual. They’re thinking outside. They don’t reflect inside to know the real cause of the problem, like COVID-19. (Yes, Master.) They don’t see the real cause of it. They’re just thinking medicine and modern technology and all kinds of things. They just run around. So, we just do what we can. (Yes, Master.)

What else to do? All right, any other questions? (We don’t have any more questions, Master.) Good. Fine, fine. (Thank You, Master.) It’s good enough already. You guys OK? (Yes, Master.) (Yes. We are very good, thank You.) Food? Clothes? (Yes. Everything’s OK, Master.) Everything good? (Yes, thank You, Master.) Make sure, your place is dry and clean, and good air, OK? (Yes, Master.) Make sure, even it’s cold, you must go out and take a walk or something. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes walking alone is boring, so I don’t know, what to do. Maybe just jumping in one place, also OK. (Yes, Master.) Stamping your feet in one place. Do some push-ups, to make yourself strong to withstand the effect of the virus. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s in the air. Even though you’re not near the sick person, it will be in the air. (Yes, Master.) And sometimes we go out shopping… Oh, everything you bring home, like even raw salad, you have to pour boiling water on it first, before you eat. Even fruits and all that, you have to wash thoroughly. (Yes, Master.) Tell kitchen, soak in salt for five minutes. Fruits, and then wash and eat. If you want to be sure, then just pour hot water on it. I mean boiling water. (Yes, Master.) Tell them to clean the kitchen well, and when they come in they have to wash themselves like that. (Yes, Master.) Already I told you. And don’t fumble on your face, OK? (Yes, Master.) If you’re itching or something, if you go out and if you feel itchy, then you use the inside of your cloth or some tissue to rub it. Don’t use your finger. (Yes, Master.) Some clean cloth or something, or your clothes, inside of the clothes to rub your itchy place. Don’t touch it with your hands, because your hands touch everything else already. (Yes, Master.) Even if you wear the gloves, but the gloves were also touching something. Wearing the gloves is only so that before you come into your car, you discard it. And use vinegar to wipe the clothes, if you have to go out. Just for now. (Thank You, Master.)

It’s just that karma of the human beings, it keeps changing things. (Yes, Master.) It just takes a few people who don’t listen and who make trouble, then the world continues to follow that pattern. Follow the bad pattern. Very difficult, we are fighting the fight. Because now the maya, even though he’s locked in hell, but some of his subordinates are still here. (Understand, Master.) This world is full of demons, ghosts, and bad spirits. It’s just you don’t see it. So they go around tempting people, seducing people to do bad things, so that they can profit. So that they can control this world. They don’t want to let go. They don’t want to let the souls free. They want the souls to continue the cycle forever, so that they always have people to control. Possessive. (Yes, Master.) Territorial. Just like the net, they put it out so that the fish will fall inside and then they keep it, and then they hurt it, and they eat it, and they torture the fish, and all that. And just like they chain all the cows in their area. Or imprison them in there, so then they can do what they want with them. (Yes, Master.) And make them make more babies, more calves so that they can control more, eat more. Kill more, torture more. It is the same with the devils. So what humans are doing with animals, it is the copy of the devils’ pattern. Do you understand? (Yes, Master.) So, if people don’t wake up and don’t go out of there, they’ll continue like this forever.

Actually, while talking, your question was also answered already about the spider and stuff. (Yes, Master.) The spiders, they’re just one of the beings. All beings on this planet are beings in different forms. Just like the elephants, they’re bigger, and they have a bigger nose. Long nose. We have short nose. That’s all. They’re all beings. Just like vegetables. There are many kinds of vegetables. (Yes.) But they are all vegetables. And we are beings, like human beings, animal beings; they’re all beings. They have souls. They have intelligence. They have more intelligence than many of us humans. (They have more intuition, they have more moral standard than many of us. And then we, because we’re stronger, we’re more clever, we are more equipped with physical strength and craftiness, and then we control them. We can be their friends. They can subdue to us, but we cannot kill them and eat. We don’t like anybody to kill us and eat, no? (No, Master.) No! But in former times, there were people who eat people, you know that. (Yes, Master.) Even some decades ago. (Yes.) And we are a little bit more civilized now, but we still eat animals. So, maybe someday we’ll be more civilized. And we do away with eating animals, just like we do away with eating humans. And we do away with animal slavery, just like we now do away with human slavery. Let’s hope that day comes soon. (Yes, Master.) We do our best. (Thank You, Master.) We are the light in the dark, and the more light the better. (Yes, Master.) And we are trying to ignite more light in the world. So that it’s not all dark. We cannot light up the whole corners of the world but we are trying. Getting more and more light all the time, you see? (Yes, Master.) People who listen to Supreme Master TV, they change. They became better. (Yes, they do.) They became vegan also. So, in the future, the world either gets better or finished. Two choices. Are you scared to die or something? (No, Master. We have You, Master, we’re not scared of anything.) Good. But sooner or later, anyway. (Yes, Master.)

It’s just that I’m worried that if people don’t repent and they make more and more karma of killing animals, or harming the children in different ways, or the humans in different ways; then maybe the disaster comes too sudden that no one can prepare. Right now, it’s just warning, warning. Just warning signs. But if Heaven really wants to destroy us, then we have no time to think. No time to prepare for anything. Just like this, Wuhan’s infectious virus just came like that. (Yes.) COVID-19 just came like that, nobody even prepared. So, the whole world doesn’t have any medicine to counter it. So only some survive because of the mild case, and then they can use just some antibiotic or something. But the severe cases, they cannot because they have no cure for it right now. And by the time they find a cure, more and more people die every day. Thousands. Tens of thousands. (Yes, Master.) The reports are not the accurate number. Because there are many remote areas, nobody reports anything. Or some don’t want to report, because they don’t want to alarm people. (Understand.) (Yes, Master.) OK guys, it’s not a very happy conversation. (Master, thank You.) (Thank You for all You are doing and Your sacrifice. Thank You, Master.).

I don’t see it as a sacrifice. I just feel sorry for my dogs. (Yes, Master.) In a way, it is a sacrifice. Because I still need to do work for Supreme Master Television. All of us do sacrifice. (Yes, Master.) Because sometimes we are tired, we want to take a rest, but we cannot because the time, urgent, we have to continue working. That’s also a sacrifice. And I miss my dogs; I love them so much. But the price is that I cannot see them. I cannot see any humans and dogs. The monkeys are just exceptional because they just came. I don’t have to take care of them. I just put some fruits and potatoes, sweet potatoes outside and corn, which they like. And they come to eat whenever they want. I cannot ignore it because I have enough food to eat and they don’t have. And they came to my house, not my house, but outside, so I have to treat them.

All right then. I’ll see if I forgot anything. I’m checking. Well, there are so many, but… Yeah, the squirrel, you just asked me about the squirrel, right? Before? (Yes, Master.) I told you already, but it’s not all. I just saw it now. Because some squirrels came to me in one of my retreat areas and they told me that this and that person is not good for me. And then I observed after a while, it is like that. So they just warn me to stay away from some troublemaker. (Yes, Master.) They say, “If that person continues working with You, then Your Worth will be reduced.” (Wow.) The Worth, the Universal Worth. So, of course, after that person left… I didn’t kick that person out, it’s just the situation made that. And then, it’s better, brighter; my sickness was just gone. Less or zero humiliation. For example like that. (Understand, Master.) And afterward, that person was supposed to come back, but Heaven said, “No, no. No more, no more, please.”

What else here? I told you some already. (Hi, Master.) Yeah. (You have mentioned earlier that You have written some things in Your diary that are not related to the questions we have asked. Could You share more points with us?) Too many. (I think anything You share would benefit all the people in the world at this point of time, Master.) I just wrote a lot here, for example like the spider came and told me that… Actually, he said the exact words like this: “Not turn off light.” You know, not grammatically correct, like “Not turn off light.” Talk very fast, “Not turn off light.” “Leave the sofa.” That’s what it was, so I was kind of surprised because I was meditating. I didn’t see the snake, but suddenly I woke up and I thought I would write something in my diary. (Yes, Master.) And then, he was staring at me, the spider. And I said, “What now?” And then he told me that, again. He probably told me already during my meditation, I didn’t hear. He said, “The snake will harm You. Not turn off light.” “Leave the sofa. The snake will harm You.” That’s what he said. (Wow.) Before that, I had the message, it’s saying that, “Be careful, the snake will harm You.” But I thought, if I don’t go to garden, then it’s OK. So only that night when the snake already came inside, and the spider warned me again, then I saw the snake. Then I know, ah, that’s what it is. (Wow.) And the trees also warned me many times, like, “Be careful,” or “Go away, don’t stay here. Some bad people are coming,” or like that. “Saw danger.” Stuff like that. Many times, otherwise I probably have been burned sometime in the forest already. (We thank all these beings that help You, Master.) I thank them all the time, that’s why I have to defend them. Because they do nothing but being good and sacrifice for humans. And my dogs also, I feel sorry for my dogs’ sacrifice, but I told them, “Please, we have to help others.” I do miss them a lot, and I call that a sacrifice. (Yes, Master.) Not any other big thing. Just that. I said something here like, “There is no end.” I wrote something here. Oh, sometimes the forest where I live was burning, and the tree told me to get out (Wow.) on time. Otherwise, I would have been gone. So that I ask someone to call the firemen on time. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise the whole forest and garden would be burned, because they are connected with each other. The garden and the forest. And I wrote sometime here, something like, “Trees warn me of bad reporters even, sneaking around, that I should stay in house, so there will be no scandalous, fake news to add more troubles into my mission.” (Wow.) I just read at random, OK? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

“And there is no end to my dogs’ protection; protective measure and sacrifice to help me, here and there, all the time, if I listen.” “Sometimes I don’t listen. Sometimes it’s too late to hear because I’m too busy. Then, they would take it upon themselves to protect me at their expense.” So, they got sick and all that. All of a sudden. “Oh, I am ever so sorry about these incidents. I am forever grateful to their presence and utmost loyal love in my life. God bless them eternally. They will be in New Realm with me for sure, forever.” (Yes, Master.) The snake came in the house, I didn’t how. Because it’s not a house, actually, it’s like a storage. OK? (Yes, Master.) Second-hand, and I just stay sometimes because it’s quiet. Everywhere else is so famous already. Even if they don’t know I’m there, they don’t come but the energy will be sent. And I can’t be too quiet. Here is a little more quiet. (Yes, Master.)

Yeah. Many other things, for example, in some tradition, they say you cannot speak God’s name out loud. (Yes.) And the God’s name is written in just letters. (Yes, Master.) Some letters only, but not the whole word. Remember? (Yes, Master.) Did you know? (Yes, Master. We know about that, yes.) OK. It’s just like we have Five Holy Names but we are not allowed to speak it aloud. (Yes, Master.) And maybe we write down just the letter, the first letter or the second letter of the words. OK? (Yes, Master.) That’s what they do. Maybe one day I will explain more of this. I think all this you know, no need. And some of you asked me, beyond Ihôs Kư, what is it? (Yes, Master.) Beyond Ihôs Kư is the Original Uncreated Universe. (Wow, Master! Wow!) Ihôs Kư is the Created Universe; it’s just high class. You understand? (Yes, Master.) This world is also a created one. But low class and trouble. Beyond Ihôs Kư is the Non-Created Universe, Non-Created Godses. (Yes, Master.) They exist forever, stay forever, never born, never die. (Wow.)

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