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Wake Up and Be Vegan in This Time of Cleaning, Part 4 of 6, June 26, 2020

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OK, I’ll read something for you. Now the gecko told me this, that was on the 24th of June. And the 25th of June, what do we have here? Thursday, June 25. That was yesterday, right? (Yesterday, yes.) I have written here. Sometimes I forgot what day it is. This comes from the Ultimate Master. Because I was kind of sad. I’m thinking, “I’m helping the world, but they don’t even know it.” For example. And it’s not fast enough for me. (Yes.) I was thinking, “What else can I do?” I was sad and I thought, “Oh, I don’t know if I want to continue. Talking to deaf ears.” (Understand. Yes.) And the people are suffering like that, and I feel frustrated. Even though it helps, but I want it completely and quick. So, I blamed myself, maybe I didn’t do good enough. So, the Ultimate Master told me in a message.

I had three messages yesterday. The message number one I wrote here: “You are Love, Loved One.” That’s what Hes said. (Yes, Master.) And I said, “Thank You, Glorious Master. Love You, too.” So, number two: My Protector told me, “Do not forgive such and such and such. He is disrespectful.” And other etc., etc. action. Inside. (Yes, Master.) Even I did not see it. So, I said, “But then he’s still bugging me.” I was still thinking of him, whether or not he’ll be OK. Whether or not it should have happened like that, for him. And the Ihôs Kư Protector said, “Oh, in three days You will not be bothered anymore, because he will be far away, and then he has things to do. Then he won’t bother You.” (Yes, Master.) Only in the mind. (Yes, Master.) Because I never hate anybody. Even if Heaven told me that he did this and that and disrespectful, I never hate anybody. I feel sorry. I thought such a person, I should teach him more instead. But Heaven said, “No, no. He needs to go. It’s better for You.” (Understand, Master.) Anyway, nobody nearby, it’s just living nearby only. Not with me. Just like you guys. Like one of you. Just nearby, don’t see me. I don’t see him. But then something he did that Heaven does not pardon at the moment. (Yes, Master.) Kind of astral stuff. Never mind. I don’t want to tell further. Of course, I thank the God also. Oh, I forgot to thank Them here first. Never mind, because it’s such a negative thing They told me, so I forgot to thank. And number three… Who is this telling me? “Be happy. Demons are all gone.” These are from Heaven. From my Protector. Not from gecko again, no. (Understand.) So everybody comes and tells me. Even geckos talk now. I never heard them talking before. (That’s amazing news.) He just came next to the door and waited for me to come out and told me such things. And the spider crept inside my house and told me that. And the Ihôs Kư told me this message. (It’s wonderful.)

Because I was thinking, “How come the world is not better yet?” I mean, not the way I want. Not like completely better. Not like Heaven and peace for everybody. (Yes, Master.) Still, it’s very chaotic at the moment. Not the pandemic only, but the animals die by the hundreds of thousands because they cannot sell. They kill them, hundreds of thousands. Pigs or cows or chickens, minks. And then the whole world is in deficit. Because of the pandemic, people don’t work, they’re less productive, but more payment. (Yes, Master.) Even I heard Americans’ debt is like some US$30 trillion, something like that. Some trillions anyway. (Yes, Master.) And then there is Ebola. But it’s probably better now. And the salmonella in chickens, etc., etc. And the seasonal flu has still not disappeared ever. Visits us again and again, and that’s also sometimes deadly, or very uncomfortable and very damaging to the body. (Yes, Master.) Because if you take antibiotics, it’s also not good for the body. And then even those sicknesses before, like SARS and MERS and stuff like that, they’re still in the corner, somewhere. Maybe they don’t spread so quickly like COVID-19 but they are still spreading. (Yes, Master.) It’s just because the COVID-19 now covers everything. Many cancer patients are neglected. People complained, and the newspaper printed them. And Tuberculosis is neglected. And malaria, people with other kinds of chronic disease or dangerous disease, many are neglected because of the COVID-19 situation. (Yes, Master.) Lockdown, and hospitals are full, and the pandemic is new and more urgent. So, many patients are not really cared for, and die. (Yes, Master.) Especially the elderly. So it’s not only the pandemic that kills people, there are other things as well. Other old epidemics/pandemics are also still ongoing. And now we have even floods, torrential rains and landslides in many places, and the locust disaster in many places, bee declines, also droughts everywhere, and farmers – helpless; no one can help them. It’s worrisome for our world, some people worry that due to all this, we will have food shortage. We already have anyway. I HOPE EVERYBODY WAKES UP QUICK, QUICK, QUICK. BE VEGAN TO USE THIS COMPASSIONATE, BENEVOLENT, SUSTAINING ENERGY IN ORDER TO SAVE OUR PEOPLE, OUR WORLD.

And even mental stress. Even some doctors killed themselves, because of the situation and maybe the virus attacked their brain, so they could not even think straight. That’s what it was. Otherwise, I saw one doctor, so beautiful, American, just killed herself like that. And many more. And many doctors and hospital personnel and nurses died because of infection. Because in the beginning nobody prepared for this, so they didn’t have enough equipment for protection, so they just died like that. Imagine, these heroic people. And then in England, like doctors and nurses already retired, they came back out again. (Yes, Master.) Just to help out because they are needed. And the hospitals called them, and they came back and sacrificed, and they died. Many of them. (Oh, no.) Just like that! Imagine? (It’s terrible, Master.) Yeah, terrible! How would you feel if you are their family members? (Yes, so bad.) Normally they work hard all their lives already. (Yes, Master.) And then, now they enjoy a little bit of leftover of their time on Earth, they have to sacrifice and die just like that! I feel it’s not fair. (No, it’s not.)

Just for that piece of meat! How hard is it to just put it down, and replace it with another kind of protein, tasty, good? It’s not like it’s not tasty. (Yes, Master.) You eat the vegan protein every day. Do you feel anything bad? (No, Master.) (It’s really good.) No, huh? (Yeah. It’s good, Master.) What do you feel when you eat? (We enjoy it very much.) Enjoy, delicious, right? (Enjoy. Yes, Master.) Yeah! I know that. I know they are good because, before we opened like Loving Hut or Loving Food Company, years ago, they made me eat so many things, just to taste. (Yes, understand.) Oh, my God! Some were lousy, some were good, but I had to eat a lot until I didn’t want anymore. I said, “Please take it away. Please, you eat it. You know better. You eat every day. You should know better. You taste it.” Many people tasting together is better than just me, one person. So if all of you, many of you are OK, then the food is OK, and then we can produce them. I became like a guinea pig. They make experiments of food on me. Even during retreat, I had to taste these things. In Thailand retreat, they brought a lot and I had to eat them, good or not. But then later, it’s all good, tastes good. The ones that taste good, I said we will produce. I also ate them. (Yes, Master.)

I think I run out of stuff now. I’m not sure. The spider said the same. “Be happy. Zealous demons are all gone.” So I said, “Thanks.” Here, what did I say, “No message today. Work too hard, take a break.” I said to myself. So yesterday, the third message said, “Be happy. Demons all gone.” From the Ihôs Kư Godses. So I said, “Yeah. So said You. I would really want to see the world to live in peace and love, just like High Heaven. Not Astral Heaven, higher.” That’s what I said. I really want to see it. Not just keep talking, promising. Because the energies of the zealous demons and ghosts and evil and all that, are still in the world. (Yes, Master.) Like, even if maya is gone, the energy still lingers, because they infected the humans and the animals on this planet since long, long, long ages already. (Understand, Master. Yes.) So, even if they’re gone, it takes years for this energy to clean up. That’s why I’m frustrated. That’s why I said to Them, “I really want to see the world in peace and harmony and love, not talking anymore about that.” Because it’s too long for me to wait. I’m impatient, been waiting too long.

What is this here? Something about computer password. Too much stress because disciples, etc., workers. I don’t want to say it. Just trouble. “But it will be all good,” I said to myself. (Yes, Master.) I have to always be positive. I just wrote about I have received Chief Lane’s message, and I replied to him. Thursday, June 18th, I was tired, and as usual, suffering, seeing beings suffer outside my world. So, I complained, I said, “You keep saying peace will come. Don’t say it anymore, I don’t want to hear it. And then You keep saying my love will win. Can the humans even feel it, this love? Even animals feel it?” So I asked Heaven, “So, what’s the use of talking about my love will win? They don’t feel anything. That’s why they continue to do what they are doing.” If they truly feel my love, they would feel immediate change. (Yes, Master.) They would change. They would know what it is. They would know really what the energy that I brought is, and they would change. So I said, “Why, then? Why don’t they feel my love, if You keep saying my love will win?” So, They said to me here… I forgot who told me, but it’s in parentheses here. This I quote. In quotation marks, “Highest Pure Love is traceless.” “OU (Original Universe) Godses.” I said, “I don’t even feel my own love.” Because in the human body we’re limited. (Yes, Master.) Also busy. Sometimes too much outward and less inward, that’s why. So They said, “Highest Pure Love is traceless.” I was thinking They would say something else. But because the word “traceless” I haven’t used for I don’t know how many decades, I haven’t remembered this word. I was thinking They’d say something else, but this is what They dictated to me, “traceless.” “Highest Pure Love is traceless.” And I was very pleased with that word. Because They use the good word. (Yes, Master.) A good word is hard to find for a writer, or for a journalist to find some good word. (Yes.) Appropriate word, it’s a joy. It’s a pleasure. So They found it.

16th, Tuesday… It’s not for you. And then even a spider came and told me, another one. It’s earlier on, not the one yesterday. Another one said, “Be happy. Peace will come.” Some how much, how much time, but I don’t want to tell you. (Yes, Master.) I said, “OK. My God, thank you. I’m sick today.” Originally, I thought I could not make it, and I was saying something like, “Please, double check this in the computer.” For you guys, one of you probably had that word from me, from one of the shows. It’s not a very difficult show. Some good show, but not so risky or needing a lot of attention. So I wrote the words, “Please double check.” That was the day, but later I felt better, because I said I cannot get sick. I said, “You get up, go to work. Finito. No more sick!” The zealous power is still on Earth until 2000… etc., etc. December 17. I don’t want to tell you the year. (Understand.) But December 17, 2000 something, something, that’s a lot already. (Yes, Master.) That’s why ants, mosquitos, zombies are still active. Like that. One of your sisters asked if she can deliver some fruits for me. I said no. I want peace, I don’t want fruit.

And then the next one, that’s the 15th of June. (Yes, Master.) Next one, I wrote something about the lights in the North Pole, aurora borealis. I just wrote it here at random because I saw it on [Supreme Master] TV, in some of our shows. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes they introduce the country, and then they show this northern lights. (Yes, Master.) I saw it, so I wrote it here. “Green light, northern light at North Pole is from underground people’s technique (Oh wow!) to confuse the direction of adventurers. In case any want to go there, they will be lost and could not find the entrance to their abode.” That’s why they put the lights there, because it’s not just the light, it has energy. (Understand. Yes, Master.) Confusing your mind. Very few people can find the underground, because the entrance, they put something to make you, even if you found the entrance, you could not enter. (Yes, Master.) And you could not find the entrance; you might become like confused. It’s just like some gases will make you sleepy, or relaxed. (Yes, Master.) Some dentists’ office, they have different kinds of gas to put you at ease. (Yes, Master.) Similar. This kind of light is a deterrent to their intruders. I don’t blame them. The way we are on the surface of the Earth, I wouldn’t want anybody to visit me either. (Understand, yes.) Just bring trouble or sickness, sorrow, fighting and war, and stuff. (Yes, Master.) Everybody’s afraid of us. I don’t blame them. They’d rather live underground. I don’t imagine it’s all that fun living under the ground though. (No, Master.) You think living underground is cool? (No.) Could be more dark. But they make their own light, their own sun, and they make their own energy, so it’s bright enough. It’s just to think of living buried under the Earth is kind of scary. (Yes, Master.) But even more scary to come up here, living with us. That’s why they don’t want to come up here to live with us. I don’t blame them. (Yes, Master.)

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