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Between Master and Disciples

Whoever Repents Will Go to Heaven, Part 3 of 3, Apr. 29, 2020

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(If the situation was to reverse quickly, if we all went TOTAL VEGAN, how quickly would the energy change, of this world? And would the virus completely disappear?) It will change almost immediately. It’s just that what is already on will have to carry for a while, but shorter than if it hasn’t.

It’s not the pandemic we should worry about. It’s not the pandemic that I am in pain. I’m in pain because they will go to hell and be tortured down there forever. Or at least for hundreds of years. It depends on how much meat you eat. One of our Association members, my disciple, she went to hell and she saw people being ground into minced meat, (Oh, yes.) three, four, five times a day, it depends. It depends on how big the amount of meat. (Yes, Master.) The one who creates this world and captures the souls, he counted every centimeter of your wrongdoing, every morsel of meat that you consumed. (Wow.) Would not let go. If you destroy his creation, he destroys you. He makes you see that you should not. But he tempted you to do it! And then he punishes you. That is the thing. That is why I hate this guy. (Yes.) I’m supposed to say, “Oh, it’s OK. I forgive.” No, I don’t! I don’t forgive these beings. These wicked evil beings. I forgive humans who sin if they repent. (Thank You, Master.) The Law of Heaven. I could forgive all of them, it’s just that they have to make their own part also. (Yes.) One percent part only, and I do the 99%. (Wow.) If they just repent in their heart, that’s it, they will go to Heaven. (Wow. OK.)

Repentance, sincerely. (Yes. What will it take for that to happen?) I don’t know, sweetheart. I’ve been working all these decades, and many other Saints and Masters have been working all this time, since time immemorial, but the maya influence is too strong. (Yes.) Because we are gentle. They use magic, they use tactics, they use talk in the ears, murmuring, they use temptation. They use all kinds of things. It’s all over, all around. And the Saints are only one or two. And His disciples are not many, especially in the old times, they are not that many. (Yes.) And nowadays, we have more, and we have others, co-workers like other vegan groups. (Yes, Master.) Vegan/vegetarian groups, benevolent groups, they are working together. (Yes.) They came from Heaven for these purposes. (Oh, OK.) (Wow.) In this time, they all have been sent down for this. So, we’re working together. Still, it’s ingrained in people. Habits die hard. I don’t blame them either. I just feel so sorry only.

For example, in our mind, it’s been ingrained with something, it’s like a computer. (Yes.) Even if you delete it, some expert still can dig it out. (Yes, that’s true.) The same, and our brain computer is more difficult to delete. It goes into the subconscious mind and no one can delete that, except the Master, at the time of initiation. There are some secret formulas that He/She can do that, (Wow!) so the past karma, the past misdeed sins can be deleted. (OK.) But the sins that have been laid down as the foundation for this lifetime, cannot. (OK. Yes.) So after finishing this lifetime’s give and take, they can go to Heaven because no more past karma to recycle, (Ah, I see.) to be going back to the circle again to pay, to give and to take. You got that? (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, nobody can go out. If you finish this lifetime’s karma, you make new karma, big or small, you go back to the cycle again to pay, to give, to take. That’s why the devils want to always tempt people to do bad so that they have to come back; and even do good, you have to come back to enjoy it. So, the people who are rich, who are in the higher power position of the world, they came back because they have to enjoy their past life or lives’ good merit. That’s why whatever we do, we have to credit it to God. We don’t credit it to ourselves. (OK.)

The maya will write it down and say, “OK. She said she did this good; she gave this person one dollar.” So, of course, she has to come back to enjoy that because it will multiply, and she will be rich and/or famous. So karma includes bad and good. If you do good, you have to enjoy it, come back and enjoy it. So, don’t ever think that you do anything. Even work for Supreme Master TV, don’t think that you’re doing it. Give thanks every day that you are able to be a good, good, good instrument, (Yes.) to help others and that it should be our duty, but in the grace of God that we can do it. (Yes, yes.) Always give thanks. Never credit it to yourself, never give your ego a chance to record it and give it to the devil to count for you. (Yes, Master. OK.) Because you will have interest, good or bad.

(In the previous phone call, Master mentioned that Heavens are being lenient with us humans. Is there a reason for the leniency?) Yeah. We pray. (Yes.) We pray, I pray. Remember I said I’m the lawyer for humans? (Yes.) I said they are innocent. (Yes, Master.) They are innocent. They are not to be blamed. They have been pushed into the sea, swimming and being blamed for getting wet or drowned. (Yes.) They’ve just been trapped in here and do whatever it takes in their situation and in their minimal knowledge because all the wisdom has been wiped from them or screened, covered from them. (Yes.) They don’t know anything anymore. They just do what the situation demands. (OK, yes.) And/or influence from evil as well, because of that.

(Is there any particular prayer or anything that Master would like to share with the world that would help people to remember God during such difficult times?) It’s just that and all my lectures. I don’t know if it helps all but it does help some people; that’s why we have disciples. (Yes, Master.) But even disciples sometimes are also still low level and being badly influenced by the evil force and they do wrong things. (Yes.) To me, particularly. Anything they do to me has the opposite effect, and sometimes harmful to me, if they’re low level. That maya force is taken away, but still something is ingrained in people; it’s still not yet completely cleaned. (Yes, Master.) They will not understand. If it’s not completely clean, they don’t understand what I’m saying. (OK.) They don’t blame the eating of the animals. Instead, they just blame somewhere: who is going to where, where, or who goes where, where, to infect people, and a lab. (Yes.) And not the animal eating habit. These people, they’re genuine; they blame it genuinely. They did not make it up. They did not make it up just to blame each other. And some of the governments, they’re blaming each other, also they did not make it up. They’re really believing it. (Wow.) It’s a too heavy dose of evil influence in their brains, in their minds. Just like people are gravely ill, difficult to cure. (Yes, Master.) But the people at just the beginning of the sickness can be cured. Or mild symptoms. Many of the people don’t have symptoms at all. That means there are hundreds, at least… Let me check the number. (OK.) At least billions of people, at least one and a half billions of people right now are infected. (Wow!) I mean carrying that strain, one strain or another, but they don’t have any symptom. So, you can never really control it well. (But they can infect others?) Of course, they can! If you carry perfume on your body and your nose is dysfunctional, you don’t smell it doesn’t mean others cannot. If you have mud on your hands and you don’t see it because you’re blind, but you can smear it on anywhere, on the wall, on your table, on other people when you touch. Ignorance of sin is no excuse for the devil not to punish you. You make a sin and they still punish you, even though you don’t know that is a sin. (Yes, Master.) You are pushed to make that sin. This is a stupid and vicious system that I hate. (It’s got to stop.) I will stop it. Just too long for my liking.

(Master, recently in the news, people have been going into the streets, like in the US, (Yes.) to protest against the lockdown due to COVID-19.) Yes. (Some also don’t wear masks. What does Master think of this?) Very worrisome. Very worrisome. (Yes.) You can understand. You can imagine. (For sure. Yes.) Nobody likes the lockdown. Nobody. The people, of course, never wanted that, and the government neither. (Yes, Master.) Both sides have their own problem. The people are not used to with being in the house all this time. So long. Weeks and months and without work. (Yes.) And the government also doesn’t want that because they also have to pay a lot, for the people. (Yes.) And the government and the companies also have to pay. And so for many millions, tens of millions of people out of work and… (Yes.) I don’t really know also what to say. (Yes.) I really wish that we don’t have this pandemic, because for the people to be locked down like that by order and then also the police have to work extra to enforce it. (Yes, Master.) And so the energy between the government, people and the police is not peaceful. Of course. (Yes.) Even though the people know the police only do their job. (Yes, Master.) And the government only wants the best for the people because they worry the pandemic will spread more, out of control and everybody will get sick or die and worse. And even when they want to work they cannot because they’re sick or die. (Oh.) They’re dying in numbers now. Bodies are rotten on the street in some countries because nobody takes care and not enough people to take care and some people don’t dare to take care, worry about the transmission. (Yes. Oh my God.) Things like that.

And the government, of course, never wanted this. First, the people never wanted this. They’re not used to it and they want to work to earn more money. You see, even if the government gives them some social benefits, it’s never as much as the government wants to give, because the funds of the government have also limits, and millions of people. So how can it be given as generously as when you’re working? (Yes.) When you’re working, you can control your income. The more you work, the more you get. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) Get another job or double job then you can have more money and you have more working hours, so people feel very, very restricted and worry about their families. Not enough money to use. They have mortgage, they have car insurance. They have so many things. People outside, they work hard because they have to spend a lot. The more you have, the more you have to work. So they cannot just stay home and feel OK about it. I hope they can find some meditation, some yoga. At least benefit their mental and spiritual side. And I hope that will help them a little bit, to calm their nerves and to help them uplift their consciousness. (Hope so, yes. Thank You, Master.) And they might be able to accept the situation in a better way, and praying for the better tomorrow. The government, I’m sure they don’t want that. Because they know that people see the lockdown as the restriction of freedom. (Yes.) And in many of the free countries, this goes against their constitution. (Yes.) But I don’t think the government ever wants this to happen. Nobody ever wanted it, either people or the government or the police. Everybody likes peace and normal life. (Yes, Master.) Like this, every nation lost a lot, a lot of money. Because of businesses closed. Lack of tax and lack of workforce and lack of food supply and medical supplies, and all kind of supplies are lacking right now. Because the people cannot go out, cannot work, cannot spend. And many foods that cannot sell in the restaurant and in the supermarket or other small shops, many related to food are rotten. A lot more businesses lost more money, more subsidies for different businesses. So, no government ever wanted this kind of thing. And they know well it’s against the people’s favor. And even the people know that, they also cannot just sit. Some of them cannot bear it. (Yes, Master.) Their children need something and their family need some extra income, the subsidies from the government or the company are limited. (Yes, Master.) And that’s already very good.

Imagine if the government doesn’t give them any money. (Yes. True.) They would be starving inside their house. (Oh, my.) In some countries if they don’t have government subsidies, because of too many people or it’s a poor country, then people are worse off. They don’t have anything. Like in some countries, people sell things on the street. And that’s their income and they live from hand-to-mouth and now it’s very, very… (Poor people.) It’s desperate for them. (Yes, Master.) Desperate for everybody and worry in their hearts, in their minds and troublesome in their mental thinking every day. Every day is bad news. Nothing good yet. So many doctors die and nurses die (Oh.) and hospital personnel die because of this disease as well. They’re on the frontline and they got sick easily. Also, not enough equipment to protect them personally. That is a terrible situation for our world right now. (It seems so desperate.) Yeah, the longer it lasts, I don’t know where people are going and I don’t know if the government even has enough money to continue to hand out. To subsidize for people who are out of work because of the COVID-19.

I feel sorry for the government, also. Because they cannot not lock people down and they cannot let people out. (Yes.) They are stuck in-between. They also want to. (Yes.) Some governments, some states, or some areas would have wanted to give in and let people go to work. But in many places, I heard that in Japan, they thought it’s OK and then they released the lockdown and then immediately, it jumped. The death and the infected numbers jumped so high. (Oh, my goodness.) Just an example. Very scary right now, so I’m sure people also don’t want to go protest, to cause trouble for the police and for themselves. And to be in jail or to be cuffed and all that. It’s just that everyone is desperate right now.

People are desperate to go back to normal and they worry about their future if their money is no more. Their savings are going low or none, and the governments are desperate. They want to help their people, they want to protect their people. And they have to just do that and standby and watch. That’s why some leaders or governments, they’re blaming each other because they are so worried and so desperate for their people. (Yes, Master.) Every leader wants to help their people. Like this, they feel helpless in their position. (Oh.) So, the best thing they can do is to protect the people, to keep people in the house so that they don’t get infected. (Yes, Master.) Or if they are mildly affected or they are immune against this, even though they carry the virus, they will not infect other people. (Yes, Master.) OK? ( So it’s best to stay at home.)

I think until it is sure that the infection is really under control for the people’s health and lives’ sake. Or people have to think of the way to protect themselves when they go out. Similar to the nurses and the doctors in the hospital – complete protection until everything is sure, under control. I wish people can also be free to move around. It’s just very scary for them right now. Pray God. Pray God. Pray God. Pray God that everything will be more clear and better and that people will understand the real, root cause of the problem. Because we always had plagues and infections and epidemics, pandemics, so they should understand the root cause of the problem. Pray that day comes soon. Otherwise, we cannot just rely on science, because it’s a short-term solution. A long-term solution is that we have to become more like the children of God, (Yes, Master.) or Buddhas, then everything will be fine. Pray God. Pray God. Pray Heaven.

It’s not only money and jobs. Some people have just a very small studio and apartment. Truly, very small, for example in Japan, Tokyo or in Hong Kong, where land is very precious. Space is almost impossible to expand and people live in just a very, very tiny divided apartment. Like a normal apartment, maybe four-square meters, they divide it into three or four. You understand? (Yes.) Each one lives in one. And normally if they can go out, it doesn’t matter. They go out to work and then they go out in the park or in the shop and go eat in a restaurant and then they come back to sleep only and take a shower, then it’s OK. But now they cannot go out at all. (Yes, Master. So difficult.) Yes, the poor people are the most affected. (Yes.) And that’s why they just broke out. So you can’t blame them and you can’t blame the government. I also don’t know what to say. (Oh.) Just praying. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, if the situation was to reverse quickly, if we all went TOTAL VEGAN, how quickly would the energy change, of this world? And would the virus completely disappear?) It will change almost immediately. It’s just that what is already on will have to carry for a while, but shorter than if it hasn’t. (OK.) They have to find a vaccine. But then, even then, it’s through the grace of Heaven and through the diminishing of the retribution karma, of the interference of good people, Saints, Sages, and benevolent people, vegan people, and, for example, like my disciples or other disciples or the good groups outside. Because of all this benevolent energy that minimizes it, and Heaven’s leniency. (OK.) Because of interference from Master. (Thank God for Master.) They forever argue. But still, it’s too heavy karma. I have to be fair also. If they continue to torture animals, that won’t help. They’ll die one day or another. It’s just that the torturing, the imprisoning, the way they treat it, it’s evil. Yes, Master. Evil energy will breed evil energy. Heaven cannot just ignore the crying and the suffering and the moaning and the lamenting of the beings, the living beings, like innocent, intelligent, benevolent animals. (Yes, Master.) Wise, innocent, benevolent, helpful. (Yes.)

(Is there anything more that the disciples can do? I mean, I know we are doing it, but maybe there is something more that we could do, maybe go out into the streets or, I don’t know, try to wake people up.) Many groups already go out in the streets. It falls onto deaf ears. It affects a handful of people. We have to save time to meditate, to pray. (Yes.) Each one has a different job. (OK, yes.) That is the job of other groups. (Got it, Master.) They still have to do it. Of course, it will influence somehow, some degree. We do different things. We must pray in silence, we must meditate (OK.) for the world to go vegan. World Vegan will breed lasting World Peace, will breed benevolent energy for all beings, including humans, and then they won’t get such sickness again. Even if they have to go through this sickness now, [if] they turn vegan, in the future we don’t have any more pandemics or epidemics anymore. (Yes.) Our world has forever pandemics and epidemics because we continue to kill. Look back at the history. Black plague or bubonic plague and the measles. Even now the measles are coming back, (Oh, wow.) for example, and Ebola, in some countries. We have not just virus COVID-19. We don’t just have that; we have other looming threats everywhere.

And if they continue to eat wild animals or animals, they’re going to have another plague soon, or brewing. And every time it’s hopeless because they have not encountered these things before. (Yes.) And then they don’t know the nature of the virus. Up to now, they still don’t. For everybody it’s a guessing game and blaming game. Stop blaming each other. It’s useless to blame. Now is the time for the world to recognize that we all face it together. (Yes.) And we all have one enemy, that is the evil, and that has driven us to eat meat and to sin. Therefore, we have this consequence. So, we have to unite together, recognize all that and stop that. Stop from the root, not watering water from the leaves, but water the tree from the root. The root cause is the wicked way, the devil’s way, evil way that we treat other beings, innocent, helpless, harmless and helpful beings! (Yes.) Intelligent beings, benevolent beings, wise beings, our helpers, our teachers, our friends, our benefactors, the animals. That’s the root of all these problems in the world, of all ills, war.

(When the world does go vegan, Master, how do You see this world? How do You see humans?) Peace, happy, never any sickness of that again. Except the small sickness, maybe have to pay because of the laid-out plan for this life. (Yes, Master.) So, even Master has to undergo it. Because if you don’t have these blueprints of a lifelong plan for your lifetime, for your physical existence, you can’t exist. Just like a house has a blueprint and they build accordingly. (Yes, Master.) And it has permission already. You can’t just demolish it for no reason. You can’t change it. You already have a blueprint, the construction plan approved by the government. (OK, yes.) If you change, you have to make another one. Another one, meaning, the person has to die to change it. But the way they are doing bad deeds with their life, they will make it a worse blueprint only next time. They can’t change it. They have to come back and repay all the deeds, bad deeds. As you sow, so shall you reap. (Yes, Master.) It says so clearly in any scriptures of the religions. No need me to say anything anymore. People just don’t want to understand! The bad influence of the evil makes them blind, deaf, dumb. (Yes, Master.) So, the thing I told you is so clear, like the sunlight. But for them, “What? What did You say?” They don’t even understand. They don’t even hear anything. (Yes.)

“Hearing you hear, but you do not listen. Seeing you see, but you do not perceive.” (Yes, Master.) That’s what’s said in the Bible. Otherwise, one Master came down, enough to save all already. (Yes.) But now that we did away with the maya, so souls don’t get trapped in here anymore afterward in the future. (Yes, Master.) If they are vegan right now, except the small or some inevitable consequences of the past karmic deeds that they have to endure this lifetime, we don’t have any more pandemic, we don’t have any more sicknesses – we would have forever peace between nations. (Wow.) Everyone will be happy, have everything to eat. All the harvests will be plentiful again. (And we will be friends with the animals.) Yeah. Animals will have peace also. All beings will have peace. (Oh, good. Can’t wait.) Yeah, I know. I’m working on it. (Thank You.) Never one day, I forget. Never one day, I’m not working for it. (I believe You, Master; I know for sure.)

(Master, Your Universal Worth, that is intact now? I remember last time…) Yes, yes. It has been chipped a little bit, but I have more in reserve. So, it chipped a little bit whenever I have to see people. I don’t see people but just sometimes accidentally, for example. Like if I just walked out, and then accidentally, that person is there. Up to now, only some, it’s manageable. If I have to travel out to go to another area… I changed areas already. It’s time to change. So, I travel at night, so I don’t see people a lot. If I have to talk to you right now, and if you broadcast it, then it would chip. If it’s in the world, the whole world, then I would lose a lot. But I will make it back. Don’t worry. Not just Worth, spiritual merits and physical health and all kinds of things. Things would happen unfavorably. But I tell you, I’m ready to lay down my life, so what else to talk about? Understand. Thank You for Your love, Master. Thank You. Oh, it’s… I’m born with it. I made a song, “What Can I Do with My Heart?” (Yes. It’s so lovely.)

(Another question from a sister. It’s on a different line. Could Master share more about the newly mentioned Uncreated Universe? What kind of Beings reside there?) How can I tell you something that you never heard of and could never imagine? I could not tell you. I just tell you that there are such worlds, beyond Ihôs Kư. Never born, never die, uncreated. Just like God, how can I describe God to you? (Yes.) Except I say God is forever loving. (Understand.) There’s nothing to describe because They don’t have a resemblance of any beings on this planet or any planet, even Ihôs Kư. (Wow.) There’s no resemblance of anything that is ever created. Just like God Almighty. You know, you feel, maybe you believe Hes exists, She/He, Hes exists, but you do not know what Hes looks like; you cannot describe Hirm. (Yes, Master.) The Fifth Level Beings, you can’t describe already, not to talk about outside of the Shadow World. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Yeah.

(One question from a brother. How can those who serve God be better tools for God? Are there any new tips or information, physically or spiritually, that Master may know that can help those who serve be more capable?) I may know, but you might not be able to. Humility, humility, respect. (Yes, Master.) Because if I say that it seems self-serving, you have to respect your Master, (Of course.) the one that saves your souls and many of your generations – number one. Number two, you have to be humble. (Yes, Master.) You’re tools. Always be grateful to God’s grace that you are able to do this noble job. Never think that you are doing it. Because of that, you stop the flow of the blessings; stop the flow of the inspiration. (Yes, Master.) Always be humble, humble, humble, and grateful, that’s all. More humble. (Humble, yes.) Train yourself to do it, if you can. The problem is, each one has an ego. It’s difficult to think that it’s not you who does it. You understand that, it’s just that you cannot practice very well. The more you can practice that, the more your talent will bloom, and on to the higher levels. (OK.) So, that’s what I can tell you.

Humble, grateful, respectful. Respectful for your Master. She represents High Heavens. She represents God Almighty. You must respect. (Yes, Master.) And you will have more merits, more beautiful happenings in your life, more happiness, more léger, more lightness, more improvement in your meditation, and in your work, in your talent, anything. And then, humble. That respect and gratefulness are also included in humility. So, maybe (if) it’s too much talk to you, then just say, “humility.” OK? (OK.) Humbleness. Because if you are humble, then you feel grateful. You know you are nobody, then you are grateful, (Yes.) with whatever you are given, your talent or whatever. (Yes, Master.) And if you are humble, then you’re grateful for the initiation which saves your soul forever, and many generations, your generations, forever. And if you are humble, then you will also be respectful to your Master, who helps you unconditionally. So, humility - one word. Humble - humbleness.

Any more questions? (That’s it.) I thought you scared me with 20-plus questions. (Well, listed there are 20, but they kind of overlapped and Master covered quite a bit already.) My calendar, famous calendar. (Thank You.) Because one thing will always lead to the others. (Yes.) You can never be just black and white in this field of spiritual discussions. (That’s true.) So, if I have covered it all, then wonderful. (Thank You so much for Your time.) I’m not so scared anymore. When you said 20-plus, I said, oh, my God, we have to talk for hours on end or what. All right, that’s it. And thank you all for the job that you have done well, last time, with the instructions. (Yes, Master.) And this time I think you will also do well. (Yes, we will do the same.) We are nothing. (OK.) In this physical domain, I still am very humble. You don’t see it, but I am. (Yes.) I am always thanking all the Godses. Even today, I talked with the god of war, for some question, and I thanked him. He is in the Shadow World and he is not a big god, but I still thank him with all my respect. Truly! I respectfully salute him and thank him for doing a good job. (Wow.) And thank him for answering me.

But I cannot disclose this conversation. (Understand, yes.) I also need to talk to some local country god. Each country has a god (Wow.) who oversees their doing. He is not influencing anything. He is just recording. (OK, yes.) Yes, so that he can put it in the Akashic Library. In all humans’ activities. Nothing is ever lost. Whatever you do, whatever you think, whatever you don’t do, is all there. (Wow.) We can never deny our sins; we can never cover it; we can never hide. The transparency of the universe. (Yes, Master.) We have the bodies, so we don’t have to know too much of other people’s wrongdoings or hidden sins and that is a blessing also. Because if we know, we’ll be sick, vomiting, and we’ll be not able to bear. The inside of them, not just the outside. Even we see the animals suffering, tortured like that, we suffer so much already. Not to talk about to know everybody else’s sinful thinking and acts. (Yes, Master.) Hidden from physical eyes. In this physical world, we have a physical body; it’s an obstruction but it’s a blessing. (OK.)

Today, I have talked, and yesterday, the day before, I have talked to quite a few different Godses for different things. (Wow!) I am always grateful. (Yes, Master.) I am very grateful even to my dogs when they tell me something. (Oh, yes.) I thank them. I thank the spiders and I promised them to take them up to Heaven. Master, that does come across that You are always grateful. Oh, I see. Yes, for sure. Yeah. What I mean is I am telling you this so that you know that I am not just telling you things; I am doing it myself. That is why I know the depth of that meaning. (Yes.) Because if you just blah blah blah, it won’t affect people too much. (Yes, Master.) So I think you can benefit from my attitude, my humble energy, and to do the same. (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

Pray for that. If you cannot feel yourself humble enough, pray for it: “Please make me more humble, as humble as possible, so that I can serve God; I can serve the suffering, (Yes, Master.) lessen their anguish and sorrow.” (Yes, Master. Yes, we’ll pray.) It just touched my heart again, I cannot… I cannot forget. (We will keep praying Master.) OK, OK. (Thank You so much.)

  1. Any more that you are not clear, you can ask me. I said I am scared but I am not that scared. You can ask me hundreds of questions. As long as it helps you, helps all of your co-staff and helps the world, I am willing to sit all day to talk. (Thank You. That’s all; that’s all we have.) Very good. And all you guys are good. Now the weather is better, it should be better. All of you are happy and healthy; I am so happy, (Yes.) glad. (Thank You.) (God bless, Master.)

I put protection, as much as I can, around all of you guys. (Oh, wow!) I did! I asked the Gods also to protect you guys. (Thank You, thank You so much.) Whatever little thing you have to go through, a little headache here and there, it’s maybe sometimes too much work. (OK.) The physical cannot react the way we want. (It’s true. Yes.) Rest, deep breaths, go out exercise. (OK.) Do push-ups. (Yes.) You must, OK? (OK, we must!) Nature, exercise. So that you can boost the immune system. Give the body what it needs, and eat well. (Yes, Master.) Eat well doesn’t mean gluttonous. (No, of course.) Eat the combination. (OK.) Enough and meditate enough, that is important. At least four hours a day for you guys. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, you cannot function. (Yes.) So you guys still continue meditating even if you do your work. OK? (Yes, Master.) Maybe deadline you miss it, then you have to make it up later. Meditate more. (OK. Thank You. Yes.) Because we have to get out of here. (Yes, Master.) Even if I can get you out, but I want you to go out in the higher level. Not just out, liberated from the Three Worlds only. (OK. Thank You.) Also, if you meditate, you can do your job well. You can have also a little blessing into your work as well, and for yourself, digest my blessing and Heaven’s blessing. Meditating is like eating; you must. (Yes.)

All right. God bless all of you, and God loves all of you. I love you. Be good, and be humble, be benevolent in your heart. (Thank You, Master.) Thanks to all the girls for all the questions, and the boys. (Yes, will do.) I do thank whenever I do the checking of their shows. (Yes, Master.) If they are doing good; if not, then I say, “No, this is no good, no good." It might hurt their ego but I have to. (Of course, yes.) Right. Tell them I just have to tell the truth always. (Yes, Master.) All right, thank you. (Thank You.) I thank all of you, sincerely, thank you humbly. Bye. (Bye-bye. Ciao.)

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