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Between Master and Disciples

Wake Up and Be Vegan in This Time of Cleaning, Part 2 of 6, June 26, 2020

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The zealous demons, they’re gone. (Oh wow! Yes! Wow!) Maybe just a few cases, but not unmanageable. (Wow! Yes, Master. Thank You.) I knew already, it’s just that the Godses told me. (Wow!)

I don’t know why they don’t take measures to protect themselves. This is just painful to see that people are just risking their lives like that, like their lives are nothing, or their children’s lives are nothing, or neighbors’ or friends’, boyfriends’, husbands’, wives’, nothing. Because if they’re sick, they infect their family too, (Yes, Master.) before they know it. That is the problem. (Yes, Master.) This disease, you don’t even know if you even have it or not. (Correct. Yes.) And even if you have it, it takes some time to manifest. You see? (Yes, Master.) Sometimes it takes longer than just 14 days. They say that on the cold (frozen) surface, the virus can live up to three months even. (Wow.) Many are this kind of quiet transmitters of the disease, and nobody even knows, not even the person himself. That is the danger of it. (Yes, Master.) And vaccines are still far away. It’s just luckily, they have found some medicine now to cure some people. It is effective. It normally treats inflammation, for example. But then it helps in this situation because the symptom is inflammation. The medical experts say that our body reacts to this virus invasion. And because our body reacts, so sometimes it goes overboard. (Yes, Master.) So, that’s why the inflammation occurs inside. And so they use some of the inflammation medicine to give it to them, but only when you are already almost… God. They say this medicine is effective on the severe case only. (Yes, Master.) Imagine that? You have to wait until you’re severely sick in order to get that. (Wow.) And not everybody gets cured. It does help someone, but not everyone. So you never know if your lotto is a million or nothing. Oh, dear. I’m just worried, so I’m telling you guys. But people outside, they know, right? Or not? (They know, Master.) Well, if they know that, why do they go like hundreds of thousands on the beach just like that in England when the pandemic is rising up, (Yes.) not slowing down? (The government, Master, is not doing sometimes very clear guidelines, so people get confused. Like the medical advisers and the experts, they say you have to follow everything very, very, very clear because it’s very important. But sometimes the political people, they don’t make it very clear, so people go out and they spread, Master.) Yeah, and it makes it worse. (Yes, Master.)

And the protesting and all that, it doesn’t help anything. (Yes, Master.) What’s the use of protesting and letting the government have pressure, and then, OK, they let you go out to work, and if you contract this disease, what good does that do to your family? (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about yourself. If you don’t care about yourself, how about your family, your friends, your pets? Even pets also got this infection. (Yes, Master.) Some cats are quarantined, some dogs, (Oh, my God.) I heard that. (Yes.) I saw it. I don’t have time to watch all of that, just flashing by. Flashing by the news in case anything I have to tell people or tell you to protect you and protect people, whatever I can. (Thank You, Master.) Otherwise, I never watch the news or anything for I don’t know how many years already. (Thank You, Master.) I never need. And I’m too busy anyway for all that. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) But even in retreat, I have to worry about this because people suffer so much; I cannot just have my own peace. (Yes, Master.) They suffer so much, so much everywhere. Children, especially children, babies. This is terrible. It’s terrible. I don’t know when they will wake up. I saw that the vegan trend is getting bigger and bigger now. (Very, very big.) Yes. But even then, not big enough to stop this pandemic. And people don’t even listen to the experts and just go out, risking their lives like that, just to show that they are cool. The disease is not cool. Like some children, their inside organs keep failing because the virus really attacks all the organs inside wherever they can. They spread so quickly that the organs keep failing quick. Like it fails one by one, or together collapse, so the doctors cannot do anything. Not just a fever or headache, it’s the organs inside that are failing, (Wow. Yes.) with the days. And it’s so short, so quick. Meanwhile, they have pain, they suffer. And the families suffer during and after. That is the thing. Nobody has children and wants them to die at such a tender age like that. (Never.) They will be heartbroken, those families. (Yes, Master.) Heartbroken. Everybody would. I’m praying, but I cannot do much more. Praying, meditating. It would have got worse otherwise. (Thank You, Master.) Well, that’s all I want to tell you guys, just to take care. (We will take care. Thank You, Master.) (Take care of Yourself, Master, also.)

The new dinner room, you guys use it? (Yes, Master.) Because it has air-con. (Yes, Master. It’s cool.) When you eat, it’s hot, you sit in there. (Yes, Master.) Normally it’s not too hot, but when you eat warm things, it becomes hotter. (That’s true, Master.) And it’s kind of summer already. (Yes, Master.) So you should sit in a cooler room and enjoy your meal without sweating while drinking the soup. (Thank You, Master.) You’re drinking in the hot soup and your sweat’s coming out. It’s like an equalizer (Right, Master.) for the weather. So what’s the use of drinking the soup? So if you sit inside the cool room, the soup will taste better. (That’s true, Master. Yes.) And you don’t have to be busy, one hand taking the soup, and the other hand like wiping the sweat. So busy, busy. (Yes.) Anything else that you need that I don’t know? (We don’t need anything, Master.) (We’re fine, very fine.) (We are happy, Master. Thank You.) Good, good. I just thought I’d talk to you guys for a while, just to let you know I’m still alive. (Thank You, Master.) So that you behave yourselves Got that? Otherwise, you might think, “Ooh, Master is not here. (No, Master.) Where is She? She doesn’t see us.” I see everything. (Yes, Master.) You know, right? (Yes. We know, Master.) I’m putting my iPhone in front of me, but sometimes it goes off by itself. I don’t know why, because I breathed, I guess. Or I talked too loud. Your phone is OK there? (Yes, Master. It’s OK.) Maybe you record half, I record half and we’ll patch it together. Better than nothing. (Yes, Master.) And the rest is just laughter and nonsense. So that, we can do it afterwards to put it back in. That’s the easy part, right? (Yes, Master.)

You know what? Some very good news. I don’t know if I can tell you, just one second. (Please, Master. Please, Master, tell us.) I know, I know. Just one second. I have to ask. I have to ask whether there are consequences. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Be patient, a few seconds. The zealous demons, they’re gone. (Oh wow! Yes! Wow!) Maybe just a few cases, but not unmanageable. (Wow! Yes, Master. Thank You.) I knew already, it’s just that the Godses told me. (Wow!) And even a spider came inside, I don’t know how he sneaked in. I live in a more civilized room, about five meters to six meters square. It’s big enough for me already. I have to clean it. If it’s smaller, I don’t have to clean a lot. But it’s OK, it’s manageable. I don’t know how he got in. So I asked, “How did you get in here?” He said, “It’s magic.” (Oh wow!) Like, he disintegrates himself. Some people in the old time, they can do that. Animals, they can. (Wow!) There was some story about a dog who was locked inside a house, and one of his dog friends was sick somewhere else. So he just went out like that, through the walls. (Wow!) All the locks and everything still intact. (Wow.) They don’t know how he got out. No window open, no lock, no hole in the wall, nothing. And they didn’t know where he went until the friend’s house said that, “He is here.” (Wow.) And they were very surprised. A true story. (Yes, Master.) I read it somewhere. Maybe you know it too. Sometimes, I’m lucky, I just sat on the airplane, just grabbed a newspaper and I saw something like that. Or some good news on TV. So, I could tell you that. (Thank You, Master.) He (spider) came in and I said, “Hey! You, big guy, what’s up?” I talk like an American now. “What’s up?” I lived in America for some years and became a little bit like a quarter Americanized. (Yes, Master.) I say some words that I never dared to say before, depends on how angry I am. Normally cannot. I said to him, “What’s up? Something you want to tell me?” He is a postman. So he said, “Yeah, be happy. All zealous demons gone.” That’s what he said. (Wow!) Exactly the words. I said, “Anything else?” Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Go ahead, clap. I also clap myself. I’m slapping myself because my hand is busy. OK, good.

So, you know what, the gecko even… Normally the gecko never talked to me before. You know the salamander? (Yes, Master.) Or the geckos, that have more color on their backs, and bigger than the ones that climb on the wall. (Yes, Master.) These, they can also climb on the wall, but they live more outside in the garden. They even came and told me… I opened the door and went out, and he was right near the door. I washed my clothes and I wanted to hang it outside. I worried if I walk, then he will run away. So, I said, “OK. I’ll hang my clothes later.” But he said, “No problem, I’m not afraid of You.” So, he was just standing there, I mean, and never moved. (Yes, Master.) Until he told me about the news, that, “Some zealous disciple also gone.” He said it like that, and so, “Be happy.” I said, “Thank you, thank you. Thank you very much.” (Thank you. Wow.) And then I took some photos of him. I sent it, three photos. I took many, because in the beginning I thought he might be afraid of me, so I stayed very far away from him. (Understand.) So, the photo is very small. Later, he didn’t move, so I said, “Can I go nearer?” He didn’t say anything, so I kept going nearer and nearer, so I was just on top of him even. I sat next to him. And then I took the whole photo, and so I deleted all the small ones. The bigger ones I kept. And then I went right in front of his face and took a photo of his face, and then he posed for me. (Wow!) Originally, he didn’t move, but I said, “I take photo of your face,” and he turned on one side. (Yes.) And then for the other one, he turned the other side or he looked up and all that. But I chose only three because that’s enough for a gecko, right? I said, “You’ll be on TV. I hope they will choose you. There’s a competition going on because there are many animals on TV, so I hope they will also let you have a chance to be on TV.” And then he just moved a little bit, his head here, head there, but he didn’t move anywhere. (Wow.) Normally these wild animals or geckos, when you are near, they run, right? (Yes, Master.) He didn’t run at all, he just sat there. (Wow.) So, I took maybe about 12 photographs and he didn’t move, nothing. I sat right in front of him because he is small. So, if you see the face big, that means I was very near. (Yes, Master.) I was about like maybe ten inches, no, ten centimeters (Oh wow!) from him. Something like that, right in front. (Yes.) And he did not run away anywhere. That is when you know the animals want to tell you something. Same like spiders. Or their eyes are glowing. (Yes.) It’s similar to this red pin pointer. (Laser pointer.) Similar to that, but glowing with different color, not red color. I’m just saying that, so that you know what it looks like, but the color is not like that. The color is kind of golden light. Not very far light, but like two small flashlights, glowing. It’s when they want to transmit something to you.

Just by the way, when I was flashing the news, I saw one big spider somewhere in America. And there was one lady who saw a big spider. She said she never saw such a big spider before. It’s bigger than the spread of your hand. (Wow!) So, I thought, “Oh, I saw that before.” Remember I told you the spider was very big? (Yes, Master.) I thought to myself, “I saw that before.” And the lady was so scared. She called her husband to capture him in a big box, like a container, (Yes.) to call the agent, the one who rented the house for them. So, the agent came and said yeah, she’s “happy to take him away for you.” That’s what she said. (Yes, Master.) But the spider was clinging onto her window, did not move! (Wow.) That’s how the husband can catch him. But the spider wanted to tell that family member something. He said something like, “Don’t love wrong person.” (Wow.) I don’t want to tell you who. I don’t know who either. But that’s what I heard from the spider, through the picture even. (Wow.) But of course, the lady or the gentleman never heard anything like that. (Yes.) I don’t want to go more into their private things. (Yes, Master.) You don’t know who they are anyway, so it doesn’t matter. I don’t even know where they live. Even I forgot where it is. Just said, “Do not love wrong person.” Imagine that? They can warn you. If I knew that lady, I would tell her, but it’s none of my business. I can’t tell her. I can’t tell anybody. Well, if she hired me and gave me some money, I would. Even talking to spiders during my retreat. It just came through like that. (Yes, Master.) Because I knew the spider wanted to relay something. Otherwise, he would be scared and run away when humans are so near the window like that. The window is transparent. (Yes, Master.) They would run away from you.

All the insects, when they see you, they run. Even snakes. Except some exceptional situation when driven by zealous demons or bad ghosts or something. Otherwise, the snakes, they also hide from you. (Yes, Master.) Or they never dare to come near you. Even tigers and lions are like that. They’re not supposed to attack humans. Very rare occasion that it’s something driving them. Or that person’s time to die, in such a situation. So they just had to do it. Otherwise, tigers, lions don’t even want to eat us. Well, I think not us because we’re vegan and we’re boring blood. Just tofu, taste like tofu. So we may be safer for their nose. We don’t smell that badly. The meat-eaters, they have so many spices to put in. Otherwise, the meat doesn’t taste anything. And maybe it tastes pungent. Like fish and all that, they stink. (Yes, Master.) So, they put a lot of spice and garlic, onion, all that (That’s true.) so they smell even from miles away. So, maybe it invokes the appetite of these wild beasts. Otherwise, they don’t bother about humans. Maybe, who knows, nowadays all the jungles and forests are being cut down a lot. (Yes.) So, they lost their habitat and their meals so they maybe come out and attack people because too hungry or something. I don’t know. But it’s rare. It’s rare. (Yes, Master.) Even wild beasts, it’s rare they attack humans. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know why I tell you so many things. One thing leads to another. (Yes, Master.)

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