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S.M. Celestial Clothes – Fashion of the Golden Age, Part 5 of a Multi-part Series

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The one-of-a-kind fashion show that Supreme Master Ching Hai brought to the world crossed cultural boundaries and transcended time, with designs ranging from modern working outfits, outdoor sporting attire, and glamorous evening gowns of Eastern and Western flair. Let’s continue to discover more of Her stunning creations.

Viscose Evening Gowns: This is a low-cut evening gown. A liberal use of dark or light-colored chiffon decorates the neckline and the hemline of the skirt. A unique feature of this gown is the six viscose scarfs fastened to the skirt with thick viscose bands.

Evening Gowns in Viscose: Two-toned chiffon is used in the bust and at the waist. A piece of chiffon draped over one shoulder adds gracefulness. A high slit on the left side facilitates movement. It also reveals the exquisite contrasting color of the lining.

“Some journalist asked me why I'm doing fashion shows because I am a spiritual, so-called teacher. He told me these 2 things are not related to each other. I said, ‘They do, they do.’ Because truth, beauty and virtue are the expressions of God so we cannot say that beauty is not related to spiritual, because I know it for myself. Before I practiced meditation or I tried to contemplate the inner nature of our Self, I could not design all these things. I could not paint. I didn't even know the difference between the oil color and olive oil, the oil you know, you paint. But after I tried to seek the ‘Kingdom of God,’ then everything comes. I hope we, the meditation practitioners, continue to contribute to the world; spiritually blessing as well as beautifying the world and helping the world, helping the poor, the needy, the younger brothers and sisters in different ways. And no need to say, what is spiritual and what is not. Everything is spiritual as long as you are spiritual.

And I have enjoyed their company so much. Every time I watch them, I feel God is with us. I feel God express Hirmself in the beautiful creatures; like humans, like men and women, like flowers, like diamonds, gold and all the beautiful things that are comforting to our souls and pleasant to our eyes. I'm just one of the contributors to express the love of God, to express the beauty from inside and make it come out.

Anyhow, we have brought the sun for you, right, tonight, the sun and the moon through these beautiful celestial beings, Godly beings. I think inside them is God, that’s why they are so beautiful. God is beauty, truth and goodness. That's what we try to do in this life, to be near God, to be a representative of God. And all the things you have seen, I dedicated them to God and everything else I do as well.”
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