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S.M. Celestial Clothes – Fashion of the Golden Age, Part 10 of a Multi-part Series

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Many of our Association members had the great fortune to participate in the 1995 S.M. Celestial Clothes Fashion Show, either as part of the audience or as supporting staff. In our show today, we will continue to hear some of their stories and insights on the Celestial fashion show and Supreme Master Ching Hai’s ethereal designs.

“(My involvement [in the fashion show] started from the preparation period. In my opinion, Master not only pays attention to designs, but also pays attention to tailoring. She noticed every detail, from the cutting and splicing the fabric, to the sewing technique, and even the needle pitch, like 0.25 cm, or 0.254 cm. She specified everything. It means that She is more than a designer. She oversaw the tailoring and process of making the clothes to ensure they met the international standard; the standard used by countries in Europe and America.

Van Gogh mixed and matched bright colors to create special vibrations. We can see similar applications in Master’s art creations. She chooses vibrant colors and painting-like fabrics, adds decorations, and tailors to achieve an overall look. Looking at a piece of S.M. Celestial clothing is like looking at a painting, and we can feel a kind of vibration from it that goes out to the world.)”

“(After the first and second show, many visitors came out crying. A lot of them cried. I think it’s because S.M. Celestial Clothes are Heavenly inspired, so when people saw them, they were reminded of their True Home and longed to go back after reincarnating on the Earth for a long time. That’s why they were moved to tears.

So in a way, the S.M. Celestial Clothes Fashion Show was more than just a clothing exhibition, it was a great spiritual awakening event.)”

“(It has been 26 years since the worldwide S.M. Celestial Clothes Fashion show, but its influence is like a whirlwind that’s still spinning around the world, and up to the present - its echo never seems to end. It has brought about changes in many of us too, such as uplifting our aesthetic sense and perception. Moreover, apart from the improvement on the outer appearance, our inner spiritual level has been elevated too, along with steady progress.)”
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