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Love at Hsihu—Celebrating Moon Festival with Supreme Master Ching Hai P1/4 October 4, 2017

Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文),Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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Normally when in a new area, dogs they don’t eat, they don’t feel good. They have to adjust for four days. He insists to go down because he wants to protect me. I said never mind here, we don’t need to protect, but he just wants to make sure. He’s still not well, understand? He is still taking medicine. He has even problem with the skin outside, and then some problem inside. It just happened. Because we have to wait six months, understand? So then I come and go, come and go. And the assistants, they don’t take good care of him.

Then I had to do something. Because I asked the gods. I was so very anxious. And then they told me, “But you can heal him.” I forgot. I forgot. Because I don’t use it. And not consciously. Not physically. I don’t use it on me or my dogs. Because for that we have doctors. We’re living in a physical world. We do everything according to the book. I never use it. I forgot. So they told me, “You can. You. Only you can.” But I don’t use this astral stuff. If I use, I use very higher level above Ihôs Kư even.

So, you don’t try. It’s bad for you. If you’re on the lower level, they count everything you use from their kingdom, from their power. They count it all. And you have to pay with your spiritual merits. That is the problem. If they make us sick or ill, OK. Fine. OK. I recover. Even if I die, I would go to a higher dimension. But no, they take your spiritual merits to make themselves stronger and you weaker. See that? Because if we commit some offenses in this world, they do that. Then the gods told me that I could do it myself. They couldn’t do it because they don’t have a body to be close to the dog. So I have to do it myself. But I said I’d do it with their power. Since I am here, I don’t want to use my power. It is still OK. I just act as the tool. We’ll have less trouble with the Maya King this way. Even I, as a Master, have to be so cautious.

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