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S.M. Celestial Clothes – Fashion of the Golden Age, Part 3 of a Multi-part Series

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“In the old time, they say our fashion, our ancestors, they’d wear beautiful traditions. Any old tradition is beautiful and colorful, remember? Germany, the old fashion all looks so beautiful and cheerful; and Chinese in the old time, their wear is like fairies; and Japanese in the old time, they wear also the way I’d wear for you before. Isn't that beautiful and so dignified? And the Thailand old tradition/ custom, isn't that royal? And the Korean tradition, isn't that colorful and bright? And just like fairies, when they wear it. But now, we don't wear anymore! It's a luxury to wear beautiful clothes now.”

At the 1995 fashion show, Supreme Master Ching Hai brought back the glory of the old times on stage with an array of radiant colors.

Viscose Dress for Working Woman: The S.M. Celestial Clothes, designed by the Supreme Master Ching Hai, are dedicated to women throughout the world. In the process of designing, Master has taken into consideration the needs of women in different living circumstances, and the clothes were created to meet their needs for convenience and practicality. These elegant calf-length viscose dresses are great for the office, business meetings or going out for dinner.

Arabian Dress: This outfit uses brightly colored fabric with glaring silver light shining through the rainbow colored chiffon veil; the beauty beams from inside out! It is available in aqua green, pink, yellow and white. Two shades of color alternate on the dress, creating a feeling of extraordinary mysterious softness. This dress also brings out charming eyes and a tender, yet strong, character.

The Happy Princess Dress: This splendid dress originates from ancient Thai costumes. The sloping shoulder cut and the midriff design is lucid and lively. This whole outfit awakens us to the Golden Era when every woman is a happy princess.

The Lotus Dress: The inspiration of this design came from a lotus pond behind the house where Master resided during a brief stay in Thailand. The sleeves and the lower expansion of the skirt are ingeniously tailored in the shape of a budding lotus, which represents our inner pure nature.

Celestial Dress: This outfit is embellished with moon and star ornaments, as if to call us back to our Heavenly Home, and to remind us not to forget our status as Heavenly beings. Loose sleeves and a curved floor length cape look classic and elegant.
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