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S.M. Celestial Clothes – Fashion of the Golden Age, Part 9 of a Multi-part Series

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Throughout the 1995 S.M. Celestial Clothes fashion tour, Supreme Master Ching Hai took every opportunity to thank the models and supporting staff, and treated them with boundless love and utmost respect. “And you know, for just a few moments for our enjoyment, they have to endure a lot of hectic schedule and tiredness, and different timing. It’s different when you have a fashion show. They are very humble, very humble, and hard workers.”

“Many people watched the shows and praise me that I have talent, and I have taste. But they should know, it is God who gives me all the inspiration. And whatever I can do to beautify the world, I shall do if Hes instructs me. And as long as God wants me to do whatever to elevate the suffering in this world, I will continue to do it. And I will never remember all the names. But God knows because God works through them.”

“They were beyond modeling. They were just representing themselves and their true beauty came out. Respected, and really loved and enjoyed. For the first time, they felt that their job is really noble. I said, ‘God has bestowed beauty upon you. You should treasure it, and use it to beautify the world and to give enjoyment to other people in the purest sense of enjoyment.’”

“(From the first moment to the end, I was in awe; in awe seeing the diversity of the creations, the elegance, and the beauty in the simplicity of the collection. It was a pure delight! A visual delight!) (It actually blew my mind. The etheric figures that floated off the stage as if they had come straight down from Heaven.) (I have never seen anything in the world like the fashion that night. And the models, as they walked, the color on the outside, we'd say, was red, but when they walked, part of their dress opened, another color was on the inside. It could have been gold or green.) (They were not only moved to tears on the stage, but also ate vegetarian food. Later, the models all adored Master. Standing behind Master, the faces of the models were glowing, as if they were bathing in Heavenly Bliss.)”
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