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S.M. Celestial Clothes – Fashion of the Golden Age, Part 11 of a Multi-part Series

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To cope with the current crisis of global warming and environmental destruction, Supreme Master Ching Hai has presented a new series of outfits driven by powerful slogans with impacting visual designs to help remind people of the urgent need to act on climate change. “Be Veg. Go Green. Yeah. Save the Planet!”

“(Each item designed by Master is imbued with soul, spirit, life force, and Master’s abundant Love for all beings.)” “(I found that the so-called Blessing Power came from the meticulous care and Love of the Designer. When you wear a piece of S.M. Celestial Clothes, you would feel that every inch of your body is well-protected.)”

Included in Supreme Master Ching Hai’s newest designs are “Vegans R Super Heroes” and “Vegan Love” series. The cool colors and printed words radiate positive energy and the courageous character of the wearers. Supreme Master Ching Hai has also designed noble and elegant vegan fur coats, vests and jackets that provide a warm and luxurious look that’s guilt-free. “(Supreme Master Ching Hai’s design always leads the trend of all fashion. Since 2015 when we held this show, through the media’s publicity, we found that in 2018, Gucci announced that they were not using any fur the next spring and summer; Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss as well as many famous brands followed suit.)”

Being ever-considerate towards our dog-people companions, Supreme Master Ching Hai has designed several cute outfits for them to choose from.

“If you remember the Master, you get (Spiritual) points. The jewelry, the clothes, oh, a lot of (Spiritual) points. Just to wear it an hour, you have 500 points. It will enhance your spiritual practice as well as your appearance, everything. But I never want to say these things, because you might think I want to sell my design. Everything I created, or everything to do with me has a lot of points. Just to look at it, just to look for five minutes, you have 50 points. Just looking and admiring it. So the thing is, you go outside and exhibit my stuff and all that, it helps a lot of people. That’s how we help the world, you see?”
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