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S.M. Celestial Clothes – Fashion of the Golden Age, Part 2 of a Multi-part Series

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“Sometimes I am invited by [the] head of governments, different countries, or kings and queens, and princes like that. And so when they have a party, all people are required, and obliged to wear decent fashion clothes. Like women must wear evening gowns, evening dresses, and men must wear tuxedos and ties or butterflies. For example like that. See? So from then on, I have to design something, to suit the occasion, to make myself one of them, and not [to] stand out like a sore thumb, and make ‘I am holier than thou’ kind of picture, you know what I mean? Makes people feel uncomfortable, and depressed, and pressure. I just mix with them, be one of them. That's where and why my fashion starts.”

Now, let’s continue with the 1995 fashion show.

Viscose Wear for Working Women: The sleeve length of these viscose outfits is just below the elbow. These clothes satisfy busy working women's requirement for both efficiency and beauty. They go well with a hairstyle neatly combed up or can be enhanced by an elegant hat. Rose/pink, scarlet/yellow and green/ivory.

Prince’s Attire: Velvet vests in sapphire blue, red and black with golden brocade, this design resembles the casual clothing of the Ching emperors of China. This modernized design looks airy, loose and noble, befitting of a person with a high level of spiritual wisdom.

Evening Gowns: This is ideal for elegant ladies active in upper-class society. The pure white chiffon of the gown itself has simplicity in its tailoring. The whole design is lucid and smooth, revealing women's divinity.

Sportswear: This outstanding sportswear is created to ensure that ladies can move swiftly and comfortably without sacrificing their elegance during sporting activities. The color combinations are bright yellow with snow white, or dark blue with white, which give a feeling of freshness against the greenish background of the countryside. In creating this sport suit, the design has been skillfully made with holes in the front opening and in the hem of the pants for ventilation purposes. How unique and “cool!”

Leisure Wear Collection in Viscose: This graceful ankle-length dress matched with low heeled shoes is ideal for a stroll in the countryside. The raindrop shaped brocades in sapphire blue and gold colors make the otherwise plain fabric look more elegant. A bright scarf around the neck is a thoughtful touch. These pieces go best with a carefree hairstyle, like a ponytail.
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