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S.M. Celestial Clothes – Fashion of the Golden Age, Part 7 of a Multi-part Series

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“(What kind of relationship between Your fashion design and spiritual practice? Because it’s totally different style.) It’s not different. Every practitioner wants to arrive at the Truth, Beauty, and Virtue. So, beauty is one of the things that we search [for] all our life. Actually, you remember Chinese Zen masters, many did calligraphy. Or painted different pictures. To praise Heaven. I do too. All my music is praising Heaven. All my poetry is praising Buddha Nature. So, I think I am expressing Buddha Nature in a different way.”

“We help with the disasters. We give millions of dollars away from our own earnings, honest earnings and living. So, the fashion show is not only for beauty but also… I make a living, then I can give to other people. Don’t make [a] mistake and thinking that money is only for the mundane people, and the practitioners should not. No, no no no, no. No. If the practitioner of the positive nature doesn't accumulate wealth in order to distribute to the needy, then we kind of practically offer the wealth and the power, political power, economic power to the negative force. To the representative of the negativity. Therefore, we must work, harder than ever, harder than before we became vegans or meditators.”

Following the success in London, Supreme Master Ching Hai brought Her S.M. Celestial Clothes Fashion Show to Paris, France. “(I suppose You have people working for You and making the models.) You mean the clothes? (Yes.) I created them. Yes, yes, everything. Even the knot, this one, I made myself. I have to put it on the model and made it exactly where it is. If here, you put it here, different.”

The next day after the press conference, Supreme Master Ching Hai accepted an exclusive interview with Mr. Didier de Plaige from Radio Ici & Maintenant! “We have two main types of mediation. One is contacting with the inner (Heavenly) Light and another contacting with the (inner Heavenly) Sound - both symbolize God-Realization. The more we contact with these, the wiser we become, the more harmony, more peace and loving kindness we have.”
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