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Between Master and Disciples

The Spiritual Alphabet, Part 1 of 7, Jan. 7, 2006

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OK, let’s say, “A” for what? (Almighty!) Almighty! “B” for what? (Blessing!) Blessing! “C” for what? (Cherry pie! Ching Hai!) Ching Hai! Cool! “D” for what? (Divine.) Divine! Good! OK, let’s write it down.

I don’t know. We haven’t seen each other too long for a long time, so I guess you want to see me a little bit more. So I come down. (Yes!) Master has psychic power. Right? You know why I came to Surrey? Because I thought, Oh, you guys already have meditation center officially, and then I don’t have to worry about anything.” You know, all this paperwork, bureaucracy, and responsibility. Because if the maya wants to make trouble, they are after me. They are not after whoever owns the center. They don’t care. So sometimes, it is very ungracious, the maya. The maya, they work through bureaucracy or whatever. Oh, it just makes hell! Sometimes it’s hell. OK, now... We just sit here and look into each other’s eyes. That should be also nice. (Yes!)

What else to do? I talk a lot, and it doesn’t help! Does it help any? (Yes!) It does? (Very enchanting!) Happy! I was thinking because I don’t need to do much here. So I was thinking, “Oh, that’s nice! They take care of everything! I just come, you know, eat, and talk, and then go.” Can’t believe you tricked me. Just for once, I thought, “OK, they have a center. I don’t have to do anything.” Sure. There’s a trap somewhere, and I walked willingly into it. My spiritual eye is open, but my physical eyes are somewhere else. Don’t see anything.

Do we disturb the neighbors in any way? (No.) No? They never complain? (They did. They did early on.) When? Today? (No.) Long time ago? (Yesterday.) What did you do? Jumping? What happened? (No, because they said they couldn’t park in there. They said they’ve got no parking.) Oh, you park into their parking lot! (No, no, no! Actually, we’re just parking on the side. But because they come back, probably the ladies, they maybe do some shopping or something, and they’ve got nowhere to park for unloading. That’s why they complained.) So, what happened? Did you help her to park or... (I think the brother and everyone, after they sorted it out, they tried to get a space for her. Like today, we reserved a place for her,) Yeah, yeah. OK. (to make sure.) Always, OK? (Yes.) If they complain, just take care right away. OK? It’s not much, it’s not much. Don’t cause trouble for nothing. (Sure.) I guess they smell that I’m here already. Tell you! They didn’t complain before, right? Just now.

(No, there was once before also. Because when the sisters have been wearing the masks for the cooking, and they could see through the window over there. They called the police as well.) And so, what happened? The police came? (Yes, yes, the police came, and I was there at the same time they asked, and then I came out. And then another sister there, we just explained to the police what was happening, because the people were warranted for the cooking, so that’s why they were wearing the masks, for hygiene. And then the police said, ”OK, OK.”) Of course OK! Such a good thing. (Yes.)

(Same thing like this, we had the council also coming.) The council came! (Yes!) Because of the masks? (No, marquee! Marquee! This time because of the marquee.) The marquee? Oh, the tent! And then what happened? (And also, I think somebody did complain, and rang up to the council.) Then, what happened? (And then he talked to one of the brothers and the brother called me, and then he was asking me, ”Do you know the restrictions, the restrictions of how many people for the building?”) Oh OK. (Because they only planned it for ten people at a time. So, I said, “Of course, I know.” He said, “Who are you?” I said, “I’m the owner.” And then he said, “OK, fair enough.” And he said, “What are you doing with your marquee over behind the building? Are they going to stay there forever? Or just this day?”) Say it’s just for a while, right? (Yes, I just said, “Over the weekend, we’re having a party.” As soon as he heard that, he said, “Oh, OK! Everyone, you just enjoy it!”) OK, good. So, it’s not forever, is it? Just for now and again. And New Year or something, of course. (Yes.) Now they get to know you, and then next time it’s OK. Well, if nobody says anything, then they don’t have to come.

They normally don’t want to trouble you. The council, the police, or whoever, they don’t want. It’s just if the neighbors say something, (Yes.) because sometimes misunderstanding. Sometimes it’s just... you know, something to do. Yeah, you never know. So for you, it doesn’t matter that much because it’s normal. But if it’s me, then sometimes bigger. Bigger problem, you know?

Sometimes I’m in some country and then also blah, blah, blah, blah... And the police also come and ask me, and bring me inside and ask, and fingerprint and everything. (Oh!) I say, “My God, what have I done?” And they say, “No, we just want to know who You are, and then now You can stay. It’s OK.” They check everything. And they see we’re doing more good than harm. No harm at all! Just all good! But sometimes misunderstanding between neighbors, or other small regulation or something. I just don’t want to be famous in that way, that’s all. What is?

(Yes, I actually have a kind of story. Like this in Belgium, it happened something the same. We were meditating for a while in a Chinese sister’s house, and we went there with the bags and everything, and then the police came because the neighbors thought that we were doing drugs because we always came with the bags.) Come what? (With our bags, with our meditation stuff.) Ah! (So, they didn’t know why we were always carrying the bags.) A lot of bags! (Yes. And secondly, the police asked the woman if the neighbors thought it was very weird because the Chinese are not friends with the Africans and all, so they thought something was going on.)

Yeah, it’s the combination. (Yes, they were very...) Chinese and Africans, my God! So, what happened later? (So, the sister told the police to come inside. And she showed Your picture, and she said, “This is my Master, and we do meditation.” So then the police suggested that for a while we don’t go there because the neighbors are very worried about us doing bad things. So then we stopped going there.) And then? (Now we go to another place.) Ah, OK. Keep changing now and again, huh? (Yes.) But they already... Didn’t you show the cushions? and say, “This is what the bags are all about?” (Yes, yes, we told the police, and the police found it also very funny. He said, ”I don’t forbid you or anything, but stay away for a while from this house.”)

Similar things happen in my situation. So, sometimes they find nothing wrong, it’s just they don’t want to be bothered again by the neighbors. I told you, anything that doesn’t look like them, they feel threatened. In a way, they are helping the terrorists, because everybody feels like doubting everybody else, suspicious about everyone, and then, kind of making the society more tight, more nervous.

It doesn’t matter - if we have to die, we die. I mean terrorists or not. So, we just continue living. Otherwise the terrorists, if they are afraid of terrorists, like this, they make them more powerful! They’re controlling your feelings! If you lose some lives, it’s not as bad as losing your minds and your freedom and your liberal attitude as well. Or friendliness. That is more loss! That loss is more heavy than lives, than physical lives. You understand me? (Yes.) All right. So, we don’t do that. But still, you know.

That’s why I told you I sometimes really like to go live underground. But we don’t have high-tech, so we don’t know how to hide it well, and maybe we’re found out, the whole group of us, “What are you all doing down there, with bags? Must be special drugs!” They don’t know that we have intoxicant, but it’s just spiritual, just the Heavenly power. You don’t need drugs to be intoxicated. We have a high quality of intoxicant. We don’t need to take any drug or anything. Just purify ourselves, and then we have ecstasy.

(Talking about ecstasy, Master. I don’t know how to contain everything that I feel. Am I likely to explode any minute? Because I feel my whole…) Stay away from that girl. (My whole being feels so weird and different. It’s unbelievable. It’s just, there’re no words that I can describe it and thank You for Your blessings. It’s just…) Welcome, darling. (No words can describe what I feel.) You’re welcome. Yeah! It was very powerful up there, but… (Very, just…) Just now also because when I… (I was meditating down here, and I feel I’m going to explode any minute now.) Please don’t. (No danger of that, is there?) Please don’t, they might think we’re terrorists. Under all kinds of pressure, and you meditate well. That’s good. But you don’t feel that much pressure, do you? No, huh?

Even if the police come and all that, just explain to them, and maybe they go home and check it out more, “Who is this Supreme Master Ching Hai? Oh! I want initiation!” Yeah! Sometimes like that. So it’s their time to come, so the neighbor helps them. Go on checking, checking, and then they say, “Wow! Such a good thing!” So, they want to be initiated, or at least the Convenient Method. (It’s magic. Everything’s magic.) Magic? It is.

And you know I can have magical power. Right? Yeah, I proved it to you, right? (Yes!) This magic, all of you can have it. Just a few dollars. Buy those gears, then you can do it. So cheap! You thought I have magical power, huh? Is that what you thought? No, huh? You know, it’s just magician tricks, right? Any of you can do it. I just bought it from a supermarket. You know, fair, from a fair. I walked around and I saw them do tricks, I said, “Oh, this is good! I can get some and impress the children at home!” Impress the kids at Christmas. It’s just simple and fun.

What is this in here? Normal tea? (Green tea with Jasmine. Jasmine green tea.) Oh, this time of the day? OK, never mind. I have to know. If I drink that, it’s too much, too restless. That’s it? Still have a lot? Save it then. Next time! Packs a lot of vitamins. Vitamin B... Blessing! B like Blessing. Vitamin E, also. “E” for Enlightenment. We don’t have to say “Echo”, “Charlie.” Say Blessing, Enlightenment, right? Why “Sarah,” you know? Why not say something else? Like what? “S” for what? Supreme Master! Silly! “G” for God, yeah? Yeah!

“A” for what? OK, let’s say, “A” for what? (Almighty!) Almighty! “B” for what? (Blessing!) Blessing! “C” for what? (Cherry pie! Ching Hai!) Ching Hai! Cool! “D” for what? (Divine.) Divine! Good! OK, let’s write it down. (We can do the alphabet.) Ah, too much. Almighty, Bless... “C”? (Ching Hai.) Ching Hai! “D”? (Divine.) Divine! What next, “E”? (Enlightenment.) Enlightenment! “F”? (Freedom.) Freedom! “G”? (God.) God! (Grace!) OK, Grace! Fine. Hes has already Almighty, so Hes couldn’t have two times. Grace, OK. “G” for Grace, or “G” for God? (God!) God! God! God! OK, good. God. OK. “H!” (Heaven!) Heaven! Wow. And what else?

(“I” for Immediate.”) “J,” right? (I.) “I.” (Inspiration!) (Initiation!) Initiation! “J” for what? (Joy.) Joy! “K” for what? (Kingdom.) (Kindness!) Kindness! (Kindness. Kingdom.) Kindness? We’ll just stick to Kindness for now. Maybe something else will come along better. “L” for what? (Love.) Love! And “M,” right? “M” for what? (Mother! Master!) Master! “N” for what? (Noble!) Noble! (Yes.) OK. All right. Noble is good, OK. And “O” for what? (Ocean! Omnipresent!) Omnipresent! OK. Oh, it’s so long! “O” just for “Om”? Omnipresent, OK. “P” for what? (Peace!) Peace! (Paradise!) Peace? Paradise? (Peace!) Peace, peace! Maybe Paradise will come up later. “Q” for what? (Quan Yin!) Quan Yin!

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