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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Vow to Help the Most Suffering, Part 1 of 2, Oct. 16, 2021

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There’s a very good solution. It’s so simple but they didn’t listen. Just adopt the vegan diet, and the whole world will be different. The whole world will shine and the pandemic will vanish without having to use any medicine.

Hallo, everyone. (Hallo, Master.) I want to say a few words to you, just to say hallo, to greet everyone. Haven’t seen you for a long time. I hope you’re all fine and your families are healthy and happy. You’re unable to go to the group meditation for a long time, right? Do you miss me? (Yes.) Perhaps not, you’ve all grown up. I’m the only one who is naive and would still miss you. Yes, I do. I miss the happy times that we spent together, so relaxed, peaceful and simple, without much pressure. We sang and danced together, and BBQ. We also had mooncakes, watched the moon and set firecrackers.

Recently, they aired the Moon Festival celebration that we had, perhaps in 1992. Never mind, it’s long time ago for sure. I was still young and beautiful at that time. When I look at the old pictures, I don’t know whether they have edited them or what. Oh! I looked so nice and so young! My skin was so tender. I was the one with the most tender skin in Hsihu at that time. That’s right, I remember now. In a competition with the girls, my skin was the best. Now I don’t even dare to show my skin. Lots of wrinkles, very different.

I am talking about the Moon Festival celebration that they aired recently. Some of the programs were quite good, though they said they were not prepared. I heard them singing “The Pure Ocean.” Do you remember? “The Pure Ocean, grand and majestic, has come from Heaven. It flows far from its source.” And “Happy Yogi.” And… There’re several of them. I can’t remember.

Also, especially when I heard “Remembering Master’s Grace at the Moon Festival.” Is that right? Oh, I was so touched. It’s so beautiful. I listened to it more than 10 times. I even listened to it in bed at night. I listened to it when I was tired, and then came back to work. I listened to it whenever I wanted. I can’t remember how many times I’ve listened to it. It’s so beautiful and touching.

At that time, everyone was singing so sincerely, and their voices were also very beautiful. Their voices were so young and beautiful then. Even that guy, what’s his name? Brother Su. I wasn’t impressed by his voice. But, when they sang together, it sounded so beautiful, very nice. Perhaps they sang with their hearts, so I was touched. I don’t remember I’ve heard that song before. Recently, they asked me to watch the video. Usually, I’d go through it and edit it, so I saw the video more clearly. The song sounded very beautiful. I recorded that song in my little iPhone, handphone, so I can listen to it whenever I want to. I listened to it very often for many days, many times a day. I listened to it while working. Even when I went to see the doctor, I brought it there to listen to it. I carried it with me even when I went out to feed the butterflies.

Who wrote the song? Please write down his name and ask him to write a few more songs for us. Find those with a good voice to sing for us. It doesn’t have to be about Moon Festival. It can be any festival. Any festival is fine. Non-festival is also fine. About liberation is also good. When I listened to them singing those songs, which were so long ago, I couldn’t remember. When I heard those songs, I was so touched and I missed you.

We were happier then. I was not so serious. You came very often and stayed for a few days sometimes. Then, we had BBQ. We meditated and dozed off together. Sometimes, we watched TV together. We were very relaxed then. We had different kinds of pressure, but we were not as busy as we are now. Very busy, both inside and outside.

I’m still staying at my place to continue with my retreat, and meditate as much as possible. It might be more helpful. You meditate at your place, and I meditate at my place. OK? We are one. When the time is up, I will go see you. OK? (That's good!) Please be patient. Even if we don’t see each other, we are still heart to heart and hand in hand. We are not afraid of anyone.

OK. I wish you a happy retreat these couple of days, enjoying wonderful, radiant, inner experiences, Heavenly experiences. Then you can have better days when you go home, and benefit the country. The radiant and happy atmosphere that you bring home can help yourselves, your family, people in your village, in the country and in the world. OK? Now, for us there is nothing more important. It’s just eating, sleeping, praying, and meditating.

Taiwan (Formosa) is still fine and appears to be more normal. Some other countries are not living with such ease and such good luck. They’re still being plagued by the pandemic, which give them great agony. This pandemic is really not going to spare our world and has caused harms in many ways. It’s not just harming the body, individuals or groups. It’s affecting the whole society, nation and the world. Wow! For more than a year, everywhere is locked down. It’s like being forced to go into a retreat. We would enjoy the retreat, but it’s an agony for them. They are locked down forcibly, compulsorily. When you go to a retreat, you go willingly, gratefully and happily to enjoy Heaven, the inner freedom and the Blessings from the Buddha, from God. It’s not the same when the whole world was forced to lock down in the past year. They are really forced to lock down. They are forced.

There’s a very good solution. It’s so simple but they didn’t listen. Just adopt the vegan diet, and the whole world will be different. The whole world will shine and the pandemic will vanish without having to use any medicine. Because sometimes medication requires animal testing. Up to now, animal testing is still commonly used. That’s very painful. When I saw them being tested on, I didn’t feel like taking any medicine anymore. It feels like my heart is being slashed by someone. I really can’t take it. I haven’t even mentioned the animals that are slaughtered for people, for human beings. Sometimes, I really don’t know how to live on in this world, but I still endure and live on to pray for them, to strive for them. Otherwise, without this goal, I really can’t continue to live in this world. There is so much suffering everywhere. The pain is intolerable.

OK, have a joyful retreat and enjoy. OK? Don’t let me affect you. Perhaps I’m too emotional. Too soft-hearted. I can’t control this feeling of mine. I see others’ suffering as my own suffering. Seeing them in great agony, I feel so frustrated and helpless. Sometimes, I receive messages from them telling me, “Yes, it’s useful, Master. It helps.” Sometimes, I feel like it’s useless, or feel powerless. The progress is too slow, and sentient beings are suffering too much. Animals are dying in horrible ways. That’s how I feel. Sometimes, when they send me some good news, then I feel a bit comforted and manage to live on.

Thank you very much for your support, spiritual support, and support through spiritual practice. You’ve been meditating diligently at home. When you had the chance like this, you came quickly for group meditation to help the country and the world. Otherwise, your country may not be so stable, so peaceful. It’s much better than many countries. So, also thanks to God.

When you meditate and before you pray, also thank Heaven and Earth, all the Buddhas and Saints in the past, present and future to support us. I thank Them every day for keeping the world as peaceful as possible, and keeping Taiwan (Formosa) peaceful. No war.

If you become a vegan, there will be no war. This is for sure. Buddha also said so. If there is no karma of killing, we will not be killed by wars. Please tell your friends and relatives to be vegan in order to save the country, themselves and the world. You know very well that war will cause destruction and suffering. No matter who wins or loses, it will still bring a lot of suffering. Being a vegan will ensure peace, permanent peace. Please tell everyone. Thank you. Be more enlightened. Wishing you greater peace at home and a happier world. Thank you, everyone.

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