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Between Master and Disciples

Initiation Requires Master Power, Part 1 of 14, Oct. 20, 2021

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Because it’s not that person who does give the initiation. It’s just the verbal instruction. (Ah, yes.) And the Master Power is the one that is in charge. (Ah, Master Power is behind it. Yes.) It’s not the method. It is the Master Power infused in it.

Hi, guys! (Hallo, Master!) (Hi, Master!) Hi, how are you? (Oh, we’re doing very well.) (Very well.) Thank God. Thank God that in this type of situation, you are doing well. Many people cannot say that nowadays (Oh, yes.) (Yes, Master.) because we have so much trouble, so much disharmony, so much disaster around the world. (Yes, so much suffering.) Just recently, South Sudan, I also sent some humble contribution to the flood victims.

And they even found another (COVID-19) variant. They’re kind of panicking. It could be ten percent more infectious than Delta even. (Wow. Oh, no.) Yeah. “Oh, no,” that’s what I said. My God, I told you before, we’ll be chasing viruses forever. (Yes.) If we don’t turn around, if we go in the turbulent direction, stony direction, thorny direction, then we will beget all these thorns, disasters, or uneven road, stony one.

Just U-turn, how difficult can that be? My God, even children six years old can do it, and older people under sixty-something still can do it. Six to sixty can do it, so why not everybody? (Yes.) And we will avoid all this, almost immediately. It depends on the people, but even the worst situation is still a few weeks, then our Earth will calm down. (Oh wow. So fast.) Yeah. I’m not kidding. You know I’m not. (Yes, Master, we know.) This is a serious thing.

Is there anything new with you? Did you do what I told you about the machine yesterday? (Oh yes, we turned them all off.) OK, good, good. I think the girls did also. It’s good for now, also winter.

Just take care of yourself. (Yes, Master.) Just wear protective gear or something. Spiritually, you have protective invisible gear, and so physically you must have also some protective gear. (Yes, Master. Thank You very much, Master, for protecting us.) You’re welcome. It’s alright. I feel it’s my responsibility to take care of whomever (Yes, Master, thank You very much.) working with us, with me.

Any questions? I mean normally. (Yes, Master, we have a question from team.) Yeah, just ask.

(For the Quan Yin Method, sometimes Master would select a certain resident and not other residents to do the initiation process.) Yes. (Why would that be so?)

Why? Because some are a little bit higher than the others and it’s easier. (Ah, yes.) Easier to connect, easy to transmit the load of energy. (Ah, understand.) If it’s too low, he might get into trouble. (Oh.) A sudden influx of energy, even good things you cannot eat too much. (Oh, yes.) Even vitamins you cannot take the whole box. (Yes, that’s right.) That’s what it is. Some monks and nuns are not ready. (Ah, understand.) Principally can do, it’s just it’s easier with somebody a little bit more elevated. (Yes, understand, Master.)

(Master, with the Quan Yin Method, can anybody give the initiation instructions to others?)

Principally, yes. Because it’s not that person who does give the initiation. It’s just the verbal instruction. (Ah, yes.) And the Master Power is the one that is in charge. (Ah, Master Power is behind it. Yes.) It’s not the method. It is the Master Power infused in it.

It’s not just a verbal instruction. Verbal instruction just tells you to sit and be quiet. Maybe close your eyes or something. (Yes, Master.) Don’t make noise or maybe don’t move. But that is not the real thing. (Right.) It’s not the main point. The main point is the Master’s instruction, Master Power. (Yes.) And Master doesn’t have to be there. But there must be a physical presence. (Yes, Master.) Just to help them to sit straight or something like that. (Right. Yes.) To make sure they sit in a better position. Something like that. That’s all. And the power is from the Master. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

You remember one time, Milarepa, He had been working very hard for His Master. And His Master never gave Him the initiation. Just made Him work a lot and beat Him up, and scolding Him all the time. (Oh, yeah, that’s right.) (Right.) And He endured all that because He knows He has heavy karma. (Yes.) Before He came to the Master, He knew. That’s why He came to Him and was so desperate for cleaning His karma and getting liberation. But the Master did all that out of compassion.

Because His karma in this world was too heavy, so, He has to use this kind of handling, (Yes. Right.) scolding Him and beating Him up and all that, and make Him do a lot, a lot of hard labor work, like build a house, build a hut, and then demolish it. He is the one who told Him to build over there, but then He said, “No, not that place. Remove it, bring to the other place. Redo it again and again and again.” (Yes. Wow.) And it’s not like an easy flat road, it’s climbing uphill, and He made it as difficult as possible for the poor Milarepa. (Yes, Master.)

And concerning the scolding, it’s not just scolding that cleans the karma. It’s the Master who did that, (Yes.) with the power behind it.

There’s another story about one person who did bad things and he knew it. And he asked somebody how can he clean his sins. (Yes.) So that wise person said, “I cannot do it. But if you go to the Master over there, so-and-so Master, and you do something to make him scold you, then, you will be cleansed of your karma.” And he tried all that, but somehow that Master didn’t scold him. Tried to provoke the Master. (Yes.) So, this is the thing.

Some people don’t understand the way the Master is doing. (Right.) Only maybe Indian people or spiritually educated people understand the different ways the Master treats different people. (Yes, Master.) Or the Master answers the same question, but to different people, the Master will give different answers, even. (Right. Yes. Understand.) Or sometimes the Master pretends to be angry or something like that, then, you leave. (Oh, yes.)

The ancient Masters are hard nuts to crack. They are more clever. Why not? Just mind your business. Maybe there’re some really sincere and pure disciples, then you take. (Yes.) Why take on the karma of anybody or any dog-person and cat-person that comes to you and pretends to be sincere and all that. And then they go out, they might slander you. (Oh, yeah.) (Yes, Master.) (That’s true.) Because their karma’s too heavy. (Yes. Too low level.) I have many.

Oh, you have no idea. You have no idea. I could have died even (Oh, my gosh.) by the hands of the disciples, I mean physically. (Oh, God. Oh yes.) Physically, almost already there, almost died. (Oh, my God.) Lucky it was in the ashram and the hufa broke the door, came in and rescued me. (Yes.) Never mind, we don’t talk about that.

So we go back to Milarepa. (Yes, Master.) Why did I choose some and not some. (Yes.)

Milarepa was very, very frustrated, tired and painful, and feeling like the Master is not good to Him. (Oh, yes.) So, He asked the Master’s wife is there any way He can get initiation (Yes.) and without Master doing, because Master also has some representatives, (Oh, yes.) somewhere. So, the wife sent Him there (Oh, yeah.) to one of His representatives.

Just like I have some residents, (Yes. Right.) and if there’s an initiation, then they would tell me and then I give. They give me a list of names, and then we give them. I say, “OK, we can do that initiation on such a day, such a date.” It’s always been like that. (Yes.) They report to me first who wants to be initiated and nowadays it’s easier. (Right.)

In the old times, maybe that representative disciple of Milarepa’s Master has to go on horseback, or walk to the Master, to report or send somebody to report the initiation beforehand, (Yes, understand.) and then make a date, just like what we do now. Every time there is an initiation, they send me a list. (Yes. Right.) They ask for permission and whom I accept and whom I don’t accept. (Yes, Master.)

There are certain conditions and regulations, according to Heavens and the Universe. You have to know those things as well before you can give initiation. First, you have to ask Master’s permission because that’s the connection. (Yes.) Also, the rule with the Master in this physical world is that people don’t ask, you cannot give. (Ah, OK.) Otherwise, I just give to everybody. (Yes. That’s right.) Then, I have a lot, a lot of disciples. (Yes.) No, they have to ask. (Yes, Master.) Not because the Master is difficult, but the rule is like that. (Ah, OK.)

Formerly, there are some people who had to get initiation in the refugee camp, (Yes.) and I relaxed the rules a little bit, but I still know. Because I know in advance already. (Understand.) But that, I have to really pay attention to that special place only. That’s different.

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