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Between Master and Disciples

Nothing Escapes Justice, Part 1 of 6, Sep. 26, 2021

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You see, the media, many of them are looking for personality, not looking for quality. (Yes, that’s right.) They’re not looking for what President Trump did. All these good things you can list forever, what he’s done good for his country. (Yes.) And he truly has the heart to serve his people. He’s not a liar. He’s anything but a liar. (Yes. He’s very honest.) He’s absolutely honest. 100%, more than 100%.

(Hi, Master.) Hi! (How are You?) Oh, I’m OK. How are you then? (Oh, we’re doing very well here.) (Well, thank You, Master.) Good, good. Good to hear. I was waiting all night to call you guys because I thought, you work so hard until late night, so I let you have a couple of hours’ sleep before I call you. (Thank You, Master, but You can call us anytime.) I’m worried. Cannot just always use my “executive order.” Of course, I know that, but I always have to consider you guys. (Thank You, Master.) You’re working very hard and you need also some sleep, the body needs. (Yes, yes.)

Many times, it’s always like that, and sometimes I regret. Like afterward, when things are so urgent, and then I call, and then it’s too late, or something like that, to change something or to do some editing, and I say, “Oh, it’s all my fault because I should have called you earlier, but I let you sleep.”

And I keep pacing up and down, pacing around in my little… my little “palace.” (Yes.) Two-by-three palace now. I keep changing places, I don’t know how big is it anymore now. Probably the Protectors, invisible Angels, what, would have said that I’m “in the box” again. Because it’s really a box! It’s maybe not even two (meters), one something, and then maybe three. One something by three. One something by three something, or maybe just three. (That’s definitely a palace.) Ah, yes, my palace.

Sometimes I call it a palace. For me it is, because I have everything at my fingertips. I have a computer, I have monitors, I have a telephone. I’m really luckier than many kings in former lives. Don’t you think? (Yes, very.) You know, because some former kings, they don’t have it that good, they have to rely on their eunuchs. (Oh, yeah.) And they run by foot. Can you imagine? If I want to talk to you guys a thousand miles away or hundred miles away or even just some kilometers away, and you have to go on foot and on horseback to delivery my question, and then come back with the answer. And come back again with the reply and come back with the answer. Poor kings! I wouldn’t want to trade my place with them (Yes.) in former lives.

I tried to wake you guys up, I say, “Wakey, wakey.” Because I’ve been waiting all the time already. All night I don’t sleep, I wait for you guys to wake up. Meanwhile, I was scanning some other work or doing inside meditation. (Yes, yes.) And then I was worrying that I couldn’t wake you guys up because of all the vegan cakes. (And the beer!) And the beer, (Non-alcoholic beer.) non-alcoholic beer, but then it’s too relaxing. (Yes.) After you enjoy all these sweets and drink the non-alcoholic beer ‒ too relaxing. Who would like to wake up after midnight? Or after two o’clock in the morning, which is when I was thinking to call you guys. But I thought, never mind about that, we can regulate it later.

You finished all the roofs in front of your villas? (Oh, yes. Yes, we have.) It’s much better, right? (Yes, it’s dry.) So the rain doesn’t fall in your corridor. (Yes. Yes.) (Yes, Master.) And you can put your shoes and some stuff there safely. (Yes.) It’s all comfortable, yeah? (Yes, it’s always very comfortable.) (Thank You, Master.) Yes, it’s always comfortable. I know that. I lived your style before, before things got more hectic like now, like have more work to do. (Yes.) Before, I did not have a lot of disciples, and don’t have Supreme Master TV. That’s the main point. (Yes.)

Are you still having vegan cakes, or you want to order more? (Oh, I think we had enough, Master. We had some birthdays as well, that we celebrated.) What…! My God, then! Are you still comfortable going through the door? (Barely fits, but we still make it through.) Otherwise, you go sideways like the crab. And tuck your tummy in, breathe out before you go in your door. Because the villa’s also small, like bungalow style, and you cannot extend too much or widen the door. (Yes.) I cannot guarantee all that. Take the vegan cakes and the non-alcoholic beer at your own risk. And even birthday cake at the same time, my God! How do you guys have it so good? (Yes. Thank You so much, Master.) (Thanks, Master.) I don’t have all that, but I don’t want all that either. Just a normal meal fills me enough, then I don’t ever want any sweets. For me.

Before, when I was in India, when I was always having missed the meals, because they eat too fast. Too many so-called disciples eat too fast, so when I come in, there’s nothing left except a mountain of dishes. And I washed dishes and imagined the food. And now, if I eat well, like a regular meal, decent meal, then I don’t need any sweets. I don’t like any. So I’m glad you guys enjoy it for me. (Yes, we enjoyed very much.) (We did.) Maybe because we are one, so if you are enjoying, then I don’t need.

Master Ramakrishna, when he had some problem with his throat, that he could not swallow food in some certain times, and he complained to his Mother, the Deity Mother. (Yes.) He said he could not eat, how come it happened like this to him? So the Mother said to him, “But everybody else eats, so it’s all right.” “I mean, you don’t have to; everyone else is eating, so it’s fine.” It’s not fine, oh my God, what a Mother! I guess she just had a dry humor, like we humans sometimes. (Yes.) I didn’t know Deities, they have humor, like my Protectors, my Guardians. They called my house a box, remember? (Yes, I remember that.) But it was a small wooden cabin, that’s why. It’s about, also, like one meter something and two meters something. It’s like a storage shed. (Yes, yes. Understand.) (Yes, Master.) Wooden house.

It’s been a long time before that, many decades already, when I lived there. And then I lived with the tent before, to retreat, on that mountain. And then later when I left, they removed the tent and made the wooden cabin or something. And when I came back, it was done, and it was OK, but I hardly had time to live there before. Afterwards, many residents came and lived there, so I just let the house be like a monument. Because I also have a cave. (Right.) I really love the cave. I always like it there, and it feels so spacious, more than in the house. Just couldn’t explain why, but it was like that. I was so happy there. OK, never mind! I’m happy everywhere, as long as I’m OK, alive, to work. (Yes, Master.) Tell me, is there anything? (We have some questions from the team. If we may ask, Master?) Sure, sure, sure.

(For the first one: Master, in Maricopa County, Arizona, USA, the recount of the 2020 US Presidential election reaffirmed Biden’s victory. And as a result, several media companies, like CNN, Washington Post and CNBC, said Trump was wrong and lying about the election fraud and the irregularities in the voting process. Would Master like to comment on this?)

Yeah. What does Trump expect? He’s too honest. He’s too naïve, I told you already. (Yes, yes.) He’s bordering naïve. Because if you ask somebody who’s maybe a thief or something in your house, (Yes.) but give them so much time, then the evidence will be all gone, even if he did. (Oh, yes, that’s true. That’s true. Yes.) Same people, same preparation, so how can the result be any different? (Yes. Definitely.) Anyway, I try not to accuse anybody, I’m just telling you the truth. (Understand.)

This is all world karma, Americans’ also collective karma. (Yes.) And also the bad influence of the zealous demons, they blind everyone. They blind everyone. They blind them all, so that they are supporting the wrong person. Because they just use their magic. (Yes.) Oh, they’re powerful, they’re powerful. The Buddha said that the maya is as powerful as He, as the Buddha, (Wow.) except he lacks the power of love. (Ah, understand.) That’s all. (Yes.)

Otherwise, how has our world been so messed up and in suffering and pain for everyone, humans and animals alike? (Yes.) You see, the media, many of them are looking for personality, not looking for quality. (Yes, that’s right.) They’re not looking for what President Trump did. All these good things you can list forever, what he’s done good for his country. (Yes.) And he truly has the heart to serve his people. He’s not a liar. He’s anything but a liar. (Yes. He’s very honest.) He’s absolutely honest. 100%, more than 100%. More than any… some of them, you can name. (Yes.)

If they want to look for liars, they should look in the opposite direction. There is plenty of evidence, but nobody cares. Maybe because it doesn’t suit them, Mr. Trump’s way of doing or personality. (Yes.) They expect the President has to do what they want, not what he thinks fit for the country. (Yes.) The same people against any Master are also like that. They think the Master is lying, cannot do this, cannot do that. You cannot prove that God exists, physically, but God does exist. (Yes.) And for that reason, for not provable things, many Masters have been killed, assassinated, murdered, or silenced in different ways. (Understand.) Or facing persecution and difficulty. You name it. You name all the Masters, They’ve all gone through some horrible fate, or silenced, or in hiding. (Yes. Such a sad thing.)

Trump is a most honest and uncorrupted person, not to talk about the best President, for that matter. He is not lying. He’s either intuitively knowing the fraud, or informatively knowing that. (Yes, yes.) Because many of the people who have magical power or the third eye, maybe they told him. Or his workers who witnessed some fraudulent things, told him also. (Yes, yes.) There are many irregularities that have been reported before, in different states or counties. (Yes, yes, there were many.) And that prompted him to say that we have to recount and recheck and… into these election activities. (Yes.) Yes. He did not say it without cause. (Understand.)

And there are some irregularities, and some authorities said, “Oh, it’s just too small.” What means small? (Yes. Yes.) It’s like if you sexually advance on somebody who is not willing, they call that also sexual assault, even without doing anything yet. (Yes, understand.) Just talk or just maybe touch the cheek or something. Or touch some body part, then it’s just that, and then they fire the governor, for example, like the New York governor. If he even did that. (Yes.) And there was no evidence, just saying, just accusation. No evidence to prove that, and still they fired him. I mean, not fired him yet, but he had to resign, (Yes, he resigned.) because of too much commotion and too time consuming and too much trouble. (Yes, understand.)

And Trump is an absolutely honest and naïve person. He is not fit for this world, I’m telling you. Not to talk about being a President, and famous, and a beloved President. (Yes.) (He could do so much for the country and the world, if he was allowed.) Yeah, yeah, yeah. He did many things that bring peace to many nations. (Yes.) Peace and safety.

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