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Between Master and Disciples

Spiritual Experiences Strengthen Our Faith, Part 2 of 5, Dec. 29, 2019

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(She believed that I could help her. “I didn’t listen to you when I was alive.”) It’s good that you have some affinity with her. (Yes, she regretted it. And she said, “I must believe in you and your Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai.” And on that day, the hell was emptied because of Master’s grace.) Then she reincarnated.

(There’s one more question from China. I had a friend who worked in a Korean barbeque shop for 15 years.) Not vegan, right? (No, not vegan. After the owner passed away because of cancer, my friend took over the business.) It’s you again. (Later my friend also passed away because of sickness.) Yes. (One day, her brother dreamed that her face, the friend’s face, became a dog’s face.) Dog? (Dog’s face.) OK. (She really reincarnated as a black dog. She didn’t want to be a dog, so she starved herself to death. After her death, she fell into hell, enduring strict punishments every day. The Inner Master asked me to save her from hell, so I went to hell. After I recited the Five Holy Names and the Gift, the hell was all emptied.) Good. It’s because you practice diligently and sincerely. And you have affinity with her. Very good. Thank you. Congratulations.

Anything else? That’s it? (Master, I just want to talk about the situation in hell, because many fellow initiates ask if hell really exists. Even some fellow initiates don’t believe in hell’s existence.) Of course, it exists! Many people went to hell and came back, and they wrote books about it. (They asked me what hell is really like, so…) Do you want to describe it to them? (Yes. May I?) Tell me. (On the day Master came back to Hsihu from France, I went to see Master. In the evening, the inner Master told me, “Your friend has fallen into hell. Hurry up and go.” So, I went. Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva was there to greet me, and four or five beings were there listening to His lecture.) Only four or five beings? Oh, God. (Yes, very few. The hall was so big but only a few beings were there listening to His lecture.) They wouldn’t listen over there. (That’s right. Then Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva said, “Let me guide you.” Then He took me to a place where meat-eating beings would fall into. It’s a big square, and many beings were lining up at the sides. In the middle, it seemed to me that it was bigger than a football field. And there were beings from the five continents with skin tones of white, black, and yellow, etc. And later a kind of meat grinding device suddenly fell from the sky. That is, a meat grinder suddenly appeared out of thin air, and then a loud humming sound began. And later there were horrendous cries.) I see. (And everyone stood in a circle; the diameter was one and a half meters. Then they were all ground up with flesh and blood everywhere. Later, after it was done, they had to line up again, being punished like this 3-5 times a day. Then I quickly recited the Five Holy Names and the Gift from the Seventh Level, and that hell was emptied of all beings.) They’re liberated.

(Then I asked that friend, “Why did you fall into this place?” She said, “You had told me to be vegan and change my profession, but I did not listen. Then suddenly, I got cancer and died.” After dying she found that she had become a dog. She remembered her home. So, she ran desperately there but her family did not recognize her. She thought, “I was human but now I have become a dog. I don’t want to live anymore.” Then she starved herself. She was only a puppy, so she starved to death. She thought that after dying she would be human again and continue enjoying human life.) No, the karma has not been paid off. (Right, but she did not believe it.) It was already very good that she could be a dog. It’s much worse to be ground up (Yes.) by that machine. (Later she regretted it. She thought she should have continued being a dog for ten years or more, and then it would be OK. She believed that I could help her. “I didn’t listen to you when I was alive.”) It’s good that you have some affinity with her. (Yes, she regretted it. And she said, “I must believe in you and your Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai.” And on that day, the hell was emptied because of Master’s grace.) Then she reincarnated. (Yes.) That’s better. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

(After the hell was emptied, she went to Heaven straight away by Master’s Power.) OK. (So, I’m very grateful.) Thank you for your help. (Thank You, Master.) Since you have affinity with her, at least you knew her before and offered advice to her, you could go there and help. Did she thank you? (She’s very grateful. After going to Heaven, she often told me, “I will learn to practice spiritually.” She is very grateful to Master and me.) OK. (Thank You.) It’s good that she went to Heaven, but she might forget again if she comes down. It’s better to have someone to teach her up there, so she will continue on the benevolent path. Otherwise, if she falls down, she will eat meat again. But maybe our world will not be eating meat any more in the future. That would be good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your trip. It’s great that you remembered to recite the Five Holy Names and the Gift over there. You meditate diligently; otherwise, you might forget if you go down there. You might be contaminated by the atmosphere and forget. If you do not practice diligently, you might forget. Then you would not be able to save anyone and might be trapped there yourself. You need a lot of merits in order to remember. Only those who have merits and blessings and have practiced sincerely would be able to remember the Five Holy Names and the Gift. If you are ordinary, not practicing and not good, you will become one with them down there. It will be difficult. You must practice diligently. It’s very important to recite the Five Holy Names and the Gift often. I have told you. They are very important and powerful, and hell will be emptied if you can still remember to recite them. I am just worried that you won’t remember. You will remember them if you listen to the Master and practice diligently, as the sister just told you. I have not lied to you, have I? (No.) I always speak the truth. I told them to contact you and to give you the money for donations. Did they do that? (Yes.) Tell them where to send the money, OK? (Yes, it’s all arranged.) OK. And buy rice or vegan milk for the children. (Yes, it’s all arranged.) OK. (OK, thank You, Master. Thank God.) You’re welcome.

(Master, I want to talk about my experience. Master, You are the Benevolent Father of all beings from four forms of birth and the Six Paths. Maybe because I am a renunciate, my experiences are all about invisible beings. Thanks to Master’s grace, I was able to again dress as a nun in March this year. After that, I went to Mount Wutai, as the inner Master told me to do so. That’s why I went to Mount Wutai. Up on the mountain, I received inner guidance to a Mother Buddha Cave where lived a 1,000-year-old snake spirit. He practices spiritually. He gave me an inner message − to invite him into my mala beads, and after that, I would be given a task to go to Japan at the end of April.

It was the end of March when I went to Mount Wutai by myself. When I went to Mount Wutai, I only knew that I should go there, but had no idea why. I went there by myself and obtained a travel brochure. I had a strong intuition that I should head to the Mother Buddha Cave. There resided a snake spirit that was 1,000 years old. When I got there, I invited him into my mala beads. But the inner Master told me that because the snake was 1,000 years old, he was too cold for me to bear. So, the first time I went there, he communicated with me. He gave me a message, asking me to let him go into my mala beads before returning to Taiwan (Formosa), so that he could come with me, because he wanted to learn the Dharma from Master and he would help me when I went to Japan. When I got to Mount Wutai, I felt a snake go into my mala beads. I thought it was him. But when I meditated at night, I found that it wasn’t him, but a white snake that was 500 years old. I thought, “This is bad. The inner Master told me to do something, but I didn’t do it right.” I asked the white snake to come out. I said, “You are not the one intended by God. Please come out.” The white snake came out. I could see him, but not very clearly. I felt that he was very friendly to me. I asked him, “Who are you?” It turned out he used to be my guardian when I was a nun.) Guardian? (Yes. The snake was a guardian god. It was special. Normally, the monks and nuns are protected by guardians only when they are in temples. When they leave the temples, they are not protected.) Oh! Amazing! (At that time, a couple of lay practitioners whom I didn’t know, came to me. They practiced both Buddhism and Taoism. They told me, “Master, you must leave the temple, because you have other affinities. You must leave your temple.” They found it strange that the guardians in the temple told them that they would protect me wherever I went. I had felt nothing until the white snake came out and then I knew they had been protecting me.

What happened later on the way to Japan touched me deeply. When I came back from Mount Wutai, I had that snake. I gave him a name “Ji Yin.” I invited him into my mala beads and took him to Taiwan (Formosa) with me. The inner Master told me to bring the mala beads when I come for retreats, so that he could come with me, and when I went home, he would go home with me too. So, one weekend, I brought him to the retreat. That weekend, many initiates saw a lot of snakes. Those snakes came to pay tribute to this snake king. I felt it clearly inside, but my mind had doubts. One day, an initiate…) What did you doubt? (It’s just my mind that likes to doubt things, but I am used to going with my feelings. One day, an initiate took a ride in my car. She looked at my mala beads and said, “Buddhist master, it’s so strange, but there is something in your mala beads.” Curiously, I asked her, “What do you see?” She said she saw a dark blue snake. Yes, that was his color. This strengthened my belief that it was right to listen to the guidance of the inner Master.

Later the snake went to Japan with me. When the plane took off and was flying over the Taiwan (Formosa) Strait, he dived into the deep ocean to help the suffering sentient beings who had died in shipwreck or other tragedies. He led them to the surface and You, the merciful Master, took them away. All I did was to go to the place hit by the 2011 tsunami. I went there to meditate, recited the Five Holy Names and the Gift, and played Supreme Master Television. When I went there, I received the inner message to bring the Celestial Jewelry “Liberation” designed by Master. I borrowed a pair of “Liberation” bracelets from an initiate and set one on each side. When I meditated, there was brilliant Light. After that, numerous sentient beings were liberated by Master. And Ji Yin was also elevated spiritually. The inner Master asked him to return to the Mother Buddha Cave to continue practicing afterwards. Now I feel that he sometimes comes to visit me. I am grateful for Master’s mercy.

As for the “white spirit,” at that time, the inner Master told me that his level wasn’t high enough to stay at the New Land Ashram. So, I let him stay elsewhere first. Because he practiced and did certain things, he is at the New Land Ashram now. It’s my feeling, but I am not sure if the white snake is really at the New Land Ashram.) He is your friend, but you have no clue, so you ask me? (He is.) I don’t check on snakes all the time. I am busy. (Yes, so it’s confirmed that You are the merciful Mother of all sentient beings. You save and deliver all beings!) It was through you that the snake received help. His body is a snake, but his soul is spiritual.

We humans can’t live as long. Snakes and foxes sometimes can live up to a few hundred years, or a few thousand years. Also, turtles can live a long time. They understand spiritual practice and are very benevolent. You have affinities with them. Good. (Master helped them all. Without You, I couldn’t accomplish anything.) I need tools. You are a good tool. (Thank You for Your encouragement, Master.) You are welcome. Anyone else has snakes or tigers? We’ve heard many stories about foxes, turtles or snakes who had practiced spiritually for a long time. We thought those were just fairytales. But they were real. All sentient beings practice spiritually to some extent, collectively or individually, just like us. Humans are not the only ones who practice spiritually. Humans have more merits. The human body is rare to have. But other beings also practice spiritually. You heard it just now.

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