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Spiritual Experiences Strengthen Our Faith, Part 3 of 5, Dec. 29, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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I hope that these few days, some of the good experiences, and some near-death experiences, and some hell experiences, would open your hearts a little bit more and strengthen more of your faith.

(Master, I want to share my experience regarding the Celestial Jewelry. On the 21st of October, I was supposed to be on a business trip to Taipei. So, there’s this hotel which is rumored to have a lot of souls, in this hotel in Taipei. And it’s actually very popular.) A lot of souls in there? (When you search in the internet, they actually have quite a good story about this hotel in Taipei.) A lot of souls, you mean a lot of (Yes.) customers or…? (I mean ghostly beings there.) Oh, invisible. (Yes, invisible beings there.) You mean ghosts? (Yes, something like that.) So, even ghosts, they know which popular hotel to come to? They must have a lot of money. Maybe they pay with ghost money. (I was actually told to avoid this hotel since I joined this bank 13 years ago. So, I have been actually avoiding this hotel for many, many years, until on the 21st of October, I could not book a hotel which is nearby. So, I was forced to book into this hotel. So, I checked in on the 21st. And then on the night after meditating, I went to sleep. And to prepare myself for this trip, I brought along Your photograph. I also brought along “Awakening” Celestial Jewelry.) (And I also brought the “Awakening” bangle which has a big “Z” there, and also, the pendant, to protect myself.) So, Master’s photo, not enough, you mean. Yeah, I got it. I also wear this to protect myself. (So, after that, I went to sleep, after meditating. And then suddenly, there were these three beings, lady souls, actually hiding by the curtains in the room.) Hiding behind the curtain, the window curtain. (And there was a ring of protection around me, so they could not come near me. So, I just thought that, “With Master’s Celestial Jewelry protection, I shouldn’t be worried at all.” So, at no point was I worried. So, after that, I just ignored them, and then I just went to the washroom. So, I came back and I slept. And then there was another bed just next to me. In the room there were two beds. So, I was occupying one bed and then the other bed was empty. So, just when I went to sleep, somehow, there was some noise (On the other bed.) on the next bed, making the bedsheets. So, I turned around and the whole place became so misty, and I went to that dimension. So, I said, “Would you please not come and look for me? You look for Supreme Master Ching Hai.” So I recited Your name three times. I recited Your name Supreme Master Ching Hai. “You look for Supreme Master Ching Hai,” three times.) Please stay away from me, you. You and your friends. I have nothing to do with ghosts. (And after that, the whole place became normal again. And they were all gone.) Oh, thank you. You shoved it onto me, and then you went to sleep. Wow! (At no point was I worried. At no point was I scared. So, the next morning I said, “Should I change rooms?” But somehow, I said, “Since they disappeared, I should continue staying.” So, subsequently, there were no more such ghostly experiences after that.) No more ghosts anymore? (No more. And I played Your “Talking to a Stone Buddha,” as well as playing the Supreme Master TV on my iPad.) OK. (Thank You, Master, for liberating the souls.) You’re welcome.

I have to tell you honestly, I don’t want any friends, not even human, not to talk about ghosts. They’re your friends. Why do you shove them onto me? All of you, have all kinds of karma. If you don’t have enough karma with humans, you even have karma with ghosts, and then you shove it onto me. There’s one Taiwanese (Formosan) feng shui master, he said the ghosts came to him and they complained that because we bought this place they don’t have anywhere to go, and they came and bothered him. So, he also said, “This has nothing to do with me. You go ask Supreme Master Ching Hai.” Don’t you guys think I have enough work to do? With you here, the living beings, if you are living, I’m not sure. Are you living? Are you alive? How come all the ghosts are attracted to you? Even snakes and whatnot. Everybody just shifts everything to me. “Go see Master. Go ask Master.” You told them even where I live. Trust you for my safety, privacy and security. Thank you ever so much, all of you. I’m hiding from humans, already bad enough. Now I have to hide from ghosts as well. Where would I go? Goodness sake. All right then.

(So, after that, when I came to the New Land, after my business trip, on the 25th, I straight away bought the “Elixir,” another set of jewelry.) You have money. You can’t even bribe the ghost, and you have to send them to me. Maybe just give them some money. Go to another hotel, or book another room. Maybe they don’t have money, so they have to stay with you in one room. My God. What a Master has to do? You like to be Master? (No.) So many problems, humans already, now have ghosts also. Any other ghost? (Thank You, Master.) You’re done? OK. Tell me.

(I’m from Nepal, Master.) Nepal. Welcome. (All Nepali initiates and Nepali people love You. Warm love to You, Master. And they say during the earthquake, flood, Save the Dog, Save the Cow, and Bamboo School, every time, You spent lots of money for my country; they all remember You, Master. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. You’re all right? Your family is OK? Nepalese people are very pure. They live very high, high level. Very beautiful people. All of your country’s people are beautiful, mostly beautiful. (My country people remember You every time. You spent a lot of money for my country, Master.) I just help a little bit for emergency. (They all love You, Master.) I cannot help everyone, that’s for sure. (Thank You, Master.) I am always sorry that I cannot help more than that. I always feel whatever amount of money I give is always very little. I’m never happy. But sometimes I cannot give more for some reason. But I don’t like that. I don’t like that I cannot give more. You go home and tell all your brothers and sisters I send my love. (They all thank You and love You, Master. My whole family loves You, Master.) OK, thank you. I know that, I know that. Thank you. The sister there.

(Master, I had an experience. You said just now that everything You told us was the truth, and the experience that I had just proves it even more. So, a while ago, I had friends who were all looking at those videos about the flat Earth conspiracies. And I was like, my Master never talked about the Earth being flat. And I said, “One day, I’m going to go check on my own.” And after meditation one time, like sometimes the soul goes out, and that time I did go into space and I did check. The Earth is round. And then I bumped my head on something. And then when I looked, I was so shocked because it was like a fleet of missiles and spaceships, just aimed at the Earth, a lot. It was like a scene from Star Wars. It was in space and it was never ending. It was like, it went on and on. You think they were stars, but they were missiles ready to attack the Earth. And when I came back, I was like, “Oh, my God. We are in constant danger. We can be blasted off at any time.” And a few months after that, Master, You announced on Supreme Master TV that the galaxy control was blasted off, shattered.)

Yeah, otherwise, they could have made us problems, more than just controlling. If they cannot control enough, if they don’t like it, then they just destroy. Because humans, some can be controlled, but not all can be controlled. For example, they cannot control me, and they don’t like that. And now they cannot control so many, they don’t like that. They didn’t like that. So it could be trouble. Because we are helpless here actually. We are helpless. We were imprisoned. We couldn’t get out anywhere and we don’t have enough high-tech the way they do. Their technology is way, way, way, way superior to ours. So, they could do anything they wanted with us. So, we are free now, more free. Get freer all the time. More and more freedom, all the time. I’m glad. I’m really glad. I have to do more. I’d really love to do more for the animals and for humans who have so much suffering, because if they suffer, I suffer. Not the same degree of course, like not physically, maybe not mentally, but I still suffer because I feel like I am them. That’s it. Even a little insect, when they suffer in any kind, oh, my heart feels so bad. And I said, “Oh, my God, Heaven, you see everything here is suffering. You’ve got to help me do some more, something, some more.” Anytime I see some suffering, it’s as if I do. Even a little insect. For us they are just a little insect, but that’s their life. They have only that life.

I’m glad that we are getting better, but too slow, too slow for my liking. It’s still better than nothing. All these eons of lifetimes, and all these centuries and generations, the Earth has not become better. So, I hope this time, in my short lifetime, I can make it with your help and your support and your hoorah. Thank you. And your extended love. If you meditate well and you do behave accordingly, I’m very proud of you. Whoever came here today or this week and still did not feel my love or did not feel much improvement, you have to try harder. You don’t need to love me. Just try harder and then you will feel it. You’ll feel my love. Our relationship is a loving relationship, 100%. Even if you don’t have any percent, I have 100%, so it’s covered. Yeah, I have you covered.

I hope that these few days, some of the good experiences, and some near-death experiences, and some hell experiences, would open your hearts a little bit more and strengthen more of your faith. That’s why we have retreats, so we have time, we can tell each other things in the presence of the Master, so you don’t have any danger of ego or losing your spiritual ability or merit. Just don’t tell everybody. When you tell in my presence, it’s OK. And I hope all these stories help you somehow, to strengthen your faith in your practice, so that you can progress quicker. Because no matter what I say to you, it’s just talk. If you don’t have that experience yourself or at least if you don’t hear that from one of your sisters and brothers, then you might not have 100% faith in what I told you. But you will. You will get there. If you did not, if you are still lagging behind, it doesn’t matter, you will get there. Everyone has their own time to practice and to progress, as long as you try. Try to hold on to your faith. As I told you many times, I have no reason to lie to you. I’m not very eagerly seeking this kind of job.

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