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Between Master and Disciples

Spiritual Experiences Strengthen Our Faith, Part 4 of 5, Dec. 29, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Always pray, give thanks before you eat. Thank God Almighty. Thank all the Saints and Sages and the Godses who protect us. And thank all involved visible and invisible beings who’ve helped to produce the foods that you eat, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the shoes to protect your feet. Everything we use, we thank them all.

Now that I am older and so very busy already, I have to forsake many things: Personal likes, or not liking, many other things. The things I love to do, like do some painting, make some more poetry. I even told them to buy some more stones for me, those round pebbles, big round stones. I wanted to do some painting on it, and sell them to make some more money, like physically earning. But I had no time at all.

As I told you, sometimes I forget to take my supplements and medicine. As you grow older, your body needs a little bit more TLC (tender loving care). Your bones are not the same as when you were younger. Especially women, who worked too hard also before, like running around the world. We women, our bones are not as strong as men’s, no matter what. Men’s are always stronger. Even two people the same size, one is a man, one is a woman; normally speaking, if they fight, the man, of course, will win. If they don’t have special training in kung fu or anything, the man will always overcome the woman because they’re always stronger. They don’t lose blood or energy every month like women do. And the women’s bones are not as good as men’s, of course. Especially if you have had children and all that also, you are not so strong. So, do take some supplements. But you have to know which is good. Don’t just take anything. Sometimes taking too many doesn’t help. But if you have good ones, one or two, it’s good. The doctor recommended me some supplements. I can also tell you. I don’t have them here, I forgot. Tomorrow I’ll bring them. And then maybe you can try that. Supplements, good for your bones.

If it’s already very painful, then you have to take some other medicine first. And after that, this is only maintenance, only for the long run. But if it’s already painful that you cannot walk and all that, then you must ask a doctor to prescribe to you some other medicine first, to stabilize it, and then you can take what I’m taking, if I’m taking. But it helps, it really helps! Before, I had some knee pain. And the doctor… I don’t know, maybe you have another doctor, but I have one doctor in Taipei. He uses natural remedies and supplements. And this brother in the UK, he uses chlorella and spirulina. Yeah, I heard about them. So, you have to see which one is suitable for you. And the one that doesn’t have any side effect. You try it first and if it works for you, make sure it doesn’t have side effects. If it has side effects, then you don’t take any more. Each one may be different, different karma. But for me, this medicine did work. But before that, he gave me a lot of other stuff – natural medicine, of course – to take for a while, until I don’t have pain anymore. And then this is just for the long run. It’s only three types of supplements. One is I think vitamin B something. And then the other one is… They call it Flexanol, meaning for the flexibility of your bones or your muscles. And another one, a supplement called NMN, some natural remedy, just supplement. You take it, but you still need to have your colorful meals every day.

So, the body is like a car. You have to give it the right petrol, then it runs better, at least. It helps, because we are not young anymore. When I was young, I was invincible. I did many things, many things. I drank all kinds of water; nothing affected me at all. No mosquito even came near. Nowadays, they think I’m a dead corpse or something. They go nearby all the time, kiss, kiss. But I put a lot of these yellow lamps in the gardens because my dogs go there, so I don’t want them to be bitten. And then it helps me also. I have less insects, less mosquitoes. The yellow lamps are also very helpful. If you think ghosts are coming to your house, put many yellow lamps around it. Yeah, really. Because it symbolizes the sun. For them it’s like the sun, the same color. You know the yellow light that they use for anti-mosquito? Put some around in front of your house, at the back of your house, and on both sides, depends on how many ghosts you have, like your brother there. Maybe next time you travel, you don’t have to take my photo. Just bring a yellow lamp, plug it in. There are some plug-in yellow lamps, but you can’t sleep with that light. Just put it outside. The invisible, some weak invisible ghosts, they’re also afraid of that. Truly, like that. So, you can try. So, you know why the monks they wear yellow. Keep the ghosts away. Keep the negativity away.

And the kings and the queens in the old times in China, they knew much about the effect of color, so they wore yellow. Also, yellow is the same name as a king. “Huang Di (king)” “Huang” is “yellow.” “Huang Di” means “king.” So, they also wore that to symbolize the king power, king position. But there was one empress dowager, she did not like the yellow color. She always put a lot of embroidery on it to hide the color. Yellow is not bad. Today I’m yellow, maybe it helps something, drives some of your ghosts away from me. So many ghosts and hell beings and what not. Snakes and…

Snakes and foxes in Chinese or Japanese and Aulacese (Vietnamese) fairytales, they portray a lot of them. They portray them as long-life practitioners. Some of them are not too good. They practice, but they don’t use it for good things. Some are very good. They can help you also, help normal practitioners; not too high level. Actually, we say snakes and foxes they are not good, they’re low level, but some of them are very virtuous, morally fit. Better than many humans of the low level. If humans are low level, they’re worse than these beings. They can harm you, they can harm you. They don’t need to deliberately harm you; they just make trouble, even without deliberation. That is the worst. Anything they do is troubling for you or harmful to you, because they are like that. They’re from hell.

I told you last time that we have a few kinds of people around us: friends, enemy, and neutral. Enemies, they do harmful things to you, even without wanting. I have a lot in our group, as I told you already, without even doing intentionally. Don’t practice very well, that’s why. Don’t practice well. Just come in for that purpose. But they don’t look like that, so nobody understands. If I’m complaining, they don’t understand. They think Master is not good. Master is intolerant and all that stuff, which is bad name for me also. But as I told you already, I forgive everyone, but it doesn’t mean I always have to seek their company again. Just like I told you, you can forgive a snake who bites you, but don’t go looking for him and pet him, “Oh, I forgive you. Come live with me. Sleep with me in my bed to show my tolerance and my high-level practice. Don’t need to do that. I’m trying to minimize the harm, so that I can stay longer with you and with the world, so that I can do some little thing here and there to help. Whatever I can. You can see that I do help. I’m not just talking. You know, right? You believe, right? (Yes.)

Of course, I’m not able to help everyone. But whoever I can, whomever I know, it’s still better than nothing. If everyone is like me, helping a little bit here and a little bit there, then we’re all together, we can help people, then all the world will become a better place to live. And many lives will be better, more comforted, feeling more loved, more sustained to continue to walk the human’s path, until enlightenment, or until their allotted time and then they can go to Heaven, or they can be awakened and be of service.

Sometimes it needs some disaster to wake people up. It’s like that. But don’t wait until then. You are my so-called disciples. You know what’s right, what’s wrong. Don’t wait until then. 

Eat carefully. Check out the ingredients carefully because nowadays sometimes they hide the ingredients and you eat some wrong things, and you could still be sick. Always pray, give thanks before you eat. Thank God Almighty. Thank all the Saints and Sages and the Godses who protect us. And thank all involved visible and invisible beings who’ve helped to produce the foods that you eat, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the shoes to protect your feet. Everything we use, we thank them all. All of those involved, visibly and invisibly. Because it’s not only humans who make your food. It is the bees, the worms, even the ants. They work very diligently for what we enjoy. We have to give thanks to them and bless them. Also, invisible beings, they’re helping also. There are garden fairies. There are tree spirits. There are Mother Earth’s essence, the Sun’s warmth and blessing. Every time, if I happen to see out of the window, rarely nowadays, really, I don’t see the Sun that much. Especially since they made me a new mobile home, I don’t see the Sun, not much. So whenever I open a window, I see the Sun covered with trees and far, but I always give thanks. And I see the moon, I give thanks, however rarely.

Before, when I lived in Spain, I saw them more often because I lived more in the open space and the Sun’s always visible, the moon also. Now I don’t have, but I still can see them sometimes. And when I remember, I thank them, all the time. All the stars, the wind gods, the rain gods, the water gods, the plants gods, the tree gods, they all contribute something conducive to our physical and mental wellness and happiness and everything. Whatever they can, they contribute. So, if we do some work for the world or to help others, don’t feel like it’s an obligation. Feel like a token of gratitude. We do owe each other. If not in this lifetime, many other lifetimes.

All right then, baby love. Did you eat well in the kitchen today? (Yes.) Yes, yes, you do. (Thank You, Master.) Delicious? Good. I’ll tell them to make meals for you again tomorrow. You go to the kitchen and eat. (Thank You, Master.) For you, the Westerners. But give thanks first, as I told you before. To God, to Godses, and to all involved in your meal, to make your beautiful meal, even the kitchen staff, of course. All right then. I have to still work. And I’ll see you again soon tomorrow. I’m truly sorry, because we still need to help the world. We already saved some, somehow. You have me, you have the Quan Yin Method. The world outside, they have nothing, so I still need to take care of them. So my work cannot be stopped, cannot be neglected. That’s all. Otherwise, I don’t mind sitting here with you. Love you guys. I love you. (We love You.) Thank you for coming here, spending your time with me. And thank you for your supporting love. I really, really feel it and appreciate it. God bless you and yours. God bless our world. It’s better. I am happy also. You see the world’s getting better. Since after the controlling machine is smashed, and after maya’s gone, after the negative entity is gone, after the karma force is gone, feel much better, no? You see more peace everywhere, more vegans, more… It seems easier. It seems easier than before. Before, if you talked about vegan, they’d think you are saying something in Greek.

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