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Between Master and Disciples

Spiritual Experiences Strengthen Our Faith, Part 5 of 5, Dec. 29, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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But if we drink too much, have drugs or cigarettes, this psychic power will be completely destroyed; you cannot gain it back. And next life you come back, you won’t even have it anymore.

I’m thinking, last time I also thought like that, we don’t do Christmas anymore, and then I don’t know, people like it. It feels special like Christmas with a bit, beautiful lights and good food. And I don’t know what to do for the best. Some people are sick, and I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good when they’re sick. And also, because it’s cold, they don’t make the air circulation. It’s cold, so they don’t open doors and all that also. We cannot have everything, what to do? Then you can go to India, find a big master, have a big temple. Or go to some Buddhist temples, they have big temples. (No.) Or other Christian big churches everywhere. (No.) Just go there and meditate. Why do you come here? I cannot afford everything.

I could, but I don’t like to borrow money. I don’t like to invest, to make more money. I just earn my money slowly and by our own effort. You could also invest and have much more money, but I don’t like to, because sometimes the money coming in is not clean. Not clean from the bank. They cannot always check out where the money comes from. That’s why I did not invest to have more money. I could have done that, but I don’t want it. If your Master doesn’t want money, what else does She want in this world? I don’t know. She doesn’t want a husband, doesn’t want children, doesn’t want money. What does She want? Something is not right in the worldly sense. We could invest money. I know all that. I just did not do it, and I still won’t do it. So, we just put up with it. Or you go find big temples, big empty churches, sit in there and meditate, do retreat yourselves, don’t come bother me. I have to worry about many things. Or you live longer, outlive me, and then after I die, they’ll build a big temple in no time. In no time, no problem.

The Sikhism, for example, Guru Nanak Ji, when He was alive, He walked bare feet in the forest. He didn’t even go out for alms; He ate berries and something on the way. And now He has a golden temple, Amritsar. You wait and see. You just outlive me, and then you will have a golden temple, maybe. Or could be upgraded to a diamond temple, who knows? When the Buddha was alive, He had only one place or two places that the disciples offered to Him. And now He has temples everywhere, when He doesn’t need it. Jesus, when He was alive, He had just some simple clothes, and walked bare feet, had nowhere to hide, even nowhere to rest. And now, see, churches everywhere. Oh! Bigger than you imagine. Some of the churches took more than 100 years to build, and it’s still lasting. So, if you complain, then you just have to live longer, outlive your Master, then you will have temples, churches, or whatever you have. Sure, for sure. And they will worship you because you’re senior disciples.

I am so sorry. But I don’t feel like making more money and building houses. Just bear with it. Or we have to make retreat in the warmer climate. This is a cold season and they have flu in this season. I really love to have retreat with you. It seems like we get closer together. Even though we are always close in the heart and the spirit. But somehow when you come here, I see you and you are happy, that makes me feel very happy too. Even though I work harder and everybody else also works harder, but… Taiwanese (Formosan) kitchen people, do you prefer not to have retreat because you have to work hard and stand guard and all that? Anybody doesn’t like retreat, raise hand. No? Don’t have? OK, you won. What can I do? I am alone. How can I win over you? I am really the minority of all the minorities. I always lose. I even lost to my dogs too. They’re also the majority. I am always minority. My dogs always win.

One of my dogs is supposed to be losing weight, a little bit. But whenever he sees me, he can always extract more from me. More food, more veggie bones, more love, more whatever, until he goes to sleep. Then I don’t have to see his eyes anymore, then I am free. Dogs, they can get into your heart and your head. They know what it needs to get what they want. But they’re also very compromising. They always tell me, “Don’t worry, it’s OK.” If I don’t see them, it’s not too bad. If I see them, I love them more. If I see them, I love them more. I don’t know why. If they are far away, not far, but I mean in the same vicinity, just a different quarter. If I don’t see them, then out of sight, out of mind. I don’t really miss them that much. But I feel sorry for them, now and then, like in the retreat I can only see them now and then, and one small group at a time. And then if I see them, then I cannot help it, I love them so much. And if I don’t see them, it’s OK. It’s funny.

OK then. I’ll tell you also about the vegetables, now that I remember, so I don’t have to wait until tomorrow because you might be nagging me all night long. I told you we have to be grateful to all the things we eat. Even the tree gods, the plant gods, vegetable gods. They do have gods. They do have the spirit that guards over it, make sure they grow well, lend the energy, so then they can survive in different weather, and maybe shortage of water or nutrition. But of course, they need nutrition. But without the spirit, guardian spirit over them, they won’t grow. They won’t grow that good, or not at all.

Among you, among those who work close to me, like for example the guard here, the guards, they are not just physically a guard. They also have their own job in the spirit world. I didn’t check all of them, but I know some of them are guardian spirit of watermelon, watermelon spirit. And we have a pineapple god, even alfalfa spirit god. Yeah! I am not kidding. Just because one time I had something to do with them, so I just checked what else they can do, and then I discovered they’re also some kind of gods, like watermelon or... Watermelon have many kinds even. One of the guards is a god of these red watermelons, but not the yellow ones. (Oh!) So therefore, when he is around, I eat only the yellow watermelon. I don’t eat alfalfa.

One of my assistants to take care of the dogs, she is gone. But she is a guardian spirit of pineapple. (Wow!) The kitchen heard on the wind that I don’t eat pineapples, so they never gave me a pineapple for a long, long time. And yesterday or the day before, I was having dinner with the Aulacese (Vietnamese) or the other countries’ citizens, and they didn’t give me the kind of fresh fruit drinks. I said, “Why don’t I have that?” They told me, “Master, we heard that You cannot have pineapple, so we don’t give.” I said, “Oh no, before. Now I can.” And then I haven’t seen alfalfa for a long, long time now. I could have now. It’s different timing. I forgot to tell them.

And sometimes there are spirits of apples, for example. You heard of the story of the apple that put the princess to sleep for a hundred years? There are some apples have this kind of sedative effect. But not enough to put you to sleep though. Maybe that witch made all the concentration of the sedative quantity of many apples into a pot and gave it to the princess to drink. Or sprayed it into that apple or something. Yes, some witches can do this kind of thing. I read one story somewhere that one of the magicians, he doesn’t have to cut the grapefruit to eat like we do. He just sucks out the essence until there is no more, and then the grapefruit becomes flat, dry; nothing left. So maybe that witch who sedated the princess for one hundred years for her own vengeance, personal wickedness, she probably condensed all the apples’ essence into one apple to give it to her. Like just used some magic power, all this wicked power.

The power itself is nothing wicked, just the person who uses it, or for different purposes. Because sometimes the doctor has to use some poisonous medicine to treat you, but in a controlled dose, different than when you take it all and then you die. Like people nowadays, sometimes doctors use morphine to ease your pain, to sedate you; something like that. But if you take it every day or in a big dose, then you’ll become addicted. And then you’ll have trouble physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, psychically, etc. Drinking, smoking, drugging, they damage your psychic power, which we’ve already lost too much of. But at least we still have intuition. That is part of psychic power. But if we drink too much, have drugs or cigarettes, this psychic power will be completely destroyed; you cannot gain it back. And next life you come back, you won’t even have it anymore. Not like, OK, you rejuvenate, it’s a new rebirth and then you will rejuvenate back whatever you lost as psychic power. No, you don’t. That is a problem. So, many people don’t know that. That’s why when people drink, they become like in a stupor or something, or drugs, they just don’t know anything anymore, and have hallucinations and all that. It’s bad for them. And then they become addicted, and then they cannot even escape.

OK, you guys take care, so you don’t cough. Take care. Maybe ask for some masks or something that keeps you warm. The mask also keeps the air warm when you breathe in and out. It helps when it’s cold. But these days were good, and then we said, “Oh, the weather is so nice, and it’s like summer.” And then it became cold. I think they heard me. Stop it! Stop raining and all that until the retreat is over. I don’t know if they listen to me. I love you all, truly. (We love You.) Truly, truly love you, with the human love as well, human heart as well, not just spiritual love. I love you so much, as if you are my family members. Even though we say you are my family members, I do love you like that, truly like that. Like you are my kin, that I could not have enough of you, something like that. And of course, spiritual love lasts longer. That kind of love, human love I also have, but it won’t last long. It lasts only as long as the body lasts. But spiritual love lasts longer and more secure, safe, guaranteed. (Master, thank You.)

Thank you for coming. Thank you for your love that I feel very much, very much. I always feel easy with you, European people. I don’t look like European though, but I feel good with you. I don’t know why. I think you are easy people, not complicated. And you don’t say what you don’t mean. You always say what you mean. I like that kind of straight forward mentality. And also, very, very simple, honest. That’s what I like. Maybe that’s why. You don’t carry complications within you, the majority of Europeans. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Love you. (Thank You.) Amitabha. The comrades are doing OK? (Yes.) Sleep well! (Yes.) My car is here. (Yes, Master.) Wonderful, very good. I have to go work now again; a lot of work. Let’s go work again now. Thank you, guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you very much.

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