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Between Master and Disciples

Spiritual Experiences Strengthen Our Faith, Part 1 of 5, Dec. 29, 2019

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Everything is time, time; time to work, time to get up, time to go to school, time to eat, time to take medicine, time to receive parents or family, time to… oh, all the time. All the time; time, time, time. This is a trick of this illusionary world, to make us always feel on edge.

Hallo, guys. What a beautiful day! It’s beautiful. Hallo. Good day, huh? (Yes.) (You are so beautiful, Master!) Not cold? (Not cold.) Beautiful? (Yes, so beautiful.) The Aulacese (Vietnamese) dress is beautiful. Hallo. (Master is beautiful.) Thank you, thank you. Beautiful? (Yes, beautiful.) Âu Lạc (Vietnam) Grandma is beautiful, huh? In the old days, they said Âu Lạc (Vietnam) Mother. Now it’s become Grandma already.

I am not as tough as I think. My body is too fragile sometimes for this world, for all these exciting energies and grabbing vibes. I am OK. I am trying to keep myself healthy. All of you, the non-Asian, OK? (Yes.) Nobody feels any problem? (No.) Good, good. Today I really am tired. My body’s more fragile than I think. Of course, I cannot come out here and see you and say, “Where is my cane?” But I was really tired because I had to catch up with many things and I couldn’t do it today even. I did the most urgent and the rest is still here. And maybe more to come, it depends on the day. Every day is like this. No holidays, no vacation, no excuse. Even when I am on retreat, I still need to take care of some important, urgent documents and minimize it only. If it’s really not all that important, maybe I can risk it and let them do it. But important ones, I still need to take care. I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. Because when I’m coming out to you, I look fit and beautiful and dressed up, but you don’t know when I’m alone, I’m running within my own house, within my own cave or within my own room, just to catch up with things. Because time is a problem on our planet. In our world, we just have to run with the times. Everything is time, time; time to work, time to get up, time to go to school, time to eat, time to take medicine, time to receive parents or family, time to… oh, all the time. All the time; time, time, time. This is a trick of this illusionary world, to make us always feel on edge. What to do? If you have this body, you just have to do with this.

And I thought I became a monk and I’d just take it easy, to serve the world. Ideal. Just sit. Sit somewhere, and find a Buddha, like Shakyamuni Buddha, and go with Him. Begging something, come back, wash the bowls and then meditate, sleep. Just like what you’re doing right now. This is the kind of life that Shakyamuni Buddha had and His disciples had. But you are better off even. You have two meals. They had only one. And you only go out begging just a few meters away. The food is always ready and clean. When the Buddha was alive, He went out for alms, the food may not have been always clean. So, even some monk asked Him, “What to do if the meat…” Some people don’t know, they also offered some meat. He said, “Take the meat out and eat the rest.” I am not sure if I can do that. So nowadays, I am a modern monk; modern monks, they have it more easy. If the meat is already there, I’m not sure if I can take it out and eat it. I’m not sure if I can eat that. Maybe if you’re hungry, of course you will not mind anymore. But even sometimes, they cook the soup and there’s one little insect that flew inside the soup and died, I had to make a ceremony for the insect, put him in the earth, but I cannot eat that. Or even in an apple, if there is a little part of it, there’s a worm or it’s rotten, I cannot eat the rest. I’m just too sensitive. Not just now, when I was a kid. If there’s some worm inside the soup or salad, I cannot eat the rest of it. So, when Shakyamuni Buddha was alive, He did not really have it too good. Afterward, maybe He became more famous and people… Like rainy season, they don’t go out to beg, so the disciples came to the ashram and cooked for them. That was much better then. Every monsoon season, the Buddha and His monks around Him stayed inside, had retreat for three months. And people came and offered food. That was better then. Much better than when they had to go out and ask for alms; but only in the rainy season. The rest they went out begging for food, so that they could have a chance to give merits or talk to the laypeople to teach them something. Remind them to be good and to do virtuous deeds.

Yesterday some of the Âu Lạc (Vietnam) (people), have written. I have no time to even read it yet. Truly like that. Many countries or people want to invite me everywhere, I truly don’t have time anymore. I didn’t see my dog until yesterday, just one time. The rest still have to wait. And one of my dogs is not well. He’s older and has some allergy. And I haven’t got a chance to see, only one time. Luckily, I have some people helping me, but then they have to sacrifice their time because these are… Only one nun, she doesn’t have other job to do, but the other two boys who take care, they are Supreme Master TV team (members). And they have their own work to do already. And they have to also help to take care of the dogs because too many dogs for one nun. And one is sick, and we have to have special light treatment for him instead of only medicine. And the light treatment seems to work. For people also, it would work. What to do? I really love you guys so much. I really want to spend a lot, a lot of time with you. It’s just my body is not as good as I think it is. I borrowed the body, number one; number two, it’s wearing out, like a car, a small car taking so many riders, many hitchhikers, so sometimes it gets trouble. Also, karma. But I’m OK now. When I see you, I’m OK. Just today I feel kind of low and have some stomachache. And I asked Heaven, “Am I sick? Why do I have a stomachache?” They told me, “Because You worry.” So, it’s not sick(ness), just worry. Nerves and worry. Too much work and cannot finish it all, and so many things to do. One person, not just one person, an old person. We, yeah? We, two, three people here. Patricia, you don’t look old, not you, these two, gray hair. How old are you now? I am fifty-five. Fifty-five. (Fifty-five. She is sixty.) Sixty. You’re much younger than me, but don’t tell anybody.

Originally, the doctors gave me a lot of medicine, but now I’m reduced to only three kinds. It’s not medicine, actually; it’s kind of a supplement. But I just forgot to take them sometimes. First, I put them on the counter, next to where I come in and out, but then I eat outside. This you have to take with a meal and then one after a meal. And then I always forget. I thought if I put it right there, then I always pass by, always remember. No! I said, “No, this is no good.” I moved it to the other corner. I said, “This you will not, not see. You will remember.” I still didn’t see it! And then I moved outside where I’d be eating. I ate, and then I just left. I didn’t even see the medicine right in front of my nose. It was just, my mind is somewhere else.

And yesterday I went outside and took some beautiful Christmas light photos. And then I saw some beautiful lights inside one of the gates. And I thought, we went inside to take some more photos, but these gates I went in already before. And that is the gate for me to go out. I thought I went to the other gate but it was not. So, I even told the driver, “If you go to this gate, you have to go all the way around and then come back here, and go up in the other direction, the other connection.” He said, “No, Master. We are right here already. We just turn right.” And I said, “Huh? Oh yeah. It looks familiar. Oh yeah? So, I went to the first gate, not the second gate?” They told me, “No, Master, the first gate.” I said, “How come? I thought I went in the second gate.” Truly, like that. And I said, “How come I am so confused like this?” They told me, “It doesn’t matter, Master, nothing happened.” Very good driver. Yeah, truly. I thought I went in the second gate. I thought there would be more lights inside, Christmas lights. I wanted to keep the souvenir. But then I was right there on the way to go out. The one that I go in and out every day. Well, at least this week every day, and before that, but I forgot. The gate might look similar but it’s not that similar. One gate is very big and has a lot of decorations. The other gate is just one section, nothing. How can I even get mixed up? I was looking at the second gate but went in through the first gate. And then I was still thinking it’s the second gate. I said, “How come the lights here, we don’t have anymore? It looks like I have seen it before.” They said, “This is all we had, before and now.” And I said, “How about the other one? If we made a mistake, went into the wrong gate, we go back to the other gate.” He said, “It’s the same, Master, not much inside.” Because before, when I lived there on the roof of the VIP house, they decorated more, I guess. Now I don’t live there anymore, they don’t decorate a lot. So that is that. You can be really that busy and mess up your mind. But it’s OK. I am not that crazy yet. I’m still functioning well and working every day. If you see everything well on TV, that means your Master is still well. What I mean is not just my lecture, I mean all the shows. If it’s all running well grammatically, logically, then it’s your Master behind it, and that means She’s still OK here. So She can help checking and correcting. If you don’t have any program or any questions, then what do we do?

(Can I share my experience with Master?) Please say. (About ten years back when I was in Abu Dhabi and meditating.) Abu Dhabi! You’re from Abu Dhabi? (Yes, I was there.) You’re not there anymore? (No, last four years I’m in India.) Where are you now? India. (India.) You went back home. (Yes.) Right. (So, while meditating, I felt that I lost control of my body. So, from my meditation seat, I went to the bed. The moment I went in the bed, a bright swirling force just zoomed in my room.) A force. (Force, yes.) Power. (Power, yes.) Some kind of power. Whirling power jumped in your room. (Yes, swirling power. A little darkness. My soul came out and went toward that (Force.) bright power. Then I heard a voice, “Where are you going?” The voice was of my wife. But she is 4,000 kilometers away from my place. So, I thought, “Who is this?” The moment I turned, then my soul entered in the body again. And then the bright power disappeared. I did not understand the whole phenomena. Would You Master explain to me what exactly (it meant)?) I also don’t know. You saw it and now you ask me, and a long time ago even, in “Abu Dhabi.” I’ve never been there. This is really asking too much of an old woman. I’ve never been in “Abu Dhabi.” Any of you? Well, it was probably something not very a hundred percent pure that was trying to make trouble for you. But because you heard a voice and you woke up again, then you came back, so it’s OK. Why do you care where did it go? I don’t know. I never go chasing things where they go. It’s gone and it’s good. Never mind. Sometimes in some strange area, something might happen. Don’t worry. Did you thank your wife? (I thanked her.) OK, good. (She says she doesn’t want to lose me.) Of course not. She loves you. Be happy. Even in times far away, she still remembers you. Or maybe you remember her. You two together are very close and that’s good. You can help each other. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

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