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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 187 - Islamic Prophecies about the Messiah at the Hour

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“Whoever kills so much as a sparrow unjustly will have it pleading to Allah on the Day of Resurrection (Day of Judgment), saying: O Lord, he killed me for no reason, and he did not kill me for any beneficial purpose.”

Respected viewers, we have undoubtedly entered the Hour. It is the time of Final Judgment, mentioned many times in the Holy Quran as well as the Hadith. And it utterly concerns each one of us and our destiny after this lifetime ends.

The following is one of the comments made about the Hour, by the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him: “Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah’s Messenger, Peace Be Upon Him, came out as the sun declined at midday and offered the Zuhr prayer. He then stood on the pulpit and spoke about the Hour (Day of Judgment) and said that in it there would be tremendous things. …The Prophet then became quiet and said, ‘Paradise and hell-fire were displayed in front of me on this wall just now and I have never seen a better thing (than that Paradise) and a worse thing (than that hell-fire).’”

Regarding the Final Judgment, Supreme Master Ching Hai has also told us: “That’s the way we do, this time of life in our world now. It’s not like before, lenient and wait and patience. (Yes, Master.) It’s the order of Heaven right now. Now it’s just black and white. Go to Heaven or you go to hell, accordingly.”

“Because it’s the Final Judgment time. Everybody knows that. (Yes, Master.) That’s why many of the predictions say in 2012, more or less, it’s the time that we say sayonara to this world and to our bodies. But because of the leniency of Heaven, we are still here. (Yes, Master.) Yes! But many, many disasters to warn humankind. But just to give them the LAST EVER CHANCE TO U-TURN, TO REPENT, to get the blessing to all be liberated. (Yes, Master.)”


The Hour is when the current corrupted world will be destroyed, justice will be established, and all beings will be resurrected to face Allah and be judged according to their deeds.

‘Beings should never think that minor bad deeds are unimportant or assume that they do not count as offenses. After death, there will be retributions to undergo that cover all those details.’” Even minor sins committed will be also accounted for. Nothing will be overlooked, nothing escapes the judgment of hell. I’m also affirming that hell exists for all sinners and even animal-people meat-eaters, sentient being meat-eaters. We have many witnesses of this.”

“(…After I was initiated, I went to hell to see my deceased grandmother. [She used to kill chickens and ducks cruelly, and she also ate a lot of meat when she was alive.] …)” “(And later there were horrendous cries.) I know. (Then they were all ground up with flesh and blood everywhere.)” “(I asked them: ‘How did you fall into this hell?’ They said: ‘In our previous life, we ate large amounts of flesh of hunted animals and captured fish.’ ‘They experienced great terror when they were hunted. As a consequence of eating their flesh, we fell into hell’s cauldron, having to flee and be cooked repeatedly.’)”


The Hour is upon us; all debts must be paid, in this lifetime and/or hereafter. It is a time of Reckoning for our offenses against others – including the innocent animal-people. As the compassionate vegetarian Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, stated:

“Whoever kills so much as a sparrow unjustly will have it pleading to Allah on the Day of Resurrection (Day of Judgment), saying: O Lord, he killed me for no reason, and he did not kill me for any beneficial purpose.”

“You see, all these viruses, from the slaughtered animals before, long time already... […]” “Then this time, because it’s the final time of Judgment, also, Heaven allows that. This is also the contract with the maya before. That they are allowed to revenge. (Yes, Master.)”

“(One early morning, while meditating, I suddenly saw a prophetic video of a future Earth catastrophe in my inner vision: Unprecedented and devastating super tsunamis hit the land in locations that seemed to be Miami in the United States and Chile in South America, etc. There were many dead bodies and building debris floating on the sea…

Then the inner experience screen shifted to a time very close to the current time. This is the real-time image of the tsunami: I saw huge waves swept into the sky! When this monstrous huge wave hit the land, an army of sea-people emerged from the huge wave at the same time. They were creatures of the sea, shouting, ‘Kill! Kill!’ rushing forward with all their might similar to the soldiers charging into the enemy ranks in an ancient battlefield!

Their army was bearing down and said they would execute the order of Heaven and take away the unworthy ones! Because the sea-people live well in the sea, they did not harm humans on land. The two races should live in peace. However, humans have brutally hunted and killed the sea-people in large numbers for a long time, greedily swallowing up the flesh and blood of all kinds of sea-people to near extinction. So it’s time for the sea-people to take revenge! They set off many tsunamis and planned to destroy many coastal cities, not just one! And it would happen unexpectedly and catch humankind off guard!

I saw that the yakshas (spirits) and the army from the sea all held the ‘Vengeance Permission Flag’ issued by Heaven. Their retaliation attack is legal; as humans hunted and killed a large number of sea-people for food, this attack is allowed with ‘Heaven’s Order.’

Since the tsunami was very, very huge, before the tsunami the coastal waters retreated violently to a very, very far distance and large areas of seabed were exposed. After that, there was a violent high wave dozens of times larger than the March 11 (2011) tsunami, and it was about to counterattack the people who ate a lot of seafood and people in the fishery industry.

Just in this extremely dangerous moment, I suddenly saw: a Heavenly soldier riding a Pegasus, rushing to the front of the sea-army urgently, to stop the revenge war of sea-people in time! He had with him an order and told everyone to kneel down and listen to the order. Thus, these angry sea-soldiers had to kneel down to receive the order...

The Heavenly soldier read the Imperial Order, the content of which is: ‘Although the sea-people, the shrimp-soldiers and crab-generals have a reason to demand life debts, I, Ching Hai, will pay the debts for the humans on land. You must retreat quickly without error!’

The shrimp-soldiers, crab-generals and yakshas from the sea all had a sullen expression. They were indignant, but they had to obey Master’s Order. As a result, these huge waves retreated slowly. The sea-army returned to the sea. The tsunami that would have caused huge casualties was once again invisibly resolved by our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai at Her own sacrifice!)”

Through Her Divine Power, Mercy, and Sacrifice, Supreme Master Ching Hai has stopped countless shocking calamities from befalling our world. She has also promised to bring to Heaven those who truly repent and U-turn, meaning change to the benevolent vegan lifestyle and do good deeds. In the Hour, the Savior is the only lifeline for all souls, that is, those who place their faith in Her and listen to Her wise counsel.

JUST TURN VEGAN, REPENT, that’s all they need to do. (Yes, Master.) And I promise I can help them. Just turn vegan, U-turn, and everything else will be wiped out. I will have the power to do that. I will wipe out everything. (Thank You, Master.) Whatever they have done before, it will be all forgiven. I am empowered to do that. I can. But all they have to do is JUST BE VEGAN, REPENT. […]

That’s all I need as an excuse to help. (Yes.) Then they would never have to go to suffer in hell. Sincerely repent, for all the wrongdoing. Knowing or not knowing, deliberately or unintentionally. […] Even smaller details, like quarreling with neighbors or with family, killing insect-people. […] Just repent everything that they did wrong, that they thought wrong, that they have spoken wrong. Actually, just know that they are no good. Have to repent. If we are all good, the world wouldn’t have become what it is right now.”

The Day of Judgment should be awaited with eagerness for our acceptance to Paradise, and also with fear of being punished in hell. However, in the Holy Quran, the actual attitude of many humans was well understood. In the time of the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, stubborn disbelievers would ask about the Hour, not out of their sincere wish to learn so that they could set their affairs right, but to mock it. The Quran says that these people would later come to regret not taking the Hour seriously.

“People ask you concerning the Hour. Say: ‘Allah alone has knowledge of it. What do you know? Perhaps the Hour is nigh.’ Allah has cursed the unbelievers and has prepared for them a Blazing Fire; Therein they shall abide forever. They shall find none to protect or help them. On that Day when their faces shall be turned around in the Fire, they will say: ‘If only we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger.’”

“Please U-turn now. You will… No one there will be helping you if you are in hell. […] I just hope you remember my Name if you are in hell. But I don’t think so. That is the problem. If you can, then I can help you. But I don’t think… It is almost like zero possibility that you would remember the name of any Saint, past, present or future. Because the situation in hell, because the terror around, because the pain inflicted upon you non-stop, no end!”

“(…These two – a man and a woman – had become unrecognizable due to too much punishment. They crawled before me and said, ‘We had watched Supreme Master Television when we were alive, but we didn’t heed Master’s advice. We didn’t correct our errors, so we ended up in the Avici hell. We are fortunate that Master sent you to save us.’ I asked them, ‘When you were being punished, did Supreme Master Ching Hai ever appear in your mind?’ They replied, ‘The image of Supreme Master Ching Hai did flash across our minds for a millionth of a second. […] If we had been in the Avici hell for a long time, we would have completely lost our sanity and would have been unable to remember Supreme Master Ching Hai or any Saints.’…)”

“O humanity! What has emboldened you against your Lord, the Most Generous, Who created you, fashioned you, and perfected your design, molding you in whatever form He willed? But no! In fact, you deny the [Final] Judgment, while you are certainly observed by vigilant, honorable angels, recording [everything]. They know whatever you do. Indeed, the virtuous will be in bliss, and the wicked will be in hell, burning in it on Judgment Day, and they will have no escape from it. What will make you realize what Judgment Day is? Again, what will make you realize what Judgment Day is?”

The Hour, the end, might come sooner than you expect, than anyone expects. Even if you are my disciples, you must be diligent, practice well, and if you can, tell all your relatives and friends to be vegan and to pray for their survival, if they even listen. This is for you only, because the world out there doesn’t listen to me much.

My heart is aching for all of them. But if they have chosen to go with the negative side, then there’s not much more I can do for them. […] The end will come too soon, sooner, too soon, if humans do not change to be more benevolent, to be vegan and to repent all their misdeeds. […] But maybe they won’t change. Not many. Then the end will come sooner. Too soon. Too soon.”

With deep sorrow for our world, we pray that as many souls as possible will embrace the precious chance for redemption, while they still can, as the Holy Quran and the Venerated Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, have urged us.

May we all humbly take shelter in the Most Merciful Messenger and Savior of our time, Supreme Master Ching Hai, to whom we are forever grateful; thereby could our loved ones and ourselves go to Heaven; thus, shall the era of justice and peace prevail on Earth.

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