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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 180 - Islamic Prophecies about the Messiah at the Hour

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“When Dajjal (the Antichrist) looks at Him (Jesus Christ), he will start to melt as salt melts in water. He will run away, and Jesus, Peace Be Upon Him, will say: ‘I have only one blow for you, which you will not be able to escape!’”

In our last episode, we examined what the Hadith-prophecies revealed about the evil Dajjal. Also known as the Antichrist, the Dajjal and his army of demons would try to destroy human society at the Last Hour. In recent decades, it has become evident that in order to wreak the most havoc, they have entrenched themselves inside one of the world’s largest and most powerful religious institutions: the Catholic Church.

“Media Report from VTM News – Sept. 23, 2015, - Cardinal Danneels(m): The St. Gallen group is a sort of posh name. But in reality, we said of ourselves, and of that group: ‘The Mafia.’

Reporter (f): When Pope John Paul II died in 2005, the group already pushed the present Pope (Francis) to the fore.

Dr. Jürgen Mettepenningen(m): In 2013, in a way this group actually achieved its ends, notably through the choice of Pope Francis. You can say that through his participation in that group, Cardinal Danneels has been one of those who was the pioneers of the choice of Pope Francis.”

“They should kick them out and select somebody else who is more morally fit for the job, (I agree, Master. Yes.) who is a better example for the faithful to follow. (Yes.) Not the evil pope and the evil high priests who throw them in harm’s way and then lead them to hell for punishment eternally.”

It’s not a Vatican. It’s a Vati-gang. (Yes, Master.) They’re ganging on everyone. On the good, and the oppressed, and the victims, and the meek, and the weak.”

“Instead of helping anybody, they just sit there, eat themselves to obesity and then drink alcohol until they are drunk. How can anybody like that help you? (No.) And lead the faithful to God? You must be joking. (Yes. Right, Master.) This is the ultimate of all cheating. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then hurting the children, raping the children, murdering children, these are the hell. Even hell beings, they don’t do this, even the devils, they only punish the guilty. (Yes, Master.) They don’t punish the innocent.

“Documentary by The Fifth Estate – 2010, - Reporter (m): Father Hugh MacDonald made his first court appearance to face 23 sex-related charges.

Reporter (m): Today, another lawsuit was filed.

A Sample of Pedophile Priests and Nuns Guilty of Crimes against Children: …Etc…”

Victim(m): Where am I at? If I run outside the door, will anybody help me? Can I scream? Will I be heard? All these thoughts were going through my mind as he was abusing me. Everything good in me was taken out, and it was just like, put into a blender. How do you exist after that?

Victim(m): I started drinking a lot more, and started doing some drugs and that, and… I was thinking back like I couldn’t bear it further and…

Reporter(m): So how low did it get? You tried to kill yourself.

Victim(f): I don’t remember how it happened, but he was on top of me. I looked at the cross and I said, ‘If it’s true You exist today, I want You to come get me. I want to die. I’m dying because I’m suffocating.’”

“AFP News- Nov 17, 2021 Clergy abuse survivor, Spain(m): It destroys your childhood, it destroys your life, it isolates you.

Jean-Marie Delbos, clergy abuse survivor, France(m): My predator is still in a retirement home just down the road in Betharram and has gone his whole career without ever being worried. Since 1962, when I was put in a psychiatric hospital, he has been promoted.

Professor(m): What you have in the leaders of the church, bishop after bishop, time and again, is that the needs of the victims were ignored in order to protect the good name of the church. Clerics, they can’t be trusted to investigate other clerics.”

“Media Report from CBC News -Aug. 15, 2018, - Reporter voice(f): Pope Francis earlier this year, he drew widespread criticism defending a Chilean bishop accused of covering up for that country’s most notorious abuser priest.”

“Media Report from Euronews – Jan. – 19, 2018, - Victim(m): It’s unacceptable, what Pope Francis has said about our cause and our struggle, which is that of all those who have been abused.

Reporter(f): The pope shocked Chileans by accusing the victims of slandering Barros during a visit that was intended to heal the wounds of a scandal that has cost the church its credibility in the South American country. ‘The day they bring me proof against Bishop Barros, then I’ll speak,’ the pope said. ‘There’s not one bit of proof against him. All of it is slander, is that clear?’”

“Media Report from Today NBC – AUG. 16, 2018, -Narration(f): At Wednesday’s appearance in St. Peter’s Square, a noticeable omission. Pope Francis not saying one word about the shocking grand jury revelations in Pennsylvania. Horrific allegations that 300 predator priests violated more than 1,000 children, enticing them with alcohol or pornography, ending in molestation or rape. He prayed for the victims of the Genoa bridge collapse, but offered no comfort to the abuse victims.”

“Media Report from Vice News – Jan. 20, 2020, -Josh Shapiro(m): Some of the dioceses sought to prevent the entire report from ever seeing the light of day. In effect, they wanted to cover up the cover-up.

Narration(f): Lobbying against legislation that would allow more victims to come forward… And using top lawyers to resist the disclosure of documents.

Marci Hamilton(f): Catholic lobbyists are extraordinary in their power. They were already situated with political ties, and then the clergy sex abuse scandal hit.”

“Media Report from NBC News – Aug. 27, 2018, - Reporter(m): Archbishop Carlo Vigano says Francis knew about allegations of sexual abuse by American Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, but did nothing for five years until the cardinal resigned last month.”

“Documentary by The Fifth Estate – 2010, - Jeff Anderson(m): All roads, as we uncover these crimes, lead to Rome, lead to the Vatican. All of it. And they’ll claim an immunity because they’re a sovereign, you can’t sue them. But you can hold sovereigns responsible, such as the Vatican, for international violations of human rights, systematic cover-up of crimes, such as slavery, genocide, and sexual abuse. And in this case, that’s exactly what we have, the systematic cover-up of rape of children.”

“How many people died? How many people bled? How many people were injured, and lost their lives in the hands of these pedo-priests? (Yes, Master.) My God! Normal thieves or burglars, they put them in jail and some even have their hands chopped. And these priests, they continue to live and live happily ever after all the time. (Yes.) So I don’t understand why these pedo-priests are enjoying immunity. Nobody can enjoy immunity for killing, raping, molesting others, especially the children. (Yes, Master.)”

According to the Islamic prophecies, only the Messiah Jesus, Peace Be Upon Him, can destroy the Dajjal. For decades, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been leading the final battle against the negative force to rid the world of all evil. She is, we believe, the Christ in His Second Coming, and the only One who has the great power required to stop the Dajjal.

“When Dajjal (the Antichrist) looks at Him (Jesus Christ), he will start to melt as salt melts in water. He will run away, and Jesus, Peace Be Upon Him, will say: ‘I have only one blow for you, which you will not be able to escape!’”

“Oh! So fake and so ugly. You know, I can see through. (Yes, Master.) And all this time, nothing about the children molested and murdered. (Yes, Master.) By his own priests! All of you can go to hell. All of you! You WILL go to hell. There’s no way you can escape that.”

The Hadith then reveals the Lord Jesus, Peace Be Upon Him, will chase the Dajjal and ultimately destroy him – a prophecy that we believe is being fulfilled by Supreme Master Ching Hai, as She dedicates Her efforts to expose the agents of evil and thus protect both present and future innocents.

“He and his Vati-gang entity. They are devils. That is very clear. […] Anyone who enjoys the murderous process in any way at all to the innocent, they are devils. (Yes, Master.) They’re worse than the worst criminals in the society. I don’t know why the law doesn’t just cuff their hands and throw them in jail for many lifetimes. No worries. Hells will do it. Hell will throw them in fire forever. (Wow.) These people, they will not be leniently forgiven by Heavens’ and by hell’s law, even. The hells have their law also. That’s why they’re there to punish the sinful. (Understand.) And these types are the greatest sinners of all in the universes. They will not get away with it. (Wow.) Never. They will never get out of hell again to harm others, to harm the innocent babies, toddlers and all that. […] And they will go to deep, deep, deepest hell. Mark my words. It will be like that.

These evils, even if the world doesn’t punish them, hell will. Mark my words. He (Francis) will go to hell, and forever. Mark my words. He will never be allowed to be among humans again after he’s finished with this physical evil mission of his.

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