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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 183 - Islamic Prophecies about the Messiah at the Hour

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“Imam Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibn Ali said: ‘When the Qaim (the Mahdi, Peace Be Upon Him) comes, He will appear with the Flag of the Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him), the Ring of Solomon (Peace Be Upon Him), and the Staff and Stone of Moses (Peace Be Upon Him).’”

In our last episode, we found out about a prophecy that spoke of the extraordinary Savior known as Al-Mahdi, or Al-Qaim, Peace Be Upon Him. We also heard how Allah, the All-Giving and Merciful, endowed this Savior with powers of enlightenment. One of the descendants of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, once described the Mahdi’s powers as follows:

“Imam Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibn Ali said: ‘When the Qaim (the Mahdi, Peace Be Upon Him) comes, He will appear with the Flag of the Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him), the Ring of Solomon (Peace Be Upon Him), and the Staff and Stone of Moses (Peace Be Upon Him).’”

The “Flag of the Messenger of Allah” is seen as a reference to the flags that Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, had to use during His lifetime as a form of practical identification. This was due to the unfortunate persecution that required those aligned with Him, Peace Be Upon Him, to be able to distinguish themselves from their attackers. Sadly, today’s extremists often misrepresent the meaning of this flag, using it instead for non-Muslim, violent ambitions. This was not the way taught by the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. In the prophecy about the Savior, the “Flag of the Messenger of Allah” could thus represent the righteous group of love that the Mahdi, Peace Be Upon Him, would lead.

In our present age, we can see that Supreme Master Ching Hai has created a flag like that of the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. This banner also signals the peaceful inspiration of a global group united in Universal love. Universal flag designed by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan): Yellow race Red race Black race White race, Green for earth Blue for ocean/river and the deep blue background is for the sky, Heaven, meaning: we are all one within God’s Love.

The prediction also stated that the Savior would appear with the legendary Ring of King Solomon of ancient Israel Peace Be Upon Him, which represents the Divine wisdom and spiritual powers granted by Allah. Supreme Master Ching Hai has also created a symbol of King Solomon’s Ring of Divine Wisdom! Not only does Her stunning Celestial Jewelry design match the symbol as it appears in the Spiritual Realm, Master also once revealed the following:

“There was a Jewish King, Solomon, like King David, who was very famous and wise. Strangely enough, when I made my own seal by myself before, I chose the six-pointed star shape. The six-pointed star is the Seal of Solomon. It was a very famous seal. It is strange that I only remember it now. When I was in Germany, I had not practiced the Quan Yin Method at that time. I liked that kind of seal. After I had it, a few of my friends standing nearby said, ‘Why did you use the Jewish King’s star in it?’”

“(One day, in the mountains, Master called some disciples to come and watch ‘the stars.’ When the disciples arrived, they kept looking at the sky, but no matter how they looked, they could not see any stars. The disciples thought to themselves, ‘Strange, where are the stars in the daytime?’ Then Master laughed and pointed at the bottom of Her feet and said, ‘They’re here! This six-pointed star is the Jewish code, and there is a cross next to it, which is the Catholic code. This is a secret defense, not so easy to see.’ (The code on Master’s soles means that She has a nature of supporting religion.)”

“(One day [in the inner realm], […] Master and two of us disciples sat in an equilateral triangle formation to meditate. […] Three of us sat in an equilateral triangle of golden energy lines, and after a while, another completely symmetrical golden equilateral triangle light bar appeared to form the ‘six-pointed star’ symbol of ‘King Solomon.’ After that, a big blue light ball appeared in the center of the hexagram. The light ball rose up and revolved around the periphery of three of us automatically. After a few rounds, the periphery of the hexagram formed two more shining rings, making a circle with the six-pointed star in the middle. This is the mysterious sign of King Solomon! At that moment, Master’s appearance and dress changed to that of King Solomon’s as in His portrait, with a headband tied to His forehead, closing His eyes, and quietly meditating under the Light. […] )”

The third symbolic representation of the Mahdi Savior, Peace Be Upon Him, is the “Staff and Stone of Moses Peace Be Upon Him. Moses’ staff was used to carry out Allah’s miracles, such as producing drinking water for His followers from a rock (stone) in a barren land.

“(Without any construction blueprints and without any other information, using only the equipment available, Master used an umbrella to lead the way. Where She pointed and traced on the ground was where the river was to be built, and indeed it was miraculously completed in three days!)”

Another astonishing miracle of Prophet Moses was the parting of the Red Sea, which provided the only route for His people to escape mortal danger as they were fleeing Egypt. In our present turbulent times, Supreme Master Ching Hai has opened up the only way of rescue from both physical and spiritual harms, leading those who truly listen, to safety.

“And then I pressed him (COVID chief), ‘Can you tell me this time when COVID-19 will end and the world will go back to normal?’ So, the chief of COVID said to me… […] ‘Year 2099, […] November 4.’ (Wow. That’s a long way. So long.) […]

So, I asked him further, ‘At that time, how many percent left?’ Meaning, how many percent of humans. […] He said, ‘Only 9% left until that time.’ (Oh, wow.) Like 77 years later. […]

So, I asked him, ‘Vaccine doesn’t help?’ The CV chief said, ‘No. Zero.’ Oh, God. […]

I said, ‘Then what would save people from COVID?’ So, he told me. […] ‘Disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai.’! (Wow.) I put an exclamation mark. (Wow.)

‘How about people who turn vegan, will they be spared of COVID suffering also?’ […] So, CV chief said, ‘For disciples only.’ (Oh. Wow.) […]

‘So where will their souls go?’ […] COVID chief said, ‘Hell.’ (!!!) (Oh.) One word. I put three exclamation marks in parenthesis. And then I pressed him further, ‘For how long?’ So, the CV chief said, ‘Long, long, long time.’ (Wow.)

I asked again, ‘But even if they repent and turn vegan? No use?’ So, CV chief told me, ‘No.’ […]

And then I protested. I said, ‘But I promised if they turn vegan, repentant, I will help them go Heaven. […] Is that not supposed to happen now?’ So, CV chief said to me, ‘Oh, well, yes, if sincere.’ That’s his words, ‘Yes, if sincere.’ (Wow.)

So, you see, the point is people have to repent, turn vegan and truly, sincerely, humbly repent, sincerely repent, as urgent as you need air to breathe. (Yes. Yes, Master.) As sincere as that. (Right.) Then they will be helped. Then they will be allowed to be helped. (Yes, Master. Yes.) And I can interfere with Heaven. That’s what it means. (Right.) […]”

“Imam Baqir said: ‘When the Qaim (the Mahdi) appears, He will place His hand on the heads of His disciples and thus gather their wits together and lead them to perfection.’”

At the time of initiation, the inner transmission from Supreme Master Ching Hai reconnects the disciple with Allah’s Power and merciful Grace. Master touches disciples’ heads during initiation or in some occasions as an extra blessing of support. From thereon, with their diligent practice, Master’s disciples gain evermore wisdom and enlightenment, and are led to spiritual perfection.

“The people will be united and none will be worshipped except Allah.”

“That’s why the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, advocated, ‘You have to worship Allah…’ the Muslim at that time and the followers, ‘have to worship Allah with all your heart. And not include any other names or worshipping together with Allah.’ (Right, Master.) Because that will dilute the attention and the power. (Yes, true.)

People in this world, including His disciples at that time, were already too busy with every other things. (Yes.) And if their attention cannot be one-pointed to worship Allah alone, then it’s almost like they don’t have any concentration on God. (Yes, Master, true.)

So, He kept telling them again and again that they have to concentrate only on the Name of Allah. The people, the Muslim people, if they truly understood this and they concentrated only on the Name of Allah, and be vegan as well, they surely will go to Allah’s spiritual realm. That I can promise. (Ah.) But you have to be single-minded, only on Allah.

And no doubting or no including any other names of other gods or Masters’ names. (Yes, Master.) But also, should be vegan. (Yes.) Because of all the reasons I have explained to you, that definitely the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him forever, would have never allowed or encouraged anyone to kill any animal-people. (Yes, true.)

No animal products, all completely out. Vegan is the best for all of them. If the Muslims just become vegan and truly concentrate on Allah alone, everything, everyday in their life, or whenever they can, then surely, they will go to Allah’s spiritual, splendid realm, as the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, has said it. (Yes, Master.) But must be vegan, must be absolutely single-minded. (Yes, Master.)”

People from all faiths and countries came to follow Supreme Master Ching Hai and receive initiation, which enables them to truly worship Allah, through direct contact with Hirm.

“I belong to all religions, since originally there was only one. Moses came, Jesus came, Buddha came, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) came. They all only talked about one God. They all only talked about one God. But we have language barriers, and sometimes different terminology, so we have misunderstandings, and argue that my God is better than yours, or that my Buddha is better than yours. All this should not happen, because there is only one religion, one God, and one religion.

“(Dear Master, I come from Indonesia. I got initiation two months ago. My question is, during my [inner Heavenly] Sound meditations, most of the times I hear Muslim people praying.)

Yes, that’s good. […] Are you Muslim? (No, I’m Buddhist.) Ah, wonderful! Wonderful! We always happen like that. I told you already, all the religions are the same. Therefore, it happens always the Christians see the Buddha, and the Buddhists see Christ, yeah? Or the Muslims see the Buddha, the Buddhists see Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. You see, it’s to prove to you that all religions worship one God, and we’re all related - all the Masters work together for the betterment of the whole universe.

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