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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 182 - Islamic Prophecies about the Messiah at the Hour

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“It was narrated that ‘Ali said: The Messenger of Allah, Peace Be Upon Him, said: ‘The Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him) is one of us ‘Ahlal-Bait (the Prophet’s family) and Allah will prepare him in one night.’”

In this episode, we’ll delve further into the prophecies found in the Hadith collections, as spoken by the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, and recorded by His close disciples centuries ago.

These predictions give us insights into a powerful, enlightened leader known as Al-Mahdi, “the Rightly Guided One,” Peace Be Upon Him. And as we shall continue to discover, Al-Mahdi’s advent seems to have been fulfilled, here and now, in our time!

“It was narrated that ‘Ali said: The Messenger of Allah, Peace Be Upon Him, said: ‘The Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him) is one of us ‘Ahlal-Bait (the Prophet’s family) and Allah will prepare him in one night.’”

The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, foresaw that the Mahdi, Peace Be Upon Him, would be from the same spiritual lineage as Himself, and attain complete enlightenment overnight, meaning very quickly. The Mahdi, Peace Be Upon Him, would thus be empowered with Divine knowledge and spiritual authority to start His mission.

Supreme Master Ching Hai once revealed how She, as a young Truth seeker, had found Her True Master in the remote Himalayas of India. Master regained the great enlightenment exceptionally fast – in an instant, on the same day She met Him! We indeed believe that Master is the Qaim, the Mahdi venerated in the prophecies.

“One day, I was traveling with a group to somewhere for a pilgrimage. In India, there are many pilgrimage destinations, I followed the group and traveled with them. Then, suddenly it seemed that they were walking too fast, and I didn’t know why, I felt I was in a daze. I seemed to have fainted and was left behind. Later, when I woke up, I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know where I was. Everyone else had left. I had to walk alone.

Suddenly, an old man appeared Suddenly, an old man appeared and said to me: ‘Are You trying to find your way?’ I said, ‘Yes! Yes! Do You know how to go to such and such place? I have lost my companions. I have lost my companions. They have gone and left me behind.’ He replied, ‘I cannot show You the way to that place, but I can show You the way to Heaven. I don’t have to take You there.’ I said, ‘Oh! Really? I heard that only the very great Yogis are capable of taking people to Heaven. I am sorry to say, Grandpa, You don’t look like one!’ He said, ‘How can You tell if You have met a Yogi or not?’ His question woke me up.

All the while I thought the Yogis were monks wearing a yellow robe, who tied their hair on their crown, or were cleanly shaved, depending on the situation. He didn’t resemble one at all. He had hair here and there, and He kept a beard here and there, as if it was partly shaved. But He was naturally like that. As I listened to His words, As I listened to His words, I felt that He was very dignified. I said, “OK! Where do You live, Grandpa?” He just replied, “I live everywhere.”

I was shocked. I was becoming more shaken. Later, He said, “You just follow me and I will teach You how to go to Heaven.” OK! I followed Him and went into a cave. Suddenly, there was a very sweet aroma inside. That was a very ordinary cave; nothing special. There was a little water that flowed in naturally on one side. It was like a tiny washing basin. The water was very clean and kept flowing out from there.

Without my knowing, He sprayed some water on my face saying that He wanted to purify me a little. Then suddenly I fainted. When I regained consciousness, I didn’t know where I was. He had disappeared. And then suddenly I understood everything. Unlike before, when I had learnt many things but did not understand. That was what happened.

(But, before that, You also had to go through a learning process in order to get this enlightenment. Is that right?) Not necessarily; not necessarily. (Oh! Not necessarily?) According to my knowledge, for example, two or three Masters are teaching the Quan Yin Method in the same way, but if your Master’s inner power is different, His spiritual level is different, then the level that you can attain is also different. This Master was truly superior. (Oh! It is like that.) Thus, I was enlightened. Previously, I was partly enlightened. After meeting Him, I was fully enlightened. However, He later communicated with me from within. He said I must continue to meditate in that cave for seven days in order to make the impression deeper before I could go out. So, I meditated there for seven days, not eating or drinking. There was a little water, but I didn’t want to drink. I didn’t eat or drink. Seven days later, I went down.”

Not long after Master was fully enlightened, She formally began teaching the Truth in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, in the late 1980s, upon people’s earnest requests. Soon, a community of both lay and resident disciples rapidly developed there.

“People will come from the east, paving the way for the Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him),’ meaning, for His rule.”

Perhaps this Hadith is referring to the helpful role of Master’s Asian disciples in spreading awareness about Her to the world. As Master began traveling to the West for lecture tours, such as in the Americas and Europe, disciples from the East would go there first to prepare the venue and publicize for the lectures, “paving the way” for Master’s arrival. Also, Master has many Aulacese (Vietnamese) disciples, among them former refugees. They played a role in bringing Master’s teachings to the various countries they settled in.

“I think it’s God’s will that the Aulacese (Vietnamese) people are spread out to many countries, because no matter which country they live in, they know me and want to follow me. And I teach them the Quan Yin Method. Then the country will become more and more glorious. God makes use of this opportunity to test the compassion of the people in this world. I think any country that respects God and accepts the refugees will become more and more prosperous. It’s because most Aulacese (Vietnamese) people are intelligent and hardworking. They also long for the Tao very much and are good at spiritual practice. Most Aulacese (Vietnamese) disciples who follow me to practice spiritually have good inner experiences (visions) and have attained a very high level. Those who practice spirituality and have sincere aspirations for the Tao can bring merit to any place they go.”

While some Muslims believe that the Mahdi is a title referring to Lord Jesus Christ, Peace Be Upon Him, in His Second Coming, others believe that the Mahdi is a separate Ruler whom Allah will send before the Hour to establish justice, working together with Jesus the Messiah. Thus, the following prophetic Hadith states:

“…And He said, ‘When Al-Mahdi from my sons (lineage) emerges, Isa Ibn Maryam (Jesus Son of Mary) would descend and pray Salat behind Him.’”

In this Hadith, we discover that Lord Jesus Christ, Peace Be Upon Him, will also be present when the Mahdi, Peace Be Upon Him, appears, supporting Him and praying for Him.

“(Hallo, Master, I've been practicing the Convenient Method for three months. And while I was practicing meditation or even during the day whenever I needed anything, I'd always call on You and You'd appear to me and always beside Jesus.)”

“(I have just come back from my first four-day retreat in England and have had the best time ever. … Every time Master was with us, I saw different Buddhas and past Masters around Her. It seemed She was never alone. … On the last day of the retreat when Master was on the stage, the public was allowed to come in and see Her. She was talking about Jesus and He suddenly appeared above Her. I started shaking and tears filled my eyes. And as Master was leaving, She shook my hand and gave me some sweets. I told Her that I saw Jesus and how overwhelmed I was. She replied, ‘They all come to my house.’)”

“He (the Mahdi) (Peace Be Upon Him) will stand in the religion at the end of times just as I have stood with it at the beginning of the time.”

(Also while I was meditating, I saw Jesus. And He was sitting down, He was very happy. And I saw the Prophet Muhammad [Peace Be Upon Him], and He was very happy.) You are Muslim? (Yes, I am Muslim.) See? He even comes to see you. (Yes.) I told you all religions are one. And then so what happened to Prophet Muhammad and Jesus, Peace Be Upon Them?

(They were very happy because They know now that Their job is finished, and it’s Your job now to…) That’s very nice. I told you! What a friend is for!

(Basically, it is Your job to guide us to God because we are God inside. Like, You are a living Master in physical form, and Your power is very, very great.)

They tell you that? (Yes. Plus, I saw God, and the Light was…) So blinding, huh? (So blinding.) I know, I know. Bless you!

(And He was very, very happy that all the brothers and sisters were all together, and they were all meditating, and that they all were on the right path, and He was very happy with You, too.) Oh, yeah? Yeah, They should be. I’m so devoted. They should be, to have a good worker like me, free of charge. They’re happy with Me? (Yes.) Thanks God.

(Yes. He is very happy because You are doing an excellent job by guiding all the people to God. And it just makes me really, really happy...) To know all this? (It took me over… like I’ve been alive for millions and millions of years, and I’ve never met a living Master. That’s why I sincerely believe from the bottom of my heart. And plus, I’ve had this experience, because this is what God said to me.) Thank you.

(May Allah bless You, and may the Buddhas in the ten directions bless You. And may You live to all infinity and help all the brothers who are sincere and need Your help.) You want some candies? Some material “message.” Thank you, brother, for the message. Thank you for being so pure that God has come to see you. Give me a hug. You are a true Muslim.

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