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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 186 - Islamic Prophecies about the Messiah at the Hour

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“His (the Mahdi’s) benevolence will be plentiful and beautiful.”

In our previous episode, we found out that some of the Hadith foretell that the Savior known as the Mahdi, Peace Be Upon Him, would distribute wealth bountifully, in order to help humankind at the Last Hour.

Today, we’ll explore more prophecies from the Hadith that further reveal the identity of this extraordinary Philanthropist of our time, whose generous giving is truly part of Her nature.

“His (the Mahdi’s) benevolence will be plentiful and beautiful.”

“(We had a dinner with disciples and Master asked how many waiters in the restaurant, and also the chef and food preparers? And when the owner of the restaurant told Her the number, Master gave out the money to each and every one of them. Not only the ones that served us.)”

“(She gave gifts to all the hotel employees, to everyone, and when She thought that She had missed one because someone was not there, She told me: ‘Go and look for him, and we will give him too!’ She bought them gifts, She bought them chocolates, She bought them vegan cakes, She bought them things and She also gave them money, to all of them, absolutely to all of them. Calculate how many people work in a hotel, and all of them.)”

We learned that Master does this kind of loving action in many other hotels, not just this one.

“ONSCREEN TEXT (IN FRENCH): Master Ching Hai … Exorbitant Tips, Evidently wealthy, polite and generous with the staff (we are talking about exorbitant tips), ...”

“ONSCREEN TEXT (IN ENGLISH): ...The woman spent $5,000 in groceries (for donating) and gave everyone who helped her a hundred dollar bill. ...”

“(Master would always make various excuses to give tips to others. For example, when She chatted with people and knew that there were children at home, Master would then say the money was to buy toys and clothes for the children. Or if while chatting with younger people, Master knew there were elder parents at home, She would say the money was to buy things for their parents to eat, or to buy clothes for them. Therefore, Master gives money to people anytime anywhere. But Master has told me that this is not about money, it is about spreading love.)”

Indeed, the beauty in Master’s giving is not only in the material value of the gift itself, but more importantly, the love – and boost of blissful energy – that come with it.

“(Once, after spending time Once, after spending time at the beach here in Costa Rica, Master decided that we should go back. She told us: ‘Put all the fruits in the car. Here in the seat next to me!’ We put them on the seat next to Her, and we left. We had to stop at each toll, and the first one we stopped, I paid the toll and Master said, ‘Wait, wait, wait!’ and She picked up some fruit that was next to Her and told me: ‘Give him this, it’s very late at night, he must be very tired, he must be hungry.’ The boy was so grateful, so so so grateful. And that was repeated at all the tolls of that journey.)”

Over the years, Master would usually keep Her car filled and ready with gifts, such as vegan treats.

“(In autumn 2019, pomelos were in season in Taiwan (Formosa). One night, I was driving with Master with me. When passing by the Xihu Township, Master saw a large pile of pomelos for sale beside the road. It was night time, and there were no customers. Master asked if we could stop to buy some. So I U-turned the car and stopped by the pile of pomelos. Master bought several big sacks of pomelos. The farmer thanked Her so much!

When we arrived at our destination, Master said, ‘Should we buy more pomelos?’ We went back to where the farmer sold the pomelos. The farmer's two kids (a daughter and a son) were there. (a daughter and a son) were there. Master gave the kids some vegan chocolate, etc. and told them to be filial and obey their parents. Master bought 100,000 New Taiwan dollars’ (US$3,560) worth of pomelos. The farmer was extremely happy and thanked Master so much!! I have heard Master say several times: Making people happy, She will feel happy too!)”

“(On one occasion in Spain, Master asked me to deliver an envelope with a lot of money to a lady who was waiting near a restaurant on the beach. When the lady opened the envelope, she saw all the money inside and started to cry. She then asked me who was the person sending her the money, that she didn't believe there were such kind people in this world. Of course I could not reveal the identity of Master, as She always prefers to help anonymously and not be recognized. Therefore, I told the lady to consider it as a gift from Heaven.

When I returned home, Master explained to me that She had met this family that was going through a bad economic situation, and that their son, a teenager, was a very determined person to practice his favorite sport, surfing. Whether it was summer or winter, he would get up early every day and head to the beach to practice before going to school. Master revealed to me that he would be a future champion in his favorite sport.)”

“(Another time, Master asked me to drop Her off in town. It was a cold and windy day. Later, suddenly Master called, asking me to hurry to a certain street to pick Her up. I rushed down and saw Master standing in the street waiting, without Her coat, enduring the inclement weather. After getting into the car, and knowing that I was wondering in my mind what had happened, She told me that She saw a woman on the street without a coat, so, without hesitation, Master immediately offered Her coat to her, which the woman gratefully accepted. I was deeply moved, and grateful to witness how She unconditionally cares for all beings, regardless of Her own benefit.)”

“(On TV, there was a news story about how cold the weather was. And they reported on a poor man from Halifax (Canada) who had been out looking for work. He had no gloves, and we could see his hands on TV, and they were all swollen and red and really badly frostbitten. Master was watching, and She was so upset and so touched. She was crying and saying, ‘This shouldn’t happen. How could this happen? He was just going out to look for work, trying to better his life. And then he gets frostbitten on his hands, and now he can’t even work!’ So She was saying, ‘This is really, really sad; we have to help him!’

And so for the rest of that day, She was trying to contact the station and the hospital in the town, and trying to find out who he was, and his address, because She wanted to send him warm clothes and money to help him. She managed to find out a church that he went to. And it was just too complicated. It just couldn't be done. So Master immediately decided that She would go there immediately. It was about a two-hour flight from St. John to Halifax. So when She got there, She found out that it was a different church. And then She went to the other church. So then Master was able to go to the man’s house. And then I remember Master eventually got back home in the early hours the next morning. She had to get a taxi all the way from Halifax to St. John, which is about a six or eight hours’ drive in the snow.

She must have been exhausted from the whole trip, but Her energy was still so high and so elated. So the TV news now did a follow-up story on how an ‘amazing kind lady’ had visited the poor man and had brought him warm winter clothes and money. And they interviewed the man, and you could see on the TV his little dimly lit room and how small it was, but yet you could see these two big boxes, and the man was taking out all these warm winter clothes and showing the camera his scarves and hats and boots and warm clothes. He was really, really touched and moved to tears. And he was just so, so overwhelmed by what Master had done for him.)”

“Lieutenant McCaskill (m): (This kind Lady came to the door with (vegan) chocolates to give to the firefighters to say Merry Christmas and ‘thank you for what you do.’ And the firefighter that was on duty, asked the Lady, ‘Are these for our toy drive?’ And She said, ‘What’s that all about?’ And so, he explained that at Christmas, we help out needy families.

She left, and a few hours later, came back and had a vehicle full of toys. I think She pretty much bought the toy department out of Walmart and brought it to our door! And it couldn’t have come at a better time, because it was one of our leaner years. It was just so exciting for our group to be able to give these beautiful gifts to young, less fortunate children, that there’s no question they would have never had. It didn’t stop with just that year.

If a family got burnt out, or they fell on hard times, and we heard about it, we would go into the storage room and see what we had. And if you need to go to a small child, if they’ve suffered a loss of their house or something, and you can give them a doll or a teddy bear or a racecar set, it just kind of helps them to get through things.

I was in one of the schools doing a (fire safety) program, and at recess, one little girl put on a very light jacket and went out the door. And I said to the teacher, ‘That little girl is going to be cold.’ And she said, ‘Yeah, they’ve had hard times.’ So, I went to the station at lunchtime, and I found this complete snow suit, brand new, tag still on it, of course – from this wonderful Lady, and I gave it to the teacher, and of course, her eyes all welled up.

Two or three days later, I was back at the same school, and here’s this little girl dressing up in this snow suit that we had given her from this wonderful Lady. And it puts a lump in your throat, it really does. I got so many cards and phone calls after this year, and years after, from people that were so appreciative.

By Her doing what She did, it really just generated so much interest in the community. There was all the interviews on the radio and the TVs. It touched the hearts of a lot of people and they realized, ‘You know what, we can do more.’

You don’t forget times like that. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve told this story, I would be in the money! I was always kind of disappointed that I never got to say thank You personally, to such a wonderful, caring, giving person.

Supreme Master, it’s unbelievable that I get to finally, after all these years, 18 years, I never thought this would ever happen, to say thank You, for how much You did for our community, our department, and just the less fortunate in our area. You came along at a time that so many families were struggling. We had over 100 and some families that year, and didn’t know just what we were going to do. And when You walked into the picture, our prayers were answered. We all raised our coffee or a cup of tea and thanked You for what You did and the miracle that You gave to us that year – and many years to come, because it’s only got better ever since. And that’s because of You. So, on behalf of myself, and all the members of our fire department and some who unfortunately are passed now, that I wish were here to hear this day, I say thank You from the bottom of my heart.)”

“People will need Him (the Mahdi), but He will express His needs to no one.”

“(Master designed Celestial Clothes and Celestial Jewelries, and [Longevity] Lamps. From these, Master has the funds to take care of the permanent residents and also for charitable purposes. Master Herself is a selfless person. Whatever money She has, She shares with the needy, and keeps nothing for Herself.)”

Living very frugally, Master often foregoes Her own comfort, food, rest, and even a stable place to live, all the while carrying the weight of the entire world upon Her small physical frame. Master cheerfully reassures us that She can take care of Herself. But for the sake of our world so desperately in need of its Savior, the Savior Herself sacrifices Her own needs, selflessly finding Her happiness in the happiness of others.

“(Master,) Tell me. (could You please tell us about one of the happiest moments of Your life?) Oh, sorry I don’t remember, honey. But I do have happy moments. I remember I’m the happiest when I give things to people when they need it. And I know that they need it and I know that they’re happy to get it. Then I’m very, very happy.

For example, if I give somebody on the street and he is cold and hungry, and if I take him to a restaurant, feed him right away and see the smile on his face, and give him my coat or my clothes to immediately relieve him from the cold and give him money to go buy more. And I see this happiness on him, then I’m very happy. It’s more personal. (Yes, Master.) Or if I go to the dog shelter and see the dog is sick and they don’t have enough money to buy medicine for him, I give, and the staff are so happy, say, ‘He’s going to get an operation right now that he needs.’ For example like that. And then I come back and the dog is wagging tail and running around after operation, well and good, then that is really happy for me. I can see the positive result. But otherwise, I don’t know the happiest moment of my life. I don’t remember, truly.”

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