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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 184 - Islamic Prophecies about the Messiah at the Hour

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“He (Prophet Muhammad), Peace Be Upon Him, said: ‘Al-Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him) will fill it (Earth) with FAIRNESS and JUSTICE just as it would have been filled with tyranny and injustice.’”

Up to now, we have learned from the Islamic prophecies that Hazrat Mahdi, Peace Be Upon Him, will bring the Divine gift of enlightenment to the masses. But there is more to the Mission of the great Mahdi, Peace Be Upon Him, in our world. As Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, informed us:

“He (Prophet Muhammad), Peace Be Upon Him, said: ‘Al-Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him) will fill it (Earth) with FAIRNESS and JUSTICE just as it would have been filled with tyranny and injustice.’”

“This world up to now, in many ways, is still helpless, and we have many pandemics. Not just the virus. The virus in the society, in the governmental system, in the social system, is even harder to cure than COVID-19.”

In our present time, Supreme Master Ching Hai is a living example of FAIRNESS and JUSTICE in a world where tyranny and injustice have reigned for ages on end. In various ways, directly and indirectly, She helps and advocates for victims of all kinds of grievances, and of all ages, genders, and species. Following are just a few examples.

“Media report from EWTN – Sept. 25, 2021, Reporter(f): The US House of Representatives passed the most sweeping pro-abortion bill in the nation’s history today.

Reporter(m): President Biden, the country’s second Catholic president, has working for him a staff dedicated to pro-abortion policies.”

All these people who try to kill little, helpless babies in the wombs already, they will all go to hell! And I don’t know how long, could be forever! Babies are God’s creation, God-given. It’s not in their hands to kill or to murder like that. […]

Not for the government to step in and say, “Yeah, go ahead, do it! Kill your baby!” ‒ say it to the whole nation. Millions of babies inside the womb are killed every year! And they want to continue this butcherous procedure. (Yes.)

My God! What kind of president, what kind of government is that? They’re murderers! These unborn children, they have the right to defend. (That’s right.) They are not there for you to just murder like that. How can you spend so much money and time to defend a criminal, and waste so much tax money and have to build facilities to house them ‒ and then kill a baby!

“Can you imagine if it’s you? (No. It’s… horrifying.) Torn. Tore from limb to limb for nothing done to anybody. And even when they’re born already outside, up to the date of birth, they just kill them outright immediately. And that is the so-called “free will” of the people. They are wicked people; they are so devilish.”

“Media report from Al Jazeera – Oct. 6, 2021, Narrator(m): The Roman Catholic Church betrayed the trust of the young and vulnerable on a devastating scale around the world.”

“Media report by BBC – Feb. 17, 2022, Narration (m): Clerical sex abuse of minors, thought to be extensive, but undocumented.

Victim (m): When I was very young, this abuse happened to me in the vestry – in the vestry of the church! He told me it was a secret between him, me and Jesus. But it was fully fledged sexual slavery.”

“I’m telling you, I’m so angry about all this, this terrible, injusticed society. (Yes, Master.) Just one normal person, if he rapes somebody, he goes to jail. (Yes, Master.) And all these priests, they’re raping hundreds of thousands of children, and some adults as well. And nobody does anything! […]

At least the government should forbid them to ever be priests again, so they don’t have any more chances to harm their own little children citizens. (That’s right, Master.) But no! They continue to turn blind eyes. The governments in the world don’t care if the children suffer in the dark, alone, helpless, defenseless, have nowhere to run. My God. Tell me, is that all good justice? (No, Master. Not at all. It’s not.)”

“Media report from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – Aug. 12, 2021, Zar Begum – internally displaced person(f): Taliban militants forcibly evicted me at gunpoint, killed my sons, and forcibly married my daughters-in-law. They forcibly took three or four girls from each house and married them. We had to leave.”

“Media report from PBS – Jan. 25, 2022, Reporter(f): Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last year, the future of the country’s women has been in peril. Many girls are barred from receiving an education, and women are prevented from holding a number of kinds of jobs.”

“Media report from BBC – Feb. 18, 2022, Reporter(f): And the Taliban says, ‘This is only temporary.’ But Afghan women fear for their livelihoods and in some instances, their lives.”

“So half of the country under Taliban rule would be like this: The woman is stupid, illiterate, completely dependent, no ability, except relying heavily on her man. […] And the other half of the citizens, I mean men, are rapists, child molesters. (Right.) […] So, I wonder, what kind of society is that!? What kind of country would the Taliban want to build? […]”

“The Blessed Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, and the Koran have never taught us to pillage other people’s property – even if you think girls are property! – nor force women into any thing or any relationship against their will, so any Muslim engaged in any kind of activity contrary to this established teaching is betraying the Koran and the great Prophet’s teaching. They should be punished according to Islamic law, not the gentle, innocent faithfuls in the woman form!!! May Allah protect the women, to whom the Holy Koran granted all freedom and respect!”

No one who kills God’s children in that way, just for property, just because they have muscle, they have power, so they oppress the weaker citizens of other countries or their own countries. This is just like bullying that happens anywhere in the smallest scales, or bigger scales. No one who kills God’s children this way, will get away with it. Heavens are watching.

“Because imagine the refugees, they walked, they risked everything, they left everything behind, they risked their lives to come ashore, and many died. […] And if they cannot even have somewhere else to just survive for a while, then this is what kind of world? […] God would not forgive us. […] And it was really heartbreaking for me to see all this. Makes me remember the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. All the dangers they risked to run away from war.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai also met with many other dignitaries on behalf of the refugees (as far as we can provide), but regretfully we cannot show images of these meetings as they are no longer traceable, or because She sometimes went alone or with only one or two persons, and without any photography equipment at the time.


“We are sinning because we are destroying our planet. (Yes, Master.) We are sinning because we are torturing other humans and bombing them, killing them, (Yes.) innocent bystanders, for any reason. And we are sinning because we’re torturing, oppressing the helpless animal-people every second of our life. (Yes, Master.)

“I cannot shake all this suffering out of my head. […] All these horrible clips of torturing animal-people. (Yes, Master.) I had to see, and I just swore to Heaven and Earth, I said, ‘I have to live for the animal-people.’ […] And I said, ‘My life is not just my life. It belongs to suffering beings, especially the animal-people.’ I said, ‘I will have to live. I will live. I will take care of myself, protect myself. I have to live for you. […] I will not forsake you, as long as I breathe.’”

“He (the Mahdi) will fill the world that was once full of cruelty, with justice, until people return to their original nature.”

“Most people, they’re so used to this brutal way of life now. They are blunt to all suffering of others. Most people are like that, and they will be awakened but it might be too slow for our liking. And meanwhile the animal-people suffer so much, so much. […]”

“It’s not just about the animal-people, it’s about us. It’s about us that we have become such a race of violence, of brutality, and inhumane kind of character and quality. That is really sad and really despicable. […]”

“All you have to do is just return to your compassionate nature. And when you eat vegan, you will have that. It’s easy to have compassion if you are vegan. […] If the humans change their way of life, then the next generation would be more compassionate.”

“I love this world, and I love all beings on this planet. But the things they do each other and to the animal-people just really, really cause so much pain and suffering for my heart, for me. And I’m working hard so that maybe one day, all this won’t happen again. […]”

“I’m working harder and harder just so that perhaps one day all this madness will stop.”

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