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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 178 - Islamic Prophecies about the Messiah at the Hour

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“He is a Sign of the Hour. Have no doubt about it. But follow Me. This is a straight path.”

According to Islamic belief, shortly before the Day of Judgment, the signs of the Hour will take place one after another over a very short period, and humankind will have reached a stage of great suffering and imminent destruction. At that time, the awaited Savior, filled with Mercy, will come to rid the world of sufferings, restore spirituality and morality, and guide people to the path of salvation.

In the Holy Quran, the coming of the Savior is explicitly declared as a Sign of the Final Judgment.

“He is a Sign of the Hour. Have no doubt about it. But follow Me. This is a straight path.”

In this verse, the Sign of the Hour is Lord Jesus Christ, Peace Be Upon Him, who is referred to many times in the Quran. For example, He is sometimes reverently called Isa al-Wajih, meaning Jesus the Honorable, because He is a distinguished Prophet among the Prophets sent from Heaven. The Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, said the following about Prophet Jesus, Peace Be Upon Him, who lived seven hundred years before His own time. “I am most akin to the Son of Mary among the whole of humankind and the Prophets are of different mothers, but of one religion, and no Prophet was raised between me and Him (Jesus Christ).”

The Holy Quran states that Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus, Son of Mary) would return to Earth shortly before the Last Hour, which is known as “the Second Coming of Christ” in Christianity. Thus, the Quran refers to Him as Isa al-Masih, meaning Jesus the Messiah.

As we have previously explored in this Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet, many disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai reported their inner experiences that She is Jesus Christ, Peace Be Upon Him. Master also came to this world in 1950, just before the Hour, which is our present day; thus, we believe that Master is the Sign of the Hour that the Holy Quran foretold.

“(I would like to share with you, all my brothers-sisters, that I had a dream that Master appeared to me. That’s Jesus Christ reborn. So people keep looking around, ‘Where (is) Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ?’ But Jesus Christ is here, but nobody recognizes Him. And I heard a voice always say: ‘Christ (is) already reborn, Buddha Nature (is) on the Earth.’)”

“(I would like to tell my inner experience. I saw You as Jesus Christ, twice. Master sat in the sky and had a great Light surrounding Her.)”

“(… One day, during meditation, I was lifted up by a sound stream with golden light to a realm where Master appeared as Jesus Christ and then as the enlightened Indian Master Baba Sawan Singh. …)”

“(One night, as we were sitting around drinking tea and chatting with one another, one of the initiates witnessed Your picture radiating a Heavenly Light. Noticing his amazement and overwhelming joy, I looked up and saw Your picture brilliantly radiant also; and soon every one of us was able to see this. Then, Your image transformed into many, many Buddhas of the past. It also included the image of Jesus Christ and many others that I have never seen before. The most remarkable thing was that the Convenient Method practitioner even witnessed the scene of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on a dark, rainy night amid sparks of Light.)”


Not only in the Quran but also in the Hadith, the return of Jesus Christ, Peace Be Upon Him, is also declared as a Sign of the Hour.

“Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Messenger, Peace Be Upon Him, said, ‘The Hour will not be established until the Son of Mary descends amongst you as a just ruler, and He will break the cross, kill the pigs, and abolish the Jizya tax.”

In this Hadith-prophecy, Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, reveals that Lord Jesus, Peace Be Upon Him, would come as a just ruler, who would “break the cross.”

This could refer to the just and fair manner with which the Savior would work to eliminate the false concepts in Christianity, which is the religion symbolized by the cross.

“The Catholics have this wrong concept, is that they did anything they wanted, and then they just go in, confess with a priest (Ah, yes.) and their sins will be forgiven. Oh, no! I wish it’s true. I wish it could be done like that.”

“But that’s the reason why Catholics have a lot of followers, because it’s so easy. (Yes.) You don’t have to do anything. You go to the church, they put your head in water. (Yes.) And if you did not drown, then you’ll become Catholic.

Lucky you. And then you open your mouth to have a little thin, thin, paper-thin wafer, (Yes.) and then you are so “clean,” “purified.” You will go to Heaven. Oh no, no. Don’t forget to put some dollars into the church box or basket. As if Heaven can be bribed.”

The Hadith also says that Prophet Jesus, Peace Be Upon Him, would “abolish the Jizya tax.”

During the time of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, in the 7th century AD, the Jizya was a tax taken from non-Muslims, such as Jews and Christians, in exchange for the Muslim government’s protection.

So the Jizya tax could point toward any religious leaders nowadays, who fatten themselves by demanding the faithful to pay them, with their hard-earned money – either with donations or as a religious tax. In some cases, the religious leaders even threaten with eternal damnation!

Abolishing this tax could indicate that the Savior (as here referring to Supreme Master Ching Hai, who doesn’t take any donations but works for Her upkeep and shares with others in need) would not accept any donations from the followers.

While, as we can see, these religious leaders in the present time, (demanding money as tax and cashing in), are more powerful than kings or presidents. Thus, they can commit any, even heavy crimes without ever being charged.

“Media Report by Superlatives – June 23, 2016- Narrator(m): Among the worst are John Geoghan, who molested up to 130 different boys, and Lawrence Murphy, who raped a staggering 200 disabled and deaf boys. Proof of the disgraceful view the church has on pedophilia lies among the punishment Lawrence Murphy received, which was none. He wasn’t even fired. On top of that, when he passed away, he was buried with the full honors of a holy Roman Catholic priest.”

“Media Report by Now This World – April 30, 2015, - Narrator(m): The pope is the spiritual leader to more than one billion Catholics worldwide. In 2014, Forbes called him the fourth most powerful person internationally.”

“Media Report by The Economist – Mar. 8, 2018, - Narrator(f): The Behind the scenes, the Vatican remains a powerful force in global affairs.”

“Interview by Simon & Schuster Books – Jan. 29, 2015, - Gerald Posner(m): For about 1,800 years, the popes were not just the head of the Catholic Church, the spiritual head of the world’s largest religion. They were also kings, pope-kings. They had a secular empire, thousands of square miles of lands, their own armies. How did they get the money for this? They fueled it by taxing people inside their empire, by fees, and also by selling something called indulgences. A piece of paper was sold to a Catholic and said, “You’re forgiven for your sins for buying that paper.”

“Media Report by EWTN – Mar. 12, 2015, - Cardinal Piacenza(m): Indulgences are great. The true treasure of the church is not the IOR – the Vatican Bank, but the indulgences. It lies here, in the merits of Jesus Christ and all good souls, the holy souls who are in the world and who offer their paying up for the sake of the church.”

“Documentary ‘The Vatican’s Unimaginable Wealth’ – Dec, 2021, - Narrator(m): In 2021, the Catholic Church was whining that apparently they’re low on reserves, and are in desperate need of your donations, when in Australia alone, they’re worth at least US$30 billion. The Catholic Church is in the same league as companies you know and love, like Apple, Microsoft, the Saudi Arabian oil company, Amazon, and Alphabet. In 2013, Pope Francis took power and set out to fix the church’s reputation – and it worked. With the help of a pope who can appeal to the masses and make a scene like he really cared about the people, the Vatican was able to make everyone conveniently forget about what they had done to get so much money and power in the first place.”

“Media Report by EWTN – May 7, 2019, - Reporter(f): In many European countries, citizens pay a church tax, that’s money that is allocated to the taxpayers’ official religious affiliation. It results in billions of euros every year to support religious institutions.”

“Documentary ‘The Almighty Dollar’ by Journeyman Pictures – 2012, - Narrator(m): Even in the midst of this economic crisis, Italian taxpayers are still giving the church more than a billion euros a year – more than enough to pay the wages of every priest and church official in the country. So much for separation of church and state.

Taxpayer(m): Nothing will ever happen with all of this, because the Vatican is too powerful to take on and ask to pay taxes.”

“Documentary film by Journeyman Pictures -2012, - Narrator(m): The church still owns the country’s (Italy’s) biggest and most valuable real estate portfolio, and much of it is earning vast sums for church coffers. The church has been able to avoid paying property tax through a bizarre legal loophole.”

“Media Report by TRT World – Oct. 14, 2021, - Reporter(f): In Australia, Cardinal George Pell was found guilty by jury of sexually abusing two boys but later freed. Recently the European Court of Human Rights rejected a case brought by 24 French, Belgian, and Dutch nationals who said they were sexually abused by Catholic priests. The court says the Holy See benefited from legal immunity granted to sovereign states.”

The Hadith also mentioned that Jesus the Messiah, Peace Be Upon Him, would “kill the pigs.” This means to expose those pedophile-fake-priests (as often people refer to those sexual-low-life-gluttonous- lusty evils as “pigs”), in order to protect the innocents.

These priests from the Catholic Church, who harm the children, who molest them, who rape them, who torture them, who kill them, they are the criminals against humanity. They should even be tried in The Hague, in that international court. If no other country can try them, they could try them there. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, they’ll continue to do all these sins and harm too many more children. Now and in the future. As I am talking to you, I don’t know how many children are suffering in darkness, in obscurity, and nobody cares.”

“The monks from Jesus’ time, they were holy. They were vegetarian or vegan. (Yes.) And they practiced modesty, humility and enlightenment. They were saints! Truly holy saints. But nowadays, these priests, they just eat and drink and rape children. They just use the church, and then damage the faith for God. They are Satan, they are devils. (Yes.) They just reincarnate on Earth to ruin the church’s reputation, these priests. (Yes.)”

“All these priests, with dirty hands that are touching children and molesting children, and go and give you this Communion wafer, will you eat it? Yuck! (No, Master.) (No.) Dirty hand, dirty mind, dirty heart. Filthy low-life. And even just use the hands and the mouth to tear apart the piece of chicken-people legs or chicken-people wings, and wash the mouth and go out, teach, talk about Jesus’ holy teaching. Does it have any power? Any blessing? (No, Master. No.) Give me a break, man. It’s all fake. Falsehood. Fake.

If the symbol of God, the church, is rotten like that, then other people will be influenced to do the same, (Yes, Master.) or join inside to make it more evil, more permanent. And the church has a big influence in world politics even. So can you see how harmful it is to the whole world, not just to the children, not just to the reputation of the church. (Yes, Master.) You understand why I don’t sleep well over this, apart from every other thing?

(We hope all the wrongdoers will be brought to justice, Master.) Yeah, me too. I hope so. I hope not just apologize but go to the bottom of it, and get rid of it once and for all.”

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