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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 181 - Islamic Prophecies about the Messiah at the Hour

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“The world will not go away until a man from people of my household called Al-Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him) rules my community.”

Up to now, we have discovered what the Islamic teachings have said about the return of the Worshipped Prophet Lord Jesus Christ, Peace Be Upon Him, at the Last Hour.

However, in the Hadith, which are records of the words and deeds of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, there is a Messianic Being with another title, who has been prophesied to come and usher in the Golden Age.

He is known as Al-Mahdi, or Hazrat Mahdi, Peace Be Upon Him. The word “Hazrat” is a Muslim title of honor reserved for the enlightened Prophets and other highly respected individuals. Meaning “the Rightly Guided One,” the Mahdi, Peace Be Upon Him, will be Divinely guided to help the world at its most desperate time.

“The world will not go away until a man from people of my household called Al-Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him) rules my community.”

As Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, stated, before the current world ends, Al-Mahdi the Savior, Peace Be Upon Him, would appear from the people of the Prophet’s household. Although this is usually taken literally, it could also mean that the Mahdi is of the same spiritual family or lineage as the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. As Supreme Master Ching Hai has previously explained:

The lineage doesn’t always run in one direction or in one place. Like the river, it runs under somewhere, and then it emerges somewhere else and then it’s hidden again underground. Depends, yeah? Then it comes out again. So, if we sometimes keep looking in the same tradition, we might miss the mark.

“When Jesus was alive, people came and informed Him that mother and brothers have arrived. He said, ‘Who is my mother? Who is my brother? Only the one who does the will of God is my family member.’ So you see around me, do you see any of my relatives? Bloodline? No. You are my bloodline. My spiritual bloodline is more important than the physical bloodline.”

“In the Hadith-prophecies, the Mahdi is sometimes referred to as Al-Qaim, meaning ‘the One who Rises,’ as He would rise up for justice on Earth. Let’s first see what signs are to indicate the arrival of the long-awaited Qaim, Peace Be Upon Him.”

I heard Abu Abdullah saying, ‘Before Al-Qaim (Mahdi) (Peace Be Upon Him) there will be two deaths – red death and white death, to the extent that five would go (die) from every seven. The red death is the sword, and the white death is the plague.’”

THE RED DEATH (by wars) Etc…

THE WHITE DEATH (by plagues) Etc…

Over the past century, new military technologies have increased the levels of destruction on the battlefield. At the same time, the equally devastating modern meat industry has prompted epidemiologists to warn us that more and more killer zoonotic pandemics like COVID-19 are being incubated. We have set ourselves on the tragic path toward seeing “five from every seven” perish…

It could still be some help if you’re vegan, and if you pray, and you are sincere and you have less sinful deeds before that, maybe you can be saved. (Yes.) But otherwise, it might be too late now. The COVID chief, army chief, told me that. (Oh.) And it’s not just that. It looks like Heaven wants to destroy humanity, not just now, but in the future as well. (Wow.)

And then I pressed him (COVID chief), ‘Can you tell me this time when COVID-19 will end and the world will go back to normal?’ So, the chief of COVID said to me… […] ‘Year 2099, […] November 4.’ (Wow. That’s a long way. So long.)

So, I asked him further, ‘At that time, how many percent left?’ Meaning, how many percent of humans. […]

[…] ‘And till then, will be death, sickness, destruction, new and more lethal dangerous variants, correct?’ So, the CV chief said, ‘Yes. (Oh, wow.) 9% left.’ (9%. Oh, wow.) (Wow.) He said, ‘Only 9% left until that time.’ (Oh, wow.) Like 77 years later. […]

“Neither does an elder have mercy on a young one nor does a young one show dignity to an elder, then during that time, Allah will send our Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him).”

This sign also seems to point to today’s era, when the political agendas of our aged government leaders often place our young soldiers in danger far from home.

“Under Biden anything could happen. Any illogical thing, dangerous thing could happen. Not to him. To his people, to the Americans who expose their lives in dangerous situations to help others. Some of the Marines and soldiers there, they died rescuing women and children, and Afghans from the dangerous zone. (Yes.) Or died with babies also, because they were taking care of babies, until the last minute.

They were really brave, courageous, and kind, and loving. To the extent that, like sainthood. (Yes, it’s true.) They were young and full of hope and they had a long life in front of them. The whole future. Some had a wife and kids at home. There was one soldier expecting his first baby ever. And now no more. They won’t ever see him anymore. (It’s too sad.)”

In addition, elders in our government also condone or even actively push for abortion – the brutal murdering of innocent, young human beings before – or even up to – the time of birth.

“Media report by France 24 – Jan. 29, 2021 – Reporter (f): Joe Biden has signed an executive order reinstating US foreign aid to overseas NGOs that offer any counseling on (promoting or performing of) abortion.”

“Interview by EWTN News – Nov. 20, 2021 – Prudence Robertson (f): Joe Biden has proven himself to be radical, when it comes to expanding abortion access. When he was sworn in, almost instantaneously, he began to funnel more taxpayer dollars to fund abortion, both at home and overseas. He’s also appointed abortion activists to serve in his cabinet such as Xavier Becerra, and has gone so far to even step back on his belief that life begins at conception. And his Department of Justice is currently trying to find a way to sue the state of Texas for advancing a law that protects babies with beating hearts.”

“Media Report by EWTN News – Jan. 28, 2021 – Reporter (f): House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the most prominent Catholic politician in the US after President Joe Biden, recently criticized the pro-life movement’s efforts to stand up for the unborn.”

“Press Conference, Washington, DC – June 17, 2021 – Reporter (f): Is an unborn baby at 15 weeks a human being?

Pelosi (f): Let me just say that I’m a big supporter of (pro-abortion) Roe vs. Wade. I am a mother of five children in six years. I think I have some standing on this issue as to respecting a woman’s right to choose.

Reporter (f): Is it a human being?”

“Interview by NBC News – Apr 4, 2016 – Hilary Clinton (f): My position is in line with Roe V. Wade (pro-abortion ruling). The unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights.”

“Media Report from Newsy – Dec. 20, 2018 – Reporter (m): Republic of Ireland President Michael Higgins signed a bill Thursday to make abortion officially legal in the country.”

“Media Report from FOX 7 Austin – Sept. 7, 2021 – Reporter (f): Today, Mexico Supreme Court ruled it is unconstitutional to punish abortion.”

“Media Report from The Straits Times – Apr 12, 2019 – Reporter (f): South Korea is now set to legalize abortion, in a landmark court ruling that would lift a ban in place since 1953.”


Meanwhile, it has also been reported that younger generations are increasingly losing respect for their elders.

“It is a pity that our young people don’t listen to the elderly. They should. The old people are more beautiful. They have a lot of beautiful decorations inside. Tolerance, boundless love, limitless wisdom, and many joys and sorrows from successes and failures are all with them.

But now they put old people into nursing homes. They throw all the greatest wealth of wisdom there, unusable – it’s such a shame. We should preserve them, because the elderly have the ability to contribute the most. Their wisdom and their experience are all worthy of people to learn from.”

The Hadith also mentioned auspicious signs around the coming of the Mahdi.

“In the time of the Qaim (Mahdi) (Peace Be Upon Him), a believer who is in the east would be able to see his brother who is in the west and in the same way one who is in the west would be able to see his brother in the east.”

“(Hallo, Master!) Hi! I can see you! Can you see us? (Yes.)”

In our own Association, we recall the first exciting times that our worldwide centers held virtual conferences with Supreme Master Ching Hai and one another. Thus “a believer who is in the east” was able to “see his brother who is in the west” and vice versa.

“Meanwhile, hallo to Austin center! Hallo to Dallas, New Jersey, Chicago, San Jose, […] Taoyuan, Formosa (Taiwan), Hsihu, Formosa (Taiwan), Vienna, Austria. Greetings to you, and God bless! I love you.

It’s also very exciting for me to talk to you like this. I can even see your picture! Many decades ago, when I wasn’t on this job yet, I read the newspaper, saying that one day people will be able to talk together, and see each other’s pictures through the phone even. So this is what it is – the prediction has come true. And soon we’ll have many more exciting news. My! It’s so exciting. So we are catching up with the advances of the higher planetary system.”

We also travel across the globe for blissful international gatherings with our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai.

The following prophecy further reveals the Shia Muslims’ belief that they would be blessed to be able to hear and see the Qaim (the Mahdi), Peace Be Upon Him, even across the physical distance.

“When our Qaim (Mahdi) (Peace Be Upon Him) arises, Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, would increase the hearing and sight of our Shia, so much so that there would be no need of any correspondence between them and the Qaim (Peace Be Upon Him). His Eminence would speak and they would hear as if He were in front of them.”

Similarly, our Association members are able to receive Master’s guidance from within, without having to write letters to Her.

“(...Master has always been guiding me in the right direction on my spiritual path, and several times She appeared to me in my meditation. One time, She told me to renounce and learn to change myself. She spoke a lot to me, which made me feel endless bliss, and then told me that She had to go back to Her busy schedule. Upon waking up, tears of endless appreciation welled up in my eyes. I thank Master forever.)”

Also, in times of need or during sincere prayers, many have seen Master’s Light manifestation body appear as if She were physically in front of them! Could Supreme Master Ching Hai be the Qaim, the Mahdi of our time?

“(It was at that moment, when I felt the most abandoned, without the strength to call anyone, that before me appeared the transcendental body of Supreme Master Ching Hai, surrounded by an aura that gave me much peace. I told Master, ‘Master I want to be a being of Light.’ And She said, ‘But you're already a being of Light.’)”

“(Master appeared in a white Aulacese (Vietnamese) bà ba outfit with short hair, and Master walked into my house. Master beckoned me to come. On the scene, there were a machine, screws, keys. I did as Master told me, fixing screws and tightening them. Then, I started the machine. It ran. While the machine was running, I held the crank in my hand and I just cried. I did not know what to say to thank Master. When I was crying, my aged mother walked out and asked, ‘Why do you repair the machine at this time?’ I pointed at the machine and said, ‘Mom, Master taught me to fix it.’)”

“(Last year, I had a big surgery. When I went into the operation room, I was so terrified that I could not keep myself calm even though I was reciting the Holy Names. Then, from my right side, a strong and brilliant Light came to me and I realized that the Light was Master. You held my right arm and said, ‘Do not worry, my baby. I will protect you,’ and then I felt so comforted.)”

“(Master, this is the experience of my father-in-law. He told me that when he was sick in the hospital our Master went to see him. He said that Master came wearing a white dress. Master asked him, ‘Do you know who I am?’ Then Master said: ‘Look again, look clearly.’ And then he thought it over and said, Perhaps You are my son’s Master Ching Hai. Then Master told him, ‘Don’t worry, just feel at ease and have a relaxed recuperation. Your illness will be cured gradually.’ Overjoyed, he kept crying and then Master disappeared.)”


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