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Experience Heaven on Earth: Questions and Answers, Part 4 of 9

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You will become the Master! You must become a Master. Even if you think I am a Master, you’ll become one like me, and you bless yourself and bless everybody else. It is better that way than to go begging for spiritual blessing. You are God's children. I can make your heavenly dream come true, but you must do everything yourself. I can show you how to make your dreams come true and you do the rest.

OK? Oh my God! Wow, wow, wow. (If I miss something, you will take it, OK?) (Yes.) Wow! Can you imagine what a difficult job it is! All you have to do is concentrate. (Yes.) Close your eyes (All right.) and think of your wisdom center here. Don’t look at people. Don’t hear them. Don’t look at me. Don’t hear me. I mean, you hear inside and then you will not miss one word. Try. Like this is… it’s fun but I forgot also. Wait for me, I’m coming. I mean, wait for us. I mean, I have no problem, but they have problem. You see, that’s the problem when they are not open.

That’s why. You see that? Just translate a little bit, a few sentences. And English, my English is very simple. It’s first class, meaning I attended the first class of English. Very simple, and three persons already having trouble. It doesn’t sound like what I said. (All right.) Even though I don’t understand Holländische (Dutch) but it did not sound very much. OK. All right then, all right. Most of you understand English. (Yes.) Yes.

So please do forgive our best-intentioned translators. It’s easy to sit there and criticize. It’s difficult to do. When you sit there, you are more relaxed because it’s not your job. Once you come here and try to do God’s job, the power is so strong, you get nervous, you forgot. Translate. (I translate this?) All right. Also, try to make it fast. Try to translate fast so we don’t lose so much time. (OK.) Because people like to go home after also. We have like transmission later for people who like it, so we better make it fast. Please. Translate. You should translate. It’s OK? (Yes.) You can hear? (Yes.) From behind, yes? (Yes.) It’s clear? Oh, wonderful! Wonderful! Yes. (Thank You.) OK. You’re doing a good job, continue.

So, the process of enlightenment, there is no process at all. The moment you want it and then when we sit together, I just tell you what to do, and then you get it. It's that simple, so we don't need too much translation.

You have to speak word by word clearly, not like you talk with friends, because the people are not used to your accent yet. I mean, we are strangers here. (We are all families.) Huh? (We are all families.) I know that. But I mean it takes long time to get used to somebody’s way of speaking, so we have to speak clearly. That’s why I speak the way I do – one, two, three. Normally, I speak softly like you, very soft and beautiful like you. I think all of you understood what I wanted to say, and we can just stop right here and if you have any more questions, I can answer you one by one.

And if you think somebody else translates better, (you’re) welcome to try. Yes. We have many talents in Holland, and that is very good. (Can everybody hear me?) Sure. (So, I’ll give it a try, OK?) OK. If you want… If you have any questions, because of technical problems, you please write it down and hand it to our people. And then he can read it and I’ll answer right away. I will answer any question. Any question. Yes? Anybody wants to…(Do we have to be open to…) You write it down. Other people, please write it down quick. Yes.

(Do we have to be open to receive enlightenment?)No, no. You are not open, that's why you need to be open. You don't need to be opened – we will help you to open. If you're already open, you don't need me. (Yes, that's what I mean.)All you need is to just to want to know yourself. (Thank You.) Actually, we don't have to do anything to receive the grace of God because the Kingdom of God is within us. It is that you just don't know how. So, when at the time of transmission, we just sit quietly and God does the rest.

(Yes, I have a question, too.) Where are you? (Here.) Yes. Because of too much trouble with the microphone, so please, the other people write down meanwhile and we read it immediately. Yes. (Yes.)

(I would like to ask: If you see God, you say that you don't see God as a man or as a woman, it appears to you, but do you visualize God as a human being or...?) No, you don't visualize. Hes comes the way Hes wants. You need to wait for me. (OK, sorry.) You don't have to visualize because God is God. You cannot visualize Hirm. Hes comes the way Hes wants.

(The question: How does the transmission take place?) You will know it later. If you want to know, you stay behind, and after the conference we'll show you. I cannot explain it. It is in silence. It’s just the power of God is doing; there is no talk, no language to describe that. That's why it needs a living transmission pole. Otherwise, all the Bibles would be writing about how to do it a long time already and we would have been able to do it ourselves already. It needs a living transmission. And in every era of the planet, God chose at least one or two, or three, as the way Hes wanted to transmit this power to Hiers children, whoever wants to go back to the Kingdom of God.

(Another question: How to reconnect…) Can you please read in Holländisch first and then you read English? (OK.) (So, in English, how to reconnect with the sound of God inside and to heal in that? I am open for this to happen.) Yes, you stay behind and I’ll show you how. I’ve told you many times. After this, if you are in a hurry, you can go out and tell my people that you want it and put your name down, and later we’ll call you. Only for the ones who want it; other people who don’t want, we don’t teach you. You have to want it yourself, of course.

You don’t translate what I said? (You speak too quick.) Brother, can you understand me better? You try, (You try again.) and you speak faster. (OK.) You can stay there also and remind him if he forgets something. And you speak fast and speak in the microphone, please.

(How to see You face to face, on behalf of the whole family in China, who are all Your honest students. Could You make my dream come true?) What kind of dream do you want to come true? If you want your dreams to come true, you have to walk the way I walk. There is no way to go back to the Kingdom of God except you walk yourself. I cannot go everywhere presenting myself to you as a Master who knows everything, who can do everything. And then you always stay like a weak person, always have to beg me for things. You will become the Master! You must become a Master. Even if you think I am a Master, you’ll become one like me, and you bless yourself and bless everybody else. It is better that way than to go begging for spiritual blessing. You are God's children. I can make your heavenly dream come true, but you must do everything yourself. I can show you how to make your dreams come true and you do the rest. I cannot tell you lie. Everyone must enlighten himself and bless himself with everything he wants to have in this life and the next life – I mean, in Heaven. Jesus has said that, "No one comes to the Father except through me." That means He will show you the way. He is the only one at that time who could show you the way, and then you will see the Father. If you try to do it by yourself, you don't know how, you don't have guidance, then you cannot do it.

(Why can one not talk about his experience with others?) You can, but they don’t understand. They might laugh at you and think that you are boasting, you are blasphemous, and you are an atheist, and whatever.

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