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The Songs of Kabir (vegetarian): Songs 51 – 76, Part 1 of 2



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Today, we would like to continue to introduce you to the wisdom from “The Songs of Kabir.” The selections from Songs 65 to 76 reveal the importance of seeking and practicing with a perfect living Master, and the genuine path to God realization.

“O brother! when I was forgetful, my true Guru showed me the Way. Then I left off all rites and ceremonies, I bathed no more in the holy water: Then I learned that it was I alone who was mad, and the whole world beside me was sane; and I had disturbed these wise people.”

“If God be within the mosque, then to whom does this world belong? If Ram be within the image which you find upon your pilgrimage, then who is there to know what happens without? Hari is in the East: Allah is in the West. Look within your heart, for there you will find both Karim and Ram; All the men and women of the world are His living forms.”

“Go thou to the company of the good, where the Beloved One has His dwelling place: Take all thy thoughts and love and instruction from thence. Tell me, how could thou hold a wedding-feast, if the bridegroom himself were not there? Waver no more, think only of the Beloved; Set not thy heart on the worship of other gods, there is no worth in the worship of other masters.”

“When you meet the true Guru, He will awaken your heart; He will tell you the secret of love and detachment, and then you will know indeed that He transcends this universe. This world is the City of Truth, its maze of paths enchants the heart: We can reach the goal without crossing the road, such is the sport unending.”

“There the swan plays a wonderful game, There the Unstruck Music eddies around the Infinite One; There in the midst the Throne of the Unheld is shining, whereon the great Being sits — Millions of suns are shamed by the radiance of a single hair of His body. On the harp of the road, what true melodies are being sounded! and its notes pierce the heart: There the Eternal Fountain is playing its endless life-streams of birth and death. They call Him Emptiness who is the Truth of Truths, in Whom all truths are stored! There within Him creation goes forward, which is beyond all philosophy; for philosophy cannot attain to Him: There is an endless world, O my Brother! and there is the Name-less Being, of whom nothing can be said.”
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