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Experience Heaven on Earth: Questions and Answers, Part 6 of 9

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The more you know that God, the more you feel secure, loved, protected, and even your family, your friends will be also, by the way, protected. Even the one who is already dead a hundred years ago that you don't even know of, five generations behind you are also protected and uplifted to Heaven due to the power of your awakening.

(Can you be initiated if you are already initiated by another master, like Bhagwan?)

Well, if you think that past initiation is enough for you and if that way of life suits you, and you believe in that, then you continue. If you think it's not enough, you don't feel satisfied somehow, something missing, then you know you should seek this one. In your heart, you must know. You talk to God, you pray to Hirm; and if Hes has guided you here, maybe Hes wants you to be here.

(Are there different levels of enlightenment?)

Yes, definitely. Just like there are different spiritual teachers in this world. You might have been initiated, so-called initiated by another master, as you’ve asked me, but your master has taught you the best that he knows, but there might be something else you should know. Even within high school or college there are different classes, yes, and if you feel you have not learnt enough from one method, then you should move on to the higher one. And if you are not sure, then you wait. You go home and pray more to God, and pray, pray, until you intuitively know what is good for you.

 (Does wearing leather or having leather furniture affect a person's karma [retribution]?)

It does. Every time I sit on a leather chair in a car, I feel very, very sleepy. But people have different sensitivity levels. Sometimes people don't feel it. Everything in this world affects us, not just leather. Sometimes, you see some violent film, you go home, you feel uncomfortable, you feel pain. Sometimes you see a sad film, you go home and are in a bad mood. Sometimes you see a pornographic film, you go home, toss and turn and feeling trouble in your chakra, lower chakra, for example. Sometimes, you sit next to a person whose energy is a little heavy, then you also feel affected in some way. That's why we need spiritual power reawakened to protect us, to lift us out of this gross, coarse level of existence. Otherwise, Heaven is right in front of us, and we could not see.

(Please clarify the effect on a person's karma [retribution], when he is ending a sick or diseased patient.)

When he’s tending sick or diseased patients. (Yes. Or ending an animal’s life, like a vet.) Yes. Yes. It is very clear, it’s just when you read it, I cannot understand. I’m sorry. When a person is tending a sick… (Ending.) tending… Oh, ending. (Ending.) Oh! Ending. Meaning he has to put to death a dog or something like that.

Well, if he does it as a request from someone else, he is not responsible. It just affects his heart; he will not like that. And of course, if he does it too often, he will feel very sad because of the compassion he feels for the animal or the sick person. And in that way, it's already affected him. It's similar with soldiers; they are ordered to kill, so they are not responsible. But that is if he is compulsed to go into the army. If he volunteers to go into the army...Well, it's very difficult to explain. For example, he has been in the army with the intention of protecting his country, and then he was under the command of a higher officer, but during the war, he was ordered to kill, and it wasn't his intention. It wasn't his hatred that he kills the other person, then he is not responsible.

(I am sometimes afraid of discovering myself. What can I do? Thank You!) Then don't discover yourself. You should be afraid of hell, not yourself. There are worse things than discovering yourself.

(Can the meditation You offer protect me or anyone not to be affected by negative forces from outside or within us?)

Of course, of course. Definitely. Of course. You see... Can I explain a little further about that? It's not the meditation that protects you, it is the awakening of your own power within yourself that will protect you. It is the knowing that you are God that will protect you. The Bible says that God lives within you. I am just going to show you how to find that God, then Hes will protect you. But the meditation just means that you calm yourself down, so that you can communicate with each other, with that God within you. The more you know that God, the more you feel secure, loved, protected, and even your family, your friends will be also, by the way, protected. Even the one who is already dead a hundred years ago that you don't even know of, five generations behind you are also protected and uplifted to Heaven due to the power of your awakening.

(Dear Master Ching Hai, it is well known that in 1999, August, there will be a big disaster in the world. Is that a disaster in humans' hearts or in the new world?) Or in what? (Or in the new world.) In the new world? (Yes.)

The world is old, why new? Disaster always happens; don't wait until August '99. If we go out there and we don't drive carefully, have an accident, disaster is already there for you. What is the use, if the world is still there and you get into disaster yourself? So, do not wait for the world's disaster. Protect yourself from today.

Don't ask me to predict the future, because there is no such thing as fixed future for mankind or any “kind.” If there is really a fixed future for any “kind,” then Jesus cannot do anything, Buddha did not have to come, and we don't have to meditate. We don't even have to pray. What is the use, right? The negative power wants you to believe that there will be a disaster of this and that and the other.

I want you to know that God's grace is greater than any negative power in any disaster or any prediction. So, we have to get in touch with God's grace and then we are protected. Thank you. Shall I read the question for you? (Please, write your questions clearly.)

(Can You open us all to come in contact with God?) Only the one who really wants it in his heart, will be opened. When you want to be open that means it will be opened. I can do everything, but you are God, you have to allow me. So, if you want to, you can go outside and put your name down, and tell us that you want to learn about the method, and later we’ll call you. And I will teach the ones who want to learn. You can go now already and when I finish this, I’ll show you. Go quietly so you don’t disturb the neighbors. And you can ask more questions later on. If you leave now, you can ask more questions later.

(Can I get initiation alone? Or can we get it all together?)

You can get it alone, but then I have to stay here three years to finish one by one. There is no secret between us. We can share it with everyone else if they want the same thing.

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