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Experience Heaven on Earth, Part 3 of 9

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If we will be transmitted this God power or we get rekindled this existing power within us again, then we can also experience Heaven, while we are living on this planet. We can also have the healing power, we can also have the blessing from God, so we can share it with others, we can also be successful in spiritual life as well as material life at the same time. We can have both Heaven and Earth at the same time and enjoy both.

Because God is nameless, God is invisible in some way, so it is difficult for us to know Hirm. But if Hes has chosen someone to transmit this power from Hirm, then it's easier for us to relate, and then we can assimilate this gradually, until we become one with God, until we know God completely, and that is the process of complete enlightenment.

The person who is chosen to be a transmitting pole for God power is no better than anybody else on this planet. It's just that in order to light a torch, another torch has to be alighted, and then you use that torch to light another and then light another and light another. So, in order to light many torches, one torch, one fire, must be made in the beginning, and that is just a chosen pole. Someone has to begin first, and everything else comes from there. So, in my experience that God has shown me, there is no mystery about how to know God. It's very, very simple; even children can have the experience of God, exactly the experience that is written in the Bible. Like, if Moses has seen God as a big bush of flames, if other saints have heard God like the sound of many waters, we can experience exactly the same like that, and more.

That's why Jesus has told us that whatever He can do, we can do also. Because it's not Him that was doing, it was the Father. Similar to us, if we will be transmitted this God power or we get rekindled this existing power within us again, then we can also experience Heaven, while we are living on this planet. We can also have the healing power, we can also have the blessing from God, so we can share it with others, we can also be successful in spiritual life as well as material life at the same time. We can have both Heaven and Earth at the same time and enjoy both. Because most of us enjoy only the world and do not know there is another world that exists, that is, Heaven. We've heard that Heaven exists and we can see it after we die, but it is not so: we can see it right now.

We can see it in two ways. One way is more materialized, like after the process of transmission, we become happier, we become more intelligent, more quick reacting, more tolerant, more loving, and more successful in many ways. And sometimes we can even see the future and the past, and we can know how to solve the present problems, etc. And all the people around us, family and friends, become better and better also. And that is one materialized way of the grace of God.

It’s enough? You don’t… Is that enough? No, I ask there. So, you don’t remind him anything? (He tried to put the essence in.) OK, the essence. All right. I hope you’re satisfied.

But there is another way that we can see Heaven truly, with our heavenly eye, and that is, literally speaking, we can enter Heaven as a place. And we enter it not by the physical body, but by a spiritual body, and then we can come back again to the physical body and continue our daily activities – and nobody ever suspects that we are a saint. That saves a lot of problems. People don't come and flock to our house and start worshipping the dirt at our feet and make our home become a free “kostenlos” hotel. Because you know very well, throughout history, any saint who became well-known, then he is finished. He has no privacy, no time for himself, no home, no rest, no anonymity – nothing. He has become a servant of the public.

You see, in the old times, if you read the Bible, any Bible, even the Qur’an, the Christian, the Buddhist, they stated, some saints in the past, the way they see Heaven – they come up to Heaven and they hear the trumpet and they see the flame of God – you know, it's God – and they hear God speaking and all that. Just a few experiences, and they have been so famous, that even it's written in the record of the Bible. And we can have all this experience, but we keep quiet; nobody knows. It's better. Yes, we can see angels, we can see all the saints in the past and present and the future. We can talk to God also, in one way or another, in heavenly language or even in human language – in Portuguese, in Dutch, in Deutsch, in French – in every language you can communicate with God directly – and still no one will know anything about your inner development.

Since ancient times, if we become well-known for some reason, or maybe it's God's will that we become well-known as a spiritual guide, then there is a lot of unpleasantness that surrounds us. Sometimes the spiritual teacher has been also persecuted by the people who do not understand, by the fanatics, by the governments, or by some religious frenzies. OK. You understand the rest. So, it is better for us, and it is advisable also, that we keep our spiritual experience within ourselves, within the circle of our people, because we understand each other and we know that we're having the same experience. There is nothing strange, nothing mysterious, nothing blasphemous about it, because we all have similar experiences and we know very, very well. But outside people, sometimes they do not understand. They would think that we are making up stories, and that's the reason why many of the saints in the past have been persecuted. But nowadays, the freedom of religions is greater, and human rights have been more respected, and so we have more opportunity to know spiritual practice. We can do it more openly. But even then, the spiritual experience, the heavenly blessing that we know from God, is always advisable to keep for ourselves alone.

And there is a way to get to such a state of living in Heaven while working on Earth. There is a way to do that, because Heaven is already within us. Heaven exists all the time. We do not need to beg for it, we do not need to do penance for it, we do not have to pray all day for it. We just have to know where to get it again. Because we are the children of God, we don't need to beg for anything. We are princes of Heaven, princes and princesses, sorry.

Because we always talk about God in terms of the masculine, I also go with that way, but God has no specialty. I have seen Hirm, and Hes has no differences like we have, like you and I. It's different. Very, very beautiful. Hes is sexless. Hes has no man or woman quality the way we think. Sometimes, for the sake of contacting with us, Hes can appear as a woman – woman saint or woman angel inside – to tell us advice and to share with us secrets of the universe. Sometimes God appears as a man also, to talk “small talk” with us or to tell us the wise way to live our lives and to take us up to Heaven; but that is up to us. Sometimes we human beings love to see a woman's appearance, love to see a man's appearance, so accordingly, Hes will fulfill our wish and appear as man or woman.

Just similarly, I asked God why most of the ancient Masters were men, "Why do You tell me to do this difficult job now?" Hes said, "We surprise humankind." Because I told Hirm, “I am a woman. I like to have time, I like to look beautiful, and I like to walk slow and gracefully. I don't want to do a man's job, always rushing, rushing!” Because this is a very big job and it's strenuous, and demands a lot of energy, a lot of stamina, and I thought a man is better, suitable. But God said, "Never mind. I will empower you. You can do everything." Hes thinks that we need a change.

You feel better, that you’ve been better than him? Go ahead. Go ahead, go ahead. Translate what I just said. (I didn’t hear Your last sentence, sorry. )That’s the problem. I also forgot what I said. (So did I.) Humans need a change. Can you hear her? (Yes.) Behind, can you hear? (Not well.) No. You speak louder, please. (Yes. OK.) Speak loud like me, scream. What’s the problem? Why do you keep changing translator? He was tired? (He told a whole different story than You were telling.) Oh, yeah? (He did, yes.) Oh really! (So, it became too… it became too bad.) OK. Try to speak louder then, if you know better. All right. Oh, my goodness! Shall we start all over again? OK.

  1. I’ll tell you what. There is one solution for this problem: it is that you get enlightened. I can show you – it takes only a minute. That’s why… Yes. OK? OK, behind there? Can you hear? (Yes.) OK, good. And then all the answers will come to you automatically because you are the Master. Then you can communicate directly with God in whatever language you want; no need translation. There are two ways, I told you: one way is the human language, another way is spiritual language. Mostly, God communicates through spiritual language and we understand as well.
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